Saturday, January 23, 2021

Staying Cozy On These Winter Days...

Hello my friends... 
Thank you for dropping by on this winter's day... 
Here we are almost through January! 
 The days are getting longer and Spring is in view.. 

How are you making out in your part of the world? 
Everywhere life seems to be in a chaotic state, eh? 
But life here at home is lovely.. 

Retired life certainly has it's highlights even though there are downsides to everything... smile.. 
We can stay home and stay safe...  

Neither one of us are ever bored... 
So much to putter at and do.. 

We are having a wonderful winter as far as weather goes thus far.. 
Not too many storms and quite mild for us.. 
A lot of grey days of course... 
A nice pan of something in the oven offers a cozy feel on a dark afternoon!  

This recipe was given me way back in 1971 by my sweet neighbor and friend, Lorraine.. 
My mother made it quite famous!  smile.. 
She served it on many occasions and my cousin even sold them in her bakery... 
Down through the years the name was 
changed to Betty's Date  
They really are the best I have tasted.. 
Just hope you can understand my recipe... 

We do not eat a lot of sweets but it is so comfy to have a nice cup of tea after supper and a small sweet treat, occasionally.. 

As you know you who have followed the blog that one of our faves is this Zucchini Pie! 

I have posted this a couple of times before but with our frozen zucchini from the fall it is a wonderful way to use it up.. 
Here is the recipe... 

Zucchini Pie
2/3 cup of brown sugar
1/4 cup of butter
1 tsp. of vanilla
1 egg
1 cup flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. cloves
1 cup of grated zucchini  
1/2 cup of nuts or raisins
Just cream the sugar, butter and vanilla.. Then add egg and mix well.. 
Sift in the flour, soda and spices and mix for a minute or so.. 
Add the zucchini and stir well.. 
Pour into a greased 9 inch pie pan..
Bake in a 350 degrees F. oven for 25 minutes.
Turn out onto a rack and cool.. 
Meanwhile stir up an icing for the top.. 
1 1/2 cups of icing sugar
3 T. butter
1/4 tsp. cloves
3-5 tsp. coffee cream or can milk.. (whole milk will do)
Whisk together and spread on
The icing really makes the pie here... 

Another way I am using up frozen zuke is in spaghetti sauces and soups..
How do you use up your frozen zucchini? 
We also go for a few winter country drives... 

Albert County is certainly still one our go to places for drives.. 
I love taking a thermos full of hot tea and perhaps a sandwich or such .. 
And just enjoy our lunch while we drive along.. 
Now with our area being more restricted it is important not to have to stop anywhere so taking a wee lunch helps us that way, too..

Staying home has it's appeal for sure, though...  
Organizing and decluttering is taking place...
I am very slow at it as I try to sort through fifty years of life together.. 
We have collected way too much stuff.. 
But some of it is precious to me and is staying.. grin.. 

I am trying to get some written pieces of information pinned onto the really special items that I think my children may want to know..

Like this wee skirt on my old treadle sewing machine in our living room...  
A wee wool skirt that belonged to my mother and was worn by her to her father's funeral when she was only five years old.. 
She told me her neighbour Mrs Brown made it for her.. smile.. 
Sprinkled with lavender .... 

And then of course, I am crafting or creating something... 

This was this week's wee project... 

Using my mother's china cups to make tie backs for my curtains.. 

This only took five china cups and a roll of satin ribbon.. 
I will remember my Mom each time I see them.. 
She so loved her cup of tea... 
I used to laugh when she would tell me she visited somewhere and they didn't even offer her a cup of tea... smile.. 
I used to tell her that they don't do that much anymore, Mom.. 
But she would be sure that was the first thing she would offer you when you visited... 

This is a pillow I made her for one of her birthdays.. 

I think she was five in that picture and she always loved her cats... 
I know that I am saying a bit about my mother but it will take a while for me to get used to her being gone from my life... 
But never from my heart.... 

On with the post... 
This is a project that I have been working on this month.. 
 You girls will probably think is a bit whatever... 

It is a modge podge craft.. 
I saw the neatest bags on Pinterest.. 
They were bags made out of old canvas paintings!
And are very expensive..
But there was something about them that I loved.. 

I thought that as I make my calendars from beautiful painting like- pages from my British Country Living magazines that perhaps I could do some gift bags.. 
With some bags from the grocers and such, lovely pages torn from my many British Country Living magazines and a bottle of modge podge I have created some unique (shall we say) gift bags. 
I did buy a few narrow leather belts that I plan to use for handles but haven't got that done yet... 
Kind of fun to do.. 
I love paper crafting...
Do you?  

