Sunday, June 2, 2024

June is Here....


Good evening everyone!
Hope all is well with you!
Thank you so much for stopping by today... 
It is June already and Summer weather will soon be upon us.. 
Still a bit cool here in the Maritimes of Canada although we have had a few hot days .... 
Still waiting on the garden a bit until we are sure of the frosts being past.. Soon.. 
There is still lots we can do but have to be patient for a few days yet.. 
I know some of you are already picking your vegetables.. smile.. 
We are still in the dandelion stage but we are amazed at how quickly everything is blooming... 
We have been busy and time has flown.. 
Had many enjoyable days last month though.. 

One of my fave things were some visits I enjoyed so much.. 
My dear friend Pat and I spent a wonderful afternoon... 
Picked up some lovely perennials and had a delicious lunch and the fellowship was so precious.. 
So thankful for old friends... 

Another day I had a lovely surprise visit to another friend.. 
We were out for a drive and drove by her house and I mentioned to Terry I would love to see her for a minute .. 
Of course it was longer then that but the dear man just laid his head back and had a nap while we so enjoyed our visit.. 
I simply love her old homestead... 
It belonged to her Aunt Alice and is filled with her beautiful antiques.. 

We are such kindred spirits and it was just what I needed that day.. 
She allowed me to take some pics so I could share them with you all.. 
Her front porch is so dear and her decorating is so old fashioned and reminiscent of a bye gone era.. 

Connie was one of my best customers when I had my wee shop in St. Martins and it was nice to see famaliar pieces.. 
I love all the hanging dried flowers and herbs. 

I have many more pics but will share a few here and there in my posts. 
Thank you Connie... 

Sring brings sweet flowers of my childhood that are dear to my heart as they are to you too, I am sure... 

Vilots and darling Lily of the Valley... 

We have been to the farm for a day or two.. 

And some gorgeous country drives... 
We live in New Brunswick which is called the Picture Province.. 

Our God and his creation is simply awesome!
So thankful for all the beauty we see everyday.. 

And then with Spring along comes some wild foraging.. 
Our oldest son, Trevor picked me a huge bag of fiddleheads and I canned a case for the winter... 
And ate several feeds of them.. 
So delicious.... 

Did a bit of making and doing.. 
Another sweet friend came and she showed me how to make Mozzarella Cheese...

Such an enjoyable time together.. 
I love that these young women are doing all these lovely old fashioned skills..

Then we kept our daughter's dog for a week or so while they were on a vacation... 

Such a pretty dog but still a puppy and has a lot of energy... grin... 
Played grandma out... lol... 
I think she was happy to see Shonda... ❤

Yesterday, Terry picked me a big bunch of lilacs.. 

Did up a bunch of vases to place around the house and hope to make this Lilac Lemonade that they featured on Kings Landing Historical Village page on Instagram.. 
I just googled the recipe and seems fairly easy.. 

We also had a little class here ... 
Teaching the no knead bread recipe and a Carrot Jam from 1861.
A Mrs. Beeton recipe.. 
It only takes 3 ingredients and taste like Mock Apricot.. 

Everyone said it tasted delicious.... 
And it was a lot of fun...

Here are a few simple meals we have had.. 

Meat loaf, two times with different sides... mac and cheese and mashed.. 
beef stew, fried chicken rice and eggrolls 
homemade no knead rolls 

My friend Andrea also picked me some violets... 

to make salve.. 
They are in oil infusing.. 
I need to get that done this week... 

A beautiful bouquet of Flowering Crab Tree.. 

Bouquets so cheer up a home, I think... 
Don't you?  

Well dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 

This is one of my favourite promises from the Word of God....

It is nice to make a list of the wonderful thing we can think of instead of all the negative and unimaginable things that is going on in our world... 

The Lord has provided other things to occupy our minds.. 
whatever is true
whatever is honourable
whatever is just
whatever is lovely
whatever is commenable
if there is any excellence
if there is anything worthy of praise 
Think on these things...
May the God of peace be with you......

So have a wonderful month of June and enjoy your life.. 
and your dear families.. 
God has blessed us in so many ways... eh? 
Such a wonderful and mighty God.....

