Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ten ways to make Life Lovely..

Hello everyone.. 
Tonight I am posting the lesson from our last Keepers of the Home Meeting.. 
It was called.. 
Ten Ways to Make Life Lovely.. 

1.. Begin and end each day with God.. 
Psalms 92:2
It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening,
When you do this it is kind of like having a soft cushion to fall back on when things don't go right in your day.. 
He provides you with strength that is needed.. 
Psalms 91:14
He shall call on me and I will answer Him.. 
Such a blessing to go through life knowing that God is as close as the mention of His Name.. 
Your home will be blessed when He comes first.. 

2..Love your family

Plan, pray and play with them.. 
Nurture and care for them..
Make plans for them.. 
Enjoy each stage of their lives.. 
Let them know that they are loved and how important they are to you... And always find time to pray with them but also to play with them..
Let them know that their parents love each other and them and that God is the centre of their home.. 

3..Have a decently cleaned home.. 

If you are a less then your best then try to improve.. 
Organize, clean and decorate.. 
Make it a pleasant haven for your family.. 

If you are a clean freak then lighten up a bit and make sure that your family is comfortable and allowed to live in their home..
(spotlessly, of course, smile. )

4..Have wonderful meals.. 

No matter who cooks them.. 
Plan for them and let everyone get involved with the preps.. 
Making your own meals saves money and is much healthier..
Eat fresh foods.. 
Serve late meals on weekends so everyone can be included.. 
Share the tasks and teach your children to prepare meals and set the table, fill the glasses and fold the napkins.. 
Have fun.. Laugh and enjoy your dear ones.. 
During the week.. 
Make a big effort for the whole family to sit around the table for at least one meal a day and chat with each other.. 

Family and Food go together.. 
Say the blessing.. 

5..Take wonderful care of your bed...

There is something so lovely as a nice crisp fresh bed.. 
Change it regularly.. 
Hang out sheets and blankets when you can.. 
Save up money and try to buy beautiful bedding on sale.. 
Consider a cozy duvet and try to buy one.. 
Make some of this freshner for your sheets.. 
I called it Between the Sheets and used to sell it in my shop.. 

You can find the recipe..HERE
Be sure your children's beds are lovely and clean, too.. 
This is a memory that they will not forget.. 

6..Have a list of self-satisfying projects to do.. 

Just whatever you love to do.. 
If you are not creative then do what turns your crank.. 
Clean closets, drawers and such.. Organize some things.. 
Do a study on herbs.. 
Learn a new language..
Study back to basics living and figure out how to live off the grid. 
Make jam..

Just don't give over to depression.. 
Keep your mind occupied by being creative in your own way... 


Do it in your way.. 
Go large or go home.. 
No .. just kidding.. 
Give a tea party or just coffee for two.. 
Make a dinner for several friends or have a supper club.. 
This is something that is good for your heart.. 
It fills you with satisfaction when you have so many happy people about who are your friends.. Set the table, put out the food and enjoy yourselves .. Your children benefit from your efforts, too..
They learn that friends are important and put these memories away in their hearts.. 

8.. Take care of yourself.. 
Eat healthy, lots of activities, take your vitamins, and drink lots of water.. 
Indulge yourself with creams and such that you love.. 
Take long candlelit baths and curl up and read a book or whatever you do to relax..
Have special scents for your home as well as yourself..  
Maybe one of your projects could be to make a special little spot just for you.. 
A lovely chair, a pile of books and a cozy throw.. 
Make it your place to pray and meet the Lord there .. 

9..Keep a Journal..

So many kinds of journals... 
Daily, prayer, gratitude, recipe, decor, garden or photos.. 
When our first grandson was born I bought a special journal to record whatever about this precious gift we were being given.. 
His name is Jared and it became my Jared Journal.. 
He is 18 now.. 
How the years have flown.. 
Someday I may show it to him.. smile.. 

10.. Have a thankful heart.. 

The Lord loves a thankful heart and I pray that I have one.. 
Every day I am blessed and want to be thankful.. 
for the blessings of yesterday, today and tomorrow.. 

