Sunday, October 18, 2020

Flavours of Fall...

Hello there dear hearts... 
So happy to connect with you on this lovely fall afternoon.. 
We are having a most gorgeous Autumn here in 
 New Brunswick on the East coast of Canada... 
Hope all is well in your part of the world... 

Don't you find that Fall brings out the nesting and creative instinct within you?  
Each week, I begin by writing a list of want tos... 😉
And in this season I find the list longer then usual.. 
Terry buys me the loveliest of notebooks... 
Just steno pads but they are so thick.. 700 pages, I believe.. 
So the lists can be extra long if I desire.. 
Each morning of the week except Sunday or if we go away then I start my day after devotions with my famous to do lists.. 
They are famous because 
some of my immediate family members make fun of me!😏 
Anyway, I find them pretty daunting this time of the year but in a very good way.. 
My creative juices are stirring as I look forward to Christmas and such now that Thanksgiving is over.. 
I hope you all had a blessed one here in Canada.. 
I know our American 
 friends aren't celebrating until November.. 
  So with that all being said... 
Here are a few projects I have been working at.. 

I have been making potpourris... 
This one is from Martha and it is a pantry potpourri!  
The first thing you do is wrap muslin bags filled with spices... 
As in the first pic.. 
 Then .. 

You put a large pot half full of real apple cider on to simmer.. 
Hang your potpourris on a wood spoon and let them mull in the cider for at least half an hour.. 
I did it longer as it smelled so nice.. 
Then empty the cider and let the bags hang until well dried.. 
This may take several days.. 
Mine are still drying and then I will put them in brown paper bags and tag them and such.. 
Lovely gifts... eh!

A few other things going on in my kitchen..

Saturday morning breakfast.. 
I know everyone makes breakfast.. lol.
Tried out a new recipe which was not a lot of work but delicious.. 
Fresh pineapple with a Basil Lime Sugar... 

You just blitz up a few leaves of fresh basil (which I buy in a pot at the supermarket and always have growing on the windowsill) 
Do you grow them all winter that way?  Or most of... 😀
Zest some lime in and a few tablespoons of sugar.. 
You could use coconut sugar ... \
Store in a mason jar.. 
Then sprinkle over your fresh cut pineapple.. 
So refreshing.... 

I love making flavours in the fall.. 
Or seasonings... Whatever... smile
Mostly for soups.. 
This is another soup flavour from our sweet friend Carmen from Romania.. 

These jars will last for months.. 
You just process as much or as little root veggies as you want.. 
Also green peppers..  I did not add cabbage or cauliflower but a bunch of parsley as my parsley root didn't have leaves.. If you can't find the root then just add extra parsley.. 
You have to use pure salt.. Such as rock salt.. 
Pack in jars and add one aspirin on top.. 
The aspirin protects it from going bad, Carmen says!
This kept in my cold room for over a year as I made so much.. 
Thanks again Carmen.. 
And dear Lindsay as I stole her recipe copy.. lol.. 

And preserved lemons.. 
Chopped up fine for salads, dressings, fish, chicken and pasta.. 
You find many recipes on the web and it is a very simple flavour to add to your food.. 
And not much effort.. 

Sofrito is a flavour that I find I can't do without now that I have grown used to having it.. 
Very simple to process and just put in jars and freeze.. 
I love this with beans and rice, chili, pasta, mix with mayo for a sandwich, etc... 

Then in my sunroom... 

excuse the flakes of potpourri on floor.. please..
I have a new little cozy corner which I am so in love with..
 Don't you love little corners that are so cozy?  
Our children gave us dollars for our 50th anniversary and we purchased this wee set with some of it.. 
The little table folds down and is kind of like marble, perse.. 
And the chairs are just so comfy for reading, having a cuppa or whatever.. 
Thank you dear children.. 
Anyway, I have been putting together salves and potpourris here.. 

Tansy, Dandelion, Jewelweed, Violet and Comfrey on the go.. 

I am hoping to have these ready for sale shortly.. 
I was making them for my gift pantry and realized I kind of overdid it.. 
If you are interested you can inbox me..
Just local, though.  

My husband has gone through some health issues in the last while and had an operation.. He is doing very well and God has been faithful with us through all of it.. 

He had been home from hospital for a week or so when we thought we might try a little drive.. 
Our province is going through a second wave of covid and our nearest city is in the orange level .. 
Terry was operated on just the day before it all shut down again so we were very thankful to have it over with.. 
Anyway, I packed a simple picnic to have sitting in the car.. 
Sandwiches, pickles, cheese, cookies and a thermos of tea, of course.. smile.. 
And I used my waxed paper sandwich bags that I found at the dollarstore.. 
Love them for so many things... 
Sandwiches, cookies, leftovers and such.. 
And not plastic!!  

We headed out for our drive.. 
Albert County in the Fall is a must.. 
But these pics were taken near our home.. 
My most favourite view.. 
Well, to make a long story short ... 
We drove on a very bumpy road and ended up coming back home and eating our sandwiches here.. smile.. 
But all was well.. 
In another week or two we may try again... 

We are finally getting some rainy days... 

So love a rainy day and especially a rainy night.. 

Makes me want to roast a chicken... 
Homegrown and processed by my dear hubby.. 

Well, lovies this is it for another time..

