Sunday, October 20, 2019

Autumn Whimsy ...

Hello my dears...
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this beautiful Sunday evening.. 
Hope you are all enjoying this lovely season.. 
As you who read the blog know I am a Spring/Summer season lover.
 But I have to say that this Autumn that we are having here in eastern Canada is extraordinarily beautiful!  
So with that in mind I thought I would make a little Autumn post perse.. smile.. 

To begin though I want to let you know that these are not all my pics but also images that I found across the web and thought of what Autumn is all about ... to me... 

Let's close our eyes for a moment....
And just imagine.... 

What shades of Autumn come to your mind? 
Keep your eyes closed... grin.. 

Colours of cinnamon, ginger and cloves... 
The shapes of pumpkins, squashes and gourds.... 
The scents of apples cooking in a pot of jelly, spicy chilli and cumin simmering on the back burner, ginger cookies with sugar sprinkled on them baking in the oven or the vanilla and nutmeg candles flickering on the end table.... 
The breezes blowing in your face as you are wrapped up in a tartan throw on your front porch with the aroma of your freshly perked coffee from your favourite mug....
The sound of the leaves crunching under your feet as you walk up the lane or the sough of the wind in the pine trees beside your swing...  
And oh that book that inspires hearth and home sitting on your bedside table just waiting to be inhaled! 
The crisp breeze fluttering the curtain beside your bed...  
Oh.... Autumn... 
God has truly been good to us!  
Thank you dear Lord!  

Open your eyes!   
Now wasn't that fun? grin ... 
Ok.. On with the story... 

Here are just a few images I thought you might enjoy to begin your week tomorrow.. 
A week of potential just waiting to be enjoyed... 

dear old Charlie... miss him still... 

Here is a poem by one of my fave poets... 
The leaves are falling one by one,
The Summer days are past and gone,
The nights are cool and damp;
The little children think it strange
At tea-time, for they note the change,
We have to light the lamp;
To roost the chickens earlier go,
And everything has ceased to grow.

The pumpkins now are big and round,
And turning yellow on the ground,
The leaves are drifting down;
The farm seems bigger than before,
'T is stripped of all its wondrous store;
Only the russets brown
Still linger on the trees, and they
Will soon be picked and packed away.

The cellar's stored with rare delights\
To while away the winter nights;
The squeaking cider mill
Is gushing forth its nectar rare,
A drink that all the gods call fair;
And O, the world is still;
A hush has settled over all,
The Summer's gone and it is Fall.

Such a lovely poem.. 

Well sweet friends... 
Thank you for stopping by and visiting for awhile.. 
I am hoping that my Face Book page challenges are over.. 
We shall see ... 

I so loved all of your dear notes that you left ... 
Here and on Face Book.. 
So adore hearing from you ... 

I shall try to get back to you sooner.. 
I have some lovely fall recipes and I made candles!!  
Getting a start on my Christmas gift pantry.. 

Take care!

Praying you have a good week and you enjoy the Fall season with your dear families ... 
That your homes are warm and fragrant with the scent of HOME!

Just wanted to leave a thought for a sweet friend who followed this blog for several years and has gone on to meet the Lord.. 

 This is a comment she left me just a bit ago.. 

Your blogs are becoming almost poetic....I love them! Such an interesting life you have. I have to tell you....I absolutely love cows....they’re just so placid. Have a great week and God bless! ❤️

She was lovely.. I will miss her.. 


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Here again!

Hello again everyone!  
Another post already!  Smile!  
I am having problems with the Face Book page so I deleted the post that I just did on Saturday from their page and will do this one and see if it works!  

If you are a Facebook follower here is the link to the last post.  

Anyway these are just a few pics from the last couple of days.  
Terry and I are both feeling better!  
What a bug I had!  
Terry is dealing with lung problems but praying it will soon be over!  

We spent a solitary Thanksgiving as we did not want to infect our children! 
Oh well!  We are used to each other's company! 
Although it seemed a long weekend knowing everyone else was enjoying family time!  Sigh!  
Thank heavens we had a lovely family time a couple of weeks ago for Terry's birthday!  

A few home pics!  

On Sunday we roasted a homegrown chicken and had a nice meal!  
Please note this is Terry's plate!  Lol...   

I had not felt like baking much for dessert but did make pumpkin cookies!  
Oh my they were good!  

I had one with a cup of tea!  
And my Kleenex box!  Lol!  

Thought I would post this recipe again as the season is here once again!  

Well thank you everyone.  And thanks for all your sweet notes on the blog post itself last time!  
You guys rock!  
I really hope I can fix the Face Book thing!  
What a pain!  
God bless!  Xo  

Friday, October 11, 2019

It's been a while....

Good Evening everyone.. 
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all.. 
In Canada anyway.. smile.. 
Our country is so beautiful at the moment.. 
And Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.. 
Hope you are all well and enjoying the Autumn... 

So happy to finally get back to you all. 
I know I have been a long while this time but that is how it goes every now and then.. 
Here I am.. smile.. 

