Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Good Morning everyone.. 

Today I am very happy  to be a guest over aT

Jaime has a wonderful blog where she posts about Biblical homemaking and whole foods.. 

Today's post is titled BACK TO THE FAMILY TABLE

A few thoughts on the importance of families gathering together for at least one meal a day .. Plus a few table setting ideas and  
makeovers.. OK?  

I hope you will meet me over THERE... smile..

Thank you so much for dropping by ..
Looking so forward to reading all of your sweet comments... 

Have a great day, dear ladies...



Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a bit of rural for you....

Hello my dears..

A little different post for you tonight.. smile.. 
Just a few pics of some friends that we saw yesterday...

This crowd is usually standing beside the road on our way to church most Sundays.. 
Aren't they lovely?

This is a common sight that you can see on our rural roads here in the province of New Brunswick.. 
And of course the scenery is beautiful, too .. 
Don't you think?

A little reminder that we are having our Keepers of the Home meeting on Saturday at 9 am in the Fellowship Hall at our church in Sussex... 
We will be making bread, some homemade toiletries and I will be bringing some old books and the punch that I used to make the table runner in my last post... 
If you live in the area please feel free to come.. 
We would love to have you.. 
Just email me at 
 and let me know..

It was so nice chatting with you tonight.. 
Take care dear ladies and God bless... 
Love to you all..

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Table Runner Project for you...

Good Saturday Morning to you all..

This day finds us with a bit more snow and some mild temps.. I don't think we are getting the storm that was forecast.. 
Thank you dear Lord..

The blue jays are putting up quite a racket and we have a flock of black colored birds with pointy beaks.. I wonder what they are.. 
They are cute.. No starlings... yet..
And the wind is 

I made a wee project yesterday that I thought I would share with you.. 
That is if Terry doesn't get up first.. grin..

I saw this idea over at Better Homes and Gardens.. 
These mags have wonderful craft ideas, sometimes.. 

Anyway... As you can see... This is a table runner.. I love anything made out of old book pages for some reason.. 
When we were into Habitat for Humanity who have the best books... I found an old children's book.. I thought it would be perfect as the pages were brownish and nice and soft.. 

And I also saved my Michael's coupon for 50% off and bought the new punch..

All you need for this project is in the pic below..

A wonderful old book that you can bear to tear apart (gently), a scrapbook punch and good tape.. Oh and a pair of scissors..

If your book is not old enough I was thinking that you could use brown stamp ink to soften the edges, eh?

You just tape the pages together all along the edge.. 
Do your runner as long as you like... I think just one would make a sweet lamp mat, too.. 
Then punch all along the edges...

They did not do the ends but I was fooling around with the punch and sort of have a so so one... 

I do need to practice with this thing to find out how to get it perfect but that all comes in

I was telling Terry that he will have to be careful when he lays his junk  stuff on the table that he doesn't ruin my runner.. grin.. 
He thinks I should buy one of those horrid lovely plastic sheets to put on it.. NOT.. grin..

BUT... I was thinking that if you put clear mack tack on it and punched it all out at the same time.. ???? 
We shall see.. If the dollar store has clear mack tack...

The punch costs around 15 dollars but I will use it a lot for packaging soaps and stuff.. 
Brown paper bags, book page bags.... all kinds of stuff so I feel justified in buying it..
And of course we can use it for Keepers projects.. smile..

Would any of you girls like one of these?
I was thinking of doing a little giveaway with one.. 
What do you think?

So how are you all spending your Saturday?

Our youngest son was out yesterday and spent the day with his Dad and me.. 

They cut wood and of course, I cooked.. 
I love feeding that child man.. grin.. 
We had pork chops, creamy mashed potatoes, carrots, winter salad, and lemon pie.. 

Then for supper with just Terry and I we had Rice Fritters with homemade garlic sauce.. 
I did not like them at all.. The dear man ate his and never complained.. 
Oh well, better luck next time.. 

Gotta go...

