Thursday, October 31, 2013

These October Days...

Good Evening my dears.. 
How are you all doing? 

Here we are the last day of October.. 
Much cooler here in New Brunswick then it has been.. 
There was a couple of huge frosts this week but tonight there is a wind warning and rain for tomorrow.. 
Funny... \
I was craving a good rainstorm.. grin.. 

Are you girls keeping busy these days?  
The other morning we headed out early for the old farm.. 
What a beautiful day it was, too.. 

Terry had rented a bush cutter and I grabbed a bag of apples to fill my day.. smile.. 
Then some lovely company showed up.. 

He helped Terry all day as us girls made dinner and chatted .. 
And laughed .. 
This dear girl is a hoot and it was a blessed day for sure.. 

The Honey Crisps Apples are in and are now dried and put away for some tasty snacks.. 
They are so good.. 

Drying more from our old apple trees to make some of the apple wreaths for Christmas gifts.. 
So easy to do.. 

I shared it with you before but all you do is thread a wire through and then tie a bow.. 
Also, for winter potpourri HERE and basket liners .. 

The Maple Apple Jam is all finished, too.. 
The recipe is HERE..
I cut the sugar back by a cup and the syrup by half a cup.. 
Still very sweet but delicious on toast or ice cream.. 

I did a little experiment this week.. 
Tried a homemade stew from meat that we had not ate before and to be honest we will not try again.. 
I know there are folks who eat goat and love it but it is not to our liking .. 
Have you ever tried it? 
Oh well... 
I love trying new foods but that just did not turn out.. grin.. 

We took a drive up to the windmills on Monday, too.. 
They sure are awesome.. 

Thank you so much for taking time to drop by and visiting.. 
Loved having you all.. 

Just before I leave though I would like to send out a prayer request.. 
Our son's best friend has a dear daughter who turns 16 tomorrow.. 
This week they took her to the IWK Hospital in Halifax as the doctors believe that she has Lymphoma.. 
Such a dreadful thing but we know that God is able.. 
He is our Healer and we know personally that cancer is not a hindrance to our God.. 
A lot of you know that in 1998 I was healed of breast cancer.. 
We know that He still heals... 
Even today.. 
Please remember Chelsea in your prayers.. 

Thank you dear girls.. 
You are the best.. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Just a little bit of decor...

Hello there everyone.. 

Another lovely Monday has arrived .. 
Hope you all had a great weekend.. 

Fall is here and the nesting instincts have clicked on.. grin.. 

We all love our homes clean but also attractive.. 
But we do have different tastes, though
I have loved primitive but find my home evolving on a little different road lately.. smile.. 

I shall probably always be country but I find I like things a little more farmhouse style lately.. 
You can check my Farmhouse Board on Pinterest HERE..

Oh well.. 
So long as you love what you live with.. 

So many times we try to do what is current rather then what we ourselves love, eh?

Styles come and go but at my great age I am trying to get rid of excess and keep only the things that bring me joy in my home..

Getting rid of excess is a much greater chore then one can imagine.. 
I am desperately trying not to bring any more in but just take it out.. 
I plan on going through each drawer and cupboard and being merciless... grin.. 
Pray for me, please!! 
If I could just rid of a few of my sentimental bones.. 
We went out to lunch last night with some friends and the remark was made that one of us didn't have a sentimental bone in their body.. 
Let's just say they were not talking about me.. 
I think it is something to be admired at this phase in my life but a day at a time is all I can promise anyone.. smile.. 

Do you girls have a problem with getting rid of stuff? 
Do you decorate the way you love 
or are you trendy? 
Perhaps what is trendy is the style you love.. 
I must say that I do love so much about Primitive and Country.. 
So warm and loving, really.. 

When I did the craft shows and had open house here I remember being frustrated so often because I could not keep something out that did not jive with what I was trying to sell. 

Thank the Lord, that does not pertain anymore and I can do just the style that attracts me...

Well, that is all for tonight my dears.. 
We had some lovely company over the weekend... 
So enjoyed them all.

Thank you so much for visiting and I love your sweet comments.. 

May the Lord bless and keep you until we chat again.. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another home comfort.. Cleaning and Organizing..

Hello everyone.. 
Just a short posting tonight.. 

We are still being blessed with lovely days although a bit cooler here in New Brunswick.. 

I kind of feel like I am beginning to see the end  middle of the tunnel here at home.. 

When we return home from the cottage it takes me a bit to get situated and then we go back to the cottage and bring home more junk  necessary stuff and I need to find more space for it all.. 
We do this about 3 times and since we have already passed that number and most of it is away then I think I am getting somewhere.. 
This week I actually cleaned all of my cupboards.. 

Hence the pics above.. 
Drawers and such.. 
Have you ever seen such a pile of platters.. 
I need to get rid of half of them.. 

As there are only the two of us here of most of the meals I did get rid of a lot of cloth napkins and placemats.. 
 We only need 2 of these things..

I think everything looks better.. 

Terry put the pantry floor down and I got that all cleaned and reorganized for the second time since we returned home..

My living room is almost back to normal as I kept putting stuff in there and the dear man put away all of his tools for the floor and appliance hook up.. sigh... 
Yes, I am beginning to feel normal, I think ... grin.. 

Next week, Lord willing, I will attack the bedrooms.. 
I need to weed out our closets and drawers and such.. 

