Monday, June 20, 2016

Farm Diary # 4..

Hello everyone.. 
A farm picture post for you tonight.. 
We have still not moved out for the summer.. 
Going on our trip to Nfld. and other things seem to be slowing us down but we are making a bit of progress.. 
We go each day that we can and then come home for the night and go again in a day or so.. 
We have a graduation of our sweet grandson, Matt this week and we need to go to the cottage and do some yard work but Terry thinks next week for almost sure.. smile.. 

Anyway, here are a few pics of the the last couple of times we were there.. 

A bit of gnocchi with herbs and garlic for a lunch ...  

Washing the dishes in the old farmstyle way.. 
By hand.. smile.. 

Sweet son helping his father decide where the pens for the geese and ducks are going.. 
Close to a little stream that flows from the spring.. 
I think they will like it there.. 

A little floor mat I found in a shop but so love the shades of blue and greens in it that I put it on the table for some inspiration.. 
I hope to paint the kitchen sometime this summer.. 

I told you we are making progress.. 
Our meat king chicks came in and are about a week old already... 
Do you want to hear about our little chicken miracle?  
Yesterday, after we came home from church Terry put the chicks in a big pen he built to put in the sunroom until next week when they will go to the barn.. 
It is a lot bigger and they seem to like it but when I went in to see them I noticed one seem to be out for the count.. 
Just laying there breathing fast.. 
Oh no... 
Well, the next time I went in it was literally ten toes up.. 
It's feet were stuck up and it was barely breathing.. 
I picked it up and put it in a basket on a table there and as none of us could kill it, I just left it there to die.. 
Dustin says I am not going to make much of a farmer if I feel so bad over one wee chick.. grin.. 
In the meantime he had come out with another one that had been pecked and was bleeding.. 
Oh brother ! 
I am beginning to think they are more bother then they are worth but we put it in a separate box so they wouldn't pick on it.. 
I went to bed last night and told Terry to do something with the chick that must be dead by then.. 
When I came out this morning, Terry said that chicken is in on the floor.. 
I thought he meant it was dead but no it was running around and happy as a lark.. 
How it didn't break it's leg getting off the table is beyond me.. 
The other one is the separate box was fine, too and peeping away.. 
They are both fit as a fiddle.. 
Isn't that weird?  
Just thankful anyway that we didn't lose them but we do need to reintroduce them to their pals... 
Sorry for the long chicken story.. 
I am sure there will be more so prepare yourselves.. grin.. 

Some salad fixings.. 

Lunchtime table setting.. 

Cucumber and Shallot Salad... 

More plain fare which Terry is happy to receive after all the restaurant meals on the trip.. 

Planting more herbs.. 

Making some violet oil.. 

Lots of Rhubarb jam in the making.. 

Taking most of my plants to the farm as they grow so well there.. 
This is my Pregnant Onion.. 
See the babies.. 
My favourite plant.. 

A sweet old plate I found at the thrift shop for the farm.. 

Pantry window sill.. 

And looking out the pantry window.. 
Lilacs and green grass... 

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
I am headed for bed as it is almost nine o'clock and I always read for an hour.. 

Hope to hear from all you sweet readers and may God bless each and everyone of you.. 
Till next time.. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Newfoundland trip post...

Hello dear hearts.. 
A post tonight about our trip to Newfoundland.. 
I posted a few pics last night and tonight I will try to give you most of it.. 
I may post other pics here and there in the next few posts but will try not to bore you with non stop pics.. 
We arrived at the ferry above in Sydney, Nova Scotia and was aboard by 11 pm.. 

It really was all very exciting to unload our over night bag from the bus and head for our berths.. 
They were small but simply lovely.. 
The beds were so comfy and there was even a television, shower stall and duvets... 
What more could you ask for.. 
The crossing was very smooth with just a couple of times realising we were on a boat.. smile.. 
Early morning around 7 am found us in the Newfoundland port.. 

Loaded back on the bus after some coffee aboard and we were off.. 

