Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A New Bread Recipe for You...


Good evening! 
A little surprise for you as I am back again so soon!  
It is just a small post!  

I made a new bread recipe today and wanted to share with you all!  
I think it would make a delicious addition to your Christmas dinner or entertaining.. 
It is my new fave bread!  😊

A sweet girl on Instagram posted it in her stories and I also screenshot it..  (hoodoomountainmama)
 I thought you might like the recipe too!

Crusty herb bread

It is a lot like an artisan bread but more of a no knead one..
I used Italian herbs and my cast iron dutch oven .  
Instead of heating the pot I just put the bread on parchment paper and let it raise a bit and baked it in the oven for 35 minutes covered and then took the cover off for 10 minutes ...

I hope you are having a great week! 

Here is a pic of Shonda and Dave on their vacation in Florida that they sent to us.  
You who have been reading the blog for years always like to see what my family are up to.  
I don't know where she gets her love of travel but it is great that they both enjoy it  
They had a fun on their ride.. smile  

Here is another little thing you might enjoy ..
A bit late but it is easy to catch up .. our pastor mentioned their famiy are doing this in their devotions.. I thought what a wonderful idea.  So I Google searched this one .. 

This is all for tonight! 
God bless you this day! 
Hope to be back soon... 

Another little pic that captured my interest!  😊

I have one of these and brought it upstairs to clean up.. 
Love it! 



Monday, December 6, 2021

December is here!

Hello everyone! 
So happy you are dropping by! 
I know I have been absent for too long but time has just got away on me... 
But here I am! 

I am just posting a few pics and will chat about them here. 
December has arrived and I am slowly getting the Christmas act together.  You know what they say about the best laid plans! Mine certainly did not happen but we are pottering away at it! 

Last month we did just the usual.
Working around home here, church,  shopping a bit and our usual drives.  Made some jams, vinegar and such for pantry gifts..

I am working on the fox needle felting for a gift for my sister.  It is to be a bag.  I hope she will like it.  

Do you like my green cupboard that Shonda painted for me? Love green! 

Those little cheesecloth bags are homemade mothballs.. 
Made from herbs from my garden this past summer.  
They smell lovely! 

One of our drives was gathering boughs and such.  Passed by a lovely farm with those dear sheep..  

I have baked a few Christmas cookies but haven't really started my baking yet! 
Made bread with a new bread pan.   It makes a nice long loaf with perfect size slices for sandwiches or toast. 
Terry picked me some rosehips that I dried for lotions.  
Used a few for the little mason jar votive.. 

The first pic with the orange peel words is from the web.  I hope to make it.   

What are you girls busy at? 
I can't get over so many having their homes decorated, shopping all done and everything! 
I am trying not to panic!
It will get done or not! Smile.  
We just want to enjoy it all with our precious family and church.  
So blessed to be able to do that.. 

Thank you dear hearts for being so patient with me.  
I am finding it easier to do a wee post on Instagram a couple times a week but I do love my blog and will continue to post here when I can. You can find me there.  (blessedhearth)

Praying your homes are bright and comforting during these stressful days! 
Lean on the Lord and remember that He careth for you!
That is what Christmas is all about. 
The love of God for his creation!   

Take care my sweet friends and will hopefully chat again soon!
So  Looking forward to your sweet notes..