Monday, April 13, 2015

As Keeper of my Home...

Welcome everyone to the Blessed Hearth today..

We are having some lovely Spring temps here in New Brunswick and the reality of Spring is here.. 
Granted, we have a lot of snow but it reduces daily... 

My Mom's tulips came up through the snow.. 
She told me that you just can't stop Spring.. 
Thank the Lord.. smile.. 

With sunshine and Spring weather comes the joy of being at home... 

Even though we are retired I still want to look for ways to improve and to enjoy the role as the keeper of my home..
I want to find joy in the daily routine and to have fun and experience new things..  I always want to celebrate life and to feel creative energy daily.. 
It is important for me to look for inspiration and to be sure that whatever I do that I do it as to the Lord.. 
Even if I am retired.. smile.. 
Is that how you feel?.. 

Some mamas work outside of the home but home is still there at the end of the day and needs love and attention.. 
Dishes need washed, meals made and laundry is always waiting in the wings... smile.. 
If we can enjoy and love our role then life is so much better.... 
When Mama is happy then everyone is happy.. grin.. 

I love lists.. 
I am a list maker or list fanatic or whatever but when I have a list then I can get on with whatever is there for me to do.. 
Tonight I thought I would post a list of a few goals,  projects and even challenges that I am using to inspire me during this Spring season.. 

The photos are a mixture of mine and Pinterest.. 
I seldom use Pinterest pics and strive to use my own but for this post I needed both..

Here goes... 

1.  The number one goal on my list is to study and memorize more of the Word of God..
2.. To eat a healthy breakfast each morning..
I generally just want coffee... smile.. 

3.  To keep my kitchen clean and organized each and every day ..
This is a challenge.. grin..  

4.. To make good and nutritious meals for Terry and I..
5.  To finish all of the projects that I have begun...
6.. To visit somewhere interesting this year to get inspiration and appreciation of home when we return.. 
Perhaps Old Quebec City.. 
our son took this photo.. 
7.. To turn my Sun Room into the space I want it to be..

8.. To entertain effortlessly often.. 

9.. To enjoy every opportunity I can with my dear family..
Life is short and God has so blessed us .. 
They inspire and enrich my life because I am their Mama.. 
A role that I take very seriously and thank God for daily.. 
10.. To enjoy this old cottage that God has blessed us with and to enjoy sweet fellowship there..
Looking forward to grandsons visiting along with family and friends..  
11.. To spend more time with friends who enrich my life and help me appreciate my role as they do theirs..

12.. To finish the pantry at our old farm.. 
We hope to spend a week there as soon as the snow goes down.. 
Hopefully this is one project that will get well started.. smile.. 
This picture from Pinterst is my inspiration.. smile

13.. To find some old wallpaper SOMEWHERE and paper the stairwell at the farm like this... 
Don't you love this pinterest photo?  

14.  To bake up new recipes for bread from an old cookbook that I found at Good Will..
14.. To make lots of home made salves, lotions and such..
To improve the herb gardens..  
Even though I have closed my shop I would like to have these type of things available to sell... 
15.. To make my living room a much more cosy spot and try to establish my new style... 
No not Victorian.. grin..
Warm and well loved is how I see it.. 
I read the words British Country somewhere and as I love the pics in the UK Country mags then I think that is it.. 

This was the livingroom in a Julia Roberts movie that kind of turned my crank even though it so old fashioned... 
16..To improve the Keepers of the Home meetings..
To find ways to keep us all  interested and inspired..  

17.. Spring cleaning and redecorating the guest bedrooms.. 
I worked on this one all day today.. 
I have to buy new curtains and my style has changed.. 
Hopefully, this one will be done this week and Terry has the new floor done in another one.. 
We will pick out paint tomorrow for that room.. smile.. 

18.. To sew creations with some of my fabric stash... 

19.. A sweet project that would be lovely for Spring.. 

20.. the last one I will share tonight.. grin.. 
Lots of jams and jellies.. 

This is all for tonight, dear friends.. 
Hope something here has inspired you all... 

