Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The waves after the storm....

Good Evening everyone..
Tonight is just a posting of pics for you to see of the Bay of Fundy after the hurricane... The winds howled throught the night and then we woke up to a lovely sunny day..
The winds were still strong but the Bay was simply beautiful!!
In our many summers here this is the best waves we have seen..
Not that there have not been better but we did not actually see them..
I am busy getting ready for my open house at the shop but wanted to take the time to show you these..

The above pic is showing the amazing height of the spray..
That is a very high cliff and the spray is higher than the trees..

The tide is on it's way back out up above but you can see where it was right across the road...

They had to get heavy equipment out to push it all back..

May as well go home now.. The streets were lined with cars and it seemed as if the whole village had turned out to see the action..
Well worth the bother.. smile..
I just wish I could take better pics but at least you get an idea of what it was like.. smile..
Have a blessed week dear friends..
Catch you all later..
God bless...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sunday Night Posting...

Good Sunday Evening to you all..
My, I just walked down to the beach and I could not believe my ears... Although, the waves are not huge they are the loudest that I can remember hearing them.. We are supposed to get the worst of the storm around midnight..
It is dark  here but cars are very busy driving down to the beach to see what's happening.. The hurricane is supposed to only be a tropical storm here but the winds are to gust up to 100 klicks.. Not too bad considering what the coast of the U. S. had ..

Anyway, enough about that..
This weekend was very busy... I had the shop open yesterday and then came home and did pickles until almost midnight..

 Terry had bought a ton of cukes (well, not a ton)  but he worked all afternoon chopping and cutting.. Bless his dear heart.. I am so glad that they are finished..
Thank you, Lord...
This morning Terry had to go to Moncton for work so I went with him so that I could visit with our youngest son.. I have not seen him for awhile so needless to say I had a lovely time..
 We needed to check on our house and make sure all was secure there, too..
Anyway, when we got back here to the cottage there was a lovely gift tucked away by the back door for me...

Such a beautiful bouquet... Sitting in a bottle of water and just waiting for me to get home..
Basil... So fragrant and so delicious..
My sweet friend Anna who is in the Farmers Market here in St. Martins brought it down .. Thank you, dear..
It goes so well with these..

Terry grew a lot of tomatoes.. I have made several batches of Chow Chow.. Do you girls make that?  I use my Gram Weston's recipe and it is delicious..
I am sorry but my dear Mom does not share her recipe as quickly as I do.. grin..
But you can always find one on the web.. 

For our supper I used Anna's basil and made this..
Pasta with pesto.. This picture is from

I also had another wonderful experience today..
A friend of ours showed us through their old homestead..
For me it was love  at first sight.. I so loved the old farmhouse. 
There were nooks and crannies everywhere.. The most wonderful little library closet built under the stairs with a window in it:-)
Can you imagine?  I have never seen one before.. What a wonderful way to use that area under a stairwell.. Then the pantry... It was so lovely.. His Mom's old pickle pots were hanging on the wall and there was a window and lots of beautiful old shelves... It was as big as some kitchens and was filled with such glorious antiques...
 Then the wood room was right out of the 1800's... I told him it looked just like Kings Landing.. (That is a place I need to go to once a year and get my fix... grin.. As soon as the shop is closed we will probably go and visit... An old village that is just like it was many years ago..)
Anyway, the wood work in that house is awesome and the bedrooms and laundry room.. I would hardly change a thing in it if I lived there.. When I said that to my darlin he informed me that everyone is not like me... sigh... I guess he is right... smile..

I am just rambling on here again tonight, girls.. Sorry...
It has been an odd day.. Although, it was the Lord's Day it did not seem like it since we did not get to church..
We needed to go home, though.. My sweet uncle passed away this morning.. He was my Dad's brother and he was a wonderful dear man.. So kind and he always had time for me ever since I was wee..
I could not pronounce his name and called him Ankie...
I will miss him... As I told my Mom.. I do not like to see them go.. My Dad's brothers are almost all gone.. Only 2 left..
The Lord has blessed me with such a sweet and large family..

Isn't Jesus just the greatest? 
 Today when we were going home it was just pouring rain..
Terry had to work changing trucks  (a whole lot of tools and such )
for an hour or two and had not even brought a coat.. As we were getting closer to Moncton I prayed and ask Him to just let it stop raining until Terry was finished.. He is diabetic and I didn't want him getting soaked through and catching cold.. Anyway, the Lord answered prayer.. It mostly stopped raining when we got to Dustin's place and when Terry came back from work he was not a bit wet... smile.. Isn't that just like God.. Some folks would say that was crazy but as for me I will give Him glory and thanks...
He really does care about the small things in our lives..