Thanks for the visit and welcome to the new followers.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all..

God bless..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's the little things...

Hello everyone.. 
How are you all this evening?
I just thought that I would show you the gift that my dear hubby gave me this weekend.. 
It is actually an early anniversary present.. 
My old mixer has almost had the biscuit so when these were on sale at Costco he decided to get one.. 
I love it.. 

I thought he deserved a little something, eh? smile...

It was delicious if I must 
Lots of apples with a bit of sugar and a speck of flour, some freshly grated nutmeg and half of a vanilla bean... 

Every good meal should have a happy ending, right?

I found this dear little teacup at the thrift store.. 

Thanks for dropping by sweet ladies.. 
I so look forward to your comments.. 

It is raining here in New Brunswick tonight.. 
I have missed hearing the spatter of raindrops against the windows... 
Spring is really on it's way... 
Well, I must go and make a nice cup of tea.. 

May the Lord bless and keep you my friends.. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homemade Lavender Bath Cookies Recipe..

Hello my dears..

How are you all today?
We are having beautiful weather here in New Brunswick..
 Quite mild and sunny days..

I posted yesterday that I am hoping to start creating things for our little shop that is open for three months or so.. 

I want to enlarge my selection of homemade remedies and toiletries.. 

So... yesterday, I inspected MY IDEA BOOKS and came up with a few new ones..

I will try and share with you .. smile.. 

Here is the first one.. 

Lavender Bath Cookies.. 

They turned out lovely.. 

I had taken the recipe for vanilla cookies to Keepers last meeting but we didn't take time to make them..

Anyway, I decided to give them a try.. Although, instead of vanilla I used lavender.. 
You can use your fave oil, though..

Now that I know how great they are I hope to make several different scents.. 

Here is the recipe for you..

2 cups finely ground sea salt.
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup corn starch
Whisk together really well..

In a separate bowl whisk together
 2 eggs beaten
 2 T. light oil like almond or canola.. 
1 tsp. Vitamin E..
I also added 1 tsp. glycerin..
Several drops of lavender essential oil or 1 tsp. vanilla fragrance.. 
(put as much oil in as you desire).. 

Blend the dry and wet together until it looks like cookie dough..

Roll gently into 1 inch balls.. 

Place on cookie sheet and bake for 7 minutes at 350 degrees..

Leave on cookie sheet for a while until they cool and then put on a rack for at least 24 hours.. 
Store in airtight containers.. 

Make tags and state that they are not to be eaten.. smile..

Drop 2 cookies in warm bath and allow to dissolve slowly..

Don't be impatient.. 
Don't crumble your cookies or your bath will be milky.. 
Just let them dissolve on their own.. 

Makes 24 cookies...

It will be fun coming up with a package for these.. 
I want something different.. 
I use a lot of brown paper and old book pages bags and jars ... I need a new slant..
I love old mason jars so that is probably what I will use.. smile.. 
Plastic is the last option for me.. 

Oh well, I am sure there is something I can use ... Just gotta find it.. smile..

OK, dear ladies that is all for tonight..

If you have any packaging ideas please let me know.. 
I need to have time to go through Pinterest, I guess..

Take care and God bless..




Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Inspired....

Good Morning dear friends.. 
Today I am doing this posting for you but also to get myself inspired... smile... 
I am sitting here in my chair drinking coffee and planning the wonderful day that God has for me... smile.. 
I can actually hear birds outside of our window and the sun is shinning.. I feel SPRING in the air.. 
I have so enjoyed this Winter and I am not rushing time but with the change of seasons soon to be upon us I need to focus.

I know there are a lot of new ones to the site and you may not know that we live in St. Martins beside the Bay of Fundy  for several months and we have a wee shop  that we open in the 
Summer months..

