Monday, April 29, 2013

A Spring Weekend in Eastern Canada...

Good Evening everyone.. 
So glad to have you stop by and visit for a bit.. 
Did you have a good weekend?  

Just thought I would post a few pics of our doings here on a Spring  weekend in New Brunswick.. 
We had glorious weather .. 
Cool but sunny with a bit of brisk winds.. 

Terry and I woke up on Saturday with a desire to have ourselves another farm day.. 
We had had a busy week and it just seemed like it was calling our names.. 
We find it a very relaxing thing to do.. 
Our old place is located between two hills and the wind breezes through there.. Usually, there are a herd of cows out beyond the barn.. (They belong to someone 
And there is never very much traffic and so quiet.. 
Relaxing if you know what I mean.. 
You would think to hear me talk that we live such busy stressful lives instead of two old mostly retired ones.. grin.. 

Anyway, we headed out that way and stopped for our traditional coffees to drink along the way.. It only takes us a half hour but we enjoy our Tim Horton's .. (Canadian coffee) 

Well.. when we arrived in a wee town that we need to go through to get there we realized that it was the annual  River Run...

There were trucks galore with ATVs on trailers everywhere you looked.  There were folks on bikes and walking..
Cars parked along the road for miles..  

We need to go over the river to get to the farm so it was kind of fun to see what was going on.. 
To be honest we generally try to stay away from the event as it is quite a party.. smile.. 
The public were warned that the police would be out in healthy numbers and they were..  

Well, we ended up at the farm in one piece..
We met quite a bit more traffic then usual.. Two cars every mile or so .. I told Terry that Prosser Brook had bumper to bumper traffic..  
I thought I was hilarious but you know he takes that place seriously and did not get my joke.. LOL.. 
Gotta love him.. 

When we got the place warmed up a bit I decided to make bread and put on a ham to cook. 
Terry worked away at cleaning up the yard. 

I wanted to do some switching furniture around and we did that for a few minutes.. 

We had bought the old hutch you see in the pic at the auction..
Twenty dollars, I think..  
It looks a bit better then the enamel top table that was there.  
It just needs to be painted especially the mended drawer.. 
Things need to be arranged better after it gets it's paint job..

We had lunch/supper and then decided to take a drive up to the windmills.. 
There was still snow up there and the maple syrup pipes were everywhere.. 
They must have got a pile of syrup this year.. 

The windmills are awesome and there are so many of them.. 
They are located up in the Kent Hills ... 

Well, when we came back down there were a bunch of young fellows mud-bogging up the snow mobile trail..

Oh my word....
What they do to those vehicles is unbelievable!!!
Covered in mud and gears grinding.. !!
And grinning their heads off.. 
I don't get it..  

On our way home we saw one lonely boater under the bridge but most of the activity was over although there were still lots of traffic.. 

We were almost out to the highway when we pulled up beside this poor lad.. 
We heard them say that had hoped that when they got on the road that the air would cool down the motor but instead it blew up
Believe me...
He was not a happy looking camper.. 
I guess it was fun for a bit.. 

To be honest..  
I guess I am an old woman but I tried to get Terry to explain to me what the sense in this is.. 
You take a decent truck or whatever and put it through all the mud you can and perhaps ruin it.. 
For what??? 
He said most of these guys probably work in garages and fix them each week and then head out again on the weekends... 
I guess if that is a priority for them then it must be worth all of the hard work to pay for it.. 


Then on Sunday we attended church in the morning and evening.. 
Wonderful lovely presence of the Lord.. 

Our grandsons were there and we were talking about the farm.. 
I told them I wanted a donkey and some sheep.. 
Today when we got home I had a tweet from one of them telling me I could buy a donkey for $600.00 and they found me 2 sheep for free but I had to give the owners the wool for the first year.. 
Isn't that precious!! 

I am trying to talk Terry into it.. 
How do you think I will make out??? 

Have a good night dear hearts and thanks so much for all of your sweet comments.. 
I love them.. 

Until next time.. 

Wow.. this is a long post.. 
Hope I didn't bore you to death.. 
Don't read it.. just look at the pics.. grin.. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Home again.. Home again..

Happy Weekend everyone...
Hope all is well with you wherever you may be.. 

I have returned home from Shonda's where I had a lovely time.. 

I have posted a few pics from around her home.. 
My camera has broken a piece off of it and we spent time trying to fix it with crazy glue but did not have much success..
I had to bring it home and hope dear hubby can do it... smile.. 

Perhaps my friend, Karen, who blogs 
HERE AT MY COLONIAL HOME  will notice some of her own wonderful hand work.. smile.. 

There are a few pics for you anyway.. 

It is greening up outside a lot the last few days and Spring has arrived.. It rained the whole time I was there ...

