Sunday, February 16, 2020

Life Is What We Make It...❤❤

Good Afternoon dear hearts...
Can you believe it?  
Here I am again!  
I just wanted to finish up about our Valentine's Dinner which is also this month's 50th Wedding Celebration... 

I was thinking that perhaps this will seem a bit ?? whatever to anyone but ourselves .. 
But you girls who have been reading my blog for aeons would probably be interested .. 
So here we are once again... 

I thought I would start at the beginning of our little dinner bit because it did take a little time and effort.. 

I wanted to have the dinner in front of our fireplace in the Livingroom.. 
There is a nice rug there and the room is kind of a romantic place with the antiques and such.. 
And I love the colour that I am introducing there... touch by touch.. 
Shonda calls it Rose Gold I think... (not sure) lol.. 
But to me it is a peachy rose... 
I so love it!  

All week in my mind and in my notebook I am writing notes and thinking about that room.. 
I started making a pillow for the sofa.. 

I just drew a little design on a piece of felted wool and did some needle felting.. 
By the way to the dear girl who was asking about my patterns ... 
I just draw them on... 
Then we had our town day and Terry wanted me to pick out my flowers as he didn't know what the colour was... 
Can you imagine!  A man not knowing what peachy rose is!  😁
I found a rose plant that I have always loved since you can plant it outdoors and it lasts.... (not like fresh flowers ) 
And they were the perfect colour... 

Am I boring you all yet?  

We are doing fine.. 
I mention that the table I wanted to use was on the deck and perhaps it would be good to bring it in as it was raining and easy to get to.. 
Sure... he would do that..  sometime..... 🤔
Meanwhile the week is passing.. 
I am working on the pillows and other valentine things.. 
I love heart day as I call it as hearts are my fave craft.. 
You might notice that in my Pinterest account.. lol.. 

We had to go to Sussex as I was getting a thing taken off of my forehead.. 
Nothing serious but it ended up taking another day of the week.. 
And the table is still outside.. 
The chairs in the basement... 
And yup.. 
On Thursday we got snow...   
Quite a bit.. actually.. 
I made the cookies from the last post and such and enjoyed a lovely Ladies Bible Study in the afternoon.. 

Then on Friday.. 
Valentine's Day ... 
He ended up having to shovel his way to the table and then it had to go to the basement to dry off.. 😕
I wanted to treat him with homemade bread for our dinner so I made that on Friday morning along with Cherry Cheese Desert which is our families' favourite.. 

He had to go somewhere and by the time he got back neither of us was up to finishing it all... 
We decided to celebrate in another way and do the dinner on Saturday.. 
(We had homemade Mac and Cheese with bacon and he had some of the homemade bread.. )
We watched a movie and that was our Valentine's .... 
Really nice actually... 
You know the old saying.. 
Life is what you make it!  

That is my favourite quote, I think.. 
One of our previous pastor's told the story of an old sister in the church who was in her nineties and she said that every time he visited her.. I have loved it ever since!   
So we made that night a bit special too.. smile..

Then that evening he mentions that he would bring up the table in the morning by the family room fireplace and I could get it all together.. 
Be easier for me... 
But it was up to me.. 
He would have to clean out the living room fireplace as we hadn't used it for a bit and  so on.
But it was up to me..  

I would just change things.. 
The colour scheme  would have to be red... hmmm... 
I was going to use my china which is pinky... 

Well life is what you make it.. 
I wanted this to be nice so I would work towards that.. 
I kind of worked it out in my head that night after I went to bed.. 

(I am beginning to bore myself!) 
I will hurry along here.. 

The next day he brought up the table and chairs and I mentioned perhaps he should go to the farm for water.. 
We love our spring water there and he loves to go and make a fire and putter around.. 
I get twice as much done when he is gone.. 
Do you find it that way, too?  
Especially us retired couples! smile.. 

After he left for the farm I dug out some fabric and made a few things.. 

I love this fabric... 
I made a couple of napkins and tied a piece on my silver spoon holder .. 
Then covered the candles with it... 
I was so thrilled to find two Depression Glass goblets at a thrift store awhile ago and now I could use them.. 
The two old glasses are ancient!  
Blown glass and hand painted.. 
There are only two of them.. 
Terry found them at a yard sale many years ago.. 
One of my special treasures.. 
And the candle holders that go on the Charger plates are from my shop .... I kept a few for myself..  

And my great Aunt Emily's Sunday dishes...
Old silver salt and peppers from my Mother... 
A candle from my daughter... 
I do buy new stuff once in awhile.. grin.. 

It is all together now.. 
I made the heart bunting and pillow last year.. 
And the country wood heart which is a bit small but a heart non the less was in the hall...

I spent the rest of the day making the food.. 
It was not too difficult as I had planned it earlier in the week..

Terry came home and we changed our clothes and he lit the fire...  
I lit the candles.. 