Well, sweet ladies I hope I have not bored you with all these words.. I am in for a busy week so may not get too much chance to chat.. But who knows.. I will try and let you know what I am working at.. We need to go back home though for my uncle and all..  The shop is closed this week as I try and get things ready for Saturday...
At least the pickles are made..
I still need to renew my stock of salves and toiletries and I bought a lovely bunch of crows to make some Fall wreaths with..
I also made some owls that need to be tea dyed..
And here is a wee cocoa set...
Sweet, eh? 
Take care my loves and keep me in your prayers...
Thanks so much for your visit and comments and welcome to the lovely new followers...
So many sweet friends.. I appreciate you all..
God bless...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting ready for Fall Flavors Open House...

Hello my dears... It's a  windy night here in St. Martins with a hurricane forecast for Sunday... Fall is in the air and I am busy getting ready Open House at the HOUSE OF HENRY here in St. Martins Labour Day Weekend which is next weekend..
Tonight I am just posting a few pics that I took around the shop..
This is a little herb lady that I finished today..

She has a pouch of tansy on her back and a line of herbs in her hands..
Here are the lavender fresheners that I bottled and finished ready for sale.. I actually sold a few today as soon as I put them out..

I wrote the words --  Between the sheets on one side of the tag and tied some lavender on them..
Here are some Herb Balms ready for sale, too..
I made the labels out of pages of an old book that I had..
I know you can use a computer but these are unique..

I also have my Smellie Jellies ready, too..

I just put old lace doilies over the covers and tied on a tag..

And of course there will be wreaths..
I brought down several to put together for Fall..

Everyone loves crows..

A few valances...
Nice for a little window somewhere..

There are LOTS  of dishes... grin..

Vintage ones...

Terry and I made a variety of Sun catchers with old silverware and even  wind chimes with cutlery...

Kind of hard to see but it has old chandelier crystals which catch the sunlight..

Our dear grandsons went home yesterday.. We so enjoyed them.. They are such good boys.. Really... smile.. Not just because they are ours... They really are..
Anyway, last night a friend who grew up with Shonda came with her two kids for a couple of nights.. They love St. Martins and try to come every summer..
I love readers and here is one here...

Isn't that dear?
She helped me at the shop today and this is one of the things we made...

A little journal... the picture is from 1937 of Jo in Little Women..
She is writing in the attic with her pet rats...
Scrabble and his son Sam..
It was a pic I cut out of a calender years ago and saved for something special..
I love making these journals and now my little friend knows how to make them.. She wrote a list of what she needs to  create her own.. smile..
Her brother is pretty smart too and just loved Sammi..

Sam has not had so much exercise in a long time.. giggle..
He is as tuckered out as I am...
Well, sweet ladies, thanks for dropping by and I really want to welcome the new followers of the blog..
We have met some new ladies in the shop and they have signed up..
Thank you so much..
I love your comments so much and look forward to them each morning..
Take care of you lovely families and come back soon..
God bless...

Monday, August 22, 2011

A week night ramble...

Hi everyone..
Just dropped by for a moment to say hello..
Our five grandsons are visiting so we have been busy..
It has been raining too but they don't mind.  It is so great when they love this old house with all it's nooks and crannies and are just content to be here..
They are either reading, watching discovery channel or playing games.. Then they take turns giving Sammi a run.. The poor old dog is snoozing his head off right now... The boys told him that he sure needed some exercise and I'm thinking he probably got it.. grin..

Last night we all went out for supper..
There is a lovely Mexican place here and I had told them we would go this Summer... It was wonderful ... We ate on the deck and they had a great time with the waitress and then the chef himself came out to talk to the boys.. smile.. They loved that.. Actually, the owners are Americans who are from Colorado and Texas and live here for 5 or 6 months and so the Mexican is pretty authentic..
Grandpa ordered a big batch of nachos for an appetizer and the boys said they were the best they had ever tasted...
This was my salad..
Pretty, eh?  And very good..
It is just greens, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and some lovely flower petals..
And on a gorgeous plate..

This is the kitchen floor... grin..
Today, they  mostly stayed in until after we had Supper.
BBQ chicken breasts, new potatoes and carrots, two kinds of cukes.. one with vinegar and one with a creamy dressing..
And of course we had to have a

Cesar Salad.. Not very fancy..
They always get a kick out of the napkins..
I am a napkin junkie.. grin..
I love cloth ones but we don't have laundry facilities here so we use paper all summer.. These had an H for Henry on them..
At lunch they had one hundred dollar bill ones.. grin.. 
Breakfast consisted of 13 eggs and a loaf of bread and a jug of juice.. Terry and I laughed over that for about five minutes..
That would take us a week... grin.. We just love feeding them..
Three of them had french toast , one had a cheese omelet and the other one had simply scrambled and toast.. 

