Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old China and a Memory Box...

Good Evening dear ladies.. 

A little bit of a post tonight...
It has been a sunny but very cold day here in Eastern Canada ..
 I am still laying low with this cold but am on the mend..
Thank you, dear Lord.. 

I was looking for something today in my china cabinets and decided to take a few pics for you.. 

I know I have shown a few before but it was a while ago.. grin.. 
There are a lot of you ladies who love old pieces of china like I do.. 

When I started this blog it was to be snippets of my day.. 
Just little things that take up the hours as the Keeper of this home.. 
Hopefully, something will encourage or inspire you..
So.. with that in mind I am afraid you might find me a bit eclectic at times.. smile..  

I was putting some things away this afternoon and I came across  a shoe box from Christmas.. (I can not throw out shoe or chocolate boxes)  grin... 

As a small girl they were my treasure boxes.. We only had chocolates at Christmas and shoe boxes were rare but when we did 
I would do my best to be allowed to have them..  I used them to put in my wee special things..

I think this little soul was born with a creative mind..

We were a very poor family but I did not mind.. It is amazing what
a child can do with  a little box and a piece of fabric or perhaps an old Eaton's catalogue.. 
Throw in a few buttons from Mama's blouse and Grams loving advice and I would have a masterpiece.. grin.. 

So, today I thought I would make myself one ..

Just for old times sake... 

A roll of postal paper and a piece of wrapping paper...

A glue stick and a marker..... 

A little box to put special little reminders of my days.. 
Perhaps a card from someone dear, a grandson's picture of a special day, a shell or stone or maybe a flower... 
A reminder from the year 2012.. 

Maybe.... a church bulletin for the Sunday that our son comes back to God.. 
Will you help me pray for that?
Bless your hearts...

Thank you sweet friends for your visit.. 
God is an awesome God and who knows what this year might bring.. 
Let me know if you make yourselves a little memory box.. 

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.. 

Keepers of the Home this Saturday.. 
So... if you live near Sussex, N. B. please feel free to join us.. 
Email me at and let me know ..


Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello everyone.. 

Today I am posting about our linen closets  over at

I am so excited and pleased to be a new monthly contributor on Jaime's wonderful blog.. 

I don't know about you but I find that the Winter is the best time of the year to clean and organize my linen closet..

To read more about the linen closet then please visit HERE..

I know you will enjoy Jaime's  blog and to any who are visiting from LABB please make yourselves at home here at
 The Blessed Hearth..

I am so glad you came..







Saturday, January 28, 2012

The day after the storm...

Good Evening my dears... 
A lovely sunny day here today after yesterday's storm.. 
We had snow and then rain so it was pretty icy out there this morning... 
I did not venture out but Terry and Dustin went to watch one of our grandsons play basketball... His birthday is on Monday and he will be 14.. Where has the time gone? 

I wish I could have joined them but my throat is still a mess.. ugh... 
Oh well.... I am sure he enjoyed having his uncle and Grandpa there.. 

I went to let Sammi out the back door and there was such a racket in the apple trees out back.. I looked and the trees were full of grosbeaks..

They were snacking on the apples.. I think.. 
Or trying out the icicles... grin.. 

I ran to get my camera and headed for the sun room so I could get a better pic and tripped over the footstool in my rush and of course they heard the racket and took off... 
Yes... I am a klutz..grin..

As I waited for them to come back I checked out my plants in there..


The ivy and geraniums are doing great.. 
Plants have a way of lifting my spirits..
Do they have that effect on you?  

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that there were a couple of new babies.. Yeah!!

Three new Aloe Vera  plants... 
I guess the birds aren't coming back..
I don't have a lot of patience, I guess... 
Another day.... 

The sun is starting to go down on this last Saturday 
in January, 2012

Terry should be home soon and  I need to start getting supper ready.. 

I did make an apple pie today.. smile.. 

My dear Mother made me four batches of pie crust to freeze.. 
She loves making it and I detest doing it.. grin.. 

Anyway, sweet ladies the lamps are on and the fish and lemons are in their packets.. 
Do you ever make them?

Another lovely day drawing to a close... 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day... 

I guess I won't get to church.. I would not like to pass this virus along to anyone ... Especially, to any of the elders..

The wonderful thing about God, though. is that He will be right here with me at home, too.. 
When I bow my head or get down on my knees He is right there.. 
He is available.. And waiting for me to call on Him.. 
I love His presence..

I heard a sermon one time that talked of how Jesus is standing in the shadows.. Just waiting for us  to whisper His Name.. 
But so many times instead of reaching out to Him we reach for a book or a TV remote or perhaps our laptops.. 
He just waits there so patiently for our hearts to reach 
out to Him..

