Sunday, March 17, 2019

A Sunday in March

Good Evening everyone.. 
And what a lovely one it is here in New Brunswick.. 
It is the kind of day that lets you know winter may still be here but Spring is just around the corner.. 
The sun shone all day but there was a bit of a bite in the air with the wind.. 
That is all right though as we know that the worst is over, eh! 

A few days ago we had some rain and the wind was blowing... 
If you have been following the blog for awhile you know that I am a stormy weather type of person.. 
Especially the wind! 
The rain was hitting the windows and I could hear the wind whirling around the fireplace chimney.. 
The furnace was on and it was all so cozy.. 

I turned on some lamps and lit my fave incense stick.. 
And put in an old CD that is so lovely.. 
I love Gospel music but I like other kinds, too.. 
Several years ago when I had my wee shop in St. Martins I used to be on the lookout for shop music, perse...
Well, I was in a store in Bangor when I heard this beautiful old style music playing ...  
It reminded me of when I was a kid.. 
I ran up to the clerk and asked where the music was from.. 
She said it was a store CD and they sold it there.. 
Needless to say, I bought one and occasionally played it in the shop or here at home.. 
I still do.. 
The music was playing, the incense was burning and I needed to put a kettle of soup on to simmer.. 

I had some homemade chicken broth, a can of tomatoes, carrots, celery, peppers, onions and a couple of handfuls of wild rice and mixed grains .... 
All I needed was some herbs.. 
Last Fall when I was cleaning up the herb bed I gathered little bundles of mixed herbs and tied them with kitchen twine and put them in individual little freezer bags.. 
They are lovely for a pot of soup.. 
I must remember to do it again this Fall, Lord willing.. 
Parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary and perhaps summer savory.. 
Oh yes and some garlic.. 
Don't forget the garlic.. smile.. 

So with that all going on I pulled out my sewing machine..

Just pottering about, you know.. 
I had bought this pretty tea towel at the dollar store and decided to turn it into a dish rug or whatever you call them.. 
I love them beside the sink.. 
It is thick and gathers the moisture from wet dishes or washed veggies.. 
It can hold a hot pot that has been drained and so on.. 
I did get it finished but forgot to take a pic.. (as usual)  

Sometimes I wonder why you girls read this stuff but you do.. 
Onward I go.. grin.. 

I have been buying some plants here and there... 

I may of mentioned this last time but here are a few more.. 
Moses in the Bulrushes, Ivy and a Cast Iron plant.. 
Oh and Purple Passion.. 
I love this plant and have not had one since the 70s..   
Shonda thought that was funny for some reason..  grin.. 
For some reason I think plants and books enhance a home.. 
What do you think?   

Here is a book I picked up at the Thrift and am enjoying.. 

Love reading about this beautiful country and love the followers here on the blog from that place...

Here is a new recipe that I tried out on dear Terry... 

Baked stuffed potatoes.. 
Only the stuffing is potatoes mixed with cooked flaked white fish and a bit of cheese on top.. 
Of course, I loved it and he liked it... smile.. 
I will keep trying.. 
Perhaps with something from this book.. 
She is lovely.. 
From England.... 
Her recipes are lovely, too.. 

Another soup from this soup junkie...

Chicken Noodle.. 
He did like this one.. 

And another Australian book..  
I ordered this one from Thrift 
It is a very interesting book.. 
It is just coincidence that I have so many Australian ones though..
I love love books... Do you? 
I read all year through.. Not just the Winter.. 
How about you?  Are you readers?  

Well dear hearts I am almost finished.. 
Our youngest son just called and said it is ten degrees out in Alberta... 
I am missing him quite a bit these days... 
Bless his heart... 

We took a wee drive up to the farm this afternoon.. 
Still a bit of snow up there but the brooks are open... 
We will soon be able to go up and spend some time... 
Have to get ready for the summer.. 
I expect to be there this year although it was lovely being home last summer ... 
Time flies and it will soon be June.... 

This is a little needle felting project I am trying to do... 

I don't know if it actually looks like lavender or not.. grin.. 
I am going to try another one till I get it to suit me then I want to make some lavender sachets... 

