Monday, November 30, 2020

November Ramble and Roll..

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here I am once again after being absent for quite awhile.. 
I have been trying to get back here but it has been a very hectic time since we last chatted..
All is well... now.. smile.. 
I don't want to go on a lot about it but as I told you in my last post  Terry had an operation but it was successful and he was doing well.. 
We were getting adjusted and he was getting along but then took a heart attack five weeks after his surgery.. 
To make a long story short he ended up having a stent put in and is doing fine.. 

He has not enjoyed himself of course but he will soon be able to do more which has been driving him nuts! He likes doing! 
And .... he likes driving the car himself and not having me as a chauffeur !   I do not like it any better then he does..  

But just so you know.. I am a wonderful driver... I just like to get there! lol! 
He just doesn't believe that it is necessary to go the speed limit!
 (eyes rolling) 
He says the first week he almost had to get out his Nitro!  
He hung on the strap and almost screamed like a little girl.. lol
But he is adjusting.. 
At least we are halfway through the four weeks of me being in control of the car !  
Thank the Lord! 
But this too shall pass and we will probably stay married! lol!  
I am sort of laughing but it is not funny sometimes.. 
We have been married fifty years and I have very seldom took the wheel when he is in the car too.. (for good reason, may I add!) 

He says I am improving due to this guidance! 
 Anyway on with the show.. 

This pic below is from the Anne with and an E series... 

Marilla's Table.. 
I love most of this series and adore the house and all it's contents.. 
If you have followed the blog here then you know I love table settings.  
The above one is very plain but beautiful! 
I know this is just make believe but believable if you know what I mean.. 
If I were talking to my friend, Janelle then I would finish the sentence with... well not really.. lol...

Please note the ordinary everyday water glasses.. 
Kind of goblet style but heavy... everyday.. 
I loved them.. 
Perhaps... I coveted them.. Oh dear!  
I am getting in deep... grin.. 
 We were allowed to go shopping all summer and every thrift store I entered I looked for these type of glasses.. 
And I needed them as I have broken several.. 
I could not find anything that suited.. 
Until.. Just a few weeks ago.. 
I went into a thrift store that was moving and everything was forty percent off.. 

This is what I bought..  

Aren't they lovely?  
Almost like Marilla's!

I couldn't wait to set the table.. 
I noticed she didn't use a cloth or anything.. 
Just the bare table ... 
Cloth napkins and as it was evening.. 
A candle or two.. 
We had one of our own roasted chickens..
pic from before.
Mashed potatoes and canned green beans ...
We also had dressing.. 
Oh and gravy.. 

A couple of dear sister friends sent me the dressing recipe and said they enjoyed it.. 
I couldn't wait to make it and see.. 

It was delicious!  
So different!  
I did as the grandmother did and pressed the dressing into a small loaf pan lined with parchment and refrigerated it..
At dinnertime, I sliced the dressing and browned the slices
in a butter fry pan and served it warm and crispy.. 
Terry loved it too.
I made a mistake and left out the sugars but I did use the molasses.. 
I think that was enough anyway.. 
So nice to have just for lunch even.. 
Thanks Laura and Kathleen.. 

This past week Terry has been to the doctor and he said he was okay to do some light stuff so .. 
We went bough gathering..
And saw this stately animal.. 
Isn'\t he gorgeous? 

He was a dear man this day.. 
We stuck to the back roads so I didn't have to pass a transport trailer truck or anything!  grin.. 

Some sweet old farms.. 

And such dear dear sheep!  
I would love to have been invited in for a cup of tea.. smile.. 
We loaded up the truck and came home..

And had a nice bowl of seafood chowder.. 

Here are a few simple meals and such that I have made over the past while.. 
Apple Crisps and pies.. 

Poppy seed and Rye No Knead Bread..

Big batch banana breads..

Old fashioned Pumpkin Preserves.. 

A rare treat for celebration.. 
Fries and Idaho Fry Sauce.. 
Here is the recipe.. 
1 cup and 2 T mayonnaise.. 
1/4 cup of sugar
1/2 tsp salt 
1/8 tsp paprika 
1/4 tsp dry mustard
1/2 tsp onion powder 
1/2 cup ketchup 
2 T red wine vinegar 
1 1/2 t. Worcestershire sauce
Whisk together and refridgerate.. 

