Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Just Putting Away...

please excuse my messy kitchen
i make such a mess when i am pickling.. 

Good Afternoon dear hearts..
Just a wee post for you of my first few days of just putting away for the winter season... 
Terry  has been busy picking garden veggies. 
Green beans, swiss chard, beet greens and such.. 

I always can our green beans as we like the taste more than frozen ones and they are more shelf stable..

We bought fifty pounds of pickling cucumbers from a farmer as ours are not ready yet except for a few here and there.. 
I like to get them done up and over with..

I made Bread and Butter Pickles, Sweet Dills, Sandwich Dills, Farmer Pickles and my favourite Baba's Dill Pickles..
They are said to be the best pickle this side of the Vistabula River...  
I used oak leaves to keep them crisp and in the Sandwich dills I used black tea instead of pickle crisp...
Nor did I have any grape leaves which a lot of people use.   

I think there are 20 litres of green beans done up . 
I am also doing up Salad Beans.. 
They make delicious winter salads.. 
Our oldest son used to love that salad... 

Terry picked another pail yesterday.. 
I need to get them done soon but my knee is acting up.. 
Of all times!! 😟 
But... this too shall pass.. 
Tis amazing what can be accomplished sitting on a stool... 😊
I am resting it again today as I kind of messed it up again last night.. 
It is really nice day to rest though as it is pouring rain... 

Terry requests these cookies every once in a blue moon.... 

We call them Chocolate Macaroons... 
Everyone has a name for them but many are different.. 
What is your name for them?  

Here is my recipe in case you would like it... 

Chocolate Macaroons. 
In a saucepan put in 2 cups of white sugar, 1/2 cup of butter or margarine and 1/2 cup of milk. 
Bring to a good boil and boil for about one and half minutes.. 
Then add 3 cups of oatmeal, 1 cup of desiccated coconut and 1/2 cup of cocoa.. 
I always mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk together before adding to sugar mixture... Have this ready first though.. 
Also have a piece of parchment ready too.. 
Stir well and spoon out onto parchment paper.. 

Well, this is it for today.. dearies!
So happy I was able to get back so soon.  
Will keep trying to do better.. smile.. 

What are you putting away?  
I actually love this time of year and all the pickling, canning and such.. 
Much better then spring cleaning... 😏

God bless you all today.... 
Looking forward to reading your sweet notes.. 


  1. I am in awe of this! How I wish I could do the same! And those cookies! Thank you for sharing. I also love this time of year. The cozy months are coming!

  2. Thats alot of hard work Sis.
    When I make the Chocolate Macroons I put 2 of cocoanut and 2 of oatmeal.
    Everything in the photos looks real tasty 😝

  3. Thanks so much for beautiful photos and such work with all your veggies

  4. your pickles look delicious! Those cookies - I make them every Christmas and we call them "Oat Delights" (out here in the prairies of Canada!)

  5. I remember talking with a man at a grocery store looking for a seasoning to add to pickles when they can them. I don't make pickles but my mom made dill pickles. I bought different berries and some are frozen for later use. Looks you had a good summer so far.

  6. Your photos are magazine worthy...I love seeing your active productive kitchen! I do not do any kind of canning or putting up vegetables, etc. as we do not have a garden and I never really learned how to do any of that. But I love the results of it and wish I knew someone locally who had some to spare/sell. It all looks so wonderful to me. Regarding your cookies, we call them "no-bake cookies", but the recipe I am most familiar with doesn't have coconut in it but does have peanut butter instead. We used to get them at school in our cafeteria back in the days when they made real good home-cooked style meals in school. They were always a big hit with all the kids. I should make some again sometime. I do love them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. I enjoy visiting here so much.

  7. Great job! Everything looks so sweet with the paper and string on top. I like that.
    I have been putting up nothing because our garden just got too soggy or something and didn't do well. The ants ate our potatoes and another bug ate our tomatoes! I had one cucumber bush spring up and we got some great cucumbers to eat with our salads off of it though. I am trying to pick the tomatoes while they are still green before the bugs can get them so I have been frying a lot of them up and they are so good. We did manage to harvest our honey from two of the hives so that is up in the pantry now. Have a happy day!

  8. I have never had those little macaroons, they look delicious.

  9. Hello Faye;

    Love those macaroons! They are delicious.

    Do you use a waterbath for the canned green beans or do you put them in a pressure canner? I am going to try dehydrating some green beans this year to use in soups during the winter. Looks like you have put up a good supply for winter.


  10. I'm sorry to hear about your knee, Faye. I've had knee issues for years and you wouldn't think just standing and canning or cooking would mess it up, but it certainly can, especially if you tend to lock your knees. A stool is helpful! I always love your posts because it motivates me as well. :-)

  11. So enjoyed this post. You have been working very hard, All the pickles look so delicious. I have to sit alot because of my knees but I know what you mean you can sure get much accomplished. You make everything look so beautiful!

  12. Love your post as always. You have been working hard but so satisfing I have had both knees replaced so know your pain( so sorry ). Since I am having cancer treatments my Hubby & Daughter are doing up relish & salsa so far. So want to help but maybe next year, Lord willing. I am so Blessed