The pic above was taken by our sweet son out west.. 
he is getting to be quite the photographer, I think.. 
Thank you for visiting and I look forward to your notes.. 
Till next time ... 


  1. I’m always so happy to see a new post from you and get to see the beautiful pictures of your area. It would be hard on me to have a last frost date in early June. I am so anxious to get seeds started in March and plants in the ground by mid May. It is good to have growing things to look forward to in this crazy world but also so comforting to realize that no matter how crazy it gets God is still in control.

    1. Hi... Yes we wish we had earlier dates but one just never knows here ! Our farm is near the Bay too as the crow flies so we may get a very cold night... Seems it would have been fine this year though... Oh well.... it still grows and produces... Terry has most of it in yesterday and today... He did other stuff earlier.. Thanks so much for stopping by.. I wish I knew your first name... God bless...

  2. It all looks and feels so lovely…makes me want to visit. Beautiful photosπŸ’™

    1. Yes we are blessed... thanks for your sweet comment.. Wish I knew your first name also... I think I am on a mission to get every anonymous first name.. lol.. God bless...

  3. Lovely! That is my favorite verse, so thank you for sharing it tonight.. Your world is beautiful, and I love how you enjoy all the blessings it offers. I am picking fresh herbs daily here. Basil is my favorite! And mother has a bush at my childhood home. I can still smell them!

    1. Hi.. Basil is certainly my favourite too... And the lilacs are such a heavenly scent.. I have tried to capture it in different forms but haven't succeeded.. Thanks for commenting Billie Jo... I appreciate it.. God bless.....

  4. Good to see a new post from you. I so enjoy reading about your area and daily happenings. We’re already picking tomatoes, squash and peppers here in Texas. Hope you get your garden going soon. RHill, TX

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog.. I love seeing you on IG too.. Imagine picking those lovely veggies that we have hardly planted yet!! Do you plant twice sometimes? God bless...

  5. What a delightful walk through your month of May. Such beautiful scenery . It isn't an area that I have ever visited, but it looks so spacious and beautiful. Here in England our gardens are well under way and I am hoping for a good crop of tomatoes this year.

    1. Hi ... oh we so love tomatoes... Terry and I could almost live on them.. Hopefully ours will be good too... I think England is so beautiful also... God bless dear..

  6. What beautiful pictures! I always look forward to your posts. Our high desert climate can freeze up into July, so our tomatoes have only been planted for a week. We are getting greens, radishes and soon peas. We have to work with the weather wherever we live. Having been raised in the south, gardening is certainly different here! Blessings to you and your family . . .

    1. Hello Vickie... Yes we work with what comes our way.. Living here all of our life we are both used to it ! thanks so much for stopping by.. So appreciate hearing from you girls... God bless...

  7. A lovely post (incl. the pictures!) and a beautiful Bible passage! Thank you!🌸

    1. You are welcome dear.. Thanks for visiting and I wish I knew your first name also.. smile.. God bless...

    2. God bless, 😊 Esther.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed stopp8ng by The Blessed Hearth. ❤️

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed having you visit.. Thank you so much for leaving me a wee note... I so look forward to them all.. As I am telling all anonymous commenters that I wish I knew your first name... God bless dear..

  9. yes, NB is so beautiful! Thanks for the lovely photos and inspiration!

    1. Hi Marcia! Your's is a famaliar name from many years.. Thank you so much for being such a faithful reader.. I so enjoy hearing from you.. God bless!

  10. So beautiful! Yes, ahhh, spring on the east coast! Bliss! Faye, my husband and I want to bring our family to see parts of N.B. this summer- especially the Bay of Fundy. Do you have any tips, information, where to go, etc. You know we're a large family so we don't like to waste time driving around looking for good spots ... little ones will be fussy in the car ... :) I'd love to hear any ideas!
    ~ Gigi
    (Gigi Photography blog)

  11. Good afternoon Faye, I always delight in your posts. And it has been such a long time visit for me. I love how you take such simple ingredients and make such wonderful tasty looking dishes.
    How sweet to drop in on your friend for a visit. My husband would have done the same as your husband...saying 'please take your time' lol.

  12. Your pictures are beautiful! The food all looks so tempting!