Monday, October 31, 2011

A Stormy Evening in October..

Good Evening everyone..
Just posting a few pics of our evening last night..
We were able to get out to church in the morning but the roads were slippery and so we stayed in ...
Quite a storm, eh?    Especially in October..
 Well, I guess it is not the first time... smile..
 Today was sunny and most of it is gone..
But last night we just snuggled down for the evening..

The lamps were lit and I hinted for a fire in the fireplace but it did not happen.. grin.. Another evening, perhaps..

A night like this did call for some homemade soup, though...

Bean and Ham...
The recipe came from HERE...

We don't have dessert a lot as neither one of us need it..
BUT.... last night I made this..

Apple Upside-Down Cake...
I found this recipe HERE...
I will say, though that their picture looks far more tempting.
We thought that it was pretty good.. A little rich, I think but a very nice treat..

Yes, it was a snowy evening ...
I expect there will be many more during the next few months..
Hope all is well with you wherever that might be..

Another Monday is almost over and I need to get to bed..
Thanks for the visit..

Love and Prayers..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little Fall Field Trip to the Cottage...

Good evening everyone..
Here it is Saturday night.. Terry and I went down to the cottage to finish closing it up.. It was a lovely very cool Fall day..
The leaves are almost gone here in Eastern Canada.. But the Bay of Fundy is beautiful in all of her glory..
Here we are at the top of Birch Hill Mountain just a little distance from St. Martins..
Can you see the Bay there in the distance?

Here it is at the end of our street where our cottage is..
The tide is on its way in...
Well, we have to go to the cottage and do some work..

It looks pretty bare down there compared to the Summer ones that I took, eh?
All the Summer folks have gone home...

I need to pick a bit of my comfrey to make some salves for later.. There is some left...
I also picked some oregano, parsley, and sage..I may as well take it home as it will soon freeze..

It took several hours to do everything..
We had to finish cleaning out the fridge, putting all the planters and such away..
We also had to go to the shop and put up drapes and bring home a few more things..

Here is the man I married 41 years

Before we head for home we always head down to the harbour..

The tide is in by now..
The fishermen are gathering up their traps..

The sun is starting to go down ...
Gorgeous, eh?

Well, we need to head back home..

Back up over the mountain...

Here is a lake that is up there..

It is lovely and calm today..

A pasture with cows..

The beautiful fall colours are almost gone..

New Brunswick is dotted with covered bridges..
We saw 4 covered bridges today..

Boy, we are hungry.. All we had today was a sandwich for breakfast..

What do you want for supper, dear?
He never really cares.. Just whatever.. He hopes it is quick, though.. smile..

How about some meatballs left over from yesterday and some fresh picked Oregano
 Roasted Potatoes and some homemade pickles?
Sure... grin..
It tasted good to these two hungry people.. smile..

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day..
Looking forward to worshiping Him... 

Thank you sweet ladies for checking in.. 
I know I always tell you how much I delight in hearing from you all.. But I do.. 

Hugs from this little part of the world.. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

A short post about nothing much....

Hello ...
How is the weather in your area?  We have had a very cold day and evening here in the Maritime provinces ... We have had such warm temps that this is a shock! smile..
Snow is in the forecast for Sunday.. I wish it wouldn't snow until Christmas Eve.. grin.. Really, that is not too far away, eh?
With that in mind I thought I would show you one idea that I have been working on.. I made a couple last Winter and enjoyed them..
They really do keep the coffee hot. 
I have several on my gift list who would like these...
I thought I could include a coffee gift card and perhaps some chocolate or such...
What do you think? 
I felted my sweaters today and did one bag.. I did not do a good enough job to show you but I will use it for my crochet bag..
Hopefully, the next ones will turn out better.. grin..
Here is the link for making them..

I also came across this idea in one of my files ...
I wanted to change the wall over the bed in one of the spare rooms..
I loved this..

Two simple shelves with photos..
I think this is from Country Living ...
I am still waiting on my dearest to put the medicine cabinet up in the bathroom.. Patience is a virtue.. Right? ... Smile...

Have a great weekend dear ladies..
What are you all doing this weekend?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrifted silverware and a Cleaner Recipe and more...

Good day everyone...
Hope all is well in your part of the world..
We have had a busy day (as usual).. smile.
This morning I met Shonda and we drove in to see Mom..
She went home this afternoon and is very happy about that..
After we had visited with Gram we went out for lunch and then shopped for a bit.. It was nice.. We don't get to do that too often..
Then I met Terry and Shonda drove home in time for the boys getting home from school..Terry and I did a bit of shopping..
I went to a thrift shop while he went to Walmart.. He is not a thrift store shopper.. grin.. I was looking for some 100% wool to make
a few crafts that I want to try... I actually found 3.. smile..
I have to felt them first.. Have any of you girls tried felting anything?

