Sunday, October 30, 2022

The End of these October Days.....

Good day to you all!
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth blog on this lovely day of October!  
I can't believe it is over a month since I have posted..  
So sorry about that but life just sometimes gets away on

And here we are at the end of these October days of 2022!
  I pray you have all been keeping well and enjoying this glorious autumn.. 
Perhaps it is not as glorious in your part of the world but here in Maritime Canada the Autumn is counted as blessing from our Lord.  

But God has been so good to us... 
Just to let you know since my last post that Terry has had all good news.. 
After two years all the infections of the past are over and no damage has been done.. 

He is back!!
On the roof, up the ladders, cutting wood, driving faster 😏, smiling more, sleeping better, fixing whatever and even drinking coffee again..  
So so thankful!!! 
Our God is a faithful and on time God... 
When we go through the trial, He is there and He knows.. 
So many times when my head was bowed and I didn't know what to do.. 
I knew that He knew and all would be well.. 
However it turned out, He would be with us!  
and He was...

You who have followed my blog the last 12 years know that when it comes to Jesus, I am compelled to tell you of His goodness!  

Now .. 

Seeing as it has been awhile since we have all been here and having a chat I think I will start out with the little farm doings..  
We actually did not get there much in the last few months.. 
Just like the last two years but we did some.. 
These pics are of our day last week... 

We could see the cows were out front.. 
I love that.... 

They are such wonderful cows... 
They always come to the fence and say hello... smile.. 

Terry had a lot of chores and as he had been there several times without me.. 
I had a few too... 

While I waited for the hot water tank to heat up so I could do a bit of cleaning, I worked on lunch as we were late.... as usual.. grin.. 
Steak with Mashed, gravy and carrots... 
A few pickles as always.... 

Then he went out to have a little nap and I drank my tea... 

With a wee piece of zucchini pie and a book I found up there.. 
the recipe for the pie is on the blog here ... 
Just type in zucchini pie on google for the blessed hearth.. 

This book is good..  

I love this type of reading.. 
Especially old books like this.. 
I am a Louis L'Amour fan... grin... 

I went out to sit on the swing or something and the cows were meandering down to the brook for their drink.... so peaceful... 
It is almost wrapped up there but Terry will continue to go through the winter.. 
Make a fire and shell some beans... grin... 

We had a horrendous hurricane here but thankfully our section of the province were spared.. 
Felt so bad for everyone in other areas.... 
It is still a cleanup going on... 
It is going to take awhile.. 

Terry cut down a big maple in front of our house before the hurricane... 
And our dear neighbour used his tractor to help make sure it didn't go through our roof... 
We have the best neighbours.. 
They help us out and give Terry wood for the fires and such..
And give me hydrangeas..  
Thankful for them all... 

This was our lunch today after church... 

Homemade Chili, baked potato, cheese, avocado, sour cream and I forgot the salsa.... smile.. 

We had Thanksgiving and since our oldest son worked we went to Shonda and Dave's.. 

We had a wonderful time seeing them and the boys but of course we missed the rest of the family..  
Christmas is coming!!  

And I am trying to get it all together.. 
Making and doing and planning and listing... lol... 

Made a wreath for me... That is a start.. grin.. 
Tried this new cleaner... 
It is lovely... 
Here is the recipe.. 
2 cups of filtered water
1/2 cup of vinegar
1 Tablespoon of olive oil
Essential oils of choice... 
Like lavender, citrus, teatree and such... 
You need a microfibre cloth and it says you only need to do it once a month..  
I wouldn't bet on that.. 
You put it in a spray bottle and spray on your cloth and go to town dusting.... 

Drying Apples... Yum!!

Felting some wool... 

An old wool sweater from the thrift shop for my needle felting.. 

Like this candle cozy from last fall.. 
I found that gorgeous runner at a thrift store, too.. 
Love it.. 

Made some homemade saltine crackers... 

Oh my but they are a winner.. 
They are from the Lost Kitchen recipes.. 
I am going to try another this week and just see if it is better but these will definably be on my agenda as the box of crackers cost almost as much as a bag of flour now!  😏 

We had some green tomatoes and I made this delicious jam..

