Thursday, March 10, 2016

The days of March,,

A sweet gift from my Mom.. 
Duck and Chicken eggs... 

Quick Banana Bread
1 cup mayo 
1 cup mashed bananas... 3-4
2 cups flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp. baking soda

Mix together and put into a greased and floured bread pan.. 
Bake at 350 degrees F. for at least an hour or until cooked through.. 

This was so quick and turned out lovely... 

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope you are doing well this week.. 

We are having some spring like weather here in Maritime Canada.. 
Hardly a speck of snow to be seen although we did have a bit yesterday but it did not last long.. 

Above are some more pics from a day at the farm.. 
A few of our grandsons came up for the day and we had such a great time.. 
They went out hiking and target practising and such.. 
Grandma stayed in the old farm house and baked and cooked.. 
It was so much fun trying to fill those empty bellies... lol.. 
Between home made breads, soup, salad and goulash I think it was finally managed.. grin... 

It is March break here in New Brunswick and so everyone is busy..

As you know one grandson, Carter is in Africa... I thought you might like to see a pic of him over there.. 

Isn't he gorgeous?  
Yes, I am his grandma... lol..
He had a couple of rough days though when he contacted food poisoning or something but all is well now.. 
We will be glad when he is safely back home again... 

I happened to be going through pins that had been pinned from my blog and noticed that the pic below had been pinned by Rust-Oleum US ... 

Link to the pin..

I thought that was rather neat.. eh?  
The link to the post is HERE..

I need to take some pics of it now that it is not decorated for Christmas.. smile.. 
Have been working on a few projects for it.. 
Painting a mirror with copper paint and such... 

Well, this is all for tonight.. 
I do have a couple of blog post ideas for you as soon as I can.. 

We seem to be spending several days a week at the farm lately.. 
Hopefully, we are accomplishing a few things..

Oh, I did find my way to Instagram... 
Love to follow my grandsons.. grin..  

Thank you so much for dropping by and I know I am not being a very good blogger lately.. Please forgive... 

And leave me a note.. smile.. 

God bless you my friends.. 


  1. That's cool that you were pinned - your kitchen did turn out wonderfully. Yes, your grandson is handsome. We have very little snow here as well.

  2. Faye ... What a wonderful recipe, I think I'll try it tomorrow for my men here in the cottage :) so glad that your grandson is doing better. Traveling to another country can be detrimental to one's stomach :( have a blessed day dear lady ...

  3. I love the little birdhouse in your banner. Banana bread is my favorite quick bed, but I've never made it with mayonnaise, I'll have to try that! It's so fun having the grands around... they keep us young!!

  4. Lovely grandson, reminds me of mine, travelling around parts of the world during his Uni days. Now working in a very good job but sadly at the other end of England!
    I get such pleasure looking at your baking photos.

  5. Such fun keeping up with you Grandson, glad he is on the mend tummy trouble seems to be part of the course when travelling. Love the look of the banana bread I have never come across a recipe using mayo before, I certainly will be giving it a go.

  6. How cool is that to pinned by Rust Oleum. Your grandson is so handsome, Faye!!! Oh and mayo in Banana Bread??? Interesting...smiles

  7. Thank you for the recipe. I'll have to try this one.

  8. Good Morning, dear Faye! We, too, have been experiencing spring-like weather here on the coast of Maine! Hooray!!! Actually, we have been blessed with an incredibly mild different from last year. Banana bread is a favorite with my "men"...but I have never made it with mayo...I'm going to try this recipe! I'm sure it must be super moist!

    Thank you for sharing...have a blessed day,

  9. Morning Faye, that bread looks so yummy... Finally nice temps here but still snow everywhere... Blessings Francine.

  10. All of that food looks so yummy! And how cool that Rustoleum pinned your kitchen! Is your grandson doing mission work in Africa?

  11. Good Morning Faye, Lovely post ~ it is a joy to cook for the grand children...around here as well. Love the photo of your grandson, yes he is handsome. Was he there for Missionary work? So glad Spring has found its way to you, all the way up in Canada. Have the happiest weekend ~ dear friend.

  12. I'll have to try that banana bread recipe.

    Do you keep bananas in the freezer until your ready to make bread? I do. With the skins still on. I keep them in a ziploc. I'll pull a couple out whenever its time to make bread, muffins, cake, etc. They get really black (skins) and disgustingly mushy - when/while thawing - but for baking --- PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew?

  13. Faye I have spent the last 2 hours reading your past post. I have enjoyed very much getting to know you. I will keep reading back post another day. Your country is so beautiful I have enjoyed seeing all the photo's. Wonderful to get to know you. Have a warm weekend.

  14. We are big banana bread fans. I love your place it is always so refreshing when I visit.

  15. Faye, mayonnaise in banana that is something I haven't heard of before. Your grandson looks like he is thoroughly enjoying himself. My daughter had three overseas mission trips when she was single and she loved them.

  16. Your breads and soups look delicious! I've made some freezer meals lately and so glad to have them. Just throw into crockpot and let it do the cooking while I'm at work! Sweet. Glad your grandson is doing ok. It can be testy eating in another country. I remember when I came back from Nicaragua my stomach bothered me more here than there. Most likely change of time and weather as the food we ate was good. I'm behind in blogging as well. Have photos but not written anything for a week. Take care! Have a blessed weekend!

  17. your new banner! And Instagram? Yes, perfect for connecting to our adult kids. But I still appreciate the 'fullness' that the blogs provide. we are under a HUGE 'redo' of our attached garage's spilling over to the LR and the kitchen. Mercy! I am crockpotting it most days, as we (and the builder) are all sharing the one big room, and I tend my 8 mos. old grandbaby often. Pray for us!!

  18. That looks like a great day, Baking and family! The shot with the kettle, and wood stove it like a dream.