Poured our drinks and mentioned we should take a couple of pics before we ate... 

That will only take a minute.... 
And it did for me to take his pic.. 
The first one is perfect... 
Him and Shonda are so photogenic.... 

Not me or my boys.. 
It takes work.. 
He must have taken a hundred pics..
I couldn't stop laughing...   
Forget it... 
I have a big bandage on my head anyway... lol.. 

Oh my!  

Oh well.. 
Life is what you make it!   
And a good pic of me is hard to make.. 
It will do.. 
I want them for our 50 year scrapbook thingie I am doing.. 

The fire is burned down.. 
He stirred it up and I got the food going... 
Tossed Salad... 
Homemade bread with Seed Topping.. 

Tuna steaks, Roasted herbal baby Potatoes and Green Beans.. 

Then dessert Cherry Cheese and tea.. 
Very good.. 
The recipe for the Tuna Steaks and Potatoes are HERE..

All in all ... 
Another memory in the pages of our hearts... 
So many Valentine Days we have had together!  
But really... 
They only get sweeter.. 
The young love is wonderful but there is something to be said when you know he still loves you and you still love him after all this time..  
It is different but steady... true... and on course.. 
The Lord is our North Star and we let Him guide us through this life... 
Life is what you make it... 
So sometimes it takes a bit of effort and compromise on our parts and leaning on the Lord Jesus ... 
It is worth it... 

Well thank you my dears for wandering here to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
I know this was long but just skip it or come back another time and I will be shorter.. smile.. 

So happy to share with you all.. 
May God bless and keep you this week... 

Oh and I love your notes and welcome to the new comers to the blog.. So glad to have you...  

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Heart Day Treats! ❤❤

Hello everyone!  
Big surprise with another post so soon!  😊

Just wanted to share a little Valentine's Day treat recipe with you!  
I made these cookies today for our Ladies Bible Study.  They were just so easy and tasted good too!  

Peanut Butter Heart Cookies.  
You can tell by the pics just what to do but here is the link for the recipe! 

The other pic is a wee heart lavender sachet for a dear girl and the wrapping for it!  
Needle felting is so much fun!  
I love making heart things and they are great all year! Eh!  

Anyway this is just a short post in case you might like to make the cookies for tomorrow!  

Will get back with you with our doings later!  
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet family!   
Look forward to hearing from you all!  

God bless!  

Friday, February 7, 2020

A Friday Evening in February...

Good Evening my dears... 

How are you all doing?  
I am happy to welcome you to the Blessed Hearth on this Friday evening in February.. 
Already here and partly gone!  
But I am finally back after a month of absence.. 
I am sorry about that... 

It is freezing rain this afternoon as I sit here in our Sun Room... 
The plants are keeping me company as the wind whirls the ice pellets against the windows!  The old apple trees are bracing against the wind while a few apples still cling to their stems... 
I wonder where the birds are!  smile.. 
We do not have a lot of snow here in southern New Brunswick but we are in the midst of a freezing rain storm.. 
It is to change to snow later tonight and the winds are to rise... 

Awww... us Canadians!  
How we love our weather chat!  grin... \

And how have you all been.. 
January has gone and left us with longer days!  
So love that! 

What have you been busy doing? 
We were very busy in January and that is one reason that I was so slow to get back to you but here I am.. 
Will share some of our doings as usual... 
One thing about a post once a month is that it is a long!|
Not too boring I hope! grin.. 

I have been enjoying my Winter magazine and trying out new recipes in it.. 

This was a delicious Orzo Salad and very simply made.. 

Making suppers and enjoying our long evenings.. 

One of our very fave suppers is the Cabbage Roll Casserole although I just make it on top of the stove in a large frying pan.. 

I also tried a new recipe for the Yeast Rolls in the first pic.. 
The link is Here...
I just followed the recipe and not the video.. 
These were the easiest and best recipe for a no knead yeast roll recipe that I have found.. 
And so quickly made!
It just makes eight and you put them in a muffin tin... 

The best thing that happened in January... 

Was that our dear son came home for ten days from out west.. 
He was home only one day and we were snow bound but it was fun!  

He and his Dad enjoyed their time together so much.. 
Doing snow removal and such.. 
We had family dinners and we all went to my Mom's ... 
She was so excited to see him!  
And his brother and sister of course... 
We had a lovely time but about Thursday I started dreading his leaving!  
So longed to see him!  It had been over a year but God was faithful and brought him home and back safe and sound... 
We miss him a lot but have placed it all in the Lord's hands as He does all things well.... 
On with the post.. 

Will just share a few winter doings ... 

Enjoying my herbal teas... 
Trying to get my immune system stronger.. 
I am so happy that I grew and dried lots of herbs for this.. 
Do you dry any herbs for tea or do you buy some.. 
We have a wonderful health food store in Sussex.. 

