Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moments in our days..


Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 

This seems to be a very busy time of year, eh? 
I finished my taxes today.. 
Thank you, dear Lord..
I am always so relieved to accomplish this dreaded task.. smile.. 
Now, I feel like I can get on with some fun stuff.. 

We are having a Keepers of the Home meeting on Saturday so today I prepared a few things in between adding figures.. 

I thought I would just share some pics of our last few days.. 

One day we went to the cottage and did a few things.. 
Terry took some measurements for the shop.. 
Then we found another violet stash.. grin.. 
I believe I have enough now.. 

Then on another we had the company of two wee boys.. 
We took them to their fave food place..
They enjoyed teaching Grandma some French words and teasing Grandpa.. 
They were telling him he was slow like chicken little.. grin.. 
Their sweet mama was out celebrating a big birthday.. 
Happy Birthday, dear Veronique.. 

We also went for a day trip to the Fundy National Park which is on the Bay of Fundy, also.. 
We always start our little trips with coffee and we share a cinnamon raisin bagel.. 
There are some lovely old homes, farms and such.. 
On our way back home there was a young moose on the side of the road.. 
I am terrified of moose.. 
My sweet hubby knows this and when I grabbed my camera he did not say anything.. 
He knew that I thought it was a deer.. 
After I took the above pic he tells me that it is a moose.. 
Needless to say there were no more photos.. grin.. 
He knew it was a moose because of the big ears.. 
When it started running across the road I realized the difference, too.. smile.. 

A little time spent at the farm with a nice meal of 
Broccoli and Beef ... 
Recipe HERE... 
It is a weight watchers one and very good..

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely notes.. 
I am so pleased there has not been any more spam although I wish I didn't have to control the comment section.. 

Please take care.. 
Oh.. if anyone would like to attend our meeting please email me at  
We would love to have you.. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Rainy Sunday and Spam..

Hello there dear hearts.. 
Hope you had a great weekend.. 

We had such a blessed day.. 
The presence of the Lord was so awesome in our services with such wonderful worship.. 
Very thankful for the blessings of God.. 

After church  we decided to go to the farm for Sunday Dinner.. smile.. 
This past week has been pretty rainy.. 
The brooks and rivers are overflowing their banks and the grass is so beautiful and green and the drive was so pretty.. 

I love to be at the farm on a rainy windy day.. 
It just whistles around the eves and the wood fire is so cozy.. 

I decided to dress the table with a tablecloth since it was Sunday..
  I found it at the thrift store along with the old plates and the little enamel pot that is just right for butter.. 

Lately, I am quite happy to find just two plates that are vintage or pretty.. 
Most of the time now we only need two now.. 

The meal was an old fashioned kind of dinner.. 

Steak with peppers, mushrooms and onions.. 
Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Carrots.. 
Tossed Salad..
Nothing fancy ... 

We didn't have dessert or bread

See the little johnny jump ups.. 
Aunt Eva must have planted them many years ago.. 
They just keep spreading..
So sweet.. 

We had a very restful afternoon and then to church again this evening for another lovely service.. 
And then back home sweet home.. smile.. 

Keepers of the Home is once again on this coming Saturday morning.. 
We would love to have you if you live in the area..

Thanks for visiting my friends.. 

I need to tell you that I had to change my comments set up.. 
For some reason someone decided that they would use my anonymous comment section to send spam to the email of  my lovely readers.. 

I am so so sorry about this.. 

Thank you so much to the dear girl who let me know that this was going on.. 
It was not just spam but filth ... 
Beyond my comprehension, really.. 

This old world needs God.. 
When someone would take the time to do such idiocy it almost makes me sick.. 

If you used to use the anonymous way of leaving a comment then I will surely miss you all.. 

I hope you will take the time to sign up with a Google account and then you can comment any time.. 
It is really easy but if not then please email me and let me know you are still there.. ok?

Once again, I am sorry for this..   

Love to you all..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Joyful Spring Days...

Good Evening everyone.. 

Don't you just love Spring days?  

It doesn't matter to me whether they are rainy or sunny really.. 
I just love them anyway.. 

Everything is turning green and coming into blossom.. 
Outside on the deck the apple blossoms will soon be fragrant and their snow like petals will be everywhere.. 
The clothes line is always in use and Terry is busy with his little tractor again.. 
Cleaning up the orchard and getting the garden ready.. 
As you can tell he enjoys this kind of work.. grin.. 
Nice to have a happy man, eh!

We are working away on our taxes but we keep taking breaks to do something else.. smile.. 
There is just so much to do on a Spring day.. 

I am in the process of making dandelion jelly again for the shop.. 
It sells really well and is so good for you, of course.. 
It took several hours just to get the petals chopped of and now they are soaking to make a tea for tomorrow to turn into a batch of jelly.. 
Well, four batches to be accurate.. smile.. 
You can find the recipe HERE..

The violet oil is already, too.. 
I need to grate up some beeswax and get that little job finished as well.. 

While I was at it I decided to once again use my flower press.. 
I have been doing this since my older kids were young.. 
It must be 30 years since my first little violet picture.. smile.. 

Then of course, there are my herbs.. 
One of my great loves.. 
Today my special treat was a glass of tomato juice with a lovage straw in it.. 
It tastes delicious.. 

I have a whole crate of herbs to plant at my shop.. 
They were on special so we decided to get them and will take the load down next time and get them into the ground.. 

I noticed that my lovage came up again down there but it is not very big yet.. 
The plant here grows at least 5 or 6 feet tall.. 
I hope I get time to make some more pickles.. 
They were so different.. 