Anyway, tonight I decided I had better make some bread.. So I baked 2 loaves of my no knead bread..

We were having so much fun that I forgot to take it out..
The boys said this was Gram's burnt offering..
Aren't they adorable? 
Oh well I am sure their french toast will be fine..

Grandpa took them for a big hike way down the beach and discovered a hidden cove that they liked..
Then when they came home they had banana and Oreo sundaes..

Now they are all ready for bed but land knows when sleep will actually arrive.. grin..
They sound pretty awake up there.. smile..
I will get some, though.. Please,

Still getting ready for open house .. Labour Day Weekend..
I made this little journal... I kind of like them and hope to have several in time for my sale..
Just used a glue stick on a dollar store notebook..
Old papers, wrapping, napkins and old pics copied off the computer..

Sorry about the post.. I am half temped to delete it but hopefully you are all bored and need something to read.. grin.
Have a wonderful week and God bless and keep you all..
Thanks for your visits and comments..
Love them...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A drive down Old Black River Road...

Good Evening my dears..
It is another foggy night here in St. Martins.. Inland it has been hot but here we have cool temps and fog..
Gotta love it..
I told someone the other day that I love the fog and the rain and wind.. They laughed... They thought I was joking.. grin..
Well, some of the time I do but I am ready for a lovely sunny day which is forecast for tomorrow.. The Lord's Day..
Just thought I would take you for a little evening spin down Old Black River Road which runs along the side of the Bay of Fundy..
I f I picked you up at the airport we could take this little scenic drive on the way here... eh, PAULA  ?
Like I said it is foggy here tonight but the Bay is out there...
The largest tides in the world.. Oh, I know I tell you girls that every time.. smile..
Lots of little streams run into the Bay..

Lots of grassy fields and notice how the grass is turning color already.. sigh..
Pastures and cows and golden rod growing along the banks of the Bay.. That it is out there under the sky..
My grandmother grew up here on Old Black River Road.. She used to walk to school and church here...Her old homestead still stands..Her sister just died a couple of months ago at the wonderful age of 105.. Amazing, eh? 
A long time ago..
A little place called Tynemouth Creek..
See the old boat over there..

A little old dock for fishing boats..
So funny... Terry and I grew up a couple of hours away but here in this little place his first cousin lives on one hill and my first cousin lives diagonally across on the other

Then back here at the cottage the Poor Man's Orchid is growing like crazy..
You can tell by it's height (almost 6 feet in some places) that Summer is nearing it's end and Fall is way too close for me.. 
I love Summer...
Oh well, like my Mom always says Time and Tide wait for no man..
I wonder where that saying comes from... smile..
Our grandsons  (all 5) are coming tomorrow night for a few  days.. grin.. 
We love that..

Today a sweet girl and her hubby dropped in.. 
She is a fellow blogger.. It was so good to meet you in person 

Thank you lovely ladies for dropping by and welcome to the new followers of the blog..
I so look forward to reading all your comments..

Aspiring to keep HIM first in our lives..
Love to you all...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to make a Smelly Jellie ...

Hello everyone...
Just a random posting here tonight as it is quite late.. Almost time to go to bed when you are as old as I am.. smile..
Today was a rather busy day as it is for everyone this time of the year..
Soon school will be starting and us Summer People will be heading back to our regular homes..
Have you ever wondered what the folks in these wee tourist villages think of us Summer ones?  We come in May or June and stay until September and maybe longer.. Then we are all gone until next Spring....Probably glad to get their town back and things all back to normal... smile..
Oh well.. a few more weeks yet...

Do you love a nice smelling house.. I do..
I strive for it and Terry gets bugged because I  often come in and complain about the smell.. I think his nose is out of commission because he never smells anything..
Good or bad... grin... Well, if it is real bad he does..
But I am just talking about regular house smell.
This old 150 year old cottage has one that
constantly has me on my toes trying to combat it..
Tonight though I must say that the kitchen smells heavenly..
Dill and garlic... grin..
My sweet husband was home and brought down 53 pounds of baby cukes to pickle... So, tonight we made 12 litres of
Homemade Garlic Dills..

Lovely, eh?  Perhaps we have a third of them done and will do other kinds tomorrow.. Lord willing..

Anyway, back to my story about smelly houses..
The first thing I do in the Spring when we come to the cottage
is to put out some lovely smellies..
Anyway... this morning just because I had nothing else to do...  I made some smelly jellies that I have been wanting to try..
They turned out pretty well although next time there are a couple of things that I will change..
Here is the recipe for you though..