Our sweet daughter and husband put me up while Terry was in the hospital in their city getting his stent put in.. 
They are so hospitable and gave me a lovely time.. 
The next morning she made sourdough bread and a wonderful French stew.. 
This was her bread... 

Lovely, eh! 
A dear girl gave us each some starter.. 
I made one batch and decided it was too much work for me
as we
 do not eat a lot of bread.. 
And too many dishes.. lol.. 
I am hooked on no knead bread.. 
One bowl... 5 minutes and it is rising! 
And we love it.. 
I do use sourdough flour often, though.. 
As in the pic at the top of this post.. 
Kind of cheating but us old ladies have to do what we do.. grin... 

And our dear oldest son got his deer
and sent me a pic of the first steaks.. smile.. 

Don't you just love your kids!  
Even when they are all grown up and their kids are grown up, they are still our babies .. 
Love being able to get pics and such at random times of the day from the two older ones or a pic of the weather or some antique he thinks I might like from Alberta... 
Thankful each morning when I pray for this lovely family the Lord has given us.. 

And on we go... 
We took a little trip out to the farm to make sure all was well the other day.. 
While Terry was puttering and such I looked for some old crochet that I knew was there from the shop somewhere.. 
I found it.. 
I want to make antique lace trees and socks that someone shared with me.. 
Anyway I found the little handkerchief bag up above.. 
It was just the incentive I needed to get a bag of hankies ironed that I have been wanting to get done.. 
I love hankies and since Covid started I use them instead of Kleenex..
They are so sweet and I put a drop or two of essential oil on them.. 
Aren't I turning into a typical old lady?  Oh well... 

Today was lovely out.. 
We have only had a skiff of snow so far which is wonderful in my opinion.. 

Three times the last week or so I have been able to use the clothes line.. 

It was a lovely day.. 
Here are a few projects that I have been working at.. 

A rope basket.. I do have to finish it... 
A little felted project.. I think it will be a part of a cushion...?? 
Not sure.. Perhaps something else.. 

I found this pin on Pinterest and was so excited as I had just found one downstairs when I was cleaning up.. 
\Shonda had bought me a bottle of Barkeepers Friend so I will be putting it to use.. 

And this one from English Country Shabby.. 
I love this one.. 
Terry gathered me a few wee trees so we shall see.  

Well dear friends this is all for tonight.. 
It has taken me a bit of time because I am so far behind in catching up with you all.. 

I pray all is well with you in your part of the world.. 
Our province has been a sanctuary but Covid has raised it's ugly head once again.. We are orange phase which means we are pretty restricted.. 
No visitors and not much of anything.. 
Church is online and we are thankful but miss being together.. 

But God is faithful and I am not complaining... 
We will do what we are supposed to as far as we are able.. 
We may not like everything but we are just passing through this old world and looking forward to what God has in store for us..
Just praying for our world... 
Jesus is coming soon.. 
God bless you dear hearts and will be so happy to hear from you.. 
I know this has been long and hopefully not too boring.. 
God bless...  


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Flavours of Fall...

Hello there dear hearts... 
So happy to connect with you on this lovely fall afternoon.. 
We are having a most gorgeous Autumn here in 
 New Brunswick on the East coast of Canada... 
Hope all is well in your part of the world... 

Don't you find that Fall brings out the nesting and creative instinct within you?  
Each week, I begin by writing a list of want tos... 😉
And in this season I find the list longer then usual.. 
Terry buys me the loveliest of notebooks... 
Just steno pads but they are so thick.. 700 pages, I believe.. 
So the lists can be extra long if I desire.. 
Each morning of the week except Sunday or if we go away then I start my day after devotions with my famous to do lists.. 
They are famous because 
some of my immediate family members make fun of me!😏 
Anyway, I find them pretty daunting this time of the year but in a very good way.. 
My creative juices are stirring as I look forward to Christmas and such now that Thanksgiving is over.. 
I hope you all had a blessed one here in Canada.. 
I know our American 
 friends aren't celebrating until November.. 
  So with that all being said... 
Here are a few projects I have been working at.. 

I have been making potpourris... 
This one is from Martha and it is a pantry potpourri!  
The first thing you do is wrap muslin bags filled with spices... 
As in the first pic.. 
 Then .. 

