Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring is here!!

Hello everyone... 
So glad to have you visit.. 

It is finally Spring here in New Brunswick.. 
Warm sunny days or cloudy ones with lovely laundry winds.. 
Yesterday I washed and dried all of the throws, bedding and such.. 
They blew out so nice and not a wrinkle in them and they smell beautiful!
Terry worked outside in the yard with raking and all.. 
  A spring blessing for sure..

Today it was raining so Terry washed woodwork, doors and window frames.. 
He is a good man! smile..
I cleaned drawers and closets in our bedroom.. 
I am a lover of books.. Need I say more?  grin.. 
I now have two huge bags.. Some to turn in for a coupon and others to donate.. 
Trying so hard to declutter.. 
Bags of clothes we don't wear, etc, etc... smile.. 

Feels good to get some Spring cleaning under way.. 

Woke up in the night to hear rain falling and a nice brisk breeze.. 
My wind chime clunking away.. 
Another lovely Spring blessing.. 
I know my window is open in all seasons but rain sounds better then snow.. grin.. 

In the kitchen this week I made some Homemade Mayo with my stick blender and organic eggs.. 
What a neat way to make mayonnaise.. 
Here is the link.. 

I saw this on Master Chef Australia!  
Their recipe was only 1 egg yolk, 1/2 tsp. Dijon Mustard, lemon juice from half of a lemon, 1/2 tsp. salt and 1 cup of oil... 

The recipe above on the link is just a bit different but it is pretty much the same.. It only took about 2 minutes to make.. 
I used it to make the Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad for supper the other night.. 

As always I potter away in the pantry.. 
Making biscuits, cookies or a loaf of bread. 
Made some cookies and fudge to mail out west.. smile.. 
I am doing very well in keeping the pantry organzied.. 
I redid it over the winter and Terry painted the herb cupboard and hung some lights ...
I got rid of so many pans and stuff I didn't use.. 
Makes it so much easier to keep.. 
I am a pantry lover.. 
Looking forward to working in the farm one this summer... 

Did you notice my new fish?  
I had put him in a coffeepot as I had saw the idea on the web but there was not enough room for him to swim in.. 
This big bottle is much better.
There are plant cuttings in the top and he feeds off of them.. 
He is named after Kyle Bush's car.. 
Don't tell my grandsons.. grin.. 
I am his only fan in this family.. lol.. 

We had a down home supper tonight.. 
Shake and Bake chicken, stuffing and mashed along with the Fiddle heads I canned last Spring and some Dill pickles from the cold cellar.. 
It will soon be Fiddlehead season here.. 
So happy with them canned rather than frozen... 
I only have 1 bottle of dills left, I think.. 
They are our favourites and are gone first... 

We went to Sussex one day and it was so neat to see the snow disappearing so quickly... We met up with Trevor (our oldest son) and he and his Dad visited their fave store together.. 
Canadian Tire.. grin.. 

Including a couple of pics of dear Charlie.. 
He loves Spring days, too.. 
He just stands on the deck and sniffs.. 
So many interesting scents for him to smell.. 
I told him I wanted his pic for Dustin (our youngest son who is his owner) to see.. 
So he just stood there saying hi.. grin.. 

Our daughter and family are in Mexico.. 
Each morning she sends me a pic to show me she is doing lovely and having a grand time.. 
Do you think she wonders if I am worrying.. 
No... not me.. grin.. 

Love love our kids!  
So thankful to the Lord for our sweet family.. 
Our kids and their spouses and 5 wonderful grandsons... 
A blessing for all seasons... 

Thanking God for the Spring and all the blessings it brings.. 

Remember ... 
Life is what you make it... 

Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments here and on the Face book page.. 
Love hearing from you dear people.. 

God bless.. xo

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Midweek in April... ..

Good Evening my lovelies... 
Just a post of some web pics that I have enjoyed lately and a little midweek doings.. 
Someone said Spring is on it's way here and it put me in the mood for flowers.. 
Wild Spring flowers will soon be blooming here in the Maritimes of Canada.. 
Dandelions, May Flowers, Purple Violets, Trilliums,  Dogtooth Violets and so many more.. 
Looking forward to making Dandelion Jelly, Violet Salves and such.. 

We have been blessed with some rain this week.. This is a good thing as it is causing the snow to disappear..  
Feeling very sorry for Southern Ontario and the terrible ice storms they have had to get through and then more storms for tomorrow.. 

I guess we won't complain about our weather even though Spring seems still so out of our reach.. 

We are having a busy week.. 
On Sunday we had church and went out to lunch with friends, then Monday we had business (the dreaded taxes) appointments and on Tuesday doctor's appointments, a bit of shopping while we are out and about and Bible Study last night.. 

This morning I decided to get a few things finished before I had to get ready for another appointment this afternoon.. 
So I made a loaf of bread, a boiled ham dinner, cleaned the fridge all out and made an Israeli Salad, stripped the bed and washed it, emptied the dishwasher and put them away.... 
Oh yes and did a bit of embroidery when I take my wee breaks.. I am finding the picking up of it a bit addictive.. smile.. 

