Saturday, August 26, 2017

Farm Journal 6 and such..

Hello there dear hearts... 
So glad you could drop by but even happier that I could!  grin.. 
We have not been at home long enough to post for a few weeks but here I am... smile.. 

Just another farm journal post about our days on the farm and such.. 
It has turned a bit busy with garden produce being brought into the kitchen daily.. 
So love this time of year.. 
I had made up in my mind not to do so much preserving this year but you know how it is with the best laid plans... 

Did a bit of  sewing... 

Just a a set of curtains to cover a closet door way.. 

Then made some Rose Petal Jelly.. 

It had a lovely colour and tastes like rose petals... 

Made two batches of current jelly.. 
I am hoping to mix the current jelly with my homemade chilli sauce for meatballs.. 
Have any of you tried that recipe.. 
It calls for grape jelly but I think this will work.. I will let you know.. 
Finished the chilli sauce the other night.. 

The plants are doing very well.. 
I think they like the lighting at the farm house... 

Been having some sweet company... 
A bit shy perhaps?  grin.. 

They can always find something to do there.. 
Love having grandsons visit!

A view of Terry's garden from the road.. 
It seems to grow more every day.. 

I think I showed you the Scarlet Runners before.. Sorry.. 

Enjoying our farm meals.. 
Green beans, new potatoes, cucumbers, swiss chard and such.. 

The cows keep us company at times.. 
They change from pasture to pasture so they are not always in sight.. 

Making all kinds of pickles.. 

Dills are the favourite one, I think.. 

Tomatoes are really growing.. 
Have to make some chow.. 

Pickling Salad.. 

Aunt Eva's old fashioned Golden Glow... 

Sunflowers are across the bottom of his garden.. 

We went for a day to Alma..

Love love the Bay of Fundy.. 

You all know this place... 

The old cottage in St. Martins.. 
We have been able to go more this summer then last.. 
Spend a night or two here and there.. 
Charlie seems to enjoy it there... 
So much cooler then here.. 

He enjoys his walks.. 
So does Terry.. smile.. 

Lots of cukes.. 

Tansy to dry ... 

After supper drives.. 


Summer is coming to a close.. 
So sorry to say.. 
But time does not stop for anyone and the season will be changing.. 

Planning on having a big yard sale at the shop in St. Martins Labour Day weekend.. 
The two places are full of stuff and needs to go.. 
If you are in the area please drop by.. 
It is right on Main Street... 

Thanks for visiting and sorry I am in a hurry but the laundry needs folded and supper made... 

Enjoy the Lord's Day tomorrow.. 

God bless... 
Chat soon... xoxo