It is excellent.. 
Tastes just like Raspberry and looks like it too... 

Just a few country scenes ..

Then a bit of cooking here at home...

Love love this wee pan of bread.. 
It is the smallest pan in a set of three fruitcake tins.. 
If you live near me and you don't use yours, I will buy them.. grin.. 
Perfect size to give away to a single person along with a jar of jam.. 
The middle size is perfect for us and the largest one is perfect for our pastor..  lol.. 
He has 6 lovely children... 
Just sayin'   !    smile.. 

Breakfast on the homestead...
Here at home, I mean... 

A lunch of fried rice... 
I eat mine with olives.. 

Yup, it runs in the family!  grin.. 

The famous no knead bread.. love it.. 

Terry's request now and then... 
Mac and Cheese.. 

I only had Mozza... Oh well.. it was good enough.. 

Potato Scallop, Meatloaf and Broccoli Salad and pickles, of course.

And Betty Crocker's Apple Crisp... 
For supper one night.. 

Don't you love the cozy evenings?
I do because it means Terry finally comes in and 

just us....

Well, I think the leaves are almost done dancing for this year.. 
Winter will be here but that is fine.. 

I do have to make my peace with it each year but with the Lord's help I get to enjoy the winter days... 
lots of projects...

Looking so forward to Christmas.. 
We really have so much to celebrate ... 
We all do.. 
Life is what you make it and with life almost normal we can once again celebrate our Lord with our families.. 

Thank you sweet hearts for stopping by.. 
I so love your notes and such.. 
Join me on Instagram or you can comment on the Facebook page..
Take care and God bless... 
Will be back soon... 
Sending love and prayers from this wee corner of New Brunswick, Canada.... 


  1. A great blog, so enjoy your writings!❤️

  2. Lovely photos - I plan on checking out those recipes! I really enjoyed your post!

  3. Hello! I am so very happy to see a post from you here! I love scrolling through your photos and cozy words. Thank you for sharing the beautiful images, recipes, and thoughts with us. Have a cozy evening!

  4. Always glad to see your posts Faye. Your food photos look so good and I always love your scenic photos. Yes, winter is near and Christmas will be here before we know it. Have a blessed week.

  5. Greetings from Sandy in USA Faye! I love your posts and look forward to them! What a blessing for Terrys full recovery! What a Wonderful Father we have!! I was wondering if you could post where you purchased your beautiful recliner…we just recently sold our old one and are looking for a new one …hopefully the brand is available in US?…Thank you and blessings to you all for a wonderful week!!

  6. So glad to hear that your husband is doing well. We have so much to be thankful for. I love reading your posts, its like sitting down with you at the kitchen table and chatting!
    your bread and cooking look delicious!

  7. So loved to see you back by post! Your doings and comings and goings are so gentle to read, I feel myself relaxing with each or your posts.
    Very glad to hear that Terry is back to health, it is our greatest gift.
    Thank you for sharing; Laurie

  8. Just lovely, your post...I do so enjoy all of your posts, but esp the seasonal ones and the crafty ones.

  9. What beautiful pictures. Everything looks so cozy! I’d love to hear more about this cookbook you found the cracker recipe in.

  10. Yes. So good to hear the hurricane passed you by. I thought of you.
    Could you tell us your crackers winner recipe? Looks so good!

  11. Hello dear friend, what a lovely post. I haven't been here for so long, I now wonder why I don't do myself a favour and come over as often as possible. It's (almost) like a long visit with a dear friend, I love all the photos and hearing what you've done and what you're cooking, everything friends share between them. I too have to make peace with the coming of Winter as well. I love the warm weather and the ability to walk every day without fear of falling on slick surfaces. I'm thanking the Lord that your precious husband is feeling so much better. God is so very good. Love and hugs from Manitoba.

  12. Are you ok. Writing this on dec 23. I have always enjoyed your blog. I live in rothesay and visit st artins every summer we might even know some of same people. Wishing you the best? Judi