Monday, July 22, 2019

Summer Days on the Farm...

Happy Monday dear hearts!  
Here I am again finally!  
How are you all doing?  
We are getting along and enjoying our summer days for the most part.. 
I am really enjoying my swing on the little deck at the farm.. 
I think I mentioned Terry bought it for ten dollars at an auction.. 
It is a bit dilapidated but comfy non the less.. 
That is my view up above when I am sitting sideways.. grin.. 
And this is the view if I turn my head.. One of our raised beds... 
Just full of goodness.. 
Our gardens are finally starting to grow with some lovely hot weather we have been having.. 
It was really warm today but now has clouded up and I think it will rain.. 
We need that too.. 
This is another view of the barn.. 
An old birdhouse Terry made years and years ago when we were in the Craft Business... 
Can't say that I miss that though!  
There are many good things about retirement.. 
One being you only work at what you want to.. 
Or perhaps not at all.. grin.. 

We are spending several days a week at the farm but still not overnight.. 
I really thought we would be by now but am not minding coming home at nights at all.. 
Still accomplishing some stuff out there but not as much if we were staying .. We may yet!  Who knows?  smile.. 

Here is an Instagram post that I had on..
Just a casual table setting out there.. 

One of the meals out there at noon...  
Washed some Romaine lettuce.. 
Used one of my lettuce drying bags made from an absorbent tea towel.. I think I bought them at Costco.. 
Just sew up the sides and there you have it..
Put in the washed lettuces or greens and roll up and keep in fridge till you need them or use right away..  
I detest salad spinners but to each her own, eh!
A few garlic fried shrimp and toast and there was our noon meal..
oh .. and Caesar Salad...  

Another little hint for you which you probably know.. 

But if you buy this kind of cheese... 
Terry's favourite!  
I like shaving it off a block but not him so we compromise.. 
I have mine and he has his.. grin.. 
The cover off the plastic jar fits onto a mason jar.. 

Now... Isn't that nicer?  smile.. 

I picked some Swiss Chard one day for lunch.. 
And made this soup... 
Oh my word.. 
It was delicious and soooo easy.. 

No recipe.. 
Enough for two people.. 
But I ate it all.. 
Terry of course did not want to try it.. sigh.. 
I had to make him something else.. 

Swiss Chard Soup
Put some water on to boil and cook 1/2 cup of Couscous according to directions.. 
Really it only takes about 10 minutes.. Drain.. 
In a pot with a bit of oil saute up some garlic cloves, minced or if you have garlic scapes which I did then
 chop a couple of them up.. Add chopped onion if you like.. Do this for a few minutes then add
 3 cups of chicken broth along with salt, pepper, chili flakes, and a big handful of Chard.. 
Simmer until chard is cooked and add drained couscous.. 
Add some shaved parm or shake in some from the above jar.. 
Oh.. I chopped up the chard and stems.. 

We don't spend all of our days at the farm and this was a special day.. 

Every Summer we spend a day together as Family Day.
We all went to church together first at Mission Point Church where Shonda, Dave and the boys attend.. 
It was fantastic.. 
So enjoyed seeing old friends, too.. 
Then we headed for the Irving Nature Park in West St. John.. 
What a lovely place.. 
Great places to have a picnic and BBQ.. 
The food of course was delicious and we had so much fun!  
Then the kids all took a hike but Terry and I sat on the beach.. 
I told them not to rush.. 
The wind was blowing and the waves were gorgeous!  
My new go-to place, I think... 
Wish it wasn't so far away.. 
But when we can we will be popping over there if only for an hour..

Then they all came and found us.. 
This is a special pic for me.. 
Our grandsons and me minus one.. 
Sweet Jared who is the oldest had to work.. 
Missed him and his uncle.. 
It times like this when we wish our youngest son lived near but this is how it is... 
We just sat around there and gabbed then headed for the closest Tim Horton's and gabbed some more.. smile.. 
What a great day! 
So thankful for the blessing of family.. 
God has been good to us..

Now back to farm stuff..  
My first bunch of Lavender to dry.. 
I am so excited that all my plants survived the Winter.. 
Hanging them to dry as I pick them.. 
There will be several more bunches, I think.. 

Then one afternoon I made the bunting for outside.. 

