Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ending up roses...

Hello everyone.. 
Just wanted to check in for a few minutes.. 
We have been expecting a storm here in New Brunswick but have not seen it as yet.. 
Hopefully, it has taken a different route and forgot all about us.. smile.. 
The last couple of days have been so warm.. 
We hardly need a jacket in the afternoons.. 
We made out little trip to town and found a few books at the library.. I am getting new glasses in a couple of weeks and all went well with the test.. Glad to have that done, though.. 
I love my contacts but need to wear glasses sometimes.. 
Found a few books at the library, too.. 
We were invited out for dinner and it was delicious.. 
So nice to meet with old friends every once in awhile.. 
I have been making some things for our Keepers meeting.. 
I will hopefully get it all together tomorrow.. 
We had fish chowder and basil toasts for supper tonight.. 
Not too exciting.. 
I found a new cookbook at the library and it is quite modern.. 
I mentioned to Terry that next week I want to try a new recipe every night for a week.. 
Oh dear Lord.... 
That was all he said.. 
hm mm..
 Wonder what that means.. 
He can't wait, I guess.. grin.. 

I have been trying out something with the stamps and pads but it is not working.. sigh.. 
I have had a few miscalculations lately.. 
You don't know till you try, though.. Right?  

Well, I must go ... 
I do have a little success story recipe for you, though.. 
Sometimes .. come night time my feet bother me so I thought I would make a little recipe to rub on them.. 
It is lovely.. 

Rose Foot Oil.. 
4 tsp. almond oil.. 
4 drops of rose essential oil
1 drop of lavender essential oil.. 
Just warm this oil up a few seconds in your microwave and add your essential oils.. 
Then smooth all over your nice clean feet.. 
Rub in well and then put on a nice cozy pair of socks and wear through the evening.. 
Even to bed if you can keep them on.. 
I can't wear socks to bed anymore.. 
It is an old girl thing, I guess. grin.. 

Have a great evening, my dears.. 
God bless and keep you.. 
Thanks for your sweet notes and to the new followers.. 
So glad to meet you all.. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Pastimes..

Hello there everyone.. 
Another beautiful day here with the hint of Spring in the air.. 
If you look at the picture above you can see it down there in the far field and just around the corner.. grin.. 
When we get to the end of March we may be at the turn.. 
Oh Canada... 
How we love your seasons.. smile.. 

I forgot to mention that my hubby bought me a new sewing machine... 

It is not an expensive one but just right for taking to Keepers meetings and such.. 
Today, I spent time getting it threaded and figuring it all out.. 
Not too complicated but took a bit of time.. 

So excited for our next meeting on Saturday morning.. 
I have been scanning the book shelves and Pinterest trying to find something that will interest everyone.. 

My birthday plant is still blooming.. So pretty.. 
I love plants this time of year and have quite a few herbs now on my window sill.. 
They are all doing well except for the basil.. 
I think I will cut it down and make a nice salad dressing with it and hope it comes back healthier.. 

I bought the oval pan at the Thrift shop that is hanging on the rack in the pantry.. 
It is heavy and I have been using it to put water in and then the custard cups.. 
I think it has an original use but do not know what it is.. 
Do any of you know?  

Well, dear hearts I must go.. 
We had a wonderful Bible Study tonight.. 
So blessed with hearing the Word... 

Tomorrow I am hoping to get to the library.. 
Do you ladies use one.. 
I think it is one of my fave places to spend time.. 

Also, I plan on visiting the health food store and get 
some more seeds for sprouting and a thrift shop.. 

I have to get my eyes tested.. Yuk... 
I get so nervous that I steam up the eye thing and the poor doctor spends more time clearing it then giving me my test.. sigh.. 
Why... why... Do I have to have this stupid phobia??.. 
I will surely guzzle at least 2 cups of tea trying to calm myself.. 
And the thing is that it doesn't even hurt.. 
Now, all know how weird I really am.. smile.. 
Hopefully, it won't change your good opinion of me.. grin.. 
Just pray for me...

You all have a great week and I will get back to you soon.. 
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely notes.. 
Love love them.. 


Oh, I almost forgot.. 
Here is the recipe for the icing I tried.. 

3 Tablespoons of butter
1 1/2 cups of icing sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla 
About 1 T. milk.. 
Heat butter in a small saucepan until delicately brown over medium heat.  Mix into sugar.. Add vanilla.. 
Stir in milk until creamy.. 

This says it is enough for an 8 inch cake but next time I will double it.. I think.. 
Very good... 

Take care..
Yes.. I am done... 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Treasure of Friendships..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Thanks for dropping by the Blessed Hearth .. 
I hope you had a good weekend.. 

We had a lovely sunny one here in New Brunswick.. 
It was so nice to finally have a storm free Sunday.
The last two were pretty stormy but we did get to 
enjoy wonderful services at church today.. 
So blessed to spend the time worshiping our Lord with family and friends.. 

In my last post I mentioned that I had received a wonderful parcel from dear friends who blog HERE...
Some of you were wondering what was in the box so I thought I would post a few pics of the precious treasures they sent me.. 
Antique laces and linens.. 
Tulip place mats and napkins..
Beautiful quilted place mats,,,
And table cloths.. 
They are such beautiful things and I will really enjoy using them.. 
There was also a large letter "H"... 
And I have the perfect place for it.. 
I will show you as soon as dear hubby gets it put up.. 
Henry starts with H.. smile..

I loved the crocheted dish cloths and the other goodies.. 
I just want to thank you dear family for being so generous.. 
You really do live the Word.. 
It is more blessed to give then to receive.. 
Acts : 30 - 39

I feel so blessed to have met the Mayo family and all of you dear friends out there who stop by here.. 

