Thursday, July 7, 2016

Catching up....

Hello everyone.. 
Just sharing a little post with you of our second oldest grandson's graduation... 


We are very proud of all of our grandsons as you readers know and so thankful to the Lord for them and all of their accomplishments thus far in life.. 
God has blessed them all with good parents and loving homes and most of all with the knowledge of our Lord and so thankful for their walk with Him.. 

Matt did very well ... 
His marks were with high honours and he won several awards.. 
He attended the prom with a friend, Molly who had been in his class all along the way ... 
They both won the same award also.. 

There was also a party, of course !! 
So much fun seeing everyone wish him well and so blessed to have his great grandmother there.. 
She was having a great time.. 
My Mom... 

Now Shonda and her family are off to Europe celebrating 25 years of marriage and Matt's graduation.. 
This mama will be glad when they are back home... safe and sound.. 
I know they will have a great time and such a blessing to be able to do this.. 

Anyway, just catching you all up as I have been missing... grin.. 
God love you all.. 
 P.S.   I did another post before this one called

Farm Diary # 5..

Hello dear people !!
I have missed you all and hope you have missed me also.. smile.. 
Thank you for your kind emails wondering where on earth I have been.. 
Just in Prosser Brook at the old farm.. 

No internet, texting, television or much more up to date technology but lots of books, magazines, chickens, turkeys and gardening... 
And some precious company.. smile.. 

Grandsons helping Grandpa with some chores... grin.. 
Making turkey and chicken pens.. 
The poultry are doing well and will be great this fall for the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables and such... 

Taking a few country drives.. 

Went over the mountain to see the Bay of Fundy.. 
Missing the sound of the waves a bit but the wind at the farm is fantastic and I have not minded the bit of heat we have had at all.. 

Such beautiful scenery in Albert County.. 
On Canada Day we had lunch here at our fave cafe... 
The Apple Blossom Cafe ... 
The best sandwich I have had in a long time.. 
Garden Pesto I think it was called.. 

Then doing little chores like drying some herbs for salves.. 

A bit of the old farm house and about...

Well dear hearts this is all for today.. 
We came home to do some laundry and get some things as well as checking the garden we have here at home.. 

We are enjoying the farm but miss a few things that we have when we go to the cottage in St. Martins like the internet.. smile.. 
Otherwise all is well.. 
Been making bread, pots of jam, vinegars, meals for company, planting herbs and such.. 
Fun stuff but it is lots of work.. 
More then I thought.. smile.. 

Also we have been busy with graduation and celebrations and summer stuff.. 
Just like everyone else, June is a busy month.. 

I am posting two posts... 

This one and one of our grandson's grad so make sure you don't miss it as I will probably be another week before I am back.. 

I do hope to hear from you and please forgive my not being able to check your blogs.. 
But I will love and appreciate each comment.. 
God bless till next time..