I left here very early and picked up a couple of Tim Horton's coffees when I was almost there.. Shonda was already and we took off for Calais, Maine.. 

We had such fun shopping and enjoyed a lovely Bistro type restaurant that I did not even know was there.. 

I was so blessed to walk into Mardens and find a new shipment of homespun fabrics in..
 Oh joy...
 I use a lot of this in the things that I make for the shop.. 
I hope to make some homespun type buntings (my newest like in crafts), cushions, table runners, etc.. 

They also had the wonderful big containers for $8.00.. 
We each bought one.. 
Perhaps a terrarium....ummm,,, not sure yet.. 
I have been wanting to get a betta fish and put it in one of the bottles along with a bunch of herb cuttings.. 
We shall see.. smile..

Then we arrived home in time to make supper for the grandsons.. 
Shepherd's Pie.. 
So good.. 

Shonda just cooked up some hamburger and mashed potatoes.. Heated up some frozen veggies.. corn, peas and carrots.. 
Then layered it in a casserole dish.. 

First layer.. a can of tomato soup mixed with the heated veggies.. 
Second Layer is the hamburger cooked up with garlic and onions.. 
Third layer is mashed potatoes mixed with butter and cream.. 
Butter the top with a bit of parsley and heat up for half an hour till nice and hot.. 

It was great to go to Bible Study with her and the boys..
It was wonderful teaching and so nice to see everyone.. 
We mostly attend their church once we go to the cottage as it is so much closer.. 
We enjoy attending with her family for a few months as we go with our boys and their families when we are home.. 

Yesterday morning we just sat around and had coffee and chatted.. 
We discussed the new plans for the shop and she gave me some of her opinions.. It was great to talk to someone who has the same type of ideas as I do and knows where I am coming from.. 
Having a work spot at the front of the shop made sense to her so I am hoping it works out.. smile..  
She suggested that I start a Facebook page for the shop. 
What do you think?

Then, of course, it was good to get home again and see hubby.. I know he missed I must say that I still find it hard to accept that Sammi is not at the door waiting for me, too.. 
Sad, eh?

I just read this to Terry and he said to tell you all that he is living the dog's life now.. 
I would say he has it made then, eh?  grin.. 

Well, sweet friends, thank you so much for your visit and your lovely comments.. 
You ladies make my heart sing with your kind words.. 

Take care and we will chat again soon..   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There's nothing so sweet as...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Thanks so much for dropping by the Blessed Hearth.. 
Have I told you lately that I love having you?  grin.. 
I do ... 

For you tonight I have a couple of  wonderful recipes.. 
They are both from my favorite cookbook.. 
A Mennonite one by Edna Staebler who is a Canadian.. 

The first one is called.. 
It is easy, crisp, tender, tasty and needs no rolling.. 
I make it in my 4 cup measuring cup although the recipe says to make it in your 9 or 10 inch pie plate..

Here is the recipe.. 
1 1/2 cups of flour... white or whole wheat
1 1/2 tsp. sugar
3/4 tsp. salt 
1/2 cup corn oil
3 T. cold milk..

So either sift your flour, sugar and salt directly into your pie plate or in a bowl or measuring cup.. 
Combine the oil and milk in a bowl or another cup and beat with a fork until creamy..
Pour over your sifted flour mixture..
Mix with a fork until completely dampened..

Press the dough with your fingers to line the bottom and sides of your pie plate..
Flute the edges if desired and fill with whatever filling you have chosen..
If you need a cooked pie shell then prick with a fork and bake at 425 degrees F. for  15 minutes but watch it.. 

I picked another recipe from her book and used the pie crust.. 

A baked shell.. 
6 to 8 apples 
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water or less
2 T. butter
1 tsp. almond flavoring
1 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup shortening.. 

Core and slice the apples.. Add the sugar, water and butter.
Cook until tender.  Cool and add almond flavoring..

Mix the topping until crumbly..
Spoon the apple sauce into the pie shell and cover with crumbles.. 
Bake in 400 degrees F. oven for about 15 minutes until topping is golden.. 

She says to keep your eye on it.. 

It was very good.. 
Serve it with ice cream, whipped cream or cheese.. 
You know there is nothing so sweet as a fresh pie out of the oven..

I believe Spring has sprung here in the Maritimes of Canada.. 
The grass is turning green and there are snowdrops and such.. 
My irises are up and lots of chives... 

Today as I waited in the car for Terry I made some lists of things that need done at the shop.. 
We have two rooms that are not finished so we hope to get them done next month and Terry thinks that my plan for a work space in the front would be kosher.. 
We hope to get down there soon so we can look it all over and make some plans.
 Hopefully, next week.. 

