Sunday, March 5, 2023

February Days

Hello everyone... 
How are you doing?  A beautiful windy day here in New Brunswick, Canada... 
We still have quite a bit of snow but with this warm wind blowing I expect it will go down a bit.. 
Spring is on her way that is for sure.. 
I have enjoyed my Winter so am not in a huge rush as in other years.. 
We have had a few storms but nothing major.. 
They come and they go.. 

February has always been a good month for me.. 
Hope is around the corner as far as Spring goes and I do love the Heart month.. 
Love making heart stuff and planning our Valentine's Dinner.. 
How about you?  
Do you enjoy February or can't wait for it to be over?  

One of the things I do every winter is to raise crops of sprouts... 
I so love them.. 

Do you grow them on your sill?  

Jut put a tablespoon or two into a jar.. 
Cover with cheese cloth.. 
For the first day you cover them with water.. 
Then the next day drain, rinse, drain a few times a day.. 
Do that for three days or four.. 
Then place in the fridge and eat away.. 
There are more informative sites on Google... 

Or I did do a post on here several years ago if you can find it.. 
I love them in a sandwich.. 
One of my sweet hippie friends, Dawn B.  always made homemade grain bread sandwiches with mayo and just sprouts.. 
I love that too but here I have added tomatoes..  
My breakfast most mornings.. with a cup of coffee.. 

Another little thing I did was to follow a little recipe in my old cookbook that I spoke of last post.. 

It said to put a tablespoon (I think) of cloves into a cup of water and just simmer very low on the stove to make your house smell lovely.. 
It works.. 
Just keep adding a bit of water and I put mine on the warmer plate... 
Love doing smelly things..

Then we had our Heart Day Dinner..  

Not as fancy as some years but still fun.. 

Used my Momma's dishes she gave me..
 They are so pretty...
When I used them at Christmas one of the grandsons asked if anyone's name was on them yet! 
Don't you love it when they want something you treasure?  
Made a rose garland as a centrepiece.. 
Very easy! 
Just pick up a nice bouquet at Walmart or Michaels and wire them together with a thin wire.. 
You can even hang it if you like.. 
I just keep it in the old buffet in the dining room for whenever roses are required.. 
Was worth the bit they cost... 
Oh and I used my new goblets that I bought in Calais when we went down in November...  
My Sweetie is always so patient with this blog stuff.. 
I just tell him... 
Terry! It is for the blog and he will patiently wait till the picture taking is over... lol.. 
Our menu was... 
Ceasar Salad with real bacon and homemade dressing.. 
Mashed Whipped Potatoes with Brown Butter Fried Scallops (from our son)
Mixed veggies
Deep and Delicious Chocolate Cake... 

It was lovely!  
Terry also took me out to eat a few days before ...

Then I always post a bit of home food... 

We have really been enjoying pizza lunches.. 
Using tortillas or pita... 
Just make as usual and only 12 minutes in the oven.. 
Mine has basil oil that I made and olives and mozza and tomatoes, onions and green peppers.. 
Terry has meat (whatever we have), onions, mushrooms, lots of cheese... Basically that is all..

Had a roast beef dinner..

We grew everything but the beef.. 
Canned peas, frozen squash, mashed potatoes and pickled beets... 
And gravy!

Also, I take the time quite often to make some spice mixes or salts or vinegars just to spice things up a bit.. 
Made from scratch... 
Hot Pepper Vinegar.. 
Place hot peppers in a glass jar.. 
Boil enough vinegar to cover with 1 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of sugar to 1 cup of vinegar... 
While boiling pour over peppers and seal jar.. 
Let sit 24 hours before using..
Wonderful on boiled cabbage, greens or french fries... or fish.. 

And the little jar is Celery Salt.. 
I just use the leaves as we bought several on sale.. 
Put them in my chopper along with kosher salt and spin till fine.. 
Layer on a parchment lined tray and put in the oven after you have finished baking something.. 
Next day crumble it up as store in a jar.. 
So good on so many things.. 
Fried rice, salad dressings, soups and so on.... 

Another day I did my first time noodles.. 