Sometimes, I imagine Him standing in the corner of our bedroom by the window..  Just waiting for me to call on Him..
Or when I am alone and needing Him I can just feel Him there..

He is such a faithful God.. Right? 

Thanks for dropping by and being a part of my life this way.. 

And God bless you for all the dear encouraging emails and comments that I have received this past week.. You are all so dear to my heart..
Love and Prayers

Standing somewhere in the shadows you will find Him.. 
And you will know Him by the nail prints in His hands..  

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Stormy Friday Night Ramble..

Happy Friday Evening to you all..

It is a stormy day here in Eastern Canada.. 
Schools were closed and banks and such closed early.. 
First there was snow and then freezing rain.. 
Oh my.. 

Terry and I are snug here at home, though. 
The wind chimes are tinkling and the bird feeders are swaying to the music of the wind but it is cozy and warm inside.. 

Thank you for all the well wishes.. 
I am blessed that it is only a cold.. 
Nothing serious.. smile..

I thought I would post this pic of a craft we made at Keepers of the Home quite a while ago.. 
Nice for Valentines Day if you like the prim look.. smile.. 

What are you sweet ladies working on for Winter projects?  
I have several unfinished crafts that I need to get done.. All in the by and by.. smile..

There go the salt trucks..

It must be icy out there.. I phoned Shonda to make sure they were all home safe and also talked to the Tammy ( our daughter-in-law) and Dustin (our youngest)... 

What is it about a mother on a stormy day?? 

Even when your children are established in their own homes and their children are 6 feet tall she is wondering about them.. 
Are they home yet?  
Oh, God keep them safe.. 

It is so great that we as Mamas can put their safety in the hands of the Lord..

And although you are wondering how they are your heart has peace.. 

I think I am sounding kind of sentimental  tonight for some reason..

I guess I missed my husband this week and am just glad he is home and napping on the couch.. grin.. 

I did want to share a funny little story with you.. smile..

A few postings ago I shared a POEM with you from Edgar Guest.. right? 

Well, yesterday as I went through the old recipe box of my mother-in-laws I found a little surprise.. 

Gram (that is what I called Terry's Mom in the last several years that she was alive.. Up until I started calling her Gram I called her Mrs. Henry.. smile.. That is how I was taught growing up.. She used to say that I should call her by her first name.. I just could not.. But as the kids grew and started calling her Gram then I did the same..) had cut this out of the newspaper..

Send Her a Valentine   Edgar Guest
Edgar Guest

Send her a valentine to say
You love her in the same old way.

Just drop the long familiar ways
And live again the old-time days
When love was new and youth was bright
And all was laughter and delight,

And treat her as you would if she
Were still the girl that used to be.

Pretend that all the years have passed
Without one cold and wintry blast;
That you are coming still to woo
Your sweetheart as you used to do;

Forget that you have walked along
The paths of life where right and wrong
And joy and grief in battle are,
And play the heart without a scar.

Be what you were when youth was fine
And send to her a valentine;

Forget the burdens and the woe
That have been given you to know

And to the wife, so fond and true,
The pledges of the past renew
'Twill cure her life of every ill
To find that you're her sweetheart still.

by Edgar Guest..

Isn't that a dear poem?.. 
Who would believe that Gram and I liked the same type of poetry.. smile.. 

Anyway, I am finished my ramble for tonight..

I know that some of you will read this through.. And I know a few men who do..
They told me.. grin.. 

So.. dear gentlemen ... be sure and give her valentine.. smile..

I will leave you with this little item I found on Pinterest before I knew how to pin.. 

Sweet, eh..  
I would love to make one similar..

I do not know who to give credit to for this.. Sorry.. If you know please tell me and I will link back to them.. 

Don't forget about the little HEART GIVEAWAY..
Thank you so much for dropping by.. 
Welcome to the new followers, too.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all on this stormy Friday night.. smile.. 
Love ya..


Thursday, January 26, 2012

An old recipe box...

Good evening ladies..
How is your week going?   
Terry has been away all week and I came down with a cold...  
I had planned on doing a lot of chores but I did not accomplish hardly a thing... 
Oh well, this too shall pass.. 

Anyway.. Terry is coming home tonight so I thought perhaps I should make something a bit special for him.. 
He gets tired of restaurant food when he is away...

When I went downstairs to make the fire I thought I would find an old Louis L'Amour book to read .. 
I know.. I know.. But sometimes I like to read one of his books.. 
Very historical.. grin.. 

