Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friends and Chocolate Cake and such..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
I expect you thought I was taking a trip or something as I have not posted on here for a bit but alas I have just not been very creative in the blogging department.. 
We have been enjoying our summer, mostly.. 

The weather has finally turned summerlike for the past several weeks and it has been extremely hot up home so we are blessed to be here by the Bay.. 
The temps are warm but the breeze keeps it from stifling, if you know what I mean..  

Last week we enjoyed the company of some very dear and long time friends.. 
They even brought chocolate cake and such.. 
They had their trailers over at the camp ground and dropped by most days..  
So nice to have friends who just pick up where we left off and we just kept on going.. smile..

Of course, it is pickle time and Terry and I did up 100 pounds of cucumbers... 
Lots of mustard, of course and these below are a new recipe I am trying.. 

Cumin pickles.. 
One of my all time favorite spices.. 
I think I will like them but not dear hubby.. 
Bread and Butter are more his style.. 

I also tried some Curry ones but I do not think they will be a success.. 
They all floated to the top for some reason.. Oh well.. 

A little Shamrock plant growing on the old kitchen window sill..  

A couple of days ago we went home as I had to go to the doctor.. 

Having a few knee problems which is the pits... 
Old age has a few negative factors, shall we say.. smile.. 

I had wanted to go home around about way so we did.. 

Here are a few pics for you of good old New Brunswick.. 

This was through Hampton, Belleisle  and Sussex..
Such beautiful cottage country and lovely farms... 

While we were home we went to check out that all was well at the farm and Terry took a little walk back to the brook.. 

I tried to catch a pic of him climbing that fence but he was too fast for me.. grin.. 

Slept in our waterbed for a couple of nights and it was lovely but we headed back here to the cottage today... 

It was rainy when we started out but by the time we did a bit of shopping and such it was sunny here and much cooler then home.. 

I see our view of the bay is changing.. 

Notice the Goldenrod growing there.. 
Fall is on it's way, I guess.. 

I think this was one of the shortest summers in history since we bought the cottage 20 years ago.. 
Seems like it anyway.. 
The Spring was so rainy and cold and we were late getting here.. 
You know.. 
Yada yada yada.. 

I do love Fall but am not looking forward to Winter.. 

I was listening to a Christian radio station on my way home from the doctor's yesterday and the speaker was talking about the world and all of the nasty situations that are going on .. 
Then he said but we can wake up with JOY  in our hearts because we have Christ living there and no matter what comes or goes He remains the same.. 
It was such a lovely reminder of something that I know but I need to make a deliberate decision to start my day each morning with JOY in my heart ... 
Bad knee or not.. grin.. 

God bless you sweet readers.. 
I appreciate each and everyone of you... 
I left the recipe such as it was for the soup on the last post in the comments section.. 

Thanks for visiting and sending hugs your way.. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Ordinary August Days..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Another Monday has rolled around, eh... 

The Summer is passing so quickly but we are having some lovely weather lately so that is grand.. 
I know I haven't posted much except for the P. E. I. posts so today is just about our simple ordinary life.. 

The cucumbers and green beans are being harvested so if you stepped in the back door to the kitchen you would smell vinegar and spices and such.. 
Sometimes, I think that I reek of garlic but it is all for a good cause, I think.. 
We will it was when some snowy day we pop open a bottle of summer and spread it on our toast or add a pickle to our sandwiches.. smile.. 

I had a table to sell preserves at the Fundy Trail a couple of weeks ago... 

There were lots of booths and we were blessed to have my Mom and Step Father drive all the way down to attend.. smile.. 

They do pretty good for a couple of 80 something folks, eh?  
They love a good time and have so much fun... 
They were over to the Island for a couple of days before they came down here.. 

I usually call Mom and ask if she is on the road again... grin.. 

A couple of pics from the Fundy Trail...

Such a beautiful land we live in... 

Been making some bread, as usual... 

And Tomato Fish Chowder.. 

Lovely on a rainy wet day... 