For tomorrow I am going to go and stay a couple of days with my sweet daughter.. 

Our son-in-law is in L. A.  so I will be company for her and our grandsons.. 
We are planning a wee trip across the border.. 
Should be fun.. 

So, I will be missing for a few days but will check in with you all 
when I get back.. 

So glad, you dropped by.. 

When I get home I think I will try and do a little give away.. 

My goodness, I don't seem to get any new followers lately for some reason so perhaps it will jump start it again.. grin..

Looking forward to hearing from you.. 
Peace and Joy...

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tea Towels Re purposed...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope all is well with thee..

Here are a few ideas for using tea towels or dish towels.. I am not sure what you call them in your part of the world.. 

I have been wanting one of these pillows for ages.. 
I notice them a lot in the UK magazines and love them.. 
I was into Home Sense and noticed these tea towels.. 
And voila.. 
Just sewed two together and stuffed them with filler..

I almost bought one of these dish drying mats but when I looked at them I noticed they looked a lot like a couple of tea towels.. 

I put two together with a padding cloth of flannel in between.. 
I don't use a dish washer so this would be good for when I am doing a lot of glasses and such, too.. 

Another bag for bread made out of linen tea towels.. 

Remember we made them HERE..

Whenever I go to a Thrift store I look for pure linen towels or calendars.. 
They make great bread bags and you can make someone a gift of the no knead bread found HERE.. and use a bag to give it in.. 
Kind of a gift pantry item.. 

Then you can make place mats when you find a few tea towels you love..

Just sew a backing on... 

And a little crochet bag for my yarn and such..

This is a very old kitchen towel..

Another pillow made from a souvenir towel from Dorset.. 

Again it is just a matter of sewing the sides and leaving a space to stuff it.. Sew it closed.. 

A Baguette Bag with a loop for hanging.. 

Folding a towel in half length wise this time and putting in a drawstring.. 

This is a salad drying bag.. 

Sew the edges together  ... 
Wash salad greens and place them in the bag.. 
Roll up and keep in fridge until ready to dress.. 

These are very simple sewing projects.. 
Hope you get a wee bit of inspiration here.. 

Have you any ideas for using tea towels? 
Would love to hear about them.. 

Take care, dear hearts and have a blessed day tomorrow.. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Farm Day and such..

Good Evening everyone.. 
I expect you wonder where on earth I have been.. smile.. 

Well, I must be honest and tell you.. 
Running the roads ... 
Do you ever have weeks like that? 
My Mom used to say that if you run on Monday then you run all week and I am beginning to believe it.

I will begin by showing you some pics of the old farm.. 
We haven't been up together yet this Spring until this trip.. 
Terry has gone up and made a fire and sometimes I sat in the truck and read as it was quite damp in the house.. 
We couldn't get in the driveway even until a couple of weeks ago.. 

As you can see there is still snow up high on the Kent hills.. 

The house warmed up quickly, though. 
I cleaned and made lunch.. 

Kind of fun doing this.. 
Everyone has their priorities, eh? 

Terry and I were talking about that on the way up .. 
Some like to go on trips or buy new all terrain vehicles or whatever.. 

We like going to an old farm and working.. grin.. 

Lunch was Tuna Pasta Salad.. 
I just cook as much pasta as needed. 
Cool off with cold water and drain well.. 
Mix in a large bowl a can of drained tuna, chopped white onion, celery, cucumber, green pepper and mushrooms to suit your taste.. 
Then mix up a bit of mayo with some Caesar salad dressing and fresh lemon juice.. 
Add pasta.. 
Stir together with some sea salt, freshly ground pepper and chopped parsley.. 
Serve over fresh lettuce leaves.. 

I added just a few little pics around the old farm house.. 

We also spent a day with our lovely daughter.. 
David (our fave son-in-law) had a birthday and we all went to Church Street Steak House for dinner.. 

Our grandsons were there, too but they do not like their pics on here very often.. 
The food was wonderful.. 

Shonda and Dave gave me a couple of nice surprises.. 
A dear little copper bird with a fern in it and Dave gave me a lovely leather journal and pen.. 
(That's why he is our favorite.. grin)

To be honest he is our only son-in-law but like I tell him I am sure he would be our fave, anyway.. smile.. 

Isn't that the sweetest planter?  
It will match my hanging copper pots.. 

Well, sweet ladies I am zonked tonight so I will sign off.. 
Thank you so much for your patience with me..

I plan on working on the tea towel things tomorrow and finishing them up.. 
Hopefully, I can post about that tomorrow night.. 
We will see.. 

So glad you visited and hope you come again and bring your friends.. smile.. 

Praying for all of the sadness in this old world.. 

May God bless and keep you...

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