My darling Mom is giving me a wee round table that 
belonged to my Gram .. 
I want to put it in my Sun room so maybe on Saturday we will get that done.. 

What a busy time of year, though, eh? 

Love being busy when I can see that it is accomplishing something.. 
To be honest, the last month or so just felt like we were going in circles.. 
We would feel normal and bring home a pantry and fridge full of stuff.. 
Or just get situated and bring home all the leftover pickles, clothes and tools.. 
Get the picture.. 

So .. 
Perhaps my blog posts will soon be back to normal.. 
Thanks so much for putting up with me the last few months.. 
I am starting to feel creative once again .. 
Thank you, dear Lord.. 

Made a Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch today and mixed up a steamed bread recipe my cousin gave me.. 
I will let you know how it turns out.. 

My friend gave me the pepper plant.. 
Man they are small but mighty.. 
I am not sure what to do with them.. smile.

Chicken Noodle Soup...
For the soup I just cooked a big chicken breast in veggie broth (left over from cooked carrots), added some carrots, celery, leeks and a bay leaf.. 
Some herbs... summer savory, a garlic clove, red pepper flakes and parsley.. 
I let it simmer for about an hour then took out the chicken breast and shredded it.. 
I added some egg noodles and a spoon full of powdered chicken broth and let it simmer until the noodles were tender.. 
Very tasty and good for you, too.. 

Thank you for dropping by.. 

I received several lovely emails from some of you and so enjoyed meeting you this way.. 
I am sorry you haven't been able to comment due to me turning off the anonymous  option.. 
I may try again, soon so keep checking.. 

We are having company tomorrow night for supper so I will post about that next time perhaps.. 

God bless you sweet friends..  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flannel Time..

Hello there everyone.. 
Fall evenings are here again and it is getting dark earlier ... 

I find I spend more time in our bedroom then during the Summer, of course.. 
The other day I washed our flannel sheets and put them on the line to blow out.. 
Then today I put them on.. 

We have a waterbed which seems to humor some people but like I try to tell them that we are just a couple of old hippies.. smile.. 
It is always heated and lovely and warm all Winter.. 
We keep our window open all year, too.. 
Do you? 
I laugh and tell that sometimes there is a little snowdrift on our floor in the morning..grin.. 
Flannel sheets along with a nice feather duvet keeps us toasty.. 

Anyway, I have also been foraging the thrift shops to get a nice pile of reading material all ready for cozy evenings.. 
Along with a few new notebooks and magazines.. 
I think this is my favorite pastime any time of the year but especially during these dark evenings.. 

I picked our last rose of Summer today, too.. 
It was a wee bit dilapidated due to frost, I suppose.. 
Still lovely, though.. 

Well, good night dear hearts.. 
Do you have your flannels ready yet??.. 
In some parts of their world they are planning their gardens.. smile.. 

Thank you for your sweet comments and visits.. 
May God bless and keep you all... 

Monday, October 21, 2013


Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Hope you are all well on this lovely Fall day..

Terry and I spent another day at our old farm since my last posting.. 
We so enjoy going there and pottering about doing whatever.. 

The Winter will soon be here and we won't go there very much so we are enjoying it while we can, I guess.. smile.. 

While we were there he came in with a bouquet for me.. 
The two little bird nests in the basket in the first pic.. 
He found them while he was out cutting the thorn bushes.. 
I love them..

 Our green tomatoes are almost gone but we had enough left to make these...  
You can find the recipe HERE..
They are so different and have cumin in them which I love.. 
They turned out lovely.. 

I also made some of this applesauce... 

This is our favorite applesauce.. 
The recipe comes from the book Wren Bay.. 
Clarice has such lovely recipes in this book along with a sweet story.. 
You can find out about it HERE..
These are for the freezer for cold Winter mornings along with a slice of homemade bread.. 
A favorite breakfast of mine... smile..

We also had ripe tomatoes.. 

So Salsa was made that day at the farm, too.. 
Quite a productive day just putting by..

We made a little trip to St. Martins on our way to our daughter's...

I had been invited to go and have a part of her church ladies 
Comforts of Home Evening demonstrating the 
No Knead Bread... 

The recipe is HERE..
The tables were decorated so lovely and all of the evening was very inspiring.. 

We learned how much life has in common with biscuit making.. 
Every ingredient works together to make something of value.. 

Shonda did a game with lovely prizes.. 
I didn't win.. grin.. 
Then they served some lovely chowders, soups . desserts and such.. 
A lovely evening.. 

Such busy days ... 

On Saturday I made a corn chowder .. 
It must be Fall.. 

And then on Sunday we celebrated  Pastor Appreciation Day.. 
We certainly are very thankful for him and his families'  dedication to the work of the Lord.. 

As always the food was once again wonderful and the fellowship was sweet..
A very blessed day.. 

But now it is Monday evening and this week is underway and will fly by, I am sure.. 
I have made another series of lists.. 
Things that I really need to accomplish this week.. 
Are you a list maker? 

And are you preparing your home for the coming Winter? 
What is on your to do lists?

I would love to hear from you the things that you are accomplishing  or hope to accomplish as would everyone, I know.. 

What do you consider as comforts of home for the cold days coming up? 

Thank  you so much for dropping by and so look forward to hearing your comments on this subject.. 
God bless..