 Instead I  found this..
Terry's mother's recipe box..

She was a wonderful cook and taught me so much.. 
I was blessed to receive her recipe collection and all the instructions she gave me over the years.. 

Anyway... Terry had bought a big bag of bananas over the weekend and I thought I had better use them up.. 
Sometimes I just put them whole in the freezer and bake with them later..

 I was sure I would find an interesting recipe in her recipe box and I did.. smile.. 

A chocolate banana cake..

With chocolate chips...hmm...

Looks pretty good, eh?  
I thought I would wait and get his opinion before I posted the recipe for you.. I think he will like it.. smile.. 

And then I found this treasure...

1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tsp. juice from dill pickles.. (I used dill relish)
1 slice onion
1/2 of a cucumber.. peeled and seeded
I added kosher salt and freshly grated black pepper
and a pinch of red pepper flakes..
Put everything in a blender and blend well..

I put it in a mason jar and it will keep in the fridge for a week or two...
It is a delicious dressing:-)
We both are salad lovers and I make almost all of our salad dressings..
This one is a keeper..

Are any of you girls growing any sprouts?
I have lentil sprouts growing and a mix, too.. 
I want to make a sprouted grain bread... 

Oh and I made a NO KNEAD LOAF OF BREAD,,, 
Just click on for the recipe...

Terry likes it better when I make just one loaf and leave out the rosemary and salt.. 

We are trying not to eat much bread but he has been away all week... grin.. 

Oh and girls don't forget about the SWEET HEART GIVE AWAY ..
Just click on and sign up if you like..

Welcome to all the new followers.. So glad to have you.. 

Thank you to all you sweet ladies who signed up.. 
I will leave it open until Jan. 30.. OK?

As I have not been feeling too well this week I worked on the next Keepers of the Home meeting.. 
It will be on Feb. 4... 

If there are any  ladies out there who live in our area please feel free to come and join us.
It will be at our fellowship hall in Sussex... 
Just email me at 
I will send you the details.. 
It will no doubt be a heart theme thing.. grin.. 

I enjoyed visiting with you all tonight.. 
Thanks for dropping by.. Looking forward to hearing from you.. 
Take care and God bless ... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hi my dears...
 How are you? 

Just posting a little giveaway for you all tonight... 
I made a couple of heart garlands for you..

They are made from some toile and colonial fabric AND 
can be scented with lavender ..  

This is a very simple giveaway..

There are only 2 requirements...

1.  You are only required to be a follower of The Blessed Hearth blog .  If you are not already you are more than welcome.. Just go to the followers on the sidebar and join the site..

2.  Please leave a comment on this posting.. 

That is all...
 If you would like to post it on your blog that would be lovely but not required.. 
Please leave your email address in your comment if I don't have it... 

There are 2 of these garlands to give away... 

They should be easy to mail so I thought I would do 2 sets..

Therefore, if you don't win in the first draw perhaps you will in the second one.. grin.. 

I will hold this until January 30... OK?  I will make the draws on that day sometime..

Just a little measure of thanks to all of you sweet ladies who are so faithful reading and commenting... 

I appreciate you all... 

Love and Prayers
Faye xoxo

ps... I will mail this where ever you live.. They are very light weight so should not be a problem... 

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Gifted Conversationalist...

Hello Dearies..

I must warn you that this is probably a boring post for most of you.. 
Although, I do know that there are some of you out there just like me.. 

I was going through some old books today..
A favorite past time of mine.. smile..  

  I must admit that I was sort of tired or perhaps I should say lazy and did not accomplish a whole lot today.. 
Busy weekends do that to an old gal like me.. grin..

I found something that I have been trying to find for a quite some time.. 

About 15 years ago we bought two old hand typed books of poetry at an auction in St. Martins.. 
Some are dated in the 1940s and 50s..

It must have taken a long time to collect and type them up.. 

Most of the lot are written by
 Edgar A.Guest.. 
He must have been their favorite..
Now he is one of mine.. smile..
He does not write spiritual poems but they are so old fashioned..

The book is made up of  papers  which are all different types from parchment to backs of government letters and more..

 Recycling at it's best.. grin..

There are several papers coming loose and in one book I read a poem called :


I loved it but the page was torn and it was not all there.. 
I tried to find it on the web but could not find it..

And then today when I was reading the second book I found the poem in it also but all in one piece.. 
To think it was there all the time.. I don't know how I missed it.. 

Would you like to read it..

Now... I know not everyone loves old poetry but bear with me or just skim down to the bottom.. grin.. 

Here it is... 

