Wednesday, December 28, 2022

A Christmas Post for 2022

Hello there my dear hearts! 
Merry belated Christmas and everything else I have missed in the last two months!  

No excuses just I am sorry! 
I just seemed to need a break from the internet but didn't really realize it until time actually passed.   

Here I am and happy to be here!  

I am doing all this on my tablet so it is not as composed as it should be. Sorry!  

Usually I explain under the pics but for today I will just chat with you as though we were having a phone catchup or you dropped by.    Ok? 

The last time we were on here was after our Thanksgiving...
Then during November we were busy doing stuff, I guess!  Smile    
Time sure flew by! 

Most of the pics above are of our family Christmas Day which was actually on Boxing Day! 

A few pics are of some of the homemade doings..
Not many as I kept forgetting to take pics..

I really enjoyed making the felted tags for all of them.. 
I tied them on Kraft bags of their little homemade gifts I did for them.   No pics!  😑
Embroidered teatowels, homemade spice mixes, fudge, nougat, salted caramel peanut brittle.   
I did a few essential oil things like inhalers, lotion bars and such.   
You know me! I am in my happy place when I am making and doing!  

One day Shonda and Dave came home and we all went out gathering boughs and such! 
We had a blast! 
Shonda is very much like her mother at times! Lol! 

Then we had the shopping and all to do! 
Cleaning cupboards, closets and drawers for Christmas... 
Such an incentive! 🙂
Decorating and wrapping.   
Attending Christmas celebrations and doing up cards.

Such a busy time of year! 
Love it all and thankful we are still able to enjoy it all! 

Oh, I had a huge birthday! 
If my Momma had still been here she would have said she couldn't believe how old I am!  
And that the year I was born it was a green Christmas!  They brought me home the day before Christmas although my birthday was the 15th! 
Grammy and Dad went to town and bought me a wee white dress and a high chair!!! 
She would tell me the same thing every birthday! 
The dear thing!  

She has been gone 2 years on the14th...
I still miss her so! 
Guess I always will! ❤
The first pic is the little dress...
Which I still have! Thanks to my mother!
And the high chair... 

There are a couple pics of the tables ready for the meal .  
The grandsons have always sat out here in the kitchen and the grown ups in the dining room.   
This year there were  four Mrs. Henry's here! 
Isn't that amazing? Grin!
And there are four of them in our dear church....

Oh the little boxes on their plates are a wee box with one big Hersey Kiss! Smile! 

I keep going back to check what I am posting and I see the Maple Fudge Cones I made..  
They take a bit of practice but they are tasty.  
I sent some to Alberta to our precious boy but forgot to give the other ones out . 
And there is the cutest pic of our son in law hiding in the living room and playing with Joel's dog! Lol! 

We received beautiful gifts from our kids.  
They are all so good to us and they all appreciate every little thing we do! 
We thank God everyday for them as I am sure you do yours! 

God gave us such a blessing in our families! 
It is our responsibly to guide them and guard them every day with our prayers.  
It doesn't matter how much material goods we give them if we  disregard giving them the most important gift of all! 
The leading and guiding them to the Savior of the world! Our children are the only thing we can take with us to eternity! We need to share that precious hope with them...
Teach them that the Bible is the true Word of God that leads and guides and makes enjoy life worth living... 
And it is our guide which prepares our hearts to meet the  Lord...

Well dear friends...... this is all for this year! 

Imagine! 2023 coming up! 
I want to go into it with a heart full of hope and faith and trust in my Lord and my God! 
To choose Joy because He is my Joy!!! 

God bless you each and every one and I hope you still love me after my big absence....

I will strive to do better next year! 
I am looking forward to reading your sweet notes.
Thank you for all your emails and messages! 
When you leave a comment if you would just add your first name so I know it is the same one who commented last time    PLEASE!!❤
Thank you! 
Ok ... will see you here, Facebook or Instagram.

God Bless!!!!!!!


  1. So lovely, Faye. You have the sweetest family.

  2. Happy and healthy wishes to you and yr lovely family, for 2023!

  3. Karan so love to see all your beautiful pics. Love it when you talk about our Lord and Savior . I sure do love you and thank you for all the encouragement ! I hope you have a Happy New Year! You are my sunshine when i am feeling low thank you

  4. A belated Happy Christmas from Australia, Faye. Such lovely photos you have posted. It was a quiet Christmas as usual for us as our daughter and family weren’t here. I pray that 2023 brings you both much joy and good health. Chel (Going Grey and Slightly Green)

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours

  6. Hi Faye. Of course we still love you after your absence. We all get busy. : ) I just love to read your posts. They are always so cozy. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Can't wait to see your stories next year.

  7. I enjoyed this from start to finish! Beautiful family, pictures. love the little white baby dress! So precious. The decorations are so lovely. Thank you for sharing your Christmas time with us. And Happy Birthday too! Have a blessed New Year!

  8. Hello! Always happy to visit with you here! Such a lovely, cozy, warm Christmas post you shared today. And Happy Birthday! Looking forward to visiting often in the new year!

  9. Just charming and festive. I especially love the photo of the long johns, or what my dad called Jimmy Allen Flying Suit! What a hoot! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. Loved your pictures and your notes, Faye. It looks like your family had a wonderful time on boxing day with you and Terry. Such a great gift.


  11. Your posts have always been so wonderful...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  12. Hi Faye,
    So nice to read your wonderful Christmas post which was full of happiness and love - and beautiful images. I love all of your photos. They are the images I so enjoy seeing.
    I follow along with you on Instagram (I am lionnpt) and mentioned to you how I'm reading back through some of your old posts and really enjoying them.
    Your felted tags are so cute! I don't think I've every seen anything like them.
    I am writing to you from New England on the east coast near the water in Rhode Island.
    Take Care,

  13. Beautiful post, Faye! Your photos are always gorgeous and evoke such comfort. I was wondering what was in the little brown boxes on each plate and am glad you shared that detail. Thank you too for the spiritual encouragement you offer your readers.

  14. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Faye! Blessings for 2023.

  15. Have missed your posts! Looks like a great picture - what a precious family you have. Blessings in this New Year!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas season! I enjoyed it so much. :)

  17. I have wondered where you were! Glad to see you back on track. So nice you had a good Christmas. As usual your blog is wonderful, so family oriented. That is so nice. All Good Wishes for our year ahead.

  18. Forgot my name abive, Grace O'Brien

  19. Glad to see you back as I always enjoy all the many projects and cooking dishes you show. You are truly talented and blessed with the energy to keep on doing. God bless!

  20. Enjoyed your Christmas blog. Here it is February 5th & I am just now getting around to reading it, so don't feel bad you were late in posting. Wishing you & yours a blessed & healthy 2023!!❤️ Sue