Homemade Smelly Jellies..
2 cups of concentrated liquid potpourri that I bought at Walmart..
4 envelopes of Knox gelatin..
1 T. salt
Food colouring if desired..
Heat 1 cup of the potpourri until boiling.
Remove from heat..
Stir in second cup of potpourri and then
add gelatin and salt.. Stir until dissolved..
Pour into clean jars and allow to sit..
Use either small baby food jars or even mason jars..
I happened to have these ones ...
Tie on a doilie or piece of cheesecloth.

Place them around the house or keep covered and give as a gift...
Next time I would put them in small mason jars and then the ring would keep the doilie or whatever in place better.
And you could keep it sealed until you wanted to use it.
Perhaps you girls will want to give this a try..

Here is another little bottle that I did at the shop today..
Family is a precious gift
that becomes more dear
With each passing year..

That is all for tonight my dears..
Time to go upstairs..


Thank you dear Lord..

And thank you for your visit...


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tansy , Pinterest and more...

Hello everyone....
Another rainy evening here.. I am wondering if this is all the summer we are going to have.. Hardly any hot weather here in St. Martins although it has been different inland away from the sea..
Perhaps we will experience some hot days after we go home in September..
Anyway.. I had mentioned that I wanted to do a wee posting on the herb Tansy...
It is one of the easiest flowers to dry around... Just pick it and either tie it in bundles and hang upside down or I stuck one big bunch in an old crock here at the cottage..

Or you can tie in bundles from a rack or place on a newspaper in a dry area...Just store in paper bags until you are ready to use it..

It is very fragrant and does not smell as nice as lavender.. smile..
Terry picked this big bunch for me and it was pretty strong smelling ...

Isn't he great?  Always helping me by doing the harvesting of this stuff... I may do the work after we get home but he gathers it as I have a foot problem.. Yes.... and a head problem.. grin..

Tansy makes a lovely homey fall wreath after it dries..
Just break off bits of flowers and glue them on a wreath with your glue gun.. Almost the same method as when I made

It is wonderful in some potpourris but make sure it has dried well so that it does not overpower your other scents..
I include it in my blueberry one and it is great..

The main thing that I like myself about tansy is that it is a
BUG repellent... I detest bugs... really detest them...
So tansy will be shoved into some handmade bags as soon as it dries.. Place them in your dog or cat beds to repel bugs and also if you have ants or flies... Just hang some or lay a nice bundle tied with raffia here and there..

It gives some info about how it repels bugs..

In Finland they use it to make dye... A bright green one..
Most sites tell you not to ingest very much although a lot of old cookbooks have recipes for it..
I personally do not plan on eating it.. grin..
Although, a recipe for tansy mayo had me wondering..
No... I guess not.. smile..The smell is enough for me..
It does have healing qualities though according to many people..
My friend makes a tea with it and sponges hurting joints and such and really believes it works..
Also, according to my herb book folks in Scotland use it for a cure for gout.. One never knows until you try it...

And last but not least my book also says it was well known in bygone days to counteract hysteria.... grin..
That persuaded me... I shall be carrying some in my purse... lol..

Anyway, my dears that is all for my tansy episode.. grin..
Don't hold me responsible for any ingesting on your part...
Just get rid of the bugs or make yourself  a nice fall wreath or bouquet..

We had some lovely company last evening for supper..
Friends from home came down..

So, I made a loaf of  NO KNEAD BREAD to go with our supper..
I left out the rosemary and sea salt as Terry prefers it this way..
And I made one big loaf instead of two..
They tried several of the flower jellys that I had made and decided that they like the Queen Anne's Lace one best..
Jelly and roast beef don't really go together... grin.. oh well..
Ethel brought down a couple of her sewing projects to show me..
She is a wizard with a needle.... quilts, bags, everything..
Here are some Christmas presents she is getting finished...

Quilted pillowcases...
Aren't they beautiful... And so excellently finished..
Also a little stitchery she has finished..

She only needs to frame it..
I loved this..
And here she is... grin..

My friend, Ethel..
Her daughter comes to Keepers when she can and our husbands have a great time together..
It was so nice to see them and have a few laughs..
Ethel is just learning to use the computer so heaven help me if she sees that I posted her pic.. grin..
That is all for tonight dear girls...
Oh... some of you were asking me about pinterest..
It is a sharing of ideas that is like a pin board ...
You see some idea you like and you pin it on your own boards..
When you want the idea then you just click on the pin and there is all the info...
I am just learning so it is kind of scrambled but all in due time..

Take care  and thanks again for your visits and comments..
God bless and keep you all ...