Wednesday, September 23, 2020

September Evening Post

Hello everyone! 
I have finally made it back here to my blog to try to catchup with you all.. 
Only to find that Blogger has made many changes which in turn have made it very complicated for this old girl to manipulate!   
Then on top of that my laptop keeps turning off!  😕

I am just going to post these pics above in no kind of order and you can try to figure out what it is all about.. K? 

We had a lovely trip to Kings Landing Historical Village and so you can probably pick those pics out.. smile.. 
Shonda and Dave went with us and we had a completely lovely day ending with a delicious dinner in Fredericton with their youngest son... So sweet... 

Then a few pics of gardening and preserving which we have been getting done.. 
There is a pic of a supper we had that was all from the farm.  
Veggies and homegrown chicken!  

Then a few make and do projects..
Needle felting and hydrangeas drying in balls ..  

And our wee girl had a large birthday!  
And her wonderful  hubby gave her a LOVELY party!
Although she had to wear a crown and feathers! 😁❤
Twas so much fun! 

God has been good and we are doing fine! 
Going to Kings Landing was this month's celebration for our 50th! 
So another pic of us! 

Fall has arrived and we bid farewell to dear Summer! 
The farm is practically closed down and the garden put away for another year!  Wood is cut and in the basement and jars and such all stored for winter! 

Nesting season is upon us and hopefully peace and harmony will reign! 
So blessed to live in this dear part of the world..  

There are lots of projects, lists and books to pursue! 

Hopefully I will get my blog back up and running! 😕
But you can find me on Instagram much more often then here due to the time this takes.   

I shall endeavor  to get my old laptop back in order and then all will be peachy...  

So nice to chat with you all again and may God bless and keep you and your sweet families!!