Friday, August 29, 2014

Time to go....

Hello everyone.. 
Hope all is well in your part of the world.. 
For the first part of my post I would like to wish our sweet daughter, Shonda a very happy birthday.. 
Seems like only yesterday she was six months old and I was out sheltering her in my coat and walking in the rain.. smile.. 

Time has flown but how blessed we have been to call her our little girl...
We are thankful to God for her and her sweet family.. 

Tomorrow is Shonda's birthday but also the final day of the little House of Henry being opened.. 
I really am not sad to be closing but will miss meeting all of you sweet people... 

It has been fun but I am looking forward to enjoying my Summers down here by the Bay of Fundy without worrying about being at the shop.. 
All good things must come to an end.. smile.. 

We have been busy doing pickles, pickles, pickles.. 

Sweet Garlic Dills..
Tomato and Apple Chutney... 

Just to mention a few... 

Also, we change homes on Monday.. 

We leave our cottage and it's old kitchen and two floors and go back home.. 

To once again being all on one floor and some more modern appliances.. 
I must say I look forward to my dishwasher and more then one bathroom.. smile.. 
One thing I miss when we move home is the Bay... 

So love seeing this at the end of our street and opening the door and smelling the salt water.. 
I really enjoyed my stay here this Summer more then usual because I was not taken up with the shop.. 
Looking forward already to next Summer and freedom to putter away down here.. 

But home beckons us.. 
Usually, this time of year I can't get back home fast enough but it is a bit bittersweet this time.. 

I must go through my house and get it fresh and clean as it has been empty now for 3 months.. 

Doing all the Fall things that we do.. 
Like visiting this old place.. 

In the Fall we go here for a day or so a week and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather way back in the country.. 
I know this is confusing for the new followers of the blog.. smile.. 
The old farm is our getaway in the Fall and Spring and then we spend the Summer here at the cottage.. 

We are not a couple who likes to take trips but putter around here and there in our old places.. 
Nothing fancy but enjoyable for us.. 

Home is where your heart is and one place our hearts belong is at this little country church... 

Although, we enjoyed our Summer our hearts are glad to return to our own church and the precious families who attend there.. 
God has blessed us with being able to attend church with our daughter in the Summer and then our sons for the rest of the year.. 

Well, my dears that is all for now.. 
We move home on Monday and the Internet won't be plugged in again until Thursday so we may not connect again until then.. 

Thanks so much for visiting and I look forward to hopefully slowing down a bit and checking up on you all more faithfully.. 

Love your comments and may God bless you ... 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A little drive to Duck Pond Road...

Hello my dears.. 
Just a few pics of a beautiful part of our Bay of Fundy.. 
Kind of a hidden treasure that we dearly love to visit each Summer before we go home.. 

Heading to bed... 
Nightie night.. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

A little Summer ramble and roll...

Hello there.. 
Hope everyone is fine and doing well...

Summer is having her last fling here in the Maritimes of Canada and what a beautiful day we had today... 
Just perfect weather.. 
Not too hot or cool but Fall is certainly on it's way.. 

I love the Spring but find the Fall has a very creative influence on me.. I just want to be making and doing.. smile.. 

Here in St. Martins the village built benches for folks to sit on during the Summer and on each side is an edible garden.. 
They are lovely and across the street from our cottage is the one with Nasturtium flowers, herbs, tomatoes, blueberries, kale, beans and peas and such.. 
You are invited to pick a veggie, herb or whatever as long as you leave some for others.. 
I picked 10 blossoms and made a vinegar.. 
I make several different kinds each Fall to carry me through the Winter for salads and greens and such.. 
Nasturtium Vinegar tastes kind of peppery and is delicious.. 
Very easy to make as you just place them in a jar and cover with white vinegar for a couple of weeks.. 
Strain through a cheesecloth and use.. 
It turns a most beautiful orange shade in a couple of days.. 

I am getting ready to close my shop.. 
This weekend will probably wrap it up and I am happy about that..
We still had stuff in the barn from when I first started out and took a huge load over today.. 
Tomorrow I hope to go over and sort through all the boxes and place it about and price it.. 
Everything is almost all 50 percent off and has been moving along very well.. 

I have been pickling a bit and today I finished up my Pumpkin Flavors Potpourri... 

It is very pretty and smells nice and spicy.. 

I have also been trying to enjoy my last days by the Sea.. 
I miss the Bay of Fundy so much when we go home,, 
It is a part of me even though I do look forward to going home and getting things back to normal.. 

It has been a wonderful Summer with our grandsons visiting quite a bit and other lovely company.. 

Last night I woke up very dizzy and did not have a good rest at all.. 
This morning I just sat on the stoop in my flannel pj's and housecoat and slept in the breeze.. 
So lovely... 

On Sunday we had a nice day with our daughter as it was likely the last Sunday we will attend church with her and her family this Summer.. 
We spent the afternoon at her house and had a wonderful dinner.. 
Then sat outside and watched the sailboats on the river.. 

And then back to another wonderful service.. 

Our four older grandsons head to Montreal this weekend for a missions trip.. 
I pray God will bless and protect them.. 
School starts next week.. 

Oh my... where has the Summer gone?  smile.. 

Well, dear hearts this has been nothing but a ramble and roll and once again I am falling short.. 

Take care and if you are in the area on the weekend drop by the House of Henry... 

God bless.. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Making, Doing and Enjoying..

Hello everyone.. 
Just stopping by and chatting for a few minutes.. 
I was telling Terry that I am quite pathetic the last few weeks as far as posting on my blog.. 
He told me that perhaps I should do one tonight... smile.. 
It is not much but a little glimpse into my days.. 