A few pics from around the cottage.. 

My Tarragon is going great this year.. 
Planning on making some Tarragon Vinegar.. 

Some of Terry's beans from his garden.. 
I made Hot Pickled Beans and Peppers and Dill Beans, of course.. 

We made a little trip up to the farm again last week to mow the lawn and I noticed an old fashioned sight.. 

Hay making the old fashioned way... 

No big white plastic bundles... 
Love it... 
This was in Albert County, of course.. grin... 

Made a cake today..

Depression Raisin Cake.. 
Smells like it might taste good but I want it to set a day or so.. 
Expecting some sweet company.. 
One of our grandsons are coming out for the night tomorrow and some friends are expected at the end of the week.. 

In between making pickles, though I sit on the little deck ... 

Or read a book in my swing that my sweetie put up for me... 

One of the best little books, I own... 
I have used it a lot the last couple of weeks.. 

Sometimes, I find in life that we go through rough patches.. 
Nothing drastic .. 
Not one great big deal but a lot of little things that come one right after the other and you wonder what is going on.. 
Have you ever been there?
My favourite  promise in that book is Philippines 4: 6-7.. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I expect you like this verse too as it promises God's peace during the midst of storms whether they be large or small... 

Anyway, we seem to have come through the trials once again and all is well.. 

So thankful for the God of peace.. 

Thank you dear hearts for your faithful visits and comments even when I have been so unfaithful.. 

Take care and may God bless your sweet hearts.. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Come to P. E. I. with us... Anne's House..

Hello everyone.. 
I have finally returned to finish the posts of  P. E. I. 
Sorry for dragging them out a bit but this is the last one.. smile.. 

Anyway.. here we go.. 
Anne's House.. 

I loved this plant stand that was in the living room.. 

The fern at the top is a Rabbit's Foot Fern.. 

I did not bother to upload all the pictures of the house but just picked out some things I thought you might like.. 

This delightful handicraft was on the living room wall, also.. 
Isn't it beautiful? 
I am wondering what it is made of.. 
Do you know?  

There were chairs and a love seat and all but we went through here and the dining room to get to the kitchen.. 

And the first thing I noticed were all of the red geraniums on the window sills... 

The kitchen is big but roped off so you cannot quite see the length of it... 

This was one end and at the other were the double windows and a large cupboard full of crocks... 

Then the most glorious pantry... 

I think it is one of the best that I have seen.. 
Kings Landing has wonderful ones, too, of course..

This was a downstairs bedroom and I think it was Matthew's although I am not positive... 

There was a little girl there when we went upstairs and she knew everyone's room but I don't know where she got her information.. smile.. 

I think this is Marilla's room... 
I love that there are so many lovely plants all through the house.. 
A Christmas Cactus here in her room.. 

A beautiful commode set...

Anne's Room...

Her beloved school satchel...

And the red painted floor... 
I thought to myself.. 
That's it .. we must paint the spare room floor at the cottage this lovely red..   smile... 

And perhaps this was Matthew's room??? 

Not sure... 
How do you like this for a sewing room?

All the rugs were hand hooked and red sems to be a favourite colour.. 

Another wee room... 
Kind of in the upstairs hallway... 

The house is very large and I have not shown all the rooms but at least you get a gist of it all.. eh? 

Then back outside where there are so many wonderful flower beds and a huge veggie garden.. 
And the huge barn, too...

So.. that was Anne's House... 

On Saturday, Terry went to a Tractor Pull and I stayed at the cabin and made this for our supper... 

The cabin had a wee kitchen with everything one would need to make a meal.  We only had to take the food.. 
 Mussel Chowder... 

This is how I spent my afternoon on the deck...
It was a beautiful day.. 

We went to Anne's House on Sunday and then headed home... 

See the bridge in the background.. 

It was a lovely visit but there is no where like home or in our case the cottage for the summer... 

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back on track for a normal one next time.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and your sweet comments.. 
I enjoy each and every one.. 
Hope you are having a great summer... 

God bless.. xo