Monday, May 28, 2012

Lancaster Bound.... and a recipe...

Good Morning, my dears..

Just a very short posting to let you know that I am headed for Amish Country.. grin.. 

I am such  a weird person.. 
I do want to go but I am such a homebody and do not need to tour much.. If it was not for the fact that I love this part of the U.S. then I would be happier going to PEI or over the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.. And then there is so much just here in our own province and Newfoundland is a place I long to visit..

This opportunity for me to go with 3 dear friends is one that I could not turn down though.. 

We plan on going to Sight and Sound which is showing the Jonah and the Whale production.. Our oldest grandson saw it a few weeks ago and he said it was awesome.. 
This will be my third production. Such a blessing.. 

There are such wonderful primitive shoppes there.. 
A couple have been calling my name clear here to New Brunswick... grin..

Also, friends from Ontario will be there in charge of a tour bus and we will be travelling about Lancaster with them for a day or two.. 
OK, I do want to go.. grin... 

I need to get going.. 
We have to go to the city to get a few more things and then there is packing, cleaning the house a bit more and straining violet oil to use when I get back home... 

Here is a recipe I promised you.. 
Rhubarb Juice out of a quite old recipe book that I found at the farm.. 

You just cook it down and strain it..

Here I mixed it with some pineapple juice and Sprite..

It is delicious.. 
I doubled the recipe and am going to freeze it for summer entertaining... 
I hope to do more when I get back home.. 

Well, girls... 
Remember to pray for me and I will be remembering you in my prayers, too.. 

I will talk to you when I get back, Lord willing.. 
We are planning on 8 days.. smile..
My sweet hubby will be looking after himself.. smile.. 

Thank you for your sweet visit and thanks for leaving me notes so I know you were here.. smile.. 
I am sure you can tell I am rushing.. Sorry about that.. 
I will do better when I get home again.. 

God is faithful... 
I love Him so much.. 

Sending you hugs and blessings...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jammin' at the farm...

Good Evening sweet ladies.. 

Today we went up to our old farm.. 
Terry has been going up and working on the roof this week.. 
I had to stay home as my back was acting up and I had so much to do before we go away..

Well, last night he was very late getting home and as you know I am a very rational person and do not panic a bit .. 
Right...(rolled eyes).. 

I tried calling several people who could go check and make sure he had not fallen off of the roof.  He is a bit notorious for doing that you know.. I could not reach anyone..

Before he left he assured me he was in the bucket of the truck and tied in and not to worry and for me to  just relax and get my back better.. 
But my imagination is still in good working order.. 
About the only thing on this old body that has kept up.. grin.. 

Well... to make a long story short.. 
I finally reached one of our neighbors up there and the dear girl went and checked .. 

He had just got everything packed up and ready to move out.. 
Only a couple of hours late and we have no phone out there and no reception with our cells.. 
Needless to say.. 
I went with him

Along with my lilacs, bottles and certo... grin.. 

I am desperate to get these jellies all made since the flowers will probably be gone when I get back from my trip..

I like stocking the pantry at the shoppe with them... 

Here is the Lilac Jelly..

Pretty, eh?

The recipe is the same as the one for Dandelion and Apple Blossom Jelly.. Click HERE..

There are  a few of you dear girls making them so here is another one for your repertoire.. smile..

I also added 6 drops of red and 6 drops of blue food coloring.. 
Add it after it gets boiling.. Ok? 
Oh.. I boiled it extra long and only used 1 certo packet, though.. 
It tastes good, too.. 

Then Terry went out to the old rhubarb patch and brought in a bunch.. 

I did not take enough bottles so I scrounged around and found these pint sized ones and just used a little cellophane wrap as the lids were not new.. 

I won't sell these.. They are just for us.. 

My Mom's Rhubarb recipe..
The link is in a post back a few days.. 

There was enough left to make a recipe that we like.. 

Victorian Barbeque Sauce.. 
It has raisins, onions, cinnamon and other spices.. 
It is lovely for Summer.. 
Very unique... 

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, though.. 

All in all, I made another 24 bottles.. more or less.. 