On Saturday there was a phone call from Paula who blogs HERE..
She and her husband have a wonderful farm full of sheep, chickens and such in Tennessee.. 
Paula is around our daughter's age but no matter.. 
We are kindred... eh, Paula?  smile.. 
I do have to mention her wonderful Southern accent.. smile..

I took this pic the other day in a parking lot waiting for Terry..
It was a snowy kind of day... 
But Spring is in the air although it will still take awhile in this part of the world.. 
It is our way of life and we don't mind it too much although there are a lot of Canadians heading south with the March break coming up.. 

As for us... 
We are quite content here on the East coast of Canada.. 

Our youngest son had a little accident and hurt his arm a bit.. 
Praying that it heals quickly and well.. 

Looking forward to a busy week.. 
I am doing a heart fund campaign this week, Lord willing.. This will be my first time so I hopefully will get to meet some neighbors and do a little community good as well.. smile.. 

Then we have our Keepers of the Home meeting again on Saturday.. 
I am doing a bit of sewing for that and my bedroom is looking like it could do with a bit of TLC.. grin.. 

What are your plans for the week?.. 

I must say that I am feeling very blessed tonight to know that God is control of this old world and because He lives I can face tomorrow.. 
Thankful for the treasure of friendships that He has blessed us with.. 

Take care, dear hearts.. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Such blessings..

Hello everyone.. 
Here we are half way through the week again.. 
We have been having quite the weather.. 
Snow and then freezing rain and so on.. 
I think I hear Spring calling my name.. smile.. 
How about you?  
Our kids and grandsons are so enjoying the ski slopes this Winter.. 
I think they are typical Canadians and love this season.. smile..

Just sharing a few pics of the last couple of days.. 

Received the most precious parcel in the mail from dear blogging friends .. the Mayo Family
We have become such great friends and share a love for the Lord..
I was so excited to open it and it was crammed full of treasures.. 
Thank you dear family.. 

Several years ago I bought a set of dishes which we used for our Valentine supper HERE..

They come in several colors and were a wee bit expensive.. 

 I found 3 salad plates and 4 bowls for 69 cents each at the Salvation Army Thrift store.. 
What a blessing.. 
Now if I could find 1 dinner plate.. smile.. 
I only bought 5 for some reason.. 

Today was a freezing rain day and I needed to make some bread.. 
This one is mostly wholewheat.. 
Nice when you toast it for breakfast with a bit of honey drizzled over... smile.. 
My hippie breakfast.. smile..

A new cake recipe that was a bit dry but the icing was lovely.. 
I think it would be delicious if you used oil instead of the shortening which it called for..  

I must go for this time dear ladies.. 
Have a wonderful evening and may God bless each of you.. 

Looking forward to a coffee date tomorrow with a friend.. 

Thanks for the sweet visit.. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Stormy Sunday...

Good Evening, my dears.. 
So glad to welcome you to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

First of all thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts on the last post.. So appreciate you all.. 

We had a very stormy day yesterday (Sunday) and all through the night.. 
I believe it is our worst storm thus far this Winter.. 
We were blessed to be able to get to church before the storm hit.. 

Storm days are nice and cozy so long as you are home and don't have to go out.. 
And if you aren't concerned about your children out on the highways.. 
I was glad when they were all home .. 
Our hydro stayed on, too, thank the Lord.. 
In the afternoon I made a apple dessert.. 
It was nice for Sunday supper... 
The recipe is HERE..
She used berries but I used apples.. 
Quite good, actually.. 

The wind howled all through the night and the doors this morning were blocked with snow.. 
Sammi was not too keen on going out at first.. smile..

Today I did some housework and worked on Keepers..
Getting ready for our next meeting which is the first Saturday in March..
We are going to learn how to make the no knead bread along with several other activities.. 
I like to squeeze in as much home things in as possible.. 

Thank you for your lovely visit and comments.. 

Have a wonderful week.. 
God bless..


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friends and a prayer request..

Good Evening one and all.. 
How are you doing? 

Just a short post tonight with some pics of old barns that I took yesterday when we went for a little drive.. 

We had some lovely company last night for supper and then today a friend dropped by to spend the afternoon with me.. 

She brought me some lovely books as presents and some to borrow.. smile.. 

We had a little snack with our couple of pots of tea.. smile.. 

Friends are lovely aren't they? 
So nice to just be yourself and relax and chat.. 

They say another storm is coming to Eastern Canada.. 
It is sure a common thing around here lately.. 
I don't think it is to be too bad or I pray not anyway.. 

The birds think so as they were so busy today.. 

Not a very interesting post, my dears..

I do have a special prayer request for you all .. 

A dear lad was killed on our highway a night ago.. 
He was only 24 years old and a husband and dad to 2 wee boys.. 
I loved this guy... 
He had such a sweet spirit.. 

He would be at the Access Centre (computer learning centres) a lot when I used to go there and would always be so patient and kind when I would mess up..
He taught me a lot about the computer..  

Then if I needed help after we bought ours he would help and came and hooked up our wireless and my printer.. 

In fact, yesterday when I was having the blogger problem I thought to myself that I would have to get him to come and help me..

But he had already left this earth and I didn't know until later.. 

Please pray for his sweet family.. 
I love his mama...(she is Terry's cousin) 
My heart is heavy as I think of years ahead and her and her husband missing their child.. 
Along with his wife and wee boys and  
his 2 brothers and sister.. 
So sad.. 

Oh for the comfort and peace of God to rest upon them all.. 

Life is short, my friends.. 
We only have one chance at this life.. 

We really need to prepare for the next one.. 
It is forever.. 

May our Lord be with you all and bless and keep you..