Then on some days I am trying to make a few changes..  

Changing pics or using some old ones that I had stored from my shop... 
This old sheep picture is very old... 
But you know my love for sheep and I love it here in the kitchen... 
And a bouquet of tulips always brighten up the winter kitchen, eh? 

As does Winter cooking... 
Soups, stews, meatballs and casseroles are so comforting on a cold winter's day... 

Meatballs baking in the oven along with a turnip casserole create a wonderful scent and makes us look forward to suppertime.. 
Pickles and green beans that were put up in the fall gives us something to discuss.. 
What will we plant this year and what will we preserve... smile.. 
Leftover cooked ham put into a soup with orzo, spinach and carrots and such.. And Terry has to have his garlic bread.. smile.. 

Hamburger and Barley is lovely too... 

Sometimes I will put a batch of muffins in the oven.. 

This recipe is made with yogurt.. 

I am doing a Winter Cooking Project this year.. 
I would like to get about six casserole recipes that are easy and delicious... 
One that would make up quickly if you had someone drop by or wanted to deliver to a friend or neighbour.. 
Something different and new then what I have been making.. 
So far I only have two that I am happy with
but winter is not over yet.. smile..  
Do you have a casserole go-to recipe?

A friend on Instagram shares a pic of her kitchen window.. 
It has fairy lights as they call them in England and she is blessed with a sweet cat.. 
Well, I don't have a cat.. I just wish I did but my sweet friend, Dawn gifted me with these curtain lights..  

Terry took down the curtains and used safety pins to pin them on the other side.. 
Aren't they magical?  
I just love them.. 
Another pic I saw had the white milk pitchers and old lamp and inspired me to do my version.. smile.. 
Terry had to gather them at the farm and pull them in a sled up the lane to the truck as the it had not been ploughed!  
He had them all wrapped in paper so they wouldn't break..
Such a dear man... (well, most of the time)  grin..  
He also had gallons of spring water for us to drink here.. 
Our water is fine but nothing as tasty as the spring water from there.. 

Well dear hearts I am finally finished for another while.. 
What are you girls busy at on these wintery days? 
I know a lot of you are still working outside of your homes during this critical time.  And perhaps still raising families and looking after schooling and so much more.. 
There is a lot on your plates... 
And we don't know what the future holds but we do know who holds our hands.. 
We know that no matter that He is in control and all will be well if we put our trust in Him.. 
I know you have challenging days and you must wonder what is going on... 
I know I do...

I find such comfort in the Word..   

And trusting in His promises... 

Thank you again for dropping by and leaving your sweet comments here and on the Face Book page...
And for all the caring thoughts you sent me on my last post about my dear momma.. 
I so appreciate it.. 
God bless you all... 

I am trying to do a more regular little Instagram blog thing if you have time.. 
 It is called blessed hearth...

Saturday, January 2, 2021

December past and now it is January..

Good Evening everyone... 
Happy New Year to you all!  
The year 2021 has arrived and I think we have mostly all been hoping and praying it will be an improvement on 2020!  
Only time will tell!  
No matter... He holds our hand.... 

Anyway, I am so happy to finally take the time to sit down and chat with you.. 
The pic above is the first page of my 2021 List book/journal... 
It was written on the back of a promise that was given to me from my mother-in-law.. 
I love it...
And know that all will be well because He has it all in control..  

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!  
We had a mostly green one with hardly any snow but that is always alright with me as you know..
Makes travelling so much easier.. 
Today we are having quite the snowstorm ... 

Terry and I went to Sussex this morning before it started but by the time we started back for home it was coming down.. 
Our first storm of the new year.. 
It didn't take long.. smile.. 

Last night we had our New Year's Dinner... 
Just the two of us!  
Sometimes I just like to put a bit of effort in and make an occasion of a meal.. 
Don't you?  

I set the table in the afternoon.. 
I do love table settings.. 
They always catch my eye in pics on blogs or whatever.. 
I have been blessed with an inherited love of beautiful dishes and whatever goes with it from my mother... 
She loved setting a table and collecting beautiful dishes.. 
As do I...
Our daughter has also inherited that from us.. 
Not as many dishes perhaps but what she has she loves and she certainly sets a gorgeous table.... 
Oh dear.. I am rambling again..  
I decided to use the China that Terry gave me many Christmases ago... 
It is called "Winsome"... 
We lit a couple of lanterns..
So love the cozy light they give.. 
The little crystal one was a thrift store find.. 

Shonda made and gave me the place cards several Christmases ago too.. 
The wee individual sets of silver salt and peppers were from my Mom.. 
And I made the napkin holders quite awhile ago.. 
I only made four need to do a few more.. 
just old jewellery and a napkin ring..  