And then I did get a good deal ... All this silver for $5.00...
There are several good pieces there.. Some Rodgers...a couple of pairs of tongs in neat shapes... 
It will need to be cleaned and I thought I would share this homemade recipe for cleaning it with you...

Hot water
1 T. salt per quart of water
1 T. water softener per quart of water
a sheet of tin foil
Place the tin foil in the bottom of the container that you are using to wash the silver.. I use a rubber dishpan.. Add your HOT (boiling) water, salt and water softener and stir.. Place silver on top of tin foil for 10 seconds and rinse in cold water and then buff it...
If you don't have water softener you can use baking soda... 
Pretty easy, eh?
And no chemicals which some people are allergic to..
There are other recipes online but this is one that I have used

I love picking up old silver cutlery.. I like using it everyday especially when it does not match.. Martha Steward recommended that years ago and I have done that since..I have a lovely big set at the cottage.. My everyday set here has ivory handles but it is diminishing for various reasons so I will add most of this to my everyday set here..
Another reason I like to find old silver cutlery is so that Terry can make wind chimes..
We sell them at the shop but I do not have one for myself.. smile..
Here is another idea I found on line ages ago but do not know where it came from.. Before the days of pinterest.. grin..

Drawer or door handles.. Neat, I think.. It would look nice on an old kitchen hutch or even regular cupboards..
Just an idea for you..
Also, here is a LINK to another posting I did with a neat idea on how to store your cutlery...

Here is the old recipe book I told you I found.. It was in a collection of books and I just came by it..  

See the date?  1953.. I made a mistake when I said it was older than me... grin... Almost but not quite.. smile..
Here is a little recipe from the first page.. OK?

5 Tablespoons flour
2 Tablespoons mustard
3 Tablespoons white sugar
Vinegar diluted with a bit of water to make a SMOOTH paste..
I think I would whisk it with a whisk...
Let stand overnight..
So I would say that this is just a homemade mustard like you would put on meat or whatever.. right?
I may try it tomorrow as I still have some ham left over...
If you make it first you can let me know.. please.. 

Well, dear ladies that is all for tonight.. Hope someone finds it interesting.. smile..

I will get at my felting, too as soon as I can..

Oh, and I visited a lovely prim shop today, too.. My sweet friend, Judy works there.. It is a glorious shop and perhaps I will take some pics next time... Judy told me she reads my blog everyday... grin..
Guess we will find out, eh?  grin..
Take care sweeties and I look forward to hearing from you all..

We serve an awesome God; don't we?



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fall Day at Home...

Hi everyone..
I wanted to thank all you sweet ladies for praying for my Mom. .
She is feeling great and is going home tomorrow..
 God is so good..
She could not even walk on Friday but now all is well..
Thank you, Lord.. He is always so faithful, eh?

It is a rainy day here today.. A bit cool and it certainly is Fall.. 
Kind of a stay at home day.. Especially since we have been either sick or on the road for two weeks.. 
I did up a few chores and made lunch and a batch of cookies and then I sat down for a while.. 
This is one view from there...

The dining room is in there through the French doors..

We love antiques... Did you know that?  Smile...

See the apples are still hanging from the old apple trees...

I love looking through there to the outside...Especially when the wind is blowing the branches around.. smile.

Here is the recipe I promised you..
I can not take the credit for it... smile..

Although, I did substitute ham for chicken and used zucchini instead of green peppers...And I used  a cup of the following recipe for zucchini pineapple instead of the can of pineapple called for in the recipe...

Sweet and Sour Ham we will call it...

We had it served over rice... Terry loved it and I liked it.. smile..
Depends on your taste buds, eh?  I think chicken would be nicer..

I also found the recipe for this at the same blog and made a batch on Monday..A farmer's wife we know still had some yellow zucchini... 
Pineapple Zucchini...

I did two mason jars which I will keep in the fridge to use.. They sealed but it was recommended to do a water bath so  I froze the rest in plastic containers...  
I love this.. She said you can use it like you would pineapple in BBQ sauce and such..
Here is the LINK FOR PRECIOUS PEAS BLOG...  where I found the recipes...

Thank you, my dears for stopping by..
I was happy yesterday to have so many visitors..  
I really look forward to hearing from you all..
I have a few ideas on my mind to share with you in the next while.. 
Perhaps some homespun Christmas gift ideas and some recipes out of an awesome book I found.. It is much older than I am..grin.. 
So keep checking.. ok? 
Hopefully, things will slow down a bit here.. smile..
God bless...

Monday, October 24, 2011

A lovely thrift store find.....

Hello everyone...
Another lovely Monday.. Another week has flown by.. And what a  week it was.. smile.. But the Lord is good and all things are working out... My Mom is doing better.. Thank you, Lord.. We are going to get ready here shortly and go and see her at the hospital so this is a very short posting..
Just wanted to show you the chair that I bought at the thrift store the other day..