I also made a neat drink but I will share that tomorrow, perhaps.. 
I hope all these recipes aren't boring you silly.. 


Terry was in such a rush this morning to leave that I forgot a few things... 
Like bread..

So I made a loaf of no knead bread... 
Click HERE..

The oven up there cooks bread so yummy.. 
Kinda burnt.. grin.. 
It really isn't but it is very crusty.. 
It tastes like bread that Mom used to cook in the wood stove oven.. 

For lunch we had Tuna Pasta Salad.. 

My dear husband hints for this every now and then.. 
Do you girls have a favorite pasta salad recipe?  

Well, ladies I need to go to bed.. 
I am sitting here with the heating pad on high.. smile..

Thank you for praying for me.. 
Next week I will be sitting a lot so everything will be fine.. 

May Jesus bless you with grace, mercy and peace this weekend.. 
Sending you hugs..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

a wee bit of LOVELY...

Hi ... 
Sorry for the short posting but sharing a few pics with you of my week...

visiting St. Martins 
picking lilacs 
making lilac jelly
getting herbs ready for planting
green onions
doing taxes
chatting with the friends who are going on the trip with me
writing down addresses for shops in Lancaster County
looking for violets for salve making
cleaning and tidying the house
packing Terry's lunches for the farm
making rice pudding

That is all for today, my dears.. 
Have a blessed evening.. 

Love to you all...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding stuff for the shop...

Hello ... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.  

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments last posting..

Today has been a kind of easy day as I am just sitting and doing the dreaded taxes... smile.. 
Papers everywhere.. yuk.. 

Oh well, I will hopefully have them finished before I leave next week on my little trip.. 

I thought you might like to see some shop finds that I came across.. 

I love the old paper plaque above.. 
Our God never Faileth.. 

Then there is this wool quilt top...

My friend, Trace would love this.. smile.. 
She loves wools... 

Then there are Nipon plates..

There are 3 of them.. 


A quilted pillow top that just needs to be put together..


this dear little pitcher.. 
Do you know what the two wee bowls are.. 
Food and water dish for a Canary.. grin.. 
Or so I was told at the auction.. 
Gotta a Canary?  

And then there is this gorgeous old scrapbook album...

Look at the date... 1881... 
Salisbury, N. B.  is where I grew up.. 
Don't you love it?  I do... 
It is full of old cards and scraps of Victorian papers..

A sweet lavender heart wreath.. 

and a tin candle lamp.. a bit of prim...

Two more lovely old books..

A Standard Canadian Speaker and Entertainer Book.. 
And another sweet little one.. 

We won't be opening the shop until the middle of June.. 

Anyway, dear ladies thank you so much for dropping by.. 
I appreciate your company and notes so much.. smile..

Take care and God bless... 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Such a busy day..

Good Evening my dears..

Our holiday weekend is coming to an end but what a simply beautiful one we had here in Atlantic Canada.. 

Today our youngest son came out to give his Dad a hand and I had to show you all this picture that I took from the kitchen window.. 
I wonder if they know how pretty they look.. grin.. 

I caught them between the flowers on the window sill and the apple blossoms.. smile.. 

They were pretty thrilled with the nice straight rows they achieved in the garden.. 

Before Terry went to the garden he picked me a bag of dandelions..

Then I spent a little while cutting the petals off of the stems..

And by the end of day... 

There were four batches of Dandelion Jelly.. 
It is delicious and tastes like honey.. 
Here is the link .. just click HERE...

He also picked these..

Beautiful apple blossoms.. 
They smell so heavenly, too..

Here they are all cleaned...
I had a nice conversation on the phone with my friend Ethel and that helped me get them finished.. smile.. 

An then there were four bottles of jelly.. 
Doesn't it look nice.. 
A lot of work, though, my dears.. 
Much easier to make strawberry jam, believe me.. 
No pain.. no gain or so they say... smile..
Here is the link for this jelly.. Just click HERE... 

Oh, I thought I would show you a bottle of vinegar that I have on the go.. 
I took the pic the other day and I must say it is tasting pretty good..