Thank you so much for dropping by and your lovely comments.. 
God bless you in your role as Keeper of your Homes.. 




  1. I LOVE your post and your blog! Please visit mine at I host a weekly link up party each Wednesday, and I would love for you to share your posts there. God bless!
    So Much At Home

  2. I love this list. Most of them are things I can apply to my own life. I also appreciate the fact that although you are retired, you're not sitting back and just relaxing, but keep striving to better yourself and your surroundings for those you love.

  3. I find so much to inspire me in your good intentions and pretty photos.

  4. Enjoyed this list of your goals. Thank you for inspiration each time.

  5. Oh Faye, there is so much to love in this post. The photos are a joy to view, and I love the verse on the first one. Personally, I like an organized kitchen, but I don't worry a bit if mine is cluttered since it's in constant use. ;) Those stairs are captivating - wishing I had stairs other than to the basement. That is such a cute treatment for them.
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  6. You are such a Godly yet down to earth you! My hubby and I plan to visit old Quebec this summer...

  7. You have no idea how inspiring this list is and how much I want it to be mine. :) love that stairwell idea...can't do it though... since we're renters and our steps are carpeted. oh well.

    #8 is my favorite. and so are your place settings. That butter dish!! So neat.

  8. Oh Faye, I just love those stairs and I have some stairs waiting to be painted after we re did our living room in January. Those wallpapered stairs are BEAUTIFUL! They would require just the right paper though, but that has inspired me. Old Quebec City is lovely, I hope you get to go, that would be a nice trip. Have you ever read Country Life magazine? It is from the UK, and I get it from my library. It is amazing, and inspiring! Your list is also inspiring, thank you!! I am so glad that spring is starting to show up here now!

  9. Hi Faye,
    Such a sweet post! It's good for us to re-evaluate our direction every once in a while, and make adjustments :) I too have noticed that my decorating taste has changed a bit.
    What nice goals you have, and such fun projects!! I just know that you will accomplish all of your goals!!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas, and goals with us, and for being an inspiration.


  10. I really enjoyed reading your post. It was like a breath of fresh air. You've inspired me....I'm going to try my hand at the flower pot with the candle. Simply lovely!

    Your newest follower :)

  11. Good Morning, You are so right, it is all about home...Christ centered and filled with peace and love!
    Your blog is lovely and filled with what a woman that keeps her home will be inspired and challenged by.
    I have added you to my sidebar to be a blessing to others! Yours in Christ Roxy

  12. Your goals are wonderful and I just LOVE your kitchen! It is beautiful!

  13. Wow, that is quite a list Faye. I somehow know that you will achieve most of the things on it too. You never stop! :) I think about things that need to be done, spruced up etc. but can't seem to get going on them. Our guest room is one that really needs some work as it's become a catch all. Oh dear. Good thing we don't have company often! I enjoyed seeing what excites and motivates you though. Enjoy these lovely spring days. xx Pam

  14. Oh Faye after reading that wonderful list, how can you claim to be retired?!!!!
    And then you finish with, 'That's all'! what an understatement as you sound busier than ever! I agree that the role of wife and mother are so so important, well said!\
    God bless! Thanks!

  15. What a great list...and I love your decorating style. I want that sunroom too! :)

  16. You my friend, are an inspiration! Beautiful!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...Blessings

  17. Oh my sweet Faye, I am so inspired by your list. Take your time making everything and enjoy the process :0)

  18. Your sunroom is delightful! I enjoyed your post very much....

  19. You always inspire, Faye! I found a tin for our tea bags...not a Twinings, but it has my favorite flower on it...pansies. :) Still working on the rest of the area. :) Because of you sharing your mother's jam recipe last year I once again make jams! I am wanting to find a good recipe for gooseberry jam.

    I loved your list...and the sunroom picture is lovely. I love pictures that inspire us. And the living room is my favorite! It is cozy and gives such a feeling of relaxing...your living room makes me feel the same way! xo

  20. Hi Faye. Lovely post as usual. Love your list and photos. So many things you have on your list are also things I would like to do. I am trying though and you are very inspirational.
    Happy Spring!