Chicken Noodle Soup.. 
Just a few thighs, water, spices and simmer till you have a nice broth... 
Add carrots, onions and celery.. 
Summer Savory and parsley.. 
add the noodles, cover tightly and cook another 30 minutes... 

And always bread.. 
No knead.. 
I roll parchment paper up to divide the two loaves... 
It does the trick.. lol.. 

Chicken Stir Fry over Rice.. 

Vanilla White Chocolate Cake... Yum... 

Then our country drives.. 
I was just thinking.. 
This is getting a bit boring..
Always the same but different.. 
I think I need to make some little changes... 

Checking on the old farm... 

Still there.. 
Almost time to start making plans and prayfully this year they will come to pass.. 
Terry is doing so great, thank the sweet Lord.. 
So thankful for answered prayers... 💓

For you precious blog followers from a long ways back you know what this means.. 
Muddy roads and me calling on the Lord.. 
Just something I have to look forward to... lol... 
We went to town on a lovely morning and returned home in this.. 
But we made it home and all was well.. 
Twill soon be over... 

Last Sunday we had Sunday lunch with this sweet couple... 

Our oldest grandson Jared and his lovely bride, Ashlee... 
They have moved only ten minutes or so away from us so we are very pleased... 
It was a lovely afternoon.. 

So my luvs.... 
This is all for today... 
I pray all is well with you and your sweet families.. 
I am doing a deep clean of my pantry.. 
Started yesterday and only about half finished... 
Hope to get it done tomorrow.. 
Are you thinking of spring cleaning.. 
I guess now a-days everyone just cleans all year round but I am of the old fashioned type and still like doing a bit at least.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by and for your sweet comments here, Instagram or Facebook.. 
Love love them..

So I will be keeping you in my prayers... 
We are living in perilous times as the Bible said we would.. 
We really need to put on the whole armor of God to withstand the perils of this world.. 
Pray for us too.. 
If you don't know Jesus then please reach out and get to know Him while there is still time.. 
He is coming back soon.. 

Stay well and God bless... 
Hugs from our house to yours...


  1. I love your blog. Except it makes me hungry

  2. Wonderful the pictures of everything...and yes, like the person above, "it makes me hungry". LOL. Your food always looks SO good! But you can keep the snowy highways. The country drive was beautiful, however. Your table setting was delightful. That bread looks SO good...along with everything else. I need to bake some bread soon. However, I cheat because I have a bread machine. It still tastes and smells so good. And yes, your last paragraph and thoughts are SO true. Jesus is coming soon for sure, and people need to be ready. There are so many who still don't believe. Praying they will wake up before it is too late. God bless you and yours as well.

  3. Hi Faye....your meals look so delicious! I love your Valentines table, I have a weakness for dishes, especially from older times. I always enjoy your drives on those country road...such pretty area. Our world is a crazy place these days; we must not get distracted by all of that. Prayers to you. Cheryl

  4. Everything is lovely Faye. I love seeing the photos of the beautiful outdoors. There is no place like home.
    I never heard of vanilla chocolate cake. Looks yummy 😋

  5. I was so excited to see you have a new post. You are always so interesting and your food and desserts look delicious and always such a pretty table. No, your posts are not always the same, you are very motivating with your cooking, baking and crafty ideas. I'll be trying the simmering cloves too. Take care and thank your nice husband for patiently waiting while you take the pictures and thank you for sharing!

  6. All of your food looks so delicious! And I enjoy hearing about your adventures! Have a great week!

  7. Your blog is never boring and I love all the pictures of your food and life! Glad Terry is doing well.

  8. What a lot of wonderful food you've made. I'm terribly hungry now!

  9. Your blog is comforting, and never boring. Thank you for sharing your warm and welcoming life with us. ❤️ Fran

  10. always inspiring, in many ways!!

  11. Always love your posts! The snow is beautiful, and your food always looks delicious! I even copied your celery salt recipe and plan to make my own. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  12. Your blog is never boring. I love the beautiful pictures you take. Your homemaking skills are superb and so inspiring for seasoned homemakers, as well as those just starting out. Keep on sharing God's word and your knowledge of everything home. I so appreciate it.

  13. Lovely and interesting post, dear lady, I always enjoy hearing what you are up to. Hugs, cindy