We had a tasty chowder made with the lobster which was left over from our little feast the other day.. smile.. 
Flavored with some dill..

Making some homemade bread and giving away a loaf.. smile.

All in all a busy day but a joyful one.. 
Thank you, sweet Lord.. 

I just wanted to tell you all how much I have been appreciating all of your sweet comments, lately.. 

I am glad you enjoyed my little story about the sweet couple in the last post.. smile.. 
Notice one of the comments where a lady actually knew these folks.. 
I think I know who left the comment but am not sure.. 
If you ever leave me a note this way please let me know some how who you are.. 
An email or something.. ok? 

You are an awesome bunch of sweet ladies and I thank you for taking the time to drop by and then leaving me a comment.. 
I am trying to respond to each right on the blog.. 
It really does make blogging much more interesting.. 

Take care, now.. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A likely story...

Good Evening my dears.. 
Thanks for dropping by.. 

Just a short posting tonight as I share a bit of whimsy with you all.. 

Terry and I went to Moncton and I noticed this sweet couple standing and waiting for their bus..  

As we drove past I mentioned to him how sweet that couple was.. 
Of course, typical man, he did not even notice them.. 

He was interested in getting some gas and drove into the garage right next door..

As I sat in the truck I looked over to where they were.. 

Isn't that just so sweet? 
She is leaning against the pole with her lovely red hat and purse reading something out of a book she must have just bought.. 

I am surmising that they were doing a bit of shopping.. 
Notice their packages..
Some reading material for each of them, I think.. 
Perhaps a grapefruit and a few herbs to finish a dish she has planned for dinner..
Just my imagination doing it's thing here.. smile.. 

I wanted to ask them if I could take their picture but Terry was filling not only the truck but containers for the lawn mowers and such..
 I was certain they would be gone before he was finished.. 
But no... 
They were still there and Terry was so sweet as to oblige me and drive over to them.. 

I rolled down my window and showed them my camera and asked if I could take their photo... smile. 
They smiled and rearranged themselves a bit.. 
He said I could use it to scare mice.. grin.. 
So sweet..

I expect they have been together since they were young and live in some lovely old fashioned apartment down by Victoria Park.. 
I think it has a large balcony and is filled with wonderful plants in the summer.. 
Climbing roses, geraniums, and lots of vines  and  such.. 
Perhaps there are a couple of chaise lounges with vintage cushions  and a small table for their tea tray..

I think he was an officer during the war and met her while he was in Paris.. 
And perhaps she was one of the war brides that arrived back in Canada before her husband.. 
Probably after the war they visited her family every once in awhile and brought a bit of the culture back here to New Brunswick.. 

  They certainly are a dapper couple, eh?  
Every Wednesday morning they go downtown and do a bit of shopping and having lunch at the cafe and then they catch the bus and go home...

They are expecting the weekly phone call from their family who live in Montreal.. 
And dinner is slow roasting in the oven.. 

Tomorrow she will make the recipe for Grapefruit Gazpacho that she found in one of her cookbooks.. 
It is a cold vegetarian soup with citrus, tomitilloes, purple onions and cilantro.. 
The recipe is  HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of imagination on my part..

Have an awesome week.. 

We are working on our taxes.. 
Will chat again soon.. 

God bless..

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nothing as sweet as...

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

We have had a wonderful long weekend and today was a lovely busy day.. 
I thought you might like to share it with us.. 

On Mother's Day our youngest son was not able to get out to see us although he called several times.. smile.. 
His plan was to get together with us today as he worked all week..

Anyway, what a wonderful day we had..

They were up early and called to make sure we were going to be home and said they were going to Alma.. 
(For you who are not from here then it is our National Park which is located on our Bay of Fundy and is a fishing town).. 
Just down the coast a bit from St. Martins where our summer cottage is.. 

They called around noon and asked me not to make any supper that they were bringing it.. 
I mentioned it to Terry and said perhaps they would be bringing some kind of 

Well, in they came with a lovely present and card for me along with a bag of the wonderful sticky buns that I mentioned a post or two ago.. 
Oh my.. 

Then in comes Dustin with a huge box of lobster for supper.. 
My word... 
They wanted to thank Terry for helping them out a few weeks ago..

We had so much fun.. grin.. 
 Veronique is a French Acadian who grew up on the ocean shore and does she know how to eat lobster!!.. 
She does not waste a speck of it and we finally learned the perfect way to eat one..
Terry was much impressed.. grin..  

Thank you so much kids.. 
We loved it all.. 
The wee boys are so much fun, too.. 

They brought me a bag of dulse, too.. 
I guess it is really seaweed but it is delicious.. 

Someone got a new scooter for his birthday and they had fun with the jumps that Dad and Grandpa made for them.. 
The rain didn't slow them down a bit.. smile..
Even the dogs had a great time.. 
Now if they could only teach me to speak French.. smile..

There really isn't anything as sweet in this world as our families, eh? 
We are so blessed.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

I am so glad you all dropped by.. 
Your comments on one of my previous posts is so appreciated.. 
I am trying to reply to each one as often as I can. 
You guys are great.. 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

A rainy day trip...

Hi all.. 
Want to come along for a drive in the country on a very rainy day?

By the time we returned home the evening sun appeared.. 
Beautiful Spring how I love thee.. 

Have a blessed Sabbath tomorrow.. 
God's promises never fail.. 

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and advice last post.. 

Love you all..