Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Ramble and Roll for the Month of May....

Good Afternoon everyone.. 
Happy June!! 

I meant to get back to you in May but I woke up this morning in June and realized that it was too late for a May posting.. 
Nevertheless, it is June and so I am early although this post is about  our May days as they flew by .... smile.. 
I hope all is well with you... 

We so love Spring and are enjoying our weather.. 
We have a bit of cool temps and such but no snow... grin.. 

With Spring here we are once again harvesting our Rhubarb.. 
Such a delicious fruit? veggie?  I don't know but we do love it.. 
 Above is my Rhubarb Kimchi that I began making last Spring and couldn't wait to make some more.. 

As you who follow my blog for awhile know that Terry and I have different tastes, shall we say.  
He wouldn't try this on a bet but I decided a long time ago that I could not live on just his kind of food.. grin.. 

Please forgive my writing.. 
But as you can see it has oranges which really make it tasty.. 
Salty and spicy!  
Hope you make some and enjoy it.. 
I found it on the web but could not find it again this year so I am happy I wrote it down !  

I also made my Fermented Rhubarb Pickles.. 

Actually, I made these this morning... 
I already ate 2 jars in the past few weeks.. 
It was the first thing I did with the rhubarb along with Terry's muffins that he loves..  
I posted that recipe on here before.. 
I just wanted to show you my new treasure!  
I have been looking for just the right old picture for my backsplash for quite awhile..  I have tried several but was not really happy with them..  
Then I was into my Step-father's getting a few more of my Momma's things...
 He has sold the house and moved... And remarried!  At 91!  
Sorry... I digress! grin.. 
this was one of my Mom's favourite pics.. 
She had written that on the back.. 
She would write little notes on everything.. 
I so love them! 
I think they are little messages to us! smile.. 

It is perfect there I think... 

Then yesterday (still in May)  smile.. 
I made a couple of batches of Mom's Rhubarb Jam... 

And a Focaccia bread!  
It was so good.. 
It is our favourite jam... 
It is posted on the blog here also.. 

I should have called this a ramble and roll.. 
I may go back and change the title.. smile.. 
It now says... 
May days are past.. 
But rambling along.. 

On Sundays I like to make some special kind of dessert.. 
Not every Sunday but if it works out...  
This was last Sunday's
Rice Custard Pudding and whipped cream.. 
No recipe.. 
Just hit and miss!  smile.. 

And a lovely use of my Lovage Herb plant.. 
Use it as a straw!!
Terry was just here and told me that I had probably told you girls this for the last ten years!! lol!! 

Rolling along and changing the subject all the time as I do in person.. lol.. 

I found this on Instagram and shared it with Shonda.. 
She is a lot like her mother in ways and loved it too.. 

Don't you agree?  
It is nice to look at life like that... 
Gives you a different perspective perhaps!  

Rambling along.. 
Our oldest son, Trevor who lives near us did a sweet thing for his Mom on Mother's Day... 
I had told him that when he was picking fiddleheads to look for yellow violets.. 
I had not seen them in forty years.. 
He sent me this pic and wondered if this is what I meant... 
So I am going to plant them here in the flower bed and next Spring I will have some.. 
I did that when we lived in St. John about 42 years ago... 
So sweet!  

Then when we were down there he picked me these ones.. 

Just a few but enough to press in a book... smile..
You know.... 
Our wee boys never grow up in a mother's head, do they? smile.. 
Nor our wee girls.. 
They will always be our babies... 

Rambling or am I rolling along..... lol
Sweet hubby picked these forget- me- nots for me.. 
And a bucket of these... 
So I could make this..
Dandelion Oil... 
To make these salves and such with... 
I didn't make jelly this year.. 
We still have some left from last year.. 

Now this is not a Spring chore but when you get a huge head of cabbage for a couple of dollars!!

You make up a batch of sauerkraut.
With dill seed this time... yummy!

I went and stayed over night with our daughter as her church was having a lovely evening! 
It was wonderful and such a blessing! 
We had a great time together.. 
Went shopping and out for brunch.. 