I am in my old flannel house nightgown.. You know the kind that is so great for housework but you wouldn't want to be caught dead in... I had washed my hair last night and had just tucked it up in a knot on top of my head... I looked so lovely!  
I didn't sweep because I had hoped to vacuum and scrub nor did I clean off the table because it had a pile of books that I needed to drop off at the library when we went to the doctor, a parcel that I had been getting ready to send to Dustin and..... 
Oh yes!  My new Betta Fish... Skittles|!!  
I had bought an old coffee pot at the Thrift store yesterday and a few fish bowl items and had put him in last night and that was all on the table.. I think Terry left his coat on the chair and a large bottle of pop sitting by the couch.. 
Whatever!! I expect you are getting the picture!! grin 

In order for me to get a bunch of things done when we have been running the roads every day is to just do them and forget the finer things of life like cleaning up.. 
I must not forget about the tax papers everywhere because that is another thing we have been doing for a couple of weeks here and there... 
Are you getting the jist of it all?

My typical type of household.. 
I was on my way in to get ready when I heard the dog barking.. 
I turned around and came out to see what was going on.. 
I thought it was Terry.. 
Went to look out the garage door and there were a couple of our dearest friends.. 
Oh my word!!  
All I could do was tell Terry to get the dog and told them to go to the front door.. 
We have to put him in the kennel because he is a bit scary to people.. 
I ran for the bedroom to put some clothes on and just forgot about my hair..  
They have been our friends for over fifty years and this is not the first mess they have witnessed!  
She is immaculate and always looks like a fashion model.. 
And always so hospitable.. 
So lovely to be like that... 

Life is what you make it!  
So we just sat and had a wonderful chat after I decided to stop feeling stupid..

I always tell everyone to just give me ten minutes warning.. 
Cell phones are great for that.. 
When I said that to Roger, he just laughed and 
said that wouldn't be any fun.... lol!! 

I was going to say that I need to improve myself and get more organized but after all these years that is not about to happen.. 
What I plan on doing is getting a nice dinner ready, the house cleaned and myself dressed and invite them back.. haha
Love our friends.. 

We went to the doctor and I had a great time at the Library while Terry did some errands..
Then home and supper and here we are... 
I did sweep as soon as I got back home... smile..

I was working on my journal the other day and came across a scrap of paper where I had wrote down a bit I had read in a book somewhere.. 
Thought I would share it with you.. 
Seems appropriate.. 

It is the ancient science of household management.. 
Making delicious bread.. taking care of husband and tending your soul.. 
I do some of that stuff.. grin.. 

I had planned on doing a blog post tonight so I had taken a few pics of the bread, salad and ham dinner...   

I love the broth on the dinner so I eat it like a soup.. 
Terry likes his on a plate.. 
Ham, potatoes, onion, celery, carrots and cabbage.. 
Add a bay leaf, hot pepper flakes and parsley.. 

This is my story for today dear hearts..

Dustin sent us this pic of the Alberta sunrise this morning.. 

Missing my boy... 

Thank you all for visiting and your sweet comments and sharing the post on Face Book.. 
Look forward to hearing from you as always.. 
Have a great week.. 
God bless... 
He is faithful!!  


This is a link to a youtube that my friend Rhonda posted on her Friday reading list.. I loved it .. You can see it HERE

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Midweek Ramble..

Hello my dears... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
What a perfectly lovely day!! 
Sunny and warm.. 
We can smell the Spring in the air and snow is dripping off of the roof and no icicles.. Yeah!!  

I don't like to complain about the weather because we do live in Canada and it is as it is.. But I am ready for the snow to go.. 

On Monday there was a wonderful wind blowing so I filled the line with bedding... Such a heavenly smell even when we walk into the bedroom.. You can just smell fresh laundry.. 
Should bottle that! smile.. 

I was complaining  speaking to Terry about feeling so so tired lately..
I know it is just the change of season and it happens to me every year but I still complain about it..
My friend Pam also has the same
I mentioned to him that perhaps it was the air in here making me that way.. 
He said very quickly that it certainly was not that way in the bedroom!!
  One would think I have the window wide open every night..
 wink wink.... 
I know that this too will pass or I hope it will and I will feel a bit of energy.. 

Do you feel tired this time of year? 

Well.. On with the story.. 

We did have a lovely day..

First thing this morning I went into the pantry and made a pan of raisin scones.. 

So happy that I did make myself learn to make these this past Winter.. 
I buttered up two and a bit of homemade blueberry jam, grabbed my jacket and Terry gathered the water bottles and we headed for the farm.. 
Just too nice of a day not to drive up there.. 

Days like this the farm calls our name.. 
I still can't go there for the day until the snow melts more and Terry heats the house for a few days.. 
These old bones do not like dampness so he just goes and does some work and runs the wood stove.. 
He is to paint the kitchen this time.. 
He promised!!  lol.. 

But soon.. 
We have so much to do there this Spring.. 
One day and one job at a time.. 

