Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pinterest Motivations...

Hello there.. 
Hope all is well with you... 
We are packing and trying to get moved to the cottage but I thought I would post a few Pinterest pics that interested me this week.. 
Looking for a few ideas for the old cottage and the next couple of Summer months... 

This will be the first Summer in 19 years that I have not worked away at either craft shows or the shop so I am looking for a bit of inspiration so that I do not waste my time... 
Perhaps I will read too much if I don't have a few creative chores to keep me busy... smile.. 

Hope they inspire you also.. 
If I could just get to a French  car boot sale.. 

I would love to change the kitchen to a bit brighter colour.. 
Why I made it so primitive is beyond me but I kind of went with the flow of my crafts and that is how it was... 
I don't expect to get it done really as we have other plans but a girl can dream.. 
One  of the first chores Terry will be undertaking is replacing our sink cupboard and putting in an antique sink and new cupboard..
I am excited about that as I have yearned for it for simply ages.. smile.. 
But the white walls probably will have to wait... 

Here is something I may accomplish as we already have an old table and I love the color of the blue.. eh?  

One of the things on my list of things to pack was the copper cleaner... 
Our copper is not this lovely but we do have a hanging pot holder that Terry made and the copper will need a good cleaning... 
Are you ladies collecting copper pieces.. 
I was telling my friend what a great investment it is when you find it at the thrift shops at a good price.. smile.. 

I love this blue cupboard, too.. 

We have one in the dining room and I think I will try to rope our sweet girl into painting it with some Annie Sloan paint.. 

As you can see these are pins from my Pinterest and this one I love.. 

An old chair is going on the truck and red geraniums for sure.. 
I think there are a few pieces of enamel at the cottage that I can use.. 
A nice afternoon project... 

And of course we are into the jelly season and I can't help myself .. 
I will need to make some ... several... many... 
Whatever.. grin.. 

Love the covers.. 

When we go to the cottage I always look forward to using the brown transfer dishes that I have been collecting for a few years now... 
Do you like transfer ware?
I love blue, red, green and brown is my fave.. 

This must be a pic from the UK... 
I noticed they have these curtains or drapes across their doors.. 

I love the look of the red... 
And that little heart wreath just catches your notice, eh? 

The lace in this window is sweet.. 

I found an old lace tablecloth today that I want to sew into kitchen valances this week.. 
My list is getting bigger by the minute.. 
I guess I will stop.. 

I must say I am looking forward to the Summer.. 
Being able to come back and forth to home will be such a change that I will enjoy.. 
Normally, we go down to the cottage and I stay there except for a couple of nights as I needed to keep the shop but now that I am retired  I can come and go as I please.. 

Hopefully, we will head to P. E. I .  for a few days also.. 
Don't ya just love Summer? 

Well God bless you all and thanks for visiting.. 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and He is greatly to be praised..
Such a good God and so thankful for his mercy and grace.. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Simple Everyday Things..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

It certainly has been busy around here and I know you are all the same.. 
Winter is such a slow time and we start off in the Spring and now everyone is going full tilt.. 

I must say that I love the busyness of it all.. 
Nice long evenings and sunny days and even the rainy nights we have been having this week... 

Life is such a fleeting thing and I think we need to find joy in the simple everyday things, eh?  

We have had a lot of joyful happenings in our family with graduation and parties and such., 
I thought I would post a few pics of our days here and there... 

This is our oldest son with his Dad...  
They are going bear hunting ... 

We didn't realize that Trevor was going to be there at the same time so I packed a book, my list notebooks and a coffee and thought I would wait for Terry in the truck.. 
He was only going to stay an hour or so and I like to wait for him sometimes... smile.. 
My friends think I am nuts and perhaps I am but that is what we do... 

Anyway.. it was worth the wait as I received this lovely little bouquet from him when he came out.. 
Ladies Slippers.. 
One of my all time favourite wild flowers...

The Moss Roses are out now.. 
Aren't they gorgeous?  

Terry has bushes planted down both sides of the lane here at home.. 
I am drying them for a few items I like to make.. 
Rose Powder and Bath Salts and such... 

I made up my Violet Salve, finally..

And decorated the jars... 
Find the recipe HERE..

I had an order for a few bottles and my sweet friends who own a Cafe called and wanted a few items for their shelves.. smile.. 

I had made some Apple Blossom Jellies.. 

Queen Anne's Lace Jelly ...

It is kind of neat to have this kind of jelly for them as their cafe is called.. 

Apple Blossom Cafe.. 

We hope to take a little drive down to Hillsborough tomorrow.. 
They live in a wonderful old farmhouse and the cafe is so lovely... 
I will try and get some pics for you.. 

We had Father's Day Dinner at the farm as we had visited with all of our kids on Saturday... 

Terry wanted steak and potatoes.. 
I think it is a guy thing, eh? grin.. 
The mushrooms were good but I am more of a vegetable lover.. 

There was a wonderful graduation party for Jared on Saturday.. 
His parents put on a delicious spread and almost all of our family were there..  
So much fun... 

A little shot that was taken of our three darlings.. smile.. 
All grown up but still my babies.. 

Shonda is in her glory with her two brothers... 
I caught her with her eyes closed..
Don't tell her.. grin.. 

We have been home this week as it is raining a lot and Terry wanted to finish a few things before we go to the cottage again.. 
Probably by the weekend.. 
He is working on the garden and I am catching up with laundry and such.. 
Plus, he keeps going and trying to get that bear... smile.. 
Our garden still is not all in as it has been so wet but I am sure it will get done... 

