Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A new camera...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

We have just had supper on the deck as it is such a lovely day.. 
We love to BBQ on nights like this.. 
I scurried around a picked a little posy of herbs to grace our plain little salad.. 
They make all the difference in the taste of iceberg lettuce if that is all that happens to be on hand.. smile.. 
So looking forward to new green bean... 

Yesterday, we went to the city to do some shopping and bought a new camera.. 
It did not cost a lot but so far I love it.. 

Terry mentioned that I should wait and buy a really nice one but I did not agree.. 
I want something that I can operate and is not too complicated.. 
My picture taking is only for this little blog and ourselves so I think this one will do just fine.. 

After work we delivered a table that I sold today  to a sweet friend who lives up the way.. 
That first pic of the Bay is taken from her back yard.. 
Her family room has one wall that is all windows and looks out on this.. 
Lovely, eh? 
And she enjoys it all year round.. 
She is not one of us summer residents.. smile.. 

The old bear in the top pic has been sold to a girl from Ottawa who summers here, too.. 
She has named him ... Charles.... smile.. 

And then just some random pics of the shop.. 
The deodorants are ready for those who came in looking for them..

And the last pic of the Bay is from our back stoop tonight.. 

Well, dear ladies I guess I will go for now.. 
Purchased a couple of new mags yesterday and anxious to give them a look.. 

Terry just came in and threw me a present... 
A bag of Grand Manan dulse.. 
So delicious... 
I have been craving it for a week now.. 
The sweet man.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by during this busy time of year.. 
I so enjoy having you all and reading your sweet notes.. 

Take care and God bless.. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

Just checking in..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Just having a cup of tea and thought I would drop you all a little line.. 

Time is passing here by the Bay very quickly. 
Old |Home Week is over and it was lovely and busy.. 
A couple of rain days but the show went on.. grin.. 
Saw so many old friends and customers.
I told Terry that when I got home at night I was tired from talking so much.. 
Hard to believe, eh?  .... 

Anyway, there is not much new.. 

Today I opened the shop and made some homemade deodorants... 
grapefruit and lavender.. 
Also did up a few small cosmetic bags which are kind of cute.. 

The thing is that I broke my best camera.. 
Now I need to buy another but in order to do that I need to go shopping and that does not seem to happen much lately.. 
Soon, though.. 

We had a good day yesterday..
Church in the morning and evening and then I spent the afternoon with Shonda as Terry and the boys went up country for awhile. 

It was very exciting as they have sold their house and bought a new one...
They picked up the keys and we had a grand tour.. 
So lovely but so different from her other one.. 

She is so excited and I am sure Dave is too but not quite so vocal.. smile.. 
Today.. I answered the phone and she is screaming  saying rather loudly.. 
She is excited.. 

So happy for them.. 
God has been so good to them and we are all thankful for his blessings..
They both work so hard though and this is one of the rewards.. 

I will hopefully post some pics for you to see once she is organized.. 

Well, dearies.. 
I am headed to bed early again.. 
I don't know about this old age thing.. 
Go to bed early... 
Get up early.. 
Still tired.. 
Oh well... Still standing.. 

Thank you so much for your sweet visit.. 
So appreciate you all.. 
God bless.. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Summer Weekend..

Hello dear hearts.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
Another weekend has passed and we are beginning another week of Summer.. 
Love it so much.. 
We have been having glorious weather ..
Thank you, Lord.. 
A bit of rain and then a few sunny days.. 
Some are hot and others are lovely and breezy.. 
Today, I wore a sweater at the shop but by late afternoon it was a bit warm.. 
Just right, really.. 

We are having Old Home Week here in St. Martins and there are more people about.. 
So happy to once again see some sweet customers from past Summers.. 

On Saturday we had the Village Yard Sale.. 

My Mom and Step-Father had several tables set up across the street from my shop and had a great time.. 
 Mom enjoys seeing people from her childhood and lots of relatives and he just plain loves selling stuff.. 

They were tired but wanted to back home that night because of their cat.. grin.. 

We put some stuff in the room that Terry worked on at the shop.. 
It is not done but it will have to do until Fall.. 
There is an antique carriage, an old drop leaf table, some enamel ware and such..

We have been enjoying a bit of BBQ cookery  with a new potato recipe from HERE..
( I left out the butter) in the evenings and enjoying our Rhubarb Cocktail Drinks from HERE..
We both love our mason jars for drinks.. 
Bought the covers and straws when we were across.. 

Oh and we now have Herbal Tea for sale at the shop.. 
Perhaps someone will like to sip away on a nice cuppa while browsing about.. smile..