So... I try and make as much as I can rather than buying it.. 
The economy has taken a toll on tourist business everywhere and 
so I need to be frugal.. 
I know.. I need to be frugal regardless... smile.. 
But today, Lord willing, I want to make lists and get ideas and get inspired as to what to make for the shop.. 
The days will soon pass and I need to get at it.. right? 
Anyway... here are a few pics of the shop that you may have seen before... Or maybe, not... smile.. 

A little of this and a little of that... smile..

Homemade dolls and old lace.. 
My first loves.. grin..

Prim teddy bears and old chairs... love them all..

Oh, that Summer sun streaming through the windows.. 
Old boxes, pillows, a typewriter or two...

Lots of primitive crafts and cupboards...

Little gatherings of olde stuff... 
Sewing boxes, lavender stuffed pin cushions, stitchings and who knows... smile..

Old bedroom furniture....

Old mirrors, quilts, and books... 

I sold this doll... Her name was Bekka..

I love making potpourries.. 
This is a Sweet Annie one...

An old bed makes a great rack for old quilts..

Gorgeous old dresser full of my homemade salves, lotions, and balms...
Prim candle holders and lavender by the scoop...

I will need to get my herb gardens growing to make such things as gardeners salve, lip balms, deodorants, powders and such.. 
Oh... I do love to create.. 
That was fun... Now where is my list book... grin...

Hope you enjoyed this...
 So wish that you all could all visit some day... 

Thank you for stopping by and I am looking forward to hearing from you all.. 

Have a blessed day where ever you may be.. 

Monday, February 20, 2012


Good Morning my dears... 

Happy Monday to you all.. 

We had a wonderful blessed Sunday and woke up to a beautiful Monday morning.. 

I just wanted to share that my sweet friend Trace over at 

has awarded me the versatile blogger award.. 

As I told Trace I am an award free blog but she only nominated one blog and as it was me I could not turn it down.. 

She is a dear girl and we both feel as though we have known each other for a long time.. 
If she likes something you can be sure that I like it, too.. smile.. 

And the fact that we both love the Lord Jesus binds us together.. 

Please go over and check out Trace's BLOG as she is full of sweet wisdom and stitches up a storm.. 

I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself that you do not know.. 
I think really that you girls know it all.. smile..

Let's see.. 

1.  I was married when I graduated from high school.. 
2.  We will be married 42 years next month.. 
3.  When I am gone my children will find many half finished short or long stories in my list books.. grin.. 
4.  I almost always wear black.. 
5.  I will not fly... in a plane or anything else.. 
6.  I love cats..
7.  I would dearly love to have... 3 sheep, 2 goats, 1 mule, 12 chickens, and 1 turkey...
I just read these to Terry and he said that the mule was already here...LOL... He's funny!!

You have all of my deep dark secrets.. grin.. 
I am to nominate some other blogs which I do by asking you to read my blog list.... smile.. 
They are all wonderful and none of us deserve an award any faster than the next one.. 
Thank you dear TRACE for all your kind words.. 
I appreciate it very much.. 

God bless all you sweet girls today.. 
Love and Prayers, 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Lovely Day....

Hello everyone... 
How are you all dear hearts?...

Just wanted to share with you the perfectly lovely Saturday we

We woke up to such a wonderful and glorious winter's day here in New Brunswick.. 

I was up a bit early and made coffee and talked to the Lord for a bit.. 
Then Terry came out and we chatted while we had our coffee and he had his breakfast.. (I don't eat it ofttimes... )

Anyway... I jokingly said to him what I would like to do today.. 
He said that it was fine and for me to go and get ready.. smile.. 
What a dear, eh!!

So... We headed to Moncton and went straight to the City's Farmers Market.. 
Oh.... I love that place.. 

He told me we would just take our time and we did.. 
I found a girl (in her twenties, I think)  who sold sprout stuff... 
Wheat grass... ($15.00 a bunch).. Imagine.. 
She used an old fashioned grinder and sold the juice right there..

I can do that at home.. Grow my own wheat grass and have our own juice.. It is so good for you..
And she told me about a store in town that sells all this neat kind of stuff like grain for sprouted bread.. I didn't even know it was there.. 