  21. Lovely post Faye ! Nature and the country side is what inspires me . Glad spring has finally showed up there , here it is well on it's way I ma glad to say I have been in my gardens the past few days playing in the dirt lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  22. This post was an interesting and inspiring read. :-) I like the "British Country" style too. My husband says my style is "eclectic cottage". :-D I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I'll go with it. ;-)

  23. I always enjoy your posts. They encourage me so much. And give me new ideas.
    I am excited to do more with my Fresh Flower and Produce stand this summer.
    xx oo

  24. Wonderfully entertaining post, saw so much that I could nod my head with and say YES! lol... You have 20 things on your list, and that is a lot, but I bet you will be able to work on much of it. You have lots to keep you busy in the New Brunswick spring time :) Isn't it wonderful to see the crocuses and tulips even coming up through the snow, amazing flowers aren't they! May your week continue to be blessed so you are able to mark "done" through many of your list items :)

  25. I so love reading all your post. I had to laugh tonight because we had so many of the same thing on our list. I am going to have to show your post to my husband to prove to him that there are other people out there who's breakfast consist of coffee only. That I am Not the only one as he thinks. LOl

  26. Lovely post Faye! You list of things to accomplish is very much like mine...except, alas, I have no sun room. Making a lovely home, healthy meals and spending time with family and friends is what life is all about. Enjoy creating! Blessings

  27. That is quite the list dear lady. I'm sure you have already accomplished a few of them, but don't realize it. I would be interested in knowing what your style is instead of prim, or is it another form of prim?
    I think of you often!
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. Wonderful blog, really rather inspiring with all that you have said. God Bless Woo xx

  29. I love the papered staircase! I hope you find what you need to get it done. Please post us some pictures of the finished project.

  30. Love, love, love this entire post!

  31. Delightful post, dear Faye :) Guess what? I generally just want coffee too :) I usually get hungry around 9:30 or 10:00.

    Complete projects... that was a good one and one I needed to be reminded of. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I truly appreciate YOU! Hugs!

  32. I just found your blog this morning. What an encouraging little space it is!

  33. Oh, such an inspiring post, Faye! Truly, I feel so refreshed and inspired after reading! Thank you for sharing a few of your hopes for this pretty season and I loved all the photographs!
    Blessings to you and enjoy creating and making your home special:)
    Much love in Christ,

  34. can practice on me ;)

  35. Good morning Faye
    Oh I love your list and I so love the photos of your beautiful comfortable home. I so wish I could meet you some day and sit in that wonderful sunlit sun beautiful.
    Blessings to you

  36. I really enjoyed reading this and would like to write some of these points in my journal. I am retired too but still like to change things up and develop new habits along the way....good ones, I hope! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  37. Looks like you have alot of wonderful goals in mind for this year, I love the idea's you found. We have reached 80 degrees F here today, a bit above average but we spent all day out in the yard weeding and cutting grass, my back and knees know it too :)

  38. Yes, this was inspiring!!! I am ready to walk away from this computer and enjoy my home right now!! I loved all your photos... You are a blessing Faye! Thank you for linking up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

  39. Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that this post has been *featured* on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! We hope to see you at our new link up today :)

  40. Congrats on the feature at JES's link party! In my earlier comment I may have omitted saying I love your red transfer ware. :) Have a great week!

  41. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your home. Stopping by from JES.

  42. Great list - quite a few on there that I would like to get done also. I am a list maker too! (Visiting from Jes' Art of Home Making)
    Lori from LL Farm

  43. I love your list. I make a list of what I want to sew/craft, but this is so much more. I may have to sit down and think through a list of my own. I love lists. They help me to stay focused on what is important.

  44. This was a pleasure to read! I love it all. From a fellow Canadian! Diane

  45. Hi Faye its Cindy here I love your blog it reminds me of the life I want, Thank you for taking your time to share this,

  46. I just love you blog Faye it reminds me of who I wanna be.