And so dear hearts this is all for today.. 
I hope this will bless you in some way.. 
We all have our strengths and weaknesses... 
Our highs and lows .. 
The only thing we can depend on is our Lord.. 
He makes our life lovely.. 

I need to put some of these things in effect in my own home and life .. 
Which ones spoke to you the most? 
I want to entertain more.. 
Keep my house cleaner.. 
Take better care of myself.. 
Make sure God is always foremost in my life and home.. 
And I need to be more thankful.. 

I am grateful you dropped by and I love hearing from you.. 
Hope you had a great day.. 
We went to church for two blessed services this morning, went out to dinner with some dear friends and then had a sweet visit from our son and his family... 

Now, I finish my day by chatting with you.. 
Life is good and I am blessed. 

PS..thanks for liking my FB page ... ox





  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring post! Such great advice.

  2. I thank God for this wonderful day. Once there were two lovely girls driving to the video store to pick up a movie as they were going to have family movie night with their sisters, brother, Mom and Dad. A drunk driver hit their car face on and killed my darling niece, Kelly Jo......the other darling niece, Danielle, did live but with many complications. She has many plates and screws and etc. in her whole body. She regained strength and has come a long ways. She married the love of her life...known each other for many years of their lives. They go to the same church, too. Today was the marvelous baby shower for the niece that lived. It was fantastic and it's a boy. There were so many people there. I just know God had something to do with this marvelous day. So, for me, Faye, I will be adding God into my life more and more each and every day. That is what I am going to strive for. I adore this post. So many things to think about. Wonderfully written, too. Thank you so much. I will have to read it over again tomorrow,


  3. A truly wonderful post, with great advice. It is how I try to live my life, thank you for sharing.

  4. What wise words, dear Faye. As I thought about what you asked, I wish in my heart I could show hospitality more often in our home, but that hasn't been afforded me much with our travel schedule so full. I hope when I return to Manila that can change.

    Hugs and happy week,

  5. I love this list - such good things and for some reason, just reading this makes me feel peaceful! I'm going to try your lavender refresher. We love that smell!

  6. "Do what turns your crank." LOL!!!! Love it.

    This was such a beautiful post, Faye. I've been in such a dreary mood lately (mostly weather related) and this post helped give me some ideas. I need to work on the bed thing. My bedroom tends to be the dumping ground for everything and I need to change that.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Dear Faye,

    Thank you so much for this lovely post. I need improvement in so many areas, but it the fun for me is in the trying and seeing what works best. ~smile~....It is always a joy to visit here. xo

  8. Faye - this is such a lovely post. If it is okay with you, I plan to share a link to it on my blog. Thank you for your insights, lovely pictures and warm suggestions. Blessings

    1. Yes, that would be fine, Wendy.. I appreciate your visit.. xo

  9. I am visiting from Wendy's and really appreciate this beautiful post. I keep a journal and will jot down your points in it today. Thank you so much for sharing! Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. Linda Andrews SmithFebruary 9, 2015 at 8:15 AM

    Faye, another beautiful post. Thank you for sharing all the thought provoking insights for us to think and pray over and as always the beautiful pictures. I think I will be reading this post over several more times (slowly) as I let each point sink in :) Have a blessed day!

  11. I too think it is very important to start the day out with our Lord, it just puts everything in the right path. When our daughter was home she most enjoyed when we came together for our meal and everyone talked about their day, so glad I made that a priority. I do need to work on keeping the home cleaner, which probably means I should spend less time on the computer, something I need to work toward :)

  12. Beautiful suggestions for each one of us to live by. Such a lovely post Faye. Can you believe we haven't had any snow for a few days? Have a blessed week. Pam

  13. Thank you Faye! God is good and so faithful! I need to make Him the mainstay of our family and I need help to manage all that needs doing! Your post has been so enlightening! Thank you for being an encourager!
    God bless!

  14. Just what I needed on this cold wet winter day. Thanks for the warm hearted suggestions and cozy ideas. Warm Blessings!♥~Amy

  15. Dear Faye....a lovely blog, and your 10 ideas are just right for today. Off to finish a baked chicken dinner. I'll be back, d, from homeandharvest

  16. Hi Faye, such a lovely post, warm and cozy.Thank you, Francine.

  17. This is so true. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  18. What a lovely list and reminder of what is important in life. Thank you for sharing.