So I guess I am finished for today.. 
So happy you stopped by.. 

Another beautiful Sabbath is almost over..
We were so blessed this morning in service.. 
God's Presence was so real.. 
So happy to have a daily relationship with Him.. 
He surely enhances our lives.. 
And gives us a hope of an eternal life with Him... 
An old song we sing sometimes says it all.. 

Just to walk with Him means everything to me.. 
Just to know He cares and His hand is leading me. 
Though the world pass me by
Go their way 
Let me be.. 
Just to walk with Him means everything to me.. 

Take care sweet friends and don't forget to leave me a note.. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Sunday posting...

Good evening my dears!  
Hope you are all having a great weekend.  
Sunday to Sunday has rolled by and here we are in March. 
I believe it us only 18 days until Spring!  
So thankful for the lovely Winter we have had.  A few drastic storms but not bad really.  
I know it is not over yet!
We are having a gorgeous sunny day here but snow is to come through the 
night and tomorrow.  

The days have been passing and then I started getting notes and noticed that I have been missing too long!  Grin..  
So dear I am!  
So on with my little ramble of what we have been doing.  

Still using my tablet as you can see...
Please excuse mistakes.  
And so... 
Made this delicious loaf of bread last week one day.  
I had not made it before.  Found the recipe in an old cookbook that I found at the Thrift store.  I have included the recipe.  
Another no knead bread although I did knead it a bit just in the bowl.  
Terry loved it! 
We are trying to make good use of our preserves and freezer food.  
I had a large bag of cherry tomatoes that I had stuck in the freezer up here .  Decided to just make a tomato sauce one day for lunch.  
Lots of basil, onions and garlic!  
Oh my but it was delicious!  
A bit if shaved parm and that was all that was required.  Smile.. 

On another morning I made a new batch of laundry soap.  Terry actually grated up the bar of Zote soap.  
The dear man!  
I did a big batch so it would just be done!  
Have been making this for years.  
I use other laundry soap as well .  
Love Gain for my bedding and night clothes.  
Then I use Tide for Terry's work clothes and dog bedding. 
Lots of times I will just add this to a cheaper brand that we pick up on sale.  I am not a laundry soap purist as you can see but every little bit helps towards being frugal and such.  

I have a wee idea here for you.  
I saved a couple of large coffee cans for my laundry soap.  Then found a wallpaper border and fitted a piece to fit it and voila an attractive jar to hold the soap on the laundry room shelf!
If you live near me then Moffatts in Sussex have lovely extra large clothespins for just over a couple of bucks!  
We will only turn around twice and the clothesline will be full again.  
My favourite part of Spring housework..  
Then of course we had our town day! 
 Wow, it was windy!  
We always stop by our fave coffee takeout.  Tim Hortons!
The wind was fierce  and coming home there were vehicles off the road again.  
Even a few whiteouts!  I was so happy to get home where it was nice and snug!  

On Friday I cut up a batch of this marmalade.  
It is a different recipe then I blogged about before.  

A Newfie recipe!  

It makes a large batch! 
It tastes good and a nice change from the Clementine one I usually make. 

My plants are doing well.  
We took a quick trip to Fredericton last week too.  
Kind of a spur of the moment trip, if you know what I mean.  
Just mentioned it and decided to go.  
It was a lovely day.  
We stopped by a flower nursery and purchased a Jasmine plant that I have been longing for.  
They had a fern on sale and a Baby Tears.  
Then on a visit to my Mom's house she gave me several.  She is finding them a bit of work as she is having a hard time to get around now. 
Bless her heart! 
She made a batch of bread and a blueberry pie yesterday though.  Smile.  

Well, girls this is about it for today.  
I did make a few lavender items I will show you next time. 
Candles and sleeping pillows.  
Love the scent of lavender.  Do you?  

This was today's supper

Terry always enjoys a stir fry!  
Flavoured with five spice and fish sauce and a bit of soya.  
Over rice.  

What did you have?  

Thank you so much for your dear notes and your little reminders!  Grin.  
Appreciate you sweet ladies.  
Praying God's peace in your lives this week..  
He gives the only real peace!