We had some lovely company here at the cottage.. 
We enjoyed them so much.. 
Our youngest son and his family... 
We had BBQ and then went for ice cream and a drive over to the lighthouse.. 
Summer fun... 

Terry and I have been pickling up a storm as we usually do in August.. 
We made garlic dill, sweet dill, ginger slices, bread and butters, chow chow, a new carrot pickle, garlic scape vinegar and such.. 

The roses are drying so I can make some Gardener's Salve and there is also some Tansy steeping in oil, too.. 

We were crossing the bridge in the river pic above when we noticed a beaver swimming down river with a stick in his mouth.. When we backed up he dived and came up on the other side of the bridge.. 
Loved seeing nature at her best.. smile.. 

Well, I cannot believe how fast the Summer is passing.. 
Just a few more weeks and we will be returning home.. 
I have really enjoyed my Summer this year.. 
Closing the shop is a great thing and I am happy with our decision.. 
I just love puttering around here and not worrying about the shop.. 

The Bay is lovely as always and I will miss it when I go home..

Yesterday, we had a great day with going to church with our daughter's family.. 
Such a wonderful move of the Spirit of the Lord.. 

Tomorrow we are having some special company.. 
Our pastor and his family are coming for the day.. 
Looking forward to spending some time with them.. 

Well, dear hearts I must finish up for tonight.. 
We have a good day coming up and I have things I need to do before they arrive..  

Thanks so much for visiting as always.. 
Love your comments and emails.. 
They make my day.. 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Vintage Picnic..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Just wanted to share our day with you all.. 

I love picnics, don't you? 
Yesterday, Terry and I decided to have a day out.. 
We got in our truck and packed in the picnic basket and away we went.. 

We put our passports in our dash compartment just in case we ended up near the border.. smile.. 

The day before I had mixed up a loaf of Artisan Bread and baked it that morning so we chucked that in on top.. 

We drove through St. John and headed down Lepreau way.. 
I forgot that the Falls were even there but Terry remembered.. 

It was a perfect picnic spot.. 
There are many little lookout spots that are kind of suspended over the river and fixed up with a private picnic table.. 
What a gorgeous spot...
The sound of the falls are beautiful .. 
The temperature was lovely and we so enjoyed our meal.. 
Plain fare but delicious.. 
I took some old vintage dishes and cloth napkins and tablecloth.. 
Makes it just that bit more special.. 

While we were eating a couple asked if they could look at the Falls from there and see that view.. 
We said sure and the lady kept looking at the table.. 
She probably thought I must be a crazy lady with goblets and all.. grin.. 

Later on we did manage to go across the border and picked up a few things.. 
We didn't get home until ten o'clock ..

All in all it was a wonderful day for the pages of our memory.. 

Thankful for such sweet blessings that God bestows upon us.. 
It is so precious to do things like this with my best friend.. 

Thanks for your sweet visit and for being so tolerant of 
my Summer slackness... 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.. 

God bless.. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Stuff...

Hello everyone... 
First of all I want to thank you all for dropping by the Blessed Hearth.. 

And secondly, I would like to say that I am sorry for being among the missing... 
This Summer is going by so fast and I seem to be busy doing whatever... 
Just not blogging very much.. 

The shop is doing well with me being open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.. 
It is slowly emptying and looking a bit bare.. 
This is a good thing.. smile.. 
We will be closing for good on Labour Day weekend.. 

I have been making a few things, though.. 
Foot soaks, rose powder, room sprays, gift labels and such. 

Now we are into the pickling.. 

Last weekend we had a family reunion and it was so much fun
seeing all of my cousins... 
There are only 4 of my Mom's family of 14 still with us... 
Mom and Gerald stayed with us overnight and in the morning when I washed my hair Mom wanted to dry it for me... 
The dear thing... 
I know how it feels to just want to do something like that for your daughter even if they are grown up and in my case a bit old.. smile.. 
Your child is always your child, eh?
And I will remember the feel of her hands as she parted my hair to dry.. smile.. 

Let's see.. 
What else is new??  

It is so nice to have all the nice new veggies from the garden for meals .. 
I love everything about Summer almost.. 
Gardens, flowers, fresh veggies, rainy nights, sunny days, company galore, long drives with the windows down, fresh laundered sheets, the sound of the waves and the lace curtains blowing in the breeze... 

I don't like bugs.. 
Detest them but one can't have everything perfect.. smile.. 
If Noah had of swatted that one mosquito life would have been different... grin.. 

A couple of our grandsons are here and I just told them that about Noah.. I asked them if it sounded dumb and they laughed and said it was pretty smart... lol.. 
I told them I couldn't take the credit for it that I read it somewhere.. smile.. 

Well, my dears this is all for tonight.. 
I am properly exhausted.. 
We did 12 quarts of garlic dill and 17 pints of sweet dill this morning.. 
Then I went to the shop and waited on folks plus tried to make a few more things.. 

And then... smile..
 I came home and made Supper for our grandsons and ourselves.. 
What a rewarding thing that was to do.. 
We had a plain meal.. 
Mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, carrots, cucumber salad and what we call Hamburger Gravy.. 
I asked the boys if they liked it but they didn't know as they had not had it before.. 
 I also made them just plain hamburger patties just in case..
 But one put it all over his potatoes and carrots.. 
When he started eating it he says... 
Oh Lord.. that is good... 
And devoured 2 plates.. 
I like feeding my kids... grin.. 
Especially, with reactions like that.. 

Well, I really am going this time.. 
Take care and thanks so much for your sweet comments and so glad to meet you dear girls in the shop who follow the blog.. 
It is always a pleasure.. 

God bless ...