Sunday, May 30, 2021

Farm Post number 2-2021

Good Evening everyone!  
So happy to have you drop by the Blessed Hearth Blog tonight.. 
We have not been out to the farm a whole lot the last bit due to so much going on and the weather is not very warm here yet.. 
Terry has been out and working the gardens some but I have only been there to stay once.. 
This was on a lovely day and we arrived early... 
I love getting there early as I am my best in the mornings.. 😉
As the afternoons wear on I tend to slow down... 
Before we left home I made sure to get a lovely big bouquet of 
Forget Me Nots...

The most beautiful part of Spring are all the gorgeous blooms .. 
I set them in a jar and lit one of my homemade candles.. 
Made from my own Lavender... smile.. 
And by the way my Lavender once again this year.. 
Thank you dear Lord.. 
My main goal this day was to clean the old back porch.. 
That is where Terry has resided each day he went out all winter... 
Oh my! 
He shelled beans there and put all his tools and such.. 
He says it is his room and wants hats and fishing rods and such hanging everywhere.. 
What am I to do but make the best of it.. 😏
We opened the door to air it all out.. 
But what a gorgeous view.. 
So many shades of green... (my fave colour)  
He painted it last year but he has to replace a piece of sheetrock in the ceiling and other stuff.. 
I decided to just clean it and hang a few pics and such to brighten it up.. 

I found this hoop at a thrift store but have to put a bit of stuffing in the geese.. 
So old fashioned but it goes with this old house.. 

These were thrift store finds also. 
I believe I will paint the frames to go with the hoop.. 
Then this old book shelf needs a paint job too.. 
All good projects for me to work on once we are there for the summer.. 
No internet so I need to have lots of projects to work on.. 

After awhile I went into the kitchen to start lunch.. 

This is the old cupboard we brought up from the cottage.. 
Terry put some legs on it and painted it for me.. 

I decided to change it up a bit on top.. 
As this post is a bit boring and short I took a few pics of the old dishes I have in the cupboard.. 😊

An old mason jar molasses dish.. 
And a mason jar water pitcher..  

Then it was time to get lunch and set the table.. 

We didn't have anything fancy..

A spring like Maritime Canada meal..
Hake Fish Hash and Fiddleheads and a Cucumber Salad.. 

If you would like to make the Fish Hash it is really simple.. 
First you peel and boil a few potatoes... (how many you need)
You can use any white filleted fish you like.. 
It is best with cod but all I had out there was Hake.. 
Saute up a chopped onion or two with oil, butter or bacon fat in a large frying pan. Mash your potatoes and add.. Then add your fillet which you can cut up smaller.. 
Add salt and pepper and some herbs of choice.. 
Just put it on medium heat and stir every little bit.. 
Terry likes the crispy bits.. smile.. 
When the fish is cooked through throw on some fresh parsley or dill and serve..  

It makes a nice lunch.. 
My Gram used to do the same thing but instead of fish she would add pieces of stale homemade bread and summer savoury for the herb.. 
And I believe she cooked it in bacon fat.. 
My Aunt Eleanor shared that recipe with me.. smile.. 

Last year we planted violets out by the spring.. 

Terry had picked me a bunch along the road but it is so nice that these ones came back.. 
I am making violet oil and  salve with them... 

Terry was working outside so after awhile I had a cup of tea and read for awhile.. 

My newest book that arrived from Amazon.. 
See who the author is.. 
I also read Let the Hurricane Roar..
I could download it on my Kindle. 
It was excellent!
I had to buy this book as it is not on there.. 
I know I will enjoy this one, too.. 

Here is one I loved also..
Passing this one on to my sister... smile..  
Well, we had a good day but was happy to get back home here.. 

I will enjoy it more when it warms up and it will.  

This is a project I would love to do out at the farm.. 

I have been looking for this wallpaper for a few years now.. 
I wish I could find something similar but thus far no luck.. 
If you have any or know where I can buy some please let me know.. 
Just email or message me please.. 
I have been collecting wallpaper borders which are all different and think I will do that if I can't get the roses.. 