How are your gardens doing?  
I guess it all depends on where you live.. 
We are a bit behind a lot of you, I am thinking... 

Still wearing sweaters a lot as the heat has not been turned up in our weather yet... 
I am not complaining as I do not care for too much heat but once I get to the cottage then I can take a bit more.. 

Anyway, dear friends, thanks so much for your visit.. 
I am sorry that I have not got around to all of your blogs but that is just the way it is for now... 
We will have internet at the cottage and I hope to do better then.. 

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you and I love your sweet comments... 

God bless.. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Cottage Days and Graduations....

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here we are another weekend already.. 

We have been as busy as everyone else... smile..
Graduation celebrations , going to the cottage for a couple of days and then back home again.. 
It takes us a couple of weeks really to settle in there .. 
Trips back and forth but finally it will be done and Summer will really begin... smile.. 

I thought I would post a few pics for you of our few days at the cottage.. 
It was so nice to get there ..
We were quite late this year as we have been spending time at the farm but it feels good to be there again.. 

It was raining the day we arrived and Terry turned all the heat up to get the dampness out of the old house.. 
Then I put on the electric blanket to warm up the bed but we had brought fresh bedding from home so it was nice and snug.. 

It was a beautiful morning the next day and the Bay was lovely and blue... 
Our forget-me-nots were all in bloom along with the lilacs... 
The rhubarb is thriving.. 

Everything blooms about 2 weeks later by the Bay then here at home for some reason.. 
Our lilacs here are about gone but just blooming there.. smile. 

White and purple... 

We had salad for one meal ...

The salad dressing was made with some blackberry vinegar that I had made last Summer... 

Terry picked me a lovely large bouquet of lilacs and I set them around and about.. 
We love salad any time of year but it tastes better this time of year, eh? 

Just a few pics here for you from around the old place.. 

How do you like my old telephone?  
Actually, it is Terry's .. 
He collects them, sort of.. smile.. 

In the evening...

As you can see this is a very old place and as we only use it in the Summer it does not get all the attention that it should have, I guess... 
We love it just as it is,

Last night we attended our oldest grandson's graduation... 
This is a photo I took of our son and his lovely wife waiting for their son to get his diploma..  

It seems like yesterday when we were sitting and waiting for him to receive his....  

We pray that God will bless and protect this dear lad,, 

Here is another picture..
 Our second oldest grandson, Matt.. 
Taking his sweet girl to her graduation prom.. 
This is kind of dear because she is one of my oldest friend's grand-daughter...
They look so sweet... and young... smile..  

Thanking God for His goodness this lovely week.. 

Take care, dear hearts and thanks so much for your visit and comments.. 
I appreciate you all... 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Busy Days...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you are all having a good Monday... 
Such a busy time of year, eh? 

We are finally heading to the cottage for a few days to get it ready for us for the next few months.. 
We have had phone calls from St. Martins wondering where we 
Folks have even mentioned that they had stopped by but could tell we had not arrived yet..
(the grass is probably sky high and the place probably looks pretty sad)  ... 
This year as you know we have been able to visit the farm and stay several times and with the late Spring we are very slow in getting there.. 
But all in good time.. smile.. 

Today I packed and got ready to go and spent over an hour talking to the phone company trying to get our phone and internet hooked up.. 

Terry wanted to finish a garden job at the church and a few other things so I was left in charge of packing .. 
Fresh bedding, food, summer clothes and so many little things that one needs.. 
Extra phones, books, plants for inside and out plus other stuff.. 

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it when we are in transition but come the first hot day and as I feel the cool breezes off the Bay then I know that it is.. grin.. 

We had our last farm stay so this will be my last post on the old place I expect till Fall... 
Here are a few pics from our stay..
Photos from a little evening drive.. 

We had my Mom and Step-Father over for supper one night so I made a bit of bread.. 

Marinated Chicken Breasts, Potato Salad and Caesar Salad... 

I can only eat half a piece of chicken.. 
I am not a meat eater...

This is a photo taken from our kitchen window early one morning.. 

The fog lifted in an hour or so.. 

Such a peaceful place and I look forward to spending time there again when we come home in the Fall.. 

The lilacs smelled heavenly.. 

They are such a beautiful flower and look as lovely on this old farmhouse table as they do in an elegant parlour.. 

Well, dear hearts this is a very busy week for us..

We attended a wonderful Graduation Baccalaureate Service last night with our grandson.. 

We are going to the cottage but need to be back by Thursday evening for his graduation and the whole family gathers at Trevor's for a party on the weekend... 

I will get back to you all soon.. 
But in the meantime take care.. 

Thanks so much for your sweet visit and I love your comments.. 

I am including my Banana Bread recipe as requested last post.. 
I hope you enjoy.. 

Banana Bread... 
3 ripe bananas... The riper the better.. 
2 eggs
1 3/4 cups of flour.. I like whole wheat best.. 
1 1/2 cups of sugar.. I use half sugar and half Splenda
1/2 cup of vegetable oil 
1/4 cup of milk 
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tp. vanilla 
1/2 tsp. of cinnamon 
1/3 cup of chopped walnuts and / or raisins .. 
Mix wet ingredients and add whisked dry ingredients.. 
Mix. well.. 

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Pour into greased and parchment lined pans.. 
This will make 2  regular loaves or 3 smaller ones..  
Bake for at least an hour and probably another 20 minutes.. 

God bless my friends..