We seem to always have Ham for New Years.. 
What do you generally serve? 

And a salad... 
Terry has Caesar but I like a vinaigrette with mine.. 
We did not have dessert because we have had too many sweets the last bit.. 
I did have mincemeat squares with a drizzle of butterscotch but there were no takers.. grin.. 

I wasn't going to call this a ramble and roll but it seems to be turning into that.. 
If I would post more then once a month it would be better.. 
Maybe this year.. smile.. 

I have the dearest blog followers and I so appreciate you all.  
I was explaining to Shonda that even though we have not met in person I simply think of a lot of you as dear friends.. 
One of you sweet girls sent this to me.. 

A gift bag full of wonderful toiletries and a candle.. 
Soaps, lotion bars, bath salts and such! 
It came after Christmas at a perfect time! 
Thank you so much Becky in West Virginia. 

A few things I made lately.   

Wrapped and gifted   ...  

We spent Christmas Day here at home with just the two of us but the next morning we were on our way to our daughter and son-in-law's for Boxing Day with all of our dear family.. 

It was a lovely day and I only have a few pics here but it was a precious time for us.. 
God has given us a wonderful family and we are indeed thankful..
The adults were seated beside us at the island but I don't have a pic.. 
Just those gorgeous grandsons and their friends.. smile..  

They gave us a beautiful set of Copper pots and pans.. 

Just so beautiful.. I did not ever expect to have such.. 
Thank you dear children.. 

Shonda had decorated her house beautifully as always.. 
The food was absolutely delicious too.. 
Sorry.. once again no pics.. 
I wasn't really with it, I guess..   

Our youngest sweet son lives in Alberta and of course could not be there.. 
We all miss him so much and especially at times like this.. 
He doesn't forget us though... 

These two big boxes arrived by mail.. 
full of the dearest gifts... 
we so loved it all.. 
was kind of like a second Christmas... 
We love you, Dustin Leigh and thank you!  
We can't wait to hug you in real... 

All in all sweet friends it has been quite a month or two.. 
Terry as I posted last time went through a couple of scary health issues but he is doing lovely.. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words of care... 
We appreciated it all so much.. 
My precious mother slipped away to heaven on the fourteenth of December.. 
The day before my birthday... 
this is her sweet face here last Christmas.... 
We were so blessed to have her with us all these years.. 
My Dad went home in 1988 so it was so wonderful to have her all this time.. 

She had kidney and heart failure and was only in the hospital a little while.. 
We got to see her with Covid and all three times ... 

She was in for a week and then went home and we went in and chatted with her through the open door ... 
She gave me my birthday present and card as she was worried I wouldn't get it.. (tears running down my face) 
It was my grandmother's work basket that she kept her yarns and knitting needles in and a homemade apron.. 
Also, a card with the sweetest verse... 
She had lovely penmanship but the last several years she has been legally blind but she signed it anyway.. 
And money so I could buy something I liked..

Then a couple of days later she went back to the hospital again.. 
We got to visit her two times only because we were in orange level but thank the Lord it changed a couple of days before she left.. 
I got to hug and kiss her and hold her hand... 
Thank you, Lord.. 
Called her on the phone that night and told her I loved her and then early the next morning she was gone.. 
I miss her so... 
I do not pass a telephone that I don't think .. 
oh, I need to call Mom.. 
At nine o'clock each night my heart stumbles and I remember that she is not there.. 

She had a beautiful funeral... 
Then the next snowy morning we took her to her resting place beside my Dad on a hillside in Albert County... 

But we will meet in the Rapture some sweet day.. 
So thankful for the hope we have in Christ.. 
My parents were both witnesses of our Lord and they wanted to share the good news... 
Because He lives we can face tomorrow ... 
We can live for Him and put Him first in our lives and meet again some day.. 
He made a Way for us to be saved and have a Hope to live again with Him.. 
We only need to seek after Him and we can find Him.. 
If you don't know Jesus please consider Him.. 
He makes a difference in your life.. 

Well dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Sorry it is so long but I just wanted to share my heart a little.. 
I know many have lost their parents and it is a fact of life.. 
I am happy for my Mom and Dad .. 
They are safe in the arms of their Saviour but we miss them, don't we?  
I know we will get through all of this and I really love and appreciate you girls who follow this blog and leave me your sweet notes and emails... 
I am on Instagram and have a Face Book page if you want to connect with me... 
Praying that you have a blessed healthy year and are filled with the peace and joy that only Christ can give.. 
Hugs from Eastern Canada...