This is a sweet pic of our daughter that was taken yesterday.. 
I so loved it and thought you might like to see it too.. 
I know some of you have followed this blog for over ten years and have known Shonda through the blog that long.. smile.. 
Don't we mommas love our children.. 
We look at a pic of them even when they are grown and smile.. 
They are as dear to us now as they were when they were in their cribs with their little arms outstretched to us.. eh?
So thankful to the Lord for the sweet blessings of our families.. 
No wonder the Lord created the family first.. right? 

I pray that wherever you live in this world that all is well with you and that you have hope.. 
That you know the peace giver and that you know Him by Name.. 
His Name is Jesus... 

Thank you so much for dropping by.. 
I downloaded a bunch of other pics of stuff I have been doing but will do another post on it later.. 
Have made some dandelion jelly, salves, lotion bars and such.. 
 The rhubarb is being made into jams and jellies and such.. 
What have you been busy doing.. 
Our gardens are not all ready to plant yet but soon..
The nice thing about raised bed are they are ready sooner.. 
I hope to hear from you either here or on Face Book.. 
I am called blessed hearth on Instagram if you would like to join me there.. 
I love your comments here and was wondering if you leave one on Anonymous if you would just leave your first name so I know when you comment again.. 
Thanks dearies.. 
May God bless you this week..  


  1. the wallpaper you picture looks like it could be fabric---traditional chintz patterns----and fabric could be used [on the stairs]...instead of wallpaper....[happy spring!]

  2. Another beautiful post as always Faye. I love every single one.

  3. I haven't seen the vegetable on your plate that looks like a green bean with round furl wondered what it is - your dandelion and also the violet salve sound interesting. Amazon have pretty wallpapers in vintage floral designs such as these: I like the idea of papering staircases.

  4. Enjoyed your lovely post very much!!! We're friends in IG but I've never checked out your blog before. I'll definitely visit again!!😊

  5. I love, love how you create such pretty spaces out of simple things, including "fish hash" - you're an inspiration to all who read this blog!

  6. Thank you for posting, Faye. I love your posts, they put a smile on my face. Your pictures are so pretty and arrangements so serene, you certainly have 'the eye.'

    With the rainy weather we have been having your newsy post put the sunshine in my morning.


  7. I remember yesrs ago asking you what fiddle heads were, I have not forgotten :)
    That is a sweet picture of her! The paper would be wonderful on the stairs. You could use scrapbook or wrapping / napkin paper if you decoupaged it on and sealed it. I have seen beautiful furniture photos done like that. No gardening yet much here. The weather has been terrible but I have strawberries I purchased from SC at the road stand put by. Enjoy your summer at the farm, I enjoy all your posts!

  8. Faye, I love your posts. Here in Texas the days are getting much warmer, almost 90, now that the rain has stopped. You have a beautiful daughter and family. So glad we know the peace speaker. I do not know how I would make it without the Lord in my life and an awesome church family.


  9. If you get fabric instead of wallpaper for the steps and then use some sort of fabric glue, that might be a good alternative. Just a thought! I love your posts, Faye. Beautiful, as always!

  10. {{{grinning}}} Another beautiful blog post. Thank you Faye...hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.

  11. Lovely blog you have here. And I believe the Lord may have led me to it because you have written some things I really needed to be reminded of, most importantly is the bit about being good wives and mothers. Since my children have all flown the nest and my hubby retired I've been kind of slack in some areas, your sweetly written kind words served as a reminder to me of how very blessed I am and that I need to be a bit more attentive to the important things, which aren't really things at all, but rather people. I seem to get so caught up in my business, and all that it entails that I often forget to put my family first. I know God will forgive for this, however, He wants me to always be mindful of the purpose for which I am here.
    Thank you for sharing your life, your thoughts and your time with total strangers. And rest assured that you are making a difference in the lives of others. God Bless!

  12. love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures, especially from the farm house and garden...

  13. Lovely blog. I love all the pictures. I especially like the candles throughout. One picture that I like so much is the one on the with a women's hand holding the Bible. I would love to find a picture like that.

  14. Your posts are always a great source of inspiration for me! The luxuriant nature .. the sweetness of the objects that make "home" .. I love paintings with geese! The violet oil is interesting… I didn't know it. Shonda's smile is… precious! I hug you dear ..
    Carmela (memerosie on Instagram)