They have Nettles, Horsetails and such if you would like 
to do this.. 
Just add 1/4 of cup of dried herbs to a quart mason jar of boiling water.. 
Steep for 15 minutes then strain and sup away all day.. 
Very good for you.. smile.. 

We have been to the farm often to make sure all is well ..

If we can't drive in then Terry will haul a sled in to get jugs of water.. 
We are hooked on our Spring water.. grin.. 

Then as always (even in Winter) we take our long drives along the country roads.. 

Lots of horses in our part of the country and all so well cared for by the looks of things.. 

This one is one I put on Instagram.. 
I think I took it on Wednesday.. 

We have more snow now... 
Not a lot for us but more then that... 

Love these beautiful old churches that dot the countryside here.. 
Way back on rural roads you will find many old white churches.. 
Just lovely.. 
Now the small churches are all gathering together in one large one.. 
Getting there and back is much easier then it used to be when they were built... eh!  

We go to a small lovely church and we enjoy it... 
For so many years we attended a larger church and I didn't think I would be happy in a small one but it is wonderful!  
So love the family of God... 

I am back to growing my jars of sprouts.. 
my fave.. 

Love this bread plate that I picked up at a thrift store.. 

I seem to only eat one slice of bread now but it is still delicious.. 
Just bread, some mayo or aioli sauce and sprouts and s/p... 
Love it for breakfast with a boiled egg.. 

Am trying to get some of my silver collection cleaned up.. 

These are a lovely set of King spoons that I found at a thrift store.. 
My mother had a King George spoon that she used as a child at home ... When she married my Gram gave it to her.. 
I always loved it for some reason and so was just thrilled when I came across not only one but six of these.  
Three different kings with two each.. 

Been also working at essential oil things.. 

I read to put your empty bottles and caps in a jar and when you have enough then cover with Epsom Salts .... 
Then it sit for a time then strain out the jars and use in your bath... 
Thought I would give it a try.. 
Hoping to get some soap made this month... 

You must remember my cheapo Country Living UK calendar... 

I feel that to buy one and have it sent to Canada is too costly so I just take out some lovely pics from my magazine and stick to some heavy kraft paper I have... 
It is not the same but I am attached to them.. grin.. 

Here is a book I received for my birthday or Christmas... 

Can't quite remember but it is simply wonderful.. 
Chapters had it on sale for only 12 dollars!  

Have been slipping my plants and begging them from my friends.. lol... 
I love plants.. 
The little white dishes there are another thrift store find .. 
I wanted them for my homemade salad dressings.. 
Only fifty cents each.. 

Terry and I are enjoying our 50 year marriage celebration.. 
We are celebrating in different ways each month.. 
He gave me a bouquet of tulips in January and said he would be giving me a fresh bouqet each month this whole year!  
Lovely eh!

Planning our February celebration now.. 
Will share with you next time.. 

Well dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
It has grown dark as I sit here at this old computer... 
It took me ages to find the yeast roll recipe.. 
It was in my notebook out in the kitchen but when I move this old computer turns off!  LOL!  So .... 
I finally found it! 
Then I download pics from my phone to my tablet to here.. 
I know!  
But I love using this old thing...It knows me!  haha
Here we are at the end of the post and I know it has not been very exciting or informative.. 
I hope to do better next time.. 
My friend is teaching me rug hooking and I have picked up a new craft called slow stitching which I so love.. 
Google it!  
Here is a heart I made.. 
Another friend invited me to a craft group day and it was lovely.. 
I worked on this while the other ladies all did their own thing too.. 
It was fun!  
I have two more to finish before Valentine's Day.. 

Thank you all for stopping by... 
I loved having you and please be patient with me.. 
I hopefully will be back sooner.. 
I have been considering doing just wee posts on here like Instagram but not sure you all would prefer that or just these seldom long posts.. 
Perhaps you could let me know in the comment section here or on the Face Book page.. 

I close with this pic of yours truly and my darling babies.. 
They are just so precious to us!  
All grown up but they will always be my babies.. 
Time flies!  
I am so proud of them all and thankful for them.. 
But do you know that their walk with God is the most important of everything to us.. 

Hope to hear from you all.. 
Here is something little I saved and read every once in awhile.. 
Hope you enjoy it... 

I get the invitation every morning when I wake up to actually live a life of complete engagement, a life of whimsy, a life where love does. It doesn’t come in an envelope. It’s ushered in by a sunrise, the sound of a bird, or the smell of coffee drifting lazily from the kitchen. It’s the invitation to actually live life, to fully participate in this amazing life for one more day. turning down this invitation comes in lots of flavors. It looks like numbing yourself or distracting yourself or seeing something really beautiful as just normal. It can also look like refusing to forgive or not being grateful or getting wrapped around the axle with fear or envy. I think every day God sends us an invitation to live and sometimes we forget to show up or get head-faked into thinking we haven’t really been invited. but you see, we have been invited – every day, all over again.
—  Love Does // Bob Goff

                  GOD BLESS!