As always Terry and I took a day and visited my most favourite spot in New Brunswick.. 
Kings Landing Historical Village... 
Here are a few pics ... 

The photo above is the means of transportation around the village unless you prefer to walk.. 
It was a lovely fine day.. 

An old woodshed

There were several ladies visiting at the homes.. 
And a lot of handwork was here and there as though they had just laid it down.. 

So dainty and beautiful.. 

I so love the window sills.. 

Some chive vinegar and homemade beeswax furniture polish.. 
There are always geraniums in the windows.. 
Note the fly on the edge of the sill.. grin.. 

We were visiting a home and I was asking one of the ladies of the house if they had a Stillroom... 
She misunderstood me thinking I meant a room where they made spirits or beverages shall we say!  
But I was meaning a large pantry type room where they made preserves, medicine and such.. 
When we finished laughing the lady there in the mirror spoke to me and said she knew me as she reads my blog...
It was lovely to meet her.. 
Her name was Patsy so I am saying hello to her as this is the first post I have done since then.. smile.. 

A bit of rug making here.. 
And of course there are lots of flower drying going on.. 
My favourite.. 

Drying of herbs and medicines.. 
There are two churches in the village.. 
Both are beautiful!
The pastures have lots of animals ... 

And the store had these sweet dishes.. 
It was a lovely day.. 

As we walked around I picked up a few pine cones, acorns and rose hips to make a wee wreath for a memory ... 
This is how it turned out.. 
I may put a ribbon with the words Kings Landing on it yet, though.. 

I won't bore you with more pics but I do enjoy being in  another time frame just for a day anyway.. 

Here at home the views are gorgeous!  

And life is busy as is everyone's!  

The last week I have been down with a cold.. 
It has been over a week and I am just starting to feel half normal.. 

This was my Instagram pic.. 
I made lots of Cold and Flu Remedy and I think it really helped.. 
Made me feel better and I enjoyed the nice hot drink on my throat.. 
Cider Vinegar, honey, lemon, grated ginger and boiling water.. 
Very simple but effective.. 
Especially keeping the thermos full and sipping away at it all day.. 

And we celebrated Terry's 70th birthday with the family.. 
Or most of them.. 
Of course, our youngest son is out west and our daughter in law and youngest grandson were working.. 
But here are the rest of the grandsons.. 
Aren't they just lovely!  
We had a great time and a great meal.. 

Loved the table settings.. 

I have been pottering around doing this and that as usual.. 
As my friends know I keep a List Book as I like to call it... 
Terry buys me the most lovely steno pads from Staples.. 
They are extra thick and lasts me for months.. 
The cover is not very pretty so I usually glue some magazine pics on the front and then seal it with a sealer... 
I know.... 
I don't have much to do!  lol... 

Made a beef and barley soup one day..

With carrots from our garden.. 

Finally finished my painting that Tania taught us.. 

It is quite big and on a wood board... 
I am not a painter but it was fun.. 

Remember the straw flowers I grew at the farm.. 

Just enough for a wreath... 
I seem to be into wreaths lately.. 
I used to make soooo many when I had my craft business.. 
Kind of was sick of them but I have a longing to make a few again.. 

This is a crab apple one that is hanging outside.. 

Our kind neighbour let us pick some of his mom's flowering crabs and it is just wired through the apples with copper wire and there is a bow at the top.. 

Yesterday my sweet friend Lindsay... 
I am sure you long time readers remember her from our Keepers of the Home meetings.. 
She was my right hand... smile.. 

She and her family up and moved away to Fredericton so I rarely get to visit with her.. 
She was teaching nearby and came for a visit and supper.. 

We made some inhalers with essential oils... 
I love them.. 
We made several recipes that we found on the internet.. 
It was a kit I bought from Amazon.. 
They came with the labels and all... 
For supper we had breakfast with homemade ketchup and jellies.. 
It was lovely getting together.. 
She is one of those friends who even if we have not talked for months it is exactly as if we just saw each other.. 
If you know what I mean.. 

This is my Still Book.. 

Lots of recipes for preserving, medicines and such.. 
Lovely sayings that I read and want to read again.. 
And scripture.. 
Dear ones that I hold close to my heart... 
I made a board on Pinterest about the Still room if you follow on there... 

My second big batch of Hot Pickled Veggies.. 

I eat a lot of these.. 
Just a treat and no calories.. much.... grin.. 

The afternoon sun is still warm here.. 
Our son just called and says there is still a bit of snow out west.. 
How I miss that boy.... 

He will be home one of these days... 

Thank you sweet ladies for visiting and leaving your dear notes and comments.. 
I love hearing from you.. 
If you leave an Anonymous one please leave your first name so I know it is you.. k?  
I am on Instagram a bit more then here so check it out if you like.. 
And feel welcome to like the Face Book page.. grin.. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your dear families.. 
Pray for the ones who are missing from your table.. 
I know I will be....

A pic from the internet... 
Such true words, eh!  

God bless my friends..