Sunday, April 25, 2021

An April Catch-up Post...

Hello my dear friends.. 
It has been awhile but I am happy to finally get this post published.. 
I have had it here partly done for a couple of weeks.. 
No excuses!  smile. 
How are you all? 
We are doing fine here in the province of New Brunswick.. On the East coast of Canada.. 
So much to catch up on today so I will get right to it..
We had Easter.. 
It was lovely and we spent a day with Shonda and Dave..
She served a beautiful dinner.. 
Here are a few pics.. (better late then never, I hope)😏..  
She had a most beautiful table setting.. 
Note the centrepiece which she made out of a hollowed out cabbage!  Imagine! 💗. 
I have to mention her fish water pitcher which make a gurgling sound when poured!  💧.. 

She has perfected her sourdough making... 

The food was delicious! 
She made her Great Aunt Mary's White Cake recipe.. 
Aunt Mary would have been so proud.. smile.. 

And I had to include this dear pic.. 

Because of circumstances... Trevor working, some of the grandsons working or studying the only grandson there was Matt.. 
This is a pic of our upcoming doctor counting his egg hunt booty!!
Love this pic... I am his Grandma!! 😊.. 
This was the tail end of our drive back home that day..  
All was well and we had a beautiful family time.. 

Here at home I had made a few decors for Easter... 

Another needle felted cushion... 
For the living room.. 
I know I shared some of this stuff on Instagram.. Sorry if you are seeing it twice..

Then I made this bunting from an old hymn book that was pretty old.. 
I drew crosses and cut them out then painted a few vines around the cross and hung them on the hutch... 

Well. that is enough about Easter.. 

Here are a few things I have enjoyed crafting.. or whatever.. 

Soaps using flowers that I dried from my Mom's funeral and others that I had collected and dried last summer.. 
They are lovely.. 
Lavender and Patchouli

I housecleaned our living room.. 
Well.. Mostly..  
Terry is painting a bit in there this week, I hope.. 
Love having the sun shining!

We take a few drives out to check up on the farm..

The snow is gone!  Yeah!
The herbs are coming up... 
I even picked some fresh Thyme... 😀

Dear friends from Arkansas sent me a most lovely cookbook.. 

I really enjoy reading cook books as much as cooking from them, don't you? 
The photos in this one are beautiful! 
Thank you dear Becky and Mark and Becca!   
So happy to have met them in person!  
She had been following my blog and we connected.. 
Then they made a trip here to Canada to visit Prince Edward Island and we spent some wonderful time together.. 

Then one of my sweetest cousins made this and mailed it to me.. 

Isn't it darling?  
It is a stitched post card! 
And the envelope was hand painted... 
Thanks dear Val!! 

I hope I don't sound like I am bragging but just wanted to thank these sweet friends for thinking of me.. 
One sweetheart passed me a bag and told me to look at it when I got home.. 
A few of us had met for lunch and she passed it to me afterwards.. 
I was so touched when I opened it up.. 
A handmade quilt by her.. 

It was too beautiful to just throw over a chair so I put one of my Mother's crochet bedspreads on and redecorated the room.. 
Made a wreath to top the bed as to match the quilt.. 
Thank you so much my lovely friend... 

Then my darling daughter gave me two of her handmade crochet bags.. 

Market bags!! 💕
I just love using them. 😊

And finally... 
My dear husband came in the house with these beautiful roses and passed them to me... 
Just because..... 
Don't you think that fresh beautiful flowers can make your day?
Gotta love him!  😗

A bit of cooking as always...

Homemade No Knead Bread... 

And a Sunday Supper Cake.. 
My Great Aunt Emilie's !

please forgive the recipe.. 
the book is ancient!  smile.

Well dear hearts this is about it.. 
I seem to do much better on Instagram as it does not take long.. 
To be honest I am not on there consistently...

Thank you so much for being patient with me and sending me little notes and such.. 
I appreciate you all.. 
And welcome to you new followers here and on Face Book... 
God Bless you!

Take care and let's keep putting Jesus first in our lives.. 
He makes the difference..