And the dear man hung it for me.. 
From the lilac tree to the apple one.. 
We think of Charlie often when we are doing things like this outside..  
We do miss him...

And the bunting is up... 

Been collecting some Wild Medicine.. 

The dehydrator is running with roses at the moment.. 
I will need to get them out soon.. 
Hoping to make soap as well as medicine this Fall...

I found out something that you girls probably have known for years but I am a slow learner.. 

I was unpacking a few boxes of linens and lace from the cottage... 
I came across a few old old white pillowcases which had yellowed but the crochet on them was lovely... 
I washed them up and put them out there on the line.. 
I believe I showed a pic last post.. 
The rain came and so I just left them on the line and we didn't get back for a few days.. 
The sun had been out and it had been hot.. 
Those darling pillowcases are now as white as snow!!!  
So when you drive by here or out there you may see white blowing in the breeze.. 
I have lots of old linens and instead of tearing off the lace I will be able to use them.. 
Did you know that trick?  

Well it was lovely chatting with you all.. 
I make long posts because I don't get to it often enough.. 
So please bear with me.. 
Am so loving these bright summer days.. 
Hope they last for awhile yet, eh!  
Of course we have had wonderful weather.. 
Not too hot except for a few days here and there.. 
So I am enjoying them so much.. 

Take care my friends and I thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments here and on FB.. 
Love your comments on Instagram, too.. 

Here is a pic I put on Instagram today.. 
The comment I put on said.. 
Just when you want to bean him he brings you flowers.. 
The hash tags read.. 
my fave flowers
wild flowers
hubby sweetness
sometimes he is a pain though
thankful to God for him.. 

For some reason I see that Shonda commented with LOL symbols.. 
Yup... she knows.. LOL.. 

Bye for now luvies and I will be praying for you and you pray for me.. 
God is still on the Throne.. 


  1. You make this kind of living so easy going, smiles. I say that nicely, Faye, truly I do. smiles

    Thank you for the many smiles.

  2. I love all the pictures and all the fun things you have been doing. The bunting is so pretty. I still haven't made any yet but I want to. I think it would look cute hanging in my garden. Enjoy your day, dear friend. God bless.

  3. Another lovely post, thank you.

  4. Love your farm Faye, and all of the photos and especially the photo of you with your grandsons. You mentioned craft sales. I lived in New Brunswick in the early 1990's, in Geary. My friend Debbie and I had a craft business and we used to haul our wares all over the province to craft sales everywhere, especially in the months leading up to Christmas. I was thinking its just possible that we were at some of the same sales and never even knew it. What a lovely thought. Hope you are enjoying more summer weather. We are having a heat wave here, about time and all. Love and hugs, and blessings to you. xoxo

  5. Such a lovely post and so many great tips I have never heard before, especially how to whiten yellowing linens and the t-towel salad storer/shaker - wonderful :) I loved all your pictures and writing. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  6. What a lovely lovely post. I too am enjoying retirement and achieving things but at a slower pace. Love all your photos - what a great day to have with the family. Time by the sea or lake is so good for the soul.

  7. Your pictures are so beautiful and thank you for the lettuce bag tip. I waste a lot of lettuce so I will try it like right now. Your grand boys are so handsome, I know you are so proud of each one of them. I especially like the bunting, altho I wouldn't have a spot to hang one, it is a unique idea. Thanks for flower and old barn pics too!!!

  8. This is another of your beautiful and inspiring posts. As always, I love your wonderful pictures. Of course, my favorite this time is you with the grandsons...just priceless.

  9. Fun post! Thanks for sharing all your going~ons with us.
    I love that you have a tradition of 'Family Day'! Your Grands are so adorable too!

    Oh, I do love soup, and could eat it most every day, and nearly every meal ~*smile*.
    Not my sweet husband though. He would not like soup every day!

    Yes.. I knew of the 'hint' to keep whites bright.
    Clotheslines are the best :)

    Smiles :)

  10. Thanks so much for including us in your life- for the pictures and heart felt tales. It's such a blessing to see a healthy, God blessed family! God bless you Faye Henry!
    much love, Linn

  11. Such beautiful photos! You have been very busy! Thanks for the tip about the cheese top. I don't like putting the container on the table so I usually put it in a bowl with a spoon... this tip will save me having to wash the dish and spoon!