Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Farm Diary 8 Almost over..

Good Morning everyone.. 
Here I am finally..

We have not been home very much the last few weeks and when we were we did not have time for the internet except to check a few quick emails and that was all.. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I am home alone.. 
Doing laundry... smile.. 
I have all day to hang it out and fold and put away whatever I am not taking back with us.. 
Terry has gone to Moncton to help our youngest son so I am just enjoying being here at home.. 

We are not back to stay yet.. 

We did get our turkeys put in the freezer and they were large.. 
I think anyway.. 
From 25 pounds down to 16... 

One was called Thanksgiving and will be in the oven on Monday which is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.. 
All the family will be at the farm for the grand finale and then we will mostly be home, I think..  

Our garden work is almost finished and the herb beds are done.. 
We really enjoyed our stay this summer and will consider doing it again next summer if all goes well... 

The pics above are just a few I had in my camera.. 
The summer has certainly not been all work.. 
Lots of play.. 
Day trips to the Bay, shopping across the border and town days... 

One Saturday was spent at a Keepers of the Home friend's house.. 
Remember Faye with the pantry and log house that I did a post on once? 
Well, she hosted a lovely harvest day for us all and it was great !! 
Lots of girls and lots of info on canning, preserving, drying, kefir, herbs and such.. 
She has lots of neat equipment to demonstrate like the Tomato press in the pic.. 
Then a lovely lunch and lots of fun.. 
Were so blessed to have some new ones with us, too.. 

Our next meeting is on the 15th at our fellowship hall at our church in Salisbury and is a bread day.. 
Learning to make different breads and the use of the pizza stones and such... 
You are invited.. 
Just email or call me.. 

Then there are pics of some of my canning and herbs and such... 

A few of our trip to PEI doing the 70 mile yard sale day.. 
What fun that was... 
Beautiful scenery, good buys and just a great day together.. 
There really is still no one I would rather go with then the dear man who tries to get me right up where I don't need to walk a lot with my blessed feet.. smile.. 

Then just a few fall days that we are having here now.. 

I dug out some fall decor to take to the farm.. 
We have spent the last few Thanksgivings at the cottage in St. Martins so all of the decorations are almost all down there.. 

We will try celebrating at the farm for a change and hope it turns out ok.. The house is a lot smaller then the cottage and when you have everyone it can be a crowd... 
But the grandsons insisted that this was the place to go.. smile.. 

I hope all is well with you my dears and soon I will be back and on here again, Lord willing.. 

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely notes.. I get my sweet sister to read them to me on the phone as you know I have no internet at the farm... 

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you sweet friends.. 
Till next time.. 
Faye... xo


  1. Good morning Faye
    I again, enjoyed your lovely post.
    Your time at the farm seems to be your most enjoyable time it seems. Such wonderful things you post about while there. Although I DO enjoy your posts from 'home' as well. All are wonderful.
    That 25 lb. turkey is what we need for our family when we are all together!!!
    Blessings my friend

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Faye. You are one of the busiest productive ladies I ever met. You always impress me. All the best, Gwen

  3. What a beautiful post! And great inspiration for fall! I always enjoy your Homemaker Club gatherings. So much fun! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Just look at the glorious colour in the hill behind your farm! It is getting beautiful up this way too and I'm taking lots of pictures. Glad you had a good summer at the farm although I sure missed your posts where you have no internet there. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family gathered around the farmhouse table. Blessings and hugs to you Faye. Pam

  5. Such an inspirational post. You certainly have kept yourself busy and in such beautiful surroundings. Happy Thanksgiving for next week, enjoy having all your family around you.

  6. Faye, this lovely post has put a smile on my face and warmed my heart..... thank you!
    I love all the pictures; what a beautiful place you have there.

    Wishing you a very happy, and healthy Thanksgiving day.


  7. So happy to have a post from you! I loved seeing all that you've been up to since your last post. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  8. You share the loveliest photos of home! Glad to see all is well at the farm! :)

  9. I just love to read your posts Faye. They warm the soul. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family.

  10. Hello, such a lovely post, wonderful photographs. Although I haven't been on Bloglovin very much, I do miss your blogs, so comforting, homely and informative. Happy Thanksgiving to you..Woo xx

  11. Hello,
    I have loved your farm posts. I have enjoyed going along with you on your explores.
    Looking forward to hearing about your Thanksgiving.
    xx oo

  12. Catching up here as I have been out side in this lovely fall weather we to have been having getting my gardens done for their long nap . Wonderful photos and post . I am glad you have been enjoying your time at the farm with your hubs Terry and taking road trips to . Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this weekend !

  13. Hello Dear Faye and so lovely to hear that you've enjoyed a lovely summer at the farm! It is so pretty there I can see why you stayed!
    Have a blessed time with your family this Thanksgiving!

  14. What a perfect Summer you have enjoyed!

  15. we are so GLAD YOUR SUMMER WAS GREAT!But we sure do miss you while you are gone!

  16. Beautiful post and photos ♥ Hugs ♥