She was making these neat sandwiches with crisp lettuce leaves and veggies.. They looked so good.. 

And then there was a lad selling all these Middle Eastern Salads.. 
We bought a quinoa one with sun dried tomatoes and feta and pine nuts.. Oh.. it was so good.. I brought it home and tried to figure out how they made it.. grin..

A guy that Terry grew up with had a stall and he was selling his homemade sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice in bottles.. Neat, eh!
People were buying it left and right.. 

Let's see... Oh, yes the homemade soaps.. 
The dear man bought me 3 bars.. 
2 patchouli and 1 lavender.. 
I can smell it right now.. It is sitting on the table.. smile.. 

What else? 
There were birdhouses that Terry enjoyed looking at.. 
He needs to make a few for the shop.. 

Everyone had samples.. So much fun.. 
I loved the lady who passed out wee slices of a wrap ..
Humus and veggies.. Good.. 
I had one and then made Terry go back and get another.. 
He loved doing that for me.. rolled eyes..
He hates humus... grin..

I just feel like I learned so much.. 
I love being inspired, don't you?

Are you all bored yet?

On with the show.. smile.. 

He then dropped me off at Chapters and he went to the  Canadian Tire (every red blooded Canadian man tries to go there every Saturday) .. That is what my son-in-law told me anyway.. grin..
I enjoyed myself there for awhile and found a new UK magazine to bring home.. 

Then we went to Costco where I bought a big bag of organic quinoa , lettuces, olives, wraps, and oh yes... Greek yogurt... 
(how's that, Paula?)grin... She said she would enjoy reading my grocery list.. smile..

We met a friend there that we had not seen for a long time.. 
It was so good to see her.. 

We had lunch and then we came home..

Shonda called and we chatted for about an hour.. 
Sweet girl..   

Do you see the herbs in my kitchen window.. 
Basil and Rosemary..

Well, dear girls that is all for tonight.. 
I know you all won't read this but the pics are pretty..
I did not know that I had the white geranium until it bloomed.. 

It was lovely chatting with you all tonight..
I am just so thankful for all the blessings of this day..  
Looking forward to tomorrow and the Lord's Day... 

God bless you all..

Friday, February 17, 2012


Happy Friday everyone.. 
A very short posting today my dears.. 

Terry and I were listening to a Christian radio channel yesterday (VOAR in Newfoundland) and Greg Smalley was doing an interview on behalf of Focus on the Family..

They were talking about a free date night challenge that they are doing.. 

It was such a great interview and so many wonderful ideas for not only couples in crisis but also for everyone who is wanting to invest in their marriage..

He spoke of how marriages are not on cruise control and that each day we need to put energy and time into keeping it current and effective.. 

I have posted before of the time many years ago when Terry and I were in a crisis.. We both wanted our marriage to work and decided to set aside every Friday night for Date Night..

It proved to be beneficial and we have continued it ever since..

 We do not always go out but there is usually  something special about this night.. 

At Keepers of the Home meetings we encourage couples to set aside an evening just for them..

Date Night is an investment in time to help you to honour and value each other..

A time to learn about each other..

It should not be a time of discussing family problems but of having fun together..

Focus on the Family have so many wonderful and FREE ideas on how you can make your marriage work..

Sometimes couples just need help... 
Good Christian help is a blessing and worth looking into..

God loves you and he loves your marriage..

It is the will of God for your life and you need to do all you can to help you both get through the valleys.. 

And yes, we all have our valleys..

Forty one years later Terry and I agree that it was worth every effort we made to keep it together..

The rewards dear hearts are priceless..

Looking down the dinner table on special family days and seeing our children and their children is just one way that I count as blessing..
There is nothing that can replace that..
Here is the link so you can check it out if you are so inclined..

It was lovely having you visit..

I know that this posting is not for everyone.. 
But it is certainly necessary in a lot of families today.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all. .

Love and Prayers.
Faye Henry