Terry and Charlie went in with the water bottles and I sat in the car with the window down and did a bit of embroidery.. 
I could hear the brook running and birds were singing.. 

This is an old cushion cover I bought at an auction, I think.. 
It is lovely.. 
I would say it is three quarters finished.. 
Such an old song.. 
I think by Vera Lynn during WW2... 

Here is a Youtube of the song.. HERE.. 

Here they come back.. 
We love the Spring water and Terry thinks it is worth the work even when the lane is full of snow ... smile.. 

Rambling all over the place once again.. smile.. 

This is some potatoes we had one day.. 
An old fashioned lunch.. 
Mom always makes these...
She would have a pan of them ready for my sister's and my lunch on school days when we were kids..
Fried Potatoes are what we call them.. 
 We slice a a few raw potatoes into a tablespoon or so of bacon fat, butter, olive oil or even coconut oil (or so I have read) salt and pepper and a few sprinkled herbs.. 
I usually have a bit of bacon fat saved but a bit of butter and olive oil are good also.. 
I did read where some are using coconut oil.. 
Whatever turns your crank..

Mom never adds herbs but you know me.. 
Parsley, thyme or summer savory are lovely.. 
Thyme here if I remember right.. 
Terry loves the crispy parts.. 

We do not have these often but every once in awhile we get a hankering for them. smile.. 
You know what I mean, eh? 

I am making a lot of salves lately.. 

Tansy Salves for my friend, Crystal and Gardeners Salves and such.. 
If you would like to buy a bottle just inbox or email me... \
I do not mail any but if you live nearby and I can deliver it then that is fine.. 
They are made with herbs, olive, almond or coconut oils,  etc. Vitamin E, beeswax and essential oils ... 
There is a lovely Rose Petal one with Coconut oil for your face... 
Also doing a few other things. 

When we arrived back home I put one of our farm chickens in a roasting bag with veggies for supper.. 

So delicious!!  
Terry loved it as did I.. 
Here is the link for the recipe..

I couldn't find the roasting bags at the stores around here at all but when we were in Bangor I found them there.. 
Probably they can be bought on Amazon or whatever.. 

This is a pic I put on Instagram of Charlie.. 

Such a dear dog..
He so loves hanging his head out of the window.. smile.. 

Anyway, this is a little bit of a ramble for you.. 
So happy you dropped by and leave me your little notes.. 
I so enjoy them.. 
I do try to answer you on FaceBook most times.. 
Thanks for sharing the posts.. xo

God bless your sweet hearts.. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hello there dearies.. 
Hope you had a great Easter weekend.. 
What a lovely time of year.. 
A few days when the world takes the time to celebrate the wonderful hope that we have in Jesus.. 
To count our blessings as Christians in a world today that sometimes seems to have lost their hope.. 
Misplaced it is really more accurate.. 
Jesus paid a price for our souls to give us a hope beyond the grave.. 
So blessed to realize  all over again that because He lives we can face tomorrow! 
So love that old song.. 

The peace He gives is what makes the difference to Christians.. 
You can't explain it but when you go through the storms of life and call on His Name then He is there with you and gives you that real peace that only He can give.. 
The storm may still be going on but His love gets you through.. 
He is our refuge..
So thankful.. 

Spring is here in Eastern Canada...
The snow is leaving.. 
Thank the Lord.. 
Ready for sun, gardens and clothes blowing on the line.. smile.. 

There were a few decorations around here for a week or so.. 
Then on Good Friday we headed to our daughter's house..
As always her home was decorated beautifully!  

Dinner was great! 
The boys were there and it was so nice to see them.. 
They are busy with university which will soon be over for the summer.. 

Shonda made these little baskets for each place setting.. 
So sweet, eh? 

Then we had a beautiful service on Sunday with worship to the King of kings.. 

On Monday we had Mom and my Step-Father over for dinner.. 
So blessed to still have her with us.. 
She brought me a loaf of homemade bread, a big package of napkins, cookie tins and a big bowl ... smile.. 
She still makes her own bread quite often.. 
Isn't that wonderful? 
She loved looking at anything new there might be here.. 
Some pantry lights, window herbs and a bunting... 

We had a Turkey dinner and enjoyed the afternoon visiting.. 
Then we drove down to Sussex to have dinner with our oldest son, Trevor for supper with his family.. 
It was delicious!  
The boys had their girlfriends there and we had a good time... 
Trevor had to work this Easter so we couldn't seem to get together all at the same time.. 
That happens some years.. 
And of course our youngest son is out west.. 
Thought about him all weekend.. Miss him... 

I made a new soup from Marion Cunningham's cookbook.. 
Mustard Green Soup.. 

It was good but I probably won't make it again as Terry wouldn't even try it.. I liked it but not enough to make it again.. 
Mustard greens are a bit 

So ... 
Easter is over for another year but the hope of the happenings of that Easter 2000 years ago are with us every day.. 
Giving us peace and hope... 

So glad you dropped by once again my friends and look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Thanks for your sweet comments.. I appreciate each and every one.. 
God bless...