The views were gorgeous and being on the bus and not worrying about which route to take or where we were stopping over was so wonderful and relaxing.. 
Breakfast in a box and eating on board was fun.. 
Then there was the getting to know everyone and the views.. 
Then to have our grandson always near was a big bonus.. 

This was our first room for the night and very Newfie like.. smile.. 

Hooked rugs and Newfoundland paintings were lovely.. 

We met a girl who grew up with our children in the foyer.. 
We had not seen her for 20 years or so and she recognised Terry.. 
It was so fun catching up with her and hearing her new accent.. 
Newfoundlanders have a distinct way of talking and are so loving.. 
It was great to see her and catch up.. 

This is the beautiful bus that we travelled on.. 
So comfortable and all .. 

The first day is when we visited the icebergs..
I believe Jordan took this pic of Terry's hands holding the iceberg.. smile.. 
Notice the boat in the background and it gives you an idea of the size of it.. 

The wee village of Twillingate the next morning.. 

Then we were off to the city of St. Johns.. 
My new favourite city!!

We had a tour guide come aboard the bus and show
 us the town for 3 hours.. 

Here are some scenes.. 

Signal Hill and some views from the top..

Then on to....

The closest to Ireland that I will probably ever get.. grin.. 
Seeing as I won't fly... 
1500 miles away... 

Loved the wind and the waves.. 

Then we went to a Newfoundland Kitchen Party with this dear couple...

Our tour leader, Marsha who is the principal of the school and her sweet husband Colin who was the bus driver.. 
What an awesome couple .. 
Blessed by God and fulfilling their ministries.. 
She was totally organised and he was a great driver.. 
Neither one ever were rattled or stressed.. 
Loved that about them.. 
There were several great helpers on the bus, too.. 
Helping pass out meals and organising the kids and such..  

Supper and entertained Newfie style.. 
So much fun.. 
And some sweet companions.. smile.. 

Then the next day we headed for St. Pierre but there was a tropical storm and the ferry was cancelled.. 

Marsha did a great job of finding a lovely hotel that took all 60 of us and even some entertainment for the evening.. 
A cast or school children presented the production Annie Junior and it was wonderful.. So impressed with their young talent in St. Mary's hall.. 
 We sailed the next morning and it was great except a bit rough and some had a rough time, shall we say.. smile.... 

Here are some pics of St. Pierre.. 

We had another lovely tour guide for St. Pierre also and found it very interesting... 
At Hotel Robert we had this bowl of scrumptious soup..
Cream of veggie with a lot of celery, I think.. 
You know me ,.. the soup junkee..

Everyone, I think sampled something from the bakery.. smile.. 

We also ate at a gourmet French restaurant and the food was awesome.. 

I am sorry this is not a great pic but the light was not great for the camera but the food was great. 
There was also a salad and a french pastry... 
Apple with cream... mmmm.. 

Then it was back across to the mainland with a real French picnic lunch.. 

Banquette, pate, and cheese... 
I loved it but Terry was not so keen on the pate.. smile.. 
Another smooth sailing 
 and another night's rest before we headed for home.. 

We had time to stop by Gros Morne National Park.. 
And view the Tablelands...

Out of this world gorgeous and the weather was wonderfully warm.. 

The moose is a big deal in Newfoundland and you can see signs of them everywhere.. 
I am happy we did not see any.. 
We have them here and they are huge and can cause big accidents... 

Then it was homeward bound.. 

Another completely smooth sailing sleeping in our berths.. 
Awake and ready to leave at 7am and arrived home about 3 in the afternoon.. 

It was a lovely trip and I am so glad we were able to go and enjoyed everyone so much... 

You all know me.. 
There is no place like home and I am glad to be here... smile.. 

Hope you enjoy this little excerpt of our trip although there were so much more.. 
Lots of laughs and making new friends and seeing a new land... 
Having church on the bus and being able to share our Lord together.. 
The sweet joy of hearing our grandson praying at the front of the bus for protection and guidance for the day... 

And now on with the Summer..

Just wanted to end by thanking God for his sweet blessings in not only keeping us safe but in protecting our family while we were away... 

Take care, dear hearts and will be back soon..