It sure matches the Fall season, eh?
Kind of a rusty orange and very comfortable.. Believe it or not we brought it home in the back of my VW Beetle.. grin..
I needed something in our Sun-Sewing Room just to relax in and stitch or crochet or whatever.. It is a cozy room.. Terry bought me the little fireplace type heater and it is nice on cold nights through the Winter...
The room has lots of brownish and mustard shades and this goes well..
Imagine ... only $25.00 ...
As you can see I usually have company when I am in there.. grin..
I stitched up the wee cushions and scarecrow and of course you know how I love ticking...
Well, girls that is all for today..
Tomorrow ... or whenever I can I will share the recipe for this..

I just don't have time today.. ok?
God love you all..
Take care and thanks so much for stopping by..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just a few photos and a song...

Good Evening, ladies...
Sorry that I have been slack but it has been very busy..
Just thought you might enjoy a few pics that I took awhile ago...

These were taken on our field day to Kings Landing..
I told you that I had a lot.. smile...

Hope you all enjoy them..

Leaving you with this song ... 

God bless .... 
Thank you all for your prayers but please keep praying for my Mom in the hospital..
Hugs to you all...

Friday, October 21, 2011

No Knead Casserole Rye Bread ....

Good Morning dear ladies..
Hope all is well in your part of the world today..
We have had a very hectic week and thus I have not been able to blog.. Sorry about that....
Today is a cloudy and kind of rainy day but still warm.. We are certainly being blessed with a lovely Fall..
The rain yesterday has still left some beauty on the trees regardless of the weatherman's dire predictions... smile...
I was invited to speak at a church where friends of mine attend and to show them the no knead bread last night..
We had a lovely time and they were so gracious... I pray that some hearts were blessed as mine was with their kindness..
So.. with the no knead bread being made here to prepare I decided to try another one... And it turned out wonderful..
I thought you might like to try this one..


1 cup plus 1 T. milk
3 T. sugar
1 T. salt
1 1/2 T. canola oil
2 1/2 tsp. instant yeast
1 c warm water
2 tsp. caraway seeds
3 cups sifted flour
1 1/2 cups unsifted rye flour

Scald 1 cup of milk and add sugar and salt and oil..Cool until  lukewarm..Stir yeast into warm water until dissolved and then add to milk mixture..Add 1 tsp. caraway seeds and save the other for the top..Stir in all of both flours a cup at a time.. Cover and let rise until doubled in bulk.. Stir batter for 30 seconds and then turn into a WELL GREASED casserole dish..1 1/2 quart size..  Brush top with remaining milk and caraway seeds.
Let rise again until doubled...

Bake at 400 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes until done..
Cool on wire rack..

Lovely served with cheddar cheese or smoked meats or Terry puts jam on it... (whatever) and of course any bread is good toasted..

Hope you enjoy this recipe..

Thanks for dropping by my dears.. Could you please remember my Mom in prayer.. We took her to the hospital as her leg and foot is swollen so bad she can't even stand on it and is in constant pain..
They prescribed some pills and sent her home..
So we are praying all will be well..
God bless you sweet mamas and I look forward to hearing from you..
May God bless and keep you until next time..

Join in with the BARN HOP

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings...

Good Evening to you all..

I would like you to meet Mable..
She is my Mom's.. Not ours..
I am a cat lover but we do not have one at the moment because of Sammi.. (our inherited dog who belongs to our son).. Anyway, he does not like cats so I just enjoy Mable..
One day I went in and she was curled up in Mom's huge crystal bowl on the dining room table.. Of course, I did not have my camera..

Anyway, how was your weekend?
We kind of laid low as this cold is still hanging on.. We did get to church, though which was a blessing and I tried not to pass it along..After church we had some sweet fellowship with some great friends..

Today we had to go to Moncton and my hubby bought me a lovely OLD wing back chair for my Sun room.. It has the highest back and is an Autumn rust color.. I love it and the best part is that it was only $25.00..Isn't God good?.. That is the amount I wanted to pay and I was telling my friend Lynn that I wanted a BIG and OLD wing back and she told me about this one at a thrift store.. I didn't realize what a great store it is..Thank you, Lynn.. smile..I will show you all when I get it situated..
Oh, and they had old and new cookbooks for $1.00 or less.. I picked up an old Country one and a new Homemade Kitchen Gifts one.. Just in time for getting my gift pantry stocked again.. smile..

Then after supper I made another batch of sauerkraut... We love it and the last batch I made a few weeks ago turned out great..
It is soooo good for you.. You can read about the advantages all over the Internet..
This is the link with the RECIPE...

Please excuse my old beat up tins..

This is well worth the hour it will take you to make .. And so good for your family..
Let me know if you make it.. OK?

Don't you love geraniums?
I have to repot a bunch and bring them in for the Winter.. At Kings Landing they are on most windowsills.. Such a lovely old fashioned look to them..

Well, dear mamas that is all for tonight..
Have a blessed week and I look forward to hearing from you..
Welcome to the new followers of the blog, too.