Last night when we came back from church we drove to the end of our street and looked at the gorgeous moon shining across the sea.. 
What beauty God has granted us.. 
So thankful.. 

Well it has been a busy day and I am ready for bed.. 
Thanks so much for visiting.. 
Just a few looks into our life here in Maritime Canada on these lovely Summer days.. 

I love your comments as you know and we will chat again soon, I hope.. 

Take care, my friends.. 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beach Thyme..

Good Evening everyone.. 
What a lovely day here in New Brunswick.. 
Nice and warm but with a fresh breeze off of the Bay made for a delightful day.. 

We had some precious company over the last two days.. 
Yesterday our youngest son and family came and stayed overnite..

Such welcome visitors to our little shop and then it was just so hot and no one was dropping by that I put the closed sign up and headed to the beach with the rest of them.. 

Everyone had a blast and enjoyed our cold water.. 
The Bay of Fundy is famous for it's low temps but they all adjusted very well and so enjoyed their yacht.. grin.. 

Gramps held a long rope with the dogs and it kept me laughing just watching him.. 

Then this morning our oldest son and family came down and stopped by the shop and signed the guest book.. 
After awhile I closed up again and came home and had a wonderful BBQ dinner that they brought.. 

They certainly started our week off great.. 
I find it hard to sit at the shop when my family are here so as it is just a summer job I try to enjoy a day here and there.. 

That is why my hours are .. 
Open by chance or appointment..

I hope everyone understands and will let me know if I can open for them.. I don't mind at all.. 
506 833 4801

Next week is Old Home Week and I hope to be open from 10-5 each day.. 
We have a bunch of old furniture that we are putting in the new room even though it is not crack filled.. 
Hopefully, I can cover some of it and we will finish the room when we can.. 

Just so much to do here and so little time to do it, eh?  

Tonight after they had all left we sat on the deck and ate pasta.. 
The wind was blowing and it was beautiful but I miss my kids.. 
They will be back soon, though, I hope.. 

Thanks for your sweet visit and hope to hear from you all.. 
Enjoy your Summer and God bless.. 

Thanks to you who liked the House of Henry on Face book.. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Country Views...

Good day everyone.. 
Another beautiful day here in Maritime Canada.. 

It was hot elsewhere but here by the bay there were lovely breezes that blew in lots of customers.. 
Thank you, dear Lord.. smile.. 

Just posting a few pics of a country drive that Terry and I took a few days ago.. 
Summer is so beautiful, eh? 
There were horses and even some elk that we spied along the way.. 

So many people dropped by the shop today.. 
Friends that we had not seen for ages.. 
One couple have moved back to New Brunswick from Wisconsin and it was so nice to see them and their sweet family.. 

Then a lovely coupe stopped by with our pastor and his sweet wife.. 
It was so nice to see them as we have been missing them .. 

Pretty soon we will be looking toward packing up and heading home.. 

The summer is passing very quickly.. 
But meanwhile I just putter along in my shop.. 

I put up a Facebook page today for the House of Henry.. 
I was scared half to death as I do not do Facebook except for the bare necessities.. 
The link is HERE if you would like to see.. 

Thanks for dropping by sweeties and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Simply Summer..

Good Evening to you all.. 
Another Summer's day is almost over..
I hope you are well and taking care of yourselves..

We are enjoying being here in our old cottage this season. 

Terry has been busy putting on a new roof as I wile away my time at the shop making a few prim things.. 
Waiting for customers to drop by.. 

So enjoyed some dear people from Quebec .. 
We got to chatting and I found out after I had sold them homemade preserves and gave them a bit of advice about homemade bread that he is a chef.. 
Not just a chef but worked for one of the finalists of the Top Chef Canada show.. 
Oh, mercy... 
I wanted to take the preserves back.. grin.. 
They were so nice.. 
That is what I enjoy most about a little tourist shop.. 
Meeting people.. smile.

After supper we take our little nightly drives or spend time with friends.. 

Today our sweet friends Pam and Mel came by.. 
We went to the caves for our supper and it was lovely. 
Friends are such blessings, eh? 

The cottage is pretty cozy as evening settles down around the Bay. 
There is always a good book to be had and perhaps a bit of olive GREEN OLIVE TAPENADE with crackers for a treat.. 
(I used basil instead of cilantro... )

Or maybe a wee walk to the beach.. 
Love hearing the waves when I go to sleep but right now the tide is way out until after midnight.. 
But in a bit it will be coming in at ten or so again.. smile

Our oldest son and grandsons are heading to New Hampshire for the Nascar race this weekend.. 

Such busy times.. 

Well, dear hearts I pray you have a wonderful weekend.. 
Thanks for dropping by and leaving your little notes.. 

Talk to you soon..