Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Day in May Posting...

Hello there!  
How are you all doing in your part of the world?  
All is well here in New Brunswick, Canada.. 
It is a simply beautiful Spring day here!  
The sun is shining and it is the Sabbath.. 
God has provided and protected us and we are indeed blessed... 
It seems that things are getting better here in our province.. 
Our world has changed not only here but everywhere... 
Terry and I are striving to stay safe and be accountable.. 
While doing this we are really doing less going to and fro and keeping to home and hearth much more then normal.. 

We do go to the farm a bit.. 
Have a few meals ... 
I think he was hungry.  
Sent this pic to our son in Alberta today..
He messaged back.... Good eats!  
Bless his heart!  
This mama wishes he were here so she could do the same for him..
Just pork chops, mashed potatoes and fried sauerkraut.. 
And a salad with homemade dressing.. 
Terry did two buckets of sauerkraut this past winter and it is good!
Old fashioned meals!

Trying to get our gardens organized and ready.. 
It has been quite cool here right now but this week is forecasting higher temps.. 
We were out the other day and I did my herb beds.. 
It always tickles me silly to see my Lavender plants all back for the second year and some for the third.. 
The Lovage, Comfrey, Oregano, Chives, Catnip, Thyme and Tarragon are a few that always return... 
Our garlic came up lovely also.. 
Thanking the Lord.. 
There were several that I had put in pots and wintered and they survived.. 
Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, more Thyme and I repotted 7 pots of Basil today... 
Can ya tell that I love herbs? grin.. 

Anyway on with the post.. 

Winding down one evening on our way home.. 
We worked on the beds and just had a quick lunch.. 

Terry's version of a hot dog.. 

And mine of soup... 

This is a lovely soup.. 
Or I think so.. 
It is called Emergency Soup by Marion Cunningham.. 
It is in this cookbook.. 
1 chopped carrot
1 chopped rib of celery
1 chopped medium onion 
4 cups of chicken broth.. 
1 cup of small shell or other type pasta 
1 cup Parmesan cheese.. or less  
Bring broth to boil in a pot.  Add veggies and 
simmer for 15 minutes and then add pasta.. 
Simmer another 10 minutes or less till pasta is cooked.. 
Season with salt and pepper.  
Serve and sprinkle on some parm.. 
Delicious and quick.. 
We haven't moved out to the farm yet for the summer.. 
Probably be a bit yet but when I can I potter a bit in the pantry.. smile.. 

As you know we have been celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in a rather different style.. 
We planned this before Covid-19 really was a threat.. 
We started in January and trying to do some form of celebration each month.. 
I am not a party person.. Well, not for myself I mean.. 
So .. 
Each month had brought some sort of fun thing to do.. 
I am always so happy to go to the Bay of Fundy.. 
So last month we went to the world famous Rocks.... 

It was mostly closed off but we found a wonderful area with a bench right at the beach's edge.. 
It was a lovely day! 
I brought this guy along.. smile.. 

With his covid whiskers.. grin.. 
We didn't attempt a selfie this time as we did the last one.. 
Just one of each other.. 

As you dear girls know who have been around awhile that I do not like my pic taken.. Anyway.. We need pics to remember.. smile.. Not really.. smile.. 

Another lovely place down there .. 

Antiques shop.. 
Miss them and thrift stores.. 
That is all.. 
I am so weird.. grin.. 
And these were my lovely flowers.. 

Aren't they gorgeous? 
And the ruffled ones smelt heavenly.. 
I had to add this pic of my beloved with no whiskers.. 
Our daughter looks just like him.. smile.. 

Now onward we go.. 
A few make and do things.. 

Lavender and Rose Air Freshener.. 
More Sanitary Wipes.. So great! 
And I love the Hair Rinse.. Lavender and Cider Vinegar.. 

A new note book.. 
Covered a steno pad for my daily list book for May... 
Have done a bit more I think but sorry no pics.. 
Making buntings for here at home and such.. 
Oh and the dearest egg cups with sprouts growing.. 
Actually, I will try to take a pic later on in the week and just post them.. 
How's that?  grin.. 
No long posting... Just a few pics.. 

As usual.. I just keep rambling.. 
Here is a bit of baking that got accomplished.. 

NY Times No Knead Bread... 
And picked Dandelion greens a few times.. 

The Rhubarb is coming along nicely so jam has to be made this week.. 
It is our favourite... 

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts were baked and  frozen once again.. 
I love these so have to freeze them! smile.. 

And a cake.... 

Love white cake with white icing.. 
Yes, it found it's way to the freezer also!  

And one windy rainy day I made biscuits.. 

Our daily biscuit.. The recipe is on the blog here.. 
And with Rhubarb Jam.. 
That recipe is on here too.. 
My Mom's Rhubarb Jam..  

We had Mother's Day.. 

Met some of our family carside at the mall.. 
Love my children as you do your's... smile.. 
Hope you all enjoyed your day.. 

I didn't want to close without adding a pic of a book I am reading.. 

Rather nice.. 
I love the old days.. smile. 

Well dear hearts, I hope this has found you all safe and finding joy in your days.. 
It is something we choose.. eh!

In this rock and roll world we are living in right now I think we need to focus on a daily closer walk with our Lord.. 
As the Psalmist says...
 He is the lifter up of my head.. 
Everything is going to be all right!  

So thank you so much for visiting tonight and may God richly bless you.. 
as always, I look forward to your dear notes and emails and Facebook messages.. 
God bless..