You put a large pot half full of real apple cider on to simmer.. 
Hang your potpourris on a wood spoon and let them mull in the cider for at least half an hour.. 
I did it longer as it smelled so nice.. 
Then empty the cider and let the bags hang until well dried.. 
This may take several days.. 
Mine are still drying and then I will put them in brown paper bags and tag them and such.. 
Lovely gifts... eh!

A few other things going on in my kitchen..

Saturday morning breakfast.. 
I know everyone makes breakfast.. lol.
Tried out a new recipe which was not a lot of work but delicious.. 
Fresh pineapple with a Basil Lime Sugar... 

You just blitz up a few leaves of fresh basil (which I buy in a pot at the supermarket and always have growing on the windowsill) 
Do you grow them all winter that way?  Or most of... 😀
Zest some lime in and a few tablespoons of sugar.. 
You could use coconut sugar ... \
Store in a mason jar.. 
Then sprinkle over your fresh cut pineapple.. 
So refreshing.... 

I love making flavours in the fall.. 
Or seasonings... Whatever... smile
Mostly for soups.. 
This is another soup flavour from our sweet friend Carmen from Romania.. 

These jars will last for months.. 
You just process as much or as little root veggies as you want.. 
Also green peppers..  I did not add cabbage or cauliflower but a bunch of parsley as my parsley root didn't have leaves.. If you can't find the root then just add extra parsley.. 
You have to use pure salt.. Such as rock salt.. 
Pack in jars and add one aspirin on top.. 
The aspirin protects it from going bad, Carmen says!
This kept in my cold room for over a year as I made so much.. 
Thanks again Carmen.. 
And dear Lindsay as I stole her recipe copy.. lol.. 

And preserved lemons.. 
Chopped up fine for salads, dressings, fish, chicken and pasta.. 
You find many recipes on the web and it is a very simple flavour to add to your food.. 
And not much effort.. 

Sofrito is a flavour that I find I can't do without now that I have grown used to having it.. 
Very simple to process and just put in jars and freeze.. 
I love this with beans and rice, chili, pasta, mix with mayo for a sandwich, etc... 

Then in my sunroom... 

excuse the flakes of potpourri on floor.. please..
I have a new little cozy corner which I am so in love with..
 Don't you love little corners that are so cozy?  
Our children gave us dollars for our 50th anniversary and we purchased this wee set with some of it.. 
The little table folds down and is kind of like marble, perse.. 
And the chairs are just so comfy for reading, having a cuppa or whatever.. 
Thank you dear children.. 
Anyway, I have been putting together salves and potpourris here.. 

Tansy, Dandelion, Jewelweed, Violet and Comfrey on the go.. 

I am hoping to have these ready for sale shortly.. 
I was making them for my gift pantry and realized I kind of overdid it.. 
If you are interested you can inbox me..
Just local, though.  

My husband has gone through some health issues in the last while and had an operation.. He is doing very well and God has been faithful with us through all of it.. 

He had been home from hospital for a week or so when we thought we might try a little drive.. 
Our province is going through a second wave of covid and our nearest city is in the orange level .. 
Terry was operated on just the day before it all shut down again so we were very thankful to have it over with.. 
Anyway, I packed a simple picnic to have sitting in the car.. 
Sandwiches, pickles, cheese, cookies and a thermos of tea, of course.. smile.. 
And I used my waxed paper sandwich bags that I found at the dollarstore.. 
Love them for so many things... 
Sandwiches, cookies, leftovers and such.. 
And not plastic!!  

We headed out for our drive.. 
Albert County in the Fall is a must.. 
But these pics were taken near our home.. 
My most favourite view.. 
Well, to make a long story short ... 
We drove on a very bumpy road and ended up coming back home and eating our sandwiches here.. smile.. 
But all was well.. 
In another week or two we may try again... 

We are finally getting some rainy days... 

So love a rainy day and especially a rainy night.. 

Makes me want to roast a chicken... 
Homegrown and processed by my dear hubby.. 

Well, lovies this is it for another time..

Was so thankful for church on line today.. 
A wonderful service and preaching so appropriate for this day in History... 
Jesus is coming soon dear friends.. 
We need to win the lost and stand for Him... 
To stand firm when the world turns the other way.. 
I pray that the Lord will increase my faith... 

Thank you so much for dropping by.. 
I look forward to hearing from you here, FaceBook or Instagram.. 
May God bless and keep you and your sweet families.

Oh.. and Canadians spell flavour this way.. lol.. 
Just in case you thought my spell check wasn't working.. smile.. 
God bless..