Friday, January 22, 2016

Marmalade Days in January...

Happy Friday evening everyone.. 
How are you this day?  

Posting clementine marmalade and marmalade loaf recipes for you.. 

Winter is the time to make this lovely treat .. 
It sure makes your house smell great, too.. 

Hope you enjoy the weekend.. 
God bless you my friends.. 

Clementine Marmalade
16 clementines 
4 cups water 
1 lemon halved 
7 cups white sugar.. 

  1. Scrub & rinse clementines, place in water in a large pot..
  2. Squeeze lemon - reserve juice. Bundle the lemon seeds with cheesecloth and tie it off. Add bundle of seeds and the halved lemon to pot.
  3. Cover the pot and simmer for 2-3 hours until fruit is soft.
  4. Remove pot from heat, cool overnight; discard bundle of lemon seeds, do not strain liquid.
  5. Scoop fruit out of the liquid into a large bowl. Halve the clementines, scoop pulp and seeds (if any) into a strainer set over the pot that was used to boil the fruit. Save all peels. Rub pulp through strainer.
  6. Add sugar and lemon juice to pot. Heat gently, stirring until sugar dissolves, then boil for a few minutes.
  7. Meanwhile, finely slice clementine peel then stir into boiling sugar-lemon syrup. Continue boiling until marmalade reaches setting point (220*F at sea level) then remove pot from heat, skim foam for 7 minutes..
  8. Fill sterilized jars and seal.. 
  9. I turn the jars upside down for about half an hour to make sure they seal and to distribute the peel... 
  10. Makes 7 x 250 gram jars..


Looking forward to hearing from you.. xo


  1. That sounds a lovely recipe faye am going to give that one a go. 0attypan

  2. Looks and sounds YUMMY ! I haven't had home made Marmalade in years , my mum used to make it . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  3. Thanks for the pictures along the way showing how you did it, I am a very visual person, and that is always helpful! Your marmalade looks awesome, and that bread too... yummy! You always are busy making something, and it is an inspiration... thank you! Have a blessed day :)

  4. Faye, I love marmalade, but I am never happy with the way mine comes out, not being a big fan of "chunks" on my toast. However, this recipe is going to get a trial in my kitchen. I can imagine the flavour would be far more intense cooking the fruit whole like this. The photos of your finished product are gorgeous.

  5. Sounds delicious! I used to make lots of marmalade, but now I am the only one who would eat it. The smell of marmalade cooking is so enticing!

  6. Now that did really tempt my taste buds, I will certainly be giving the marmalade recipe a go. Mouthwatering!

  7. That marmalade would go down so well in this household, thank you for that recipe. Woo xx

  8. Faye I can almost smell it from here. must be so fragrant and delicious!

  9. Yum, yum, yum!!! Thanks Faye. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  10. This is such a good idea, I remember my grandmother seving orange marmalade on our toast when I was a child. I bet it was very pretty to look at! And the smell was yummy! I am going to look into making something very close to this, as I have plum juice to make into Jelly soon. I am going to try some marmalade!
    And your bread looks so good! Yummy is all I can say!
    Hope you are doing well and staying warm and blessed!
    Hugs, Roxy

  11. Se eu entendi as cascas não vão fora , picadas e adicionadas?
    aqui no sítio temos mtas laranjas! bj

  12. Se eu entendi as cascas não vão fora , picadas e adicionadas?
    aqui no sítio temos mtas laranjas! bj

  13. Oh Faye, don't tempt me with that beautiful food...I have given up sugar. LOL! Your photos are just amazing.

  14. I so wish that I loved marmalade! I love seeing everyone elses jars, but there is no point in me joining in as I don't eat it. The good thing is that I can imagine making it by reading great recipes and posts like yours! xx

  15. Yummy! Off in search of clementines this week. Thankyou for the recipe.
    Last winter I put up Lemon Marmalade
    Citrus aroma in the kitchen this time of year? Perfect! D

  16. I absolutely LOVE marmalade! I am pinning your recipe.
    Thank you,

  17. I want to try both recipes, I can almost see the wonderful aroma enveloping your home.

  18. Oh my, they both look so good and delicious. Thanks for the recipes. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Hugs Julie

  19. That Clementine Marmalade looks so delicious. I am in love with the texture and nutrient value is also great. I will try them very soon. I am also going to try homemade Green energy drinks. Hopefully my kids will drink it too as generally they don’t like such things!!

  20. Oh I just have to make some of this!!!