And at home she had sourdough that was ready to stretch.. 

So she stretched it.. 
I really don't know what you call this procedure but it looked like stretching it to me... 
She has become quite the sourdough baker!  

Then a wonderful neighbour dropped by with a huge trout for us.. 

It was sooooo good!  
Trevor gave us some fiddleheads too and we had a pure taste of 
Maritime Spring... smile.. 

I have been a bit slack in taking country drive pics.... 
But here is one... 
My favourite view near our home... 

And this one was in our yard.... 

Saw these dear things on one of our town days.. 
Right in the city!!  

We also made a trip to Fredericton on the spur of the moment... 
I had ordered a Vicks Plant from a garden centre there and when they called and had them we decided to go... 
I have wanted this plant for a year.. 
They only start them in the Spring.. 
I was scared they would be gone.. smile.. 
But we had a lovely day.... 
Getting a few other herbs.. 
The pineapple sage is in blossom and the only one they had out!
They said they had not seen it blossom before.. smile.. 
The downtown was gorgeous... 
With it's old houses and blossoms everywhere... 
Terry was so happy to finally get to his favourite buffet... 
We don't eat the same there, either! grin... 
He had lots of Chinese food.. 
And I like other stuff.. 
Cream of Broccoli Soup, Shrimp and more shrimp, Greek Orzo Salad, Garlic stuffed Olives and oh the best Curried Angel Hair Pasta Salad... 
A must try to make recipe for me... smile.. 

Then we have been to the farm here and there.. 
Still a bit damp for this old gal...  
But there have been some lovely warm days so we try and pick those.. 
I am finally after several years unpacking a lot of tote boxes from the cottage and shop.. 
Here is one example.. 

Greenwood China..
A fruit platter and nappies.. 
We will hopefully be having a yard sale before winter to try and get rid of this stuff... 
I really need to get my act together and get it done.. 
I sure don't have the energy level that I had when it arrived there at the farm!
 And with covid and sickness..... 
Well, you know.... 
Life happens! 
But God is always good! 

On Mother's Day Shonda and Dave took us out to dinner at a Inn in St. John... 
It was beautiful and we so enjoyed it!

They took our picture... 
We, like most of you have been blessed with darling children... 
They are so different in a lot of ways except in how they love their parents.. 
Although our youngest is far away he never forgets us.. 
On special days he is always faithful in getting in touch and such.. 
We are so looking forward to seeing him this summer.. 
Prayerfully, it will work out this time.. 
We miss him so much... 
Anyway.. dear hearts.. 
I am glad to finally get it together and chat with you.. 
There is no sense in me making promises to do this more often.. 
It just doesn't seem to work.. 
It is hard to believe that it takes me hours to do.. 
I used to do it practically five times a week but that was a long time ago... 

Thank you so much for visiting.. 
And as always I look forward to hearing from you and reading your sweet comments.. 
Take care of yourselves and your sweet families.. 

Jesus is coming Soon....
James 5-7
 Be patient, therefore, brothers,[a] until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains.


  1. Oh, my goodness. I will read whenever you write. This is such a lovely, cozy post for a rainy summer evening. I love your recipes, always. My favorite photo? The lovely flowers in the vase. Have a cozy evening!

  2. always a pleasure and inspiration to visit with you!

  3. It looks like the Greenwood China was made near me, in Trenton, New Jersey, USA....
    Love your posts!

  4. Always love your posts with lots of pictures!

  5. Love your rambles.

  6. As always Im enjoying your post, I love the picture and believe it,s called " the gleaner", it has always been one of my favorites and I have a smaller one. Thinking of you cousin as always,xo.

  7. Faye, is your mom’s rhubarb jam recipe on your blog? I have SO much rhubarb!!

  8. So happy to see a post from you, Faye. You are always so lovely to read, and I think to myself, 'why don't I get out and do like you do?' Glad that you share with us.

    I am excited to try your rhubarb unusual to me and not using much sugar.

    Thank you again;


  9. So glad you get to see your son! I love your posts, Faye. They are always beautiful and inspiring.