  19. May I share with our Ladies Bible Study? Just beautiful. Faye!

    1. Hi Sue..Yes, you may share it.. I hope it is a help... Thanks for dropping by.
      God bless.. xo

  20. Thank you, Faye.

    These thoughts are just beautiful, I feel that you are so right.

    An excellent reminder of a lovely life practice.


  21. Hello Faye, I have just started to follow your blog and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy it. This post today is wonderful, I like it's quietness, leaving us time (as you say) to thank Him who is the giver of all things. I try to aspire to what you have written today, but like so many " I must try harder". Have a wonderfully Blessed week. Woo xx

  22. I do all of them! Love your list and I agree on each and every single one. Journaling gives me insight and I do start every morning in prayer, makes me thankful and cheerful!

  23. Hello! I'm visiting from Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration.
    Yours is a list worth writing down and remembering! Thank you for sharing!

  24. What a beautiful post! So many things to do to make life lovely....

  25. I love this post. Beautiful ideas. Ones that use whatever you already have in your heart.

  26. this is such a beautiful entry, with so many things to think about everyday!! i incorporate many of these into my everyday life and feel my family and i are so much better for it!!

    a great reminder and your images are beautiful!!!

  27. Wonderful post. I especially like the last one "have a thankful heart". When we have that, most everything else falls into place.

  28. Hello dear Faye
    Such a beautiful post - every word!
    It pays to be reminded of the importance of setting the example for a good family life.
    Then in turn this becomes the fibre of our children's lives too - which I see when I visit my daughter and her family in France. She is now sharing these gifts with her own family.
    Keeping God in our lives is so important and I love that you have a special place for your special conversations with Our Lord.
    I hope all of your followers and every participant at Stephanie's party will read and digest your inspiring post.
    Thank you Faye
    Hugs and Blessings
    Shane xox

  29. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! And you are absolutely right about all of them!

  30. Such nice things to do for ourselves and loved ones. Not your typical list which I really appreciate. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Love this list...thank you for sharing!

  32. Those are "lovely" lessons!!! Thank you so much for writing that all up for us!
    Blessings to you,

  33. Hello Faye. First, thank you for leaving the nice words on my blog. I appreciate that, and for your introduction. I'm now following your blog, too. Second, this post is excellent. Our homes needs to be both a spiritual and a physical sanctuary, and your post addressed both aspects so well. I wonder if the view of the home interior through that blue door is your house. I love it. That's my kind of cottage! xxx ~ Nancy

  34. I love your post today. Thank you for sharing.
    I love when your bed is all fresh and new sheets are on. I always love to hang my bedding out on a COLD Winters day to make everything fresh inside.

    Beautiful post, thank you for writing it up!

  35. Dearest Faye...this beautiful post blessed me so much today! I'm storing this precious encouragement for one day when I'm queen of my own dear abode... Hugs to you! Kelly xx

  36. Wow, I *loved* this post! So inspiriting Faye (I will be pinning this)... Thank you so much for adding this to the Art of Home-Making Mondays. It has blessed my morning.

    P.S. The between the sheet link wasn't working (at least on my end)...

    1. Thank you, dear JES. for the lovely words and I think I have fixed the problem.. Sorry about that.. xo

  37. Great advice and your photos accompany the words with grace. xoox

  38. Oh my dear Faye, what a beautiful heartfelt post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing it at Roses of Inspiration.

    May you have a beautiful Valentine's Day :) Hugs!

  39. I like the picture looking through the window.

  40. What a blessed post Faye I love it! I've posted the link to my Facebook so I can refer back to it often x You've got such a gift for imparting wisdom dear lady x Especially like what you wrote about making your bed and your children's beds lovely...I always remember my own mum making my bed fresh, clean and warm with a hot water bottle! So, I try to do the same for my little ones!
    God bless you Faye!
    Love, Carly x

  41. Oh Faye, you do not know how much you have blessed me through this post. Thank you for inspiring me to do better around my home and loved ones. I have been feeling down in the dumps lately, but just reading through this beautiful post has made me feel so much better.

    I think God wanted me to read this today, and lead me here :)