Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Stormy Sunday...

Hello there everyone.. 

We have had a stormy Sunday here today.. 
We woke up to snow which changed to ice and rain.. 
Just a mess in other words... 
We did not get out to church because of the roads but Sunday does not feel the same when we don't get to service.. 

It kind of turned into a lazy day which was kind of nice..
I just puttered around.. 

I had started my new year 2015 calender with my UK mags.. 

I am so cheap and will not buy the Country Living Uk calender as it costs so much with the dollar exchange and mailing.. 
So I just make my own.. 
If you have followed the blog for awhile I guess you know about this.. 

I cut out pics from my magazines and use a glue stick to paste them onto kraft paper book covers.. You could just use kraft wrapping paper, though.. 

I had to wait to buy a calender from the dollar store which I bought yesterday...
 I love putting little ideas that I like around the pages..

Last Fall when I came home I did up the last 3 month pages and glued a wee pic of the Chinese Lanterns garland on there.. 
Then I forgot that I had done that and when I finally got my hands on some lanterns I could not find the idea in my magazines.. 
I spent ages trying to find it and then ended up doing my own thing.. sighhhhh...

Today, I found it glued on October .... smile.. 

One thing I find I miss the most lately is my mind.. grin.. 

I also did this wee project from Country Living today, too.. 

And no, I could not find the idea but did my own thing once again.. I need to get a better plan for saving these ideas.. 
No such thing as paper pinterest,  eh?  
I should paste them in a scrap book, perhaps.. 

I saved these two pics of sweet birds from one of the latest magazines and glued them onto heavy paper.. 
Then cut them out and made a little tab on the back with a narrow strip of paper glued at each end... 
Then just slip them over the branch.. 
I think they used wires... 
Can't remember.. 

I have branches now in the front foyer as most of my Christmas is gone.. 
And a bird nest that Terry found me and just stuck the little birds on the branches..  
Kind of simple but I love paper crafts and this was easy.. 
Later in the week, I hope to rearrange this but at least you get the idea... 

We had quite a bit of seafood the last week.. 
We always do anyway but with the new year we did splurge a bit.. 

Bought some lobsters two times.. 
I know some people would not touch them but we love them.. 
Along with some shrimp and scallops.. 

We both love chowder so I just could not waste these briny lobster shells.. 
Into a pot with carrots, celery, onions, bay leaves and parsley and simmered for a couple of hours.. 
What a beautiful broth for fish soup or chowder.. 
You can freeze it if you like but I used it right up this time.. 

Now the holiday season will be over tonight and the kids go back to school tomorrow.. 
I sure hope I can keep a few of my resolutions  goals for the new year.. 
One of them is to get this house decluttered and organized..  
I would also like to accomplish more projects in the next few Winter months.. 

I would like to make a felted bed runner, a braided tea cozy, learn a bit of tatting and oh lots of stuff... 
What do have lined up for yourselves.. 

This was a pic I took early one morning last week...

I love red... 
The poinsettas will have to go elsewhere, though.. 
For me.. 
Once Christmas is over.. 
It is over... 

I read on someone's site that it is easy to dehydrate bananas and as Terry bought two bags yesterday I decided to try them today.. 
I will let you know how they turn out.. 

I am probably boring you like crazy... 
We have had a great holiday meeting up and visiting with old friends and family.. 
God has so blessed us with dear people in our lives.. 
I am so thankful... 
Did you ever note this verse in Psalms 92:2

To declare your loving kindness in the morning 
And your faithfulness by night.. 
Love this verse.. 
Tonight I am declaring his faithfulness to our family.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

My friend sent me this pic from her phone this morning.. 

Our daughter and her husband ... 
They are down in South Carolina celebrating one of their former pastor's retirement... 
I guess they must have made a little presentation or something.. 
They will fly back tomorrow and this mama is always glad when they get back home again.. 
I am sure they had a great time, though.. 

Well, dear hearts this is it for tonight.. 
One night this week I will have a little questionnaire for you all.. 
Hopefully, you won't mind doing it for me..  

Take care my friends.. 
I hope to hear from you.. 
I have put the Anonymous back on the comment form.. 
Hope that helps for a bit until I have to take it off again.. 

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  1. Hello Faye, Every year I just look at your new calendars in awe! AND those cute little birds are fabulous!!!!!! You are so creative. Just little touches like that make a home become our own! Did you say LOBSTER? Jim and I love lobster. We would eat it every day if we could. And it is funny that I am deathly allergic to most fish! But I can eat lobster ,crab and shrimp...go figure! Shonda will be home soon.

    Be careful of all the strange bugs out there. Our grandson has been sick for over a week!


  2. always enjoy your calendars, and seeing what you're up to,
    frigid weather headed for us mid week!

  3. I have a lot of unfinished project in my quilt room. My goal this year is to finish them before I start some thing new.

  4. Bed runner! YES! That's what those are called! I have made two from an antique yo-yo quilt and now I know what to call them.

    Thanks, Faye. Loved your quiet musings today. Restful January.