Was so thankful for church on line today.. 
A wonderful service and preaching so appropriate for this day in History... 
Jesus is coming soon dear friends.. 
We need to win the lost and stand for Him... 
To stand firm when the world turns the other way.. 
I pray that the Lord will increase my faith... 

Thank you so much for dropping by.. 
I look forward to hearing from you here, FaceBook or Instagram.. 
May God bless and keep you and your sweet families.

Oh.. and Canadians spell flavour this way.. lol.. 
Just in case you thought my spell check wasn't working.. smile.. 
God bless.. 



  1. This was so delightful! I feel like I've there with you for a wonderful little visit! Thank you so much. I can almost smell all the wonderful "flavours" in y our home, the spices in your pantry, the delicious things you've been making...would love to just come and sit a spell and smell it all! I am not so industrious as you, but you make me "wannabe". That chicken looks scrumptious and so savoury! Love the quote about Shadrach, Meshasch and Abednego. So true...and yes, Jesus IS coming soon. I am ready and waiting, but trying to keep busy while I wait for Him. Thank you for this lovely post. It was like a breath of fresh air!

  2. Lovely as always! I think your lists would make me smile as I adore homemaking ones! ❤️

  3. Hello, Faye .Loved your post,as usual. I think I will try the potpourri and the root soup mix. Sounds so yummy!. Praying for a speedy recovery for Terry and that no damage was done on those bumpy ,winding roads . Love to all .Pat.

  4. I loved your sweet post, like going home, or receiving a long awaited letter!
    Every thing looks wonderful I love the new seating area. How nice to sit and create.
    I would love the jewelweed salve, I think. The color is so pretty, and it is such a good healing thing for poison ivy. There are ttwo colors of jewel weed here, not sure if it is everywhere or not, but both orange and yellow are here. I have never made a salve before, but am hoping to get my hands on some calendula and try to. The bunnies ate what I had planted this year, but am hoping to try again. I had bought some dental ora type gel, the calendula was the main ingredient. I rubbed it on my achy knee. It helped some! So I am on the lookout for some homegrown ingredients to try and make my own.
    I love you in the Lord, dear Faye. I’m looking for Him too! Blessings and healing to Terry too!

  5. Ohhh Faye !! A post full of sweet photos, of peaceful countryside atmospheres. Thank you! I embrace you and wish your husband a quick recovery. You are in my thoughts!

  6. I am happy to hear that Terry is feeling better, but I can see why they bumpy roads and post surgery fatigue would shorten your drive.
    Your 50th anniversary set looks so inviting, it was lovely of your children to celebrate your marriage this way.
    I was glad to see a post from you this morning. You are a friend with a cup of coffee.
    Keep healthy, both of you.

  7. Always delighted when a post from you comes up in my list.
    What an industry you have there, always preparing some lovely goody or other. I send your husband best wishes for a full recovery.

  8. Always a beautiful post, smiles. Have a great week, friend. Keeping your husband in prayer.

  9. I love all the things you have been doing. I hope your Hubby gets well soon with no complications. God bless.

  10. I miss your weekly posts so was delighted to see this one. Praying your husband continues to do well. My husband passed away last year. We had over 51 years of marriage and I miss him so much. I had heart surgery the last of August replacing a leaking mitral valve and they say I'm doing really good. Back to driving and now going to Cardio Rehab, exercises to strengthen the heart. It just takes a little time for the body to heal after an operation and I'm sure Terry will be feeling stronger as the weeks go by. The Lord is great all the time! Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the area. I just wish I had the desire to do things like I used to. Guess that is why I enjoy seeing the projects you are working on:}

  11. Hello Faye, This is (Hattie’s sister) Elva Smith’s granddaughter in Ontario. Your dad would have been my mom’s first cousin! I think you are in touch with my sister, Tricia, on Facebook?
    I enjoy your blog so much!
    I am glad to hear your husband was able to have his surgery, and hope his recovery is smooth.
    ... For several years now, I have taken over Mom’s annual task of making chow. I use a New Brunswick recipe, but wonder if you might have a copy of Hattie’s recipe? It would be wonderful to compare & possibly have one closer to the recipe Their mother, Martha, may have made?
    Thank you for any help you can give, Faye! (Any other “Hattie” recipes would be welcome too!)
    God bless,

  12. Hello Faye... It is truly ALWAYS a delight to stop by here -with all the things that you have going on. You amaze me!! I feel like I should be under your wing for a week...or more. I could learn a lot from you. :)

  13. Hi
    , Dear Friend... Love your blog, I've been praying for Terry all along, glad he is doing well, God is Good! God Bless!

  14. Your one of the most productive people I know :) simply churning out crafts, food and preserves...and everything looks so cute and tasty too. It's always a joy to visit. And I agree that Jesus is coming soon so we all need to make sure we have oil in our lamps _ Amen. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  15. Thank you so much for your lovely posts. They are like a breath of fresh air.

  16. Fall is such a delightful season, a time to put things up, and prepare for winter's long months. I love all the preserving you are doing, all the differnet jars, salves, creams, teas, and potpourri! I'm thankful Terry was able to get his surgery done before the hospitals shut things done. We've had several people here get it, and all have recovered just fine. Praying that you both stay healthy and well! Much love to you dear friend!

  17. I stumbled on your blog today— and my goodness we have a lot in common. Besides preserving lemons and enjoying canning, and loving Jesus, I live in NB. I surely hope Terry is doing better?