Dandelion Vinegar.. 
Just fill a bottle full of the youngest dandelion leaves that you can find and stuff the bottle full.. 
Cover with cider vinegar and let sit for a couple of weeks.. 
I am planning on putting in some pepper pods, too.. 
You guys know me and my salads.. 
I bet the vinaigrette will be delicious.. 
I love trying new things... eh?

Such a busy day.. 
I cooked another organic chicken for supper but dear son had to get going...

Here he is at the end of the day saying good-bye to his Dad.. 
Please note the bag in his hand.. 
Some nice cooked chicken and a Chinese dinner that we had yesterday.. 
Enough left for him for a meal..

I used my new Oriental Rhubarb Jam on some pork and we loved it..
 Today, I made 2 more batches ..

I had to include this.... 
If Dustin is here then Sammi is close by.. smile.. 

Well, that is all for tonight.. 
I am ready for bed.. smile.. 

I have kinda put my back out and am trying to baby it but these jellies need to be made while they are in bloom.. 
Remember, I am leaving for Lancaster County next week (Lord willing) so I need to get them made.. 

Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments.. 
Welcome to the new followers of the blog.. 
Glad to have you all aboard.. 

Thanking God for you all... 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Blessings...

Hello everyone... 

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.. 
It is a long one here in Canada.. 
We call it Victoria Day weekend and Monday is a holiday.. 

We ended up staying home today instead of going to the farm.. 
I was kind of glad as there was a lot to do to catch up here at home.. 
Terry wanted to do all the lawns as they have grown so fast and such.. 

It is a beautiful sunny day again .. 
 I hung some clothes out and froze 20 bags of fiddle heads..

Some of you were wondering about fiddle heads..They are ferns that grow along the rivers and streams here in Eastern Canada..
They taste sort of like spinach and asparagus.. Only better.. 

We eat them as a vegetable with lemon butter or
in a wonderful fiddle head cream soup..
They are organic and if you pick them yourself they are free.. 
Our grandsons picked us a huge bag of them.. 
Now they are all ready for next Winter.. 

Last night when we were coming into the house I noticed that some of my favorite flowers were blooming.. 
So this afternoon I went out to pick some and to wonder around the yard.. Such a beautiful day..

I took a few pics for you ..

A little window box on my kitchen window.. 
A few chives..

Terry wanted to give the deck another coat of stain..

The old apple trees are all in bloom..  

They bloomed so quickly this year..

And as for the flowers that I went out to pick..

Lilly of the Valley...
White Violets... 
White Forget Me Not.. 

Aren't they simply beautiful?
I so love flowers.. And these three are my all time favorites.. 

Here my dears...
 I put them in a little pitcher for you...

They smell gorgeous, too..

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day...

Today while I was working I listened to a wonderful preaching tape... 

The preacher spoke about everything that can be shaken will be shaken in the last days..
And  how we need to know what we believe and why.. 
How we need to stand firm on the word of God...

Sometimes we question ...

What is going on? 

 Things that we thought were important are in jeopardy of being tossed aside... 
This age has different values and morals.. 
Even in churches the things that used to be right can now be 
disregarded as old fashioned and not necessary..

I find myself wondering what is this world coming to?

And then I realize.. 
It is coming to an end... 

I am so glad that I have found somewhere to stand.. 
on the Rock which is Christ Jesus.. 
He never changes... 
He never gives up on me... 
He is faithful.... 

The things that were important when I was only ten years old are still just as important to Him today.. 
He is still genuine... 

When my soul is perplexed and I don't know what is going on then  I need only to trust... 
in Him...

He will see me through.. 

His presence today in my kitchen was as real as it was the night He saved my soul and filled me with his Spirit...

Yesterday while following behind Terry in the truck I was singing this old chorus..

Where would I be without Jesus... 
Tell me where would I spend eternity?

Oh, I am so thankful for the Grace of God.. smile.. 

He is so available to whosoever will.. 
And He is as close as the whisper of His Name..  

Take care dear hearts...
Thanks for dropping by and leaving your sweet notes.. 
Have a blessed weekend..

Love to you all...