Sunday, November 19, 2023

The Short Days of November

Hello there dear hearts.... 
I am so happy to be here today...
And to be honest it is the second time today... 
About 2 hours ago I began this blog and had a lot of it finished .  
I decided to add a pic through my tablet and came back here and I couldn't believe it!  
All of it gone..!!
The pics were still here but all the arranging and typing were vanished.. 
Went out and told Terry and thought about it and decided that I would try again..
So hello!! 
Nice to see ya!  
It's been a long time! 

An old old country song.... lol.. 

I won't talk about the weather this time nor other nonessential talk.. 
Will just post along as we go..  
I did mention though that I love November.. 
I feel like it is my rest up month between busy and busy....  
Time to plan and get excited about Christmas without a lot of preps yet... 
A sort of catch-up month for things that should have been done before.. 😏

Planning and making notes and doing the few Christmas chores that do need done in November but not stressful... 


The bread in the pics here are NYtimes no knead bread that is baked in cast iron and tastes like bread my Gram made in her wood stove... 
You stir it up in the evening and finish it the next day when you have time... so crusty and lovely.. 
Just google YouTube NYtimes no knead bread.. 
I dare not try to link up with this old computer... 
I had a litre of whipping cream left over from Thanksgiving in the fridge so decided to make these butter balls.. 
I saw a chef on a cooking show make them and was impressed shall we say... 
I love how they turned out.. Looks so nice on the plate with your bread... Your own serving of butter... 
Nice to have with homemade bread and Beef and Barley soup.. 

Another thing about November to enjoy is that it is time to get back to soup making big time... 
This here is just a craft kit I made to while away the time as Terry was busy at the farm and the old house was too damp for this big sissy.. eh! 

I find I can wait very patiently these days so long as I am prepared.. 
Are you like that?

Terry picked me a few more rosehips to get my Winter Potpourri on the go... 
It is my favourite potpurri that I make and love to do up in paper lunch bags to give away... 
Smells wintery!  😙

Didn't have many pics of our drives this time.. 
These ones are up in Albert County plus the farm of course.. 

In the Spring I asked Terry to plant parsnips as I had seen this recipe for Parsnip Cake.. 

So... I made it...  
A little celebration of a successful harvest of parsnips... 
When I was doing this post before I typed out the whole recipe but not this time.. sorry.. 
If you would like it just let me know and I will message you.. 

We were at a market that we love in town and they had cases of asparagus on sale... 

 I was so happy to get them..
 I pickled them and hoping they will be great for when you need something just a little different... 

And then we did fifty pound bag of carrots once again.. 

Probably more then we need for a year but perhaps next year they won't be available.. 
We did not grow these.. 
They are called deer carrots here and under twenty dollars a bag.. 

Dehydrated up Terry's cherry tomatoes and made tomato powder from the skins of the tomatoes I canned... 

Just when I think I am finished something else shows up but you can tell I love doing it.. 
Just like my mother... 💖

A couple of Sundays ago I decided to go and visit my dear Aunt and Uncle and another Aunt who all live where I grew up.. 
Took them a few treats and had a most lovely time... 

After I left my uncle's house I went up the road to my aunt's.. 
Her husband was my Dad's brother and has passed away.. 
She is in her eighties and lives by herself although her children live nearby..
She has chickens, geese and some beef cattle in the pasture she said.. 
She looks after the chickens and gave me a dozen of the eggs when I was leaving.. 

As we stood on the step I mentioned I loved her skirt.. 
She is like me and only wears dresses or skirts.  
She laughed and said look what I have on and there were a pair of brown kneesocks to match her woolen skirt.. So sweet.. 
Everything matched!  
I mentioned to her that perhaps she would like to wear leggings in the winter... 
She just said... oh no, I just wear two skirts then.. 
I thought that was just so dear!
I think I may make myself a woolen slip... 
Yes, I think I may!  

Just one last thing before I go... 

I visited Shonda's church and shared a few little make dos with the ladies group.. 
I believe there were about 60.. 
We did them in three different sets.. 

This is one thing I had prepared.. 
The recipes I hope to put up here later in the week.. 

Just in case someone missed them or perhaps you would like them too.. 
Most of them are here somewhere on the blog but where is the question ... 
So I will just put them all in one place.. 
That post is up I just need to finish it.. 

I thought perhaps today but I guess not.. Sorry.. 
Anyway dear girls... 
This is all for today... 
I have a very busy week coming up.. 
I am making and doing the Christmas things that need done now.. 
Fruit Cakes, Potpourri, Christmas Jam.  Cranberry this and that... and on it goes.. 

Oh and the dreaded clean the freezer morning with the dear man.. 
I doubt he will be as dear by the time we finish... lol.. 

Thank you for dropping by and leaving your sweet notes.. 
So easy to get back to you on facebook compared to here and also easy to connect on Instagram.. 
Thank you lovies so much for following on these sites.. 

Please remember in these troubled times to just put Jesus first in your lives..
Make sure you are ready to meet Him and then focus on your family and all the dear things there are still available to you..
Read and study His Word...
 Pray more then ever before... 
Just walk by the negative... right?  
He has blessed us abundantly.. 
Such a wonderful God! 
 He is our peace, joy and salvation... 

God bless and let me know how you are doing.. 
Hugs from me to you... 



  1. I will definitely look for that bread recipe. It looked wonderful. If you have the time I would be interested in your parsnip cake recipe. I love trying new things. Blessings!

  2. I wish we were neighbors. I would love to have tea/coffee and chat with you and
    learn how to make some of your wonderful goodies.

  3. I saw what you did there with that Conway Twitty reference! Wonderful song! Your post is beautiful and well worth the the trouble you had trying to post it!

    Grace & Peace,

  4. Hello! I am always happy to see you here! You and