  5. I loved the idea of making a calendar how nice to pick your own pictures, a truly delightful idea.

  6. Great idea for an economical calendar. Your Sunday sounds oh so cozy. I'm like you, I don't feel like it's Sunday when I can't go to church. Have a blessed week!

  7. Hi Faye;

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. We did as well, with both kids home.

    I have to google 'felted bed runner' - sounds interesting.


    1. Hi Laurie.. So nice to hear from you.. The felted runner was on Country Living UK site... I loved it.. Give me a call soon as we could meet for coffee.. xo

  8. I am with you Faye, once Christmas is over, it is over :)
    I threw out my poinsettia... but it was pretty much gone anyway.
    Just made more room for herbs :)

    Cute little projects you have there. .... sweet little birds, branches, and nest.
    I so long for Spring!!
    I have done much better this winter... enjoying the season. Better than I've done for decades.. so that's something, I suppose.

    Wishing you a wonderful week... full of great projects and lots of puttering ***smile*.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Sorry about that Blogger acting up lol !
    What a wonderful Idea for the calenders Faye ! I make my own each month with a photo of mine that I took . Your like me I see we both love Donkey's lol ! Wonderful post and photos . Oh you never bore me you have so many great photos , recipes and ideas ! We had wonky weather this past weekend to rain . freezing rain then over night it snowed and it is very cold and windy but the sun is shining so that's makes me feel good ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. Good for you, making a calendar for yourself! I love the wee robins on the branches!
    Have a good week!

  12. Hello Faye,
    I always enjoy your posts. ;-)
    Yes, I have dehydrated bananas before. How did yours turn out? Did you dip yours in a honey/water mix before dehydrating?
    Have a great week,

    1. Hi ?Carla.. No I dipped them in lemon juice but I bet honey and water would be good.. How much do you use? Just wondering.. Thanks for dropping by.. xo

  13. It sure was a nasty day here Sunday as well but we had church in the morning and many braved the roads to get out and start off the new year in church. Tonight the wind is howling like crazy and it's going to be so very cold. I'll be so glad when this cold snap is over with won't you? I took down Christmas today. What a job! Now to redecorate things. Have a cozy week. Pam

  14. Hi Faye,
    As always I just love to read your posts. I put away Christmas over the weekend. We are expecting frigid weather this week so I will snuggle in for the evenings an work on my punch needle projects.
    Have a wonderful week and stay warm.

  15. I'll bet your calendar is grand. I like playing with paper.
    I was home from church because of weather and a sore throat.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  16. What a terrific idea Faye :0) your calendar looks so pretty... mari

  17. Love the calendar idea and the birdies!!
    Hope your weather has cleared a bit since it is headed for us :^( supposed to be 20°F on Thursday AM...not cold by your standards, but it can freeze this ole' Texas lady pretty fast!!
    I'm glad you had a good holiday season...ours went too fast, but was filled with kiddos, food and lots and lots of fun!!
    Blessings to you,

  18. Finally I can comment! Have tried many times but too tech deficient to post under anything but anonymous! THANK YOU for your life giving posts. Always encouraging and inspiring. So grateful to have stumbled across your blog. Much LOVE and gratitude goes out to you...
    xoxo Marybeth F.

  19. Good evening, Faye! Your little birdies on the branches brought a smile to my face - what a cute and clever idea. And speaking of clever ideas.... I love your calendar. You did a beautiful job of creating your own.

    I am so thankful you joined Roses of Inspiration and I hope to see you next week :) Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  20. Everything in this post is so sweet and inspiring! I want to hear about how the dehydrated bananas turned out; that's one of my favorite healthy snacks. (Made less healthy when dipped in Nutella, I'll grant.) And that lobster looks picture-perfect!

  21. i'm visiting from 'The enchanted rose' and must say I have thoroughly enjoyed your post.


  22. I really like your calendar idea, Faye! So pretty and such a great way to personalise one.
    I can't eat lobster but I think your photo of it is fabulous!
    And like you, I also have a de-cluttering the house goal for this year :-)
    Your craft projects sound cozy and so comforting..can't wait to see your felted bed runner.
    Blessings..Trish xx

  23. I'm always amazed at your creativity, Faye. I love the calendar idea and the little birds in a the branches. Love your blog!

  24. A grandeza dos amigos são como as flores raras: sua magnitude fica para sempre.
    (Cristina Beloni)
    Obrigada por compartilhar comigo este 2º aniversário do blog Algodão Tão Doce !!!!
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  25. Great idea to make your own calendar, using a $ store calendar, never thought of that! My husband wants to buy a dehydrator but we can't seem to find on that isn't so expensive.

  26. Hi Faye - I love your posts, I anxiously wait for them so I can "see what Faye's been up to" . Here in the frigid land of Pennsylvania I still have all my Christmas stuff up. I leave it up as long as possible as it helps me get thru the bleakness of January and then I start thinking about Valentine's Day so I have something to look forward to, otherwise I'd probably go mad. You said in your post you thought you might be boring us. Don't ever think that, you have such a cozy style of writing that I feel like I'm right there with you peeking over your shoulder as your making your soup or bread. It's quite nice actually.

  27. I love your calendars! Isn't the cost of a calendar outrageous?