I sing of old Aunt Mary Ann,
My grandmother's eldest sister,
Whenever any talks began
no word important missed her.
If six or eight stood around to chat,
In groups at varying stations
She's carrying on from where she sat
Six running conversations..

That trick I've often seen her do
While visiting at mother's ;
She's talk of bonnets to Aunt Sue
And also hear the others.
She'd say "that bit of poppy bloom
Provides a touch that's cheery".
Then turn and call across the room
"No, that's near Thursday dearie..

To those about she'd appear
Attention to be paying,
But simultaneously she'd hear
What all the rest were saying.
She'd say " I much prefer with lamb
Mint sauce to apple jelly.
Excuse me! You're mistaken, Sam,
His first wife's name was Nellie.

It made no difference,  loud or low
Or near or far, no matter,
Aunt Mary Ann was sure to know
The burden of our chatter.
Though now she dwells in happier spheres
Where angels harps are playing, 
Somehow I fancy still she hears
Whatever we are saying...

Edgar A. Guest

I think this poem reminds me so much of a favorite aunt of Terry's.. 
I just loved her and she was a character.. grin.. 

Aunt Blanche was her name..

Whenever I read this I can still picture her sitting on a chair in a busy room and hearing everything.. 
She had free advice for anyone who wanted it.. grin..
We miss her..  

Well, sweet ladies that is all for tonight.. 
Kind of boring, I am afraid.. 
I shall try better next time.. 

Thank you all for your visit.. 

On this new blogger set up I can reply to your comments.. 
So, if you have any questions then check back and I will answer.. 
Or try my best .. OK?

Welcome to the new followers of the blog, too.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless... 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Frugal Homemade Friday...

Happy Friday to you all.. 
A lovely homey evening here at our house.. 
The snow is falling outside but Terry and I are snug and warm inside..

He and Sammi are napping on the couch and I am chatting with you dear ladies.. 

We try and go out on Friday night for our little date night but in the Winter we usually just stay at home or have some company over..
If we don't then I just try and plan a nice supper and we just relax together.. 

For tonight, though, I thought I would share a couple of little home things I made.. 

A wool runner and window valance for the kitchen.... 
I have always loved hearts but with February almost here I decided to add them.. 
I had bought a few yards of some wool at Value Village (one of our Canadian Thrift Stores) for only a few dollars.. 

There was enough to make 2 of the runners (the other one is for a Keepers of the Home prize) and also 1 valance..

You can see them in the window over there..
It is a brown, black and barn red check .. 
The hearts are red ticking fabric.. 

Nothing fancy but frugal.. 
I love changing little things especially when it does not cost much.. 

I had mentioned in a posting a bit ago before Christmas about Terry painting a few things in the kitchen.. 
With black paint, of course.. smile..

This is what he painted.. 
The doors to the pantry..

I just love it.. 
I had painted the hutch, table and chairs awhile ago.. 

He also painted the little pass through doors to the Dining Room..

I think black paint is a very frugal way to update your furniture or whatever... 

Frugal and Easy... 
Especially, when he does it for you.. smile.. 

It is almost time to make supper here as I was taking these pics.. 

Someone is getting hungry..grin..

Not a great pic but you can spy on him, eh!!

This is what is was looking like outside then..

The days are getting longer.. thank you, Lord.. 

I always look forward to January because the days get longer and we always have a little break in the weather with the January thaw.. 
grin.. We have not needed it this Winter.. 
The weather is certainly not typical Canadian Winter weather.. 
I am not complaining, mind you.. 

I also made a little Friday night date treat.. 
Have you ever made these?

Yes...they are as good as they look.. grin..

We certainly won't eat them all.. We have a dear son who has no one to cook for him except his mama.. 

But a nice cup of tea and one of these will be lovely after I get done here.. grin..
Here is the recipe.. 

Friday Night Treats.. 
1 sleeve of saltine crackers.. 
Place these on a cookie tray.. 
Turn your oven on to 400 degrees F. 
In a little pot place 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of butter.. 
Whisk together and bring to a boil for 2 or 3 minutes.. 
Pour this mixture over the top of the crackers and spread.. 
Place in oven for 7 minutes.. 
Sprinkle a package of Milk chocolate chips over the top.. Let them sit for 5 minutes and then spread with a butter knife.. 
Place in your fridge until totally chilled.. 
Break into pieces and store in a sealed container.. 
These are a lovely gift, too..

Well my dear girls have a blessed evening and I will try to get back to you all soon.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and for leaving your dear comments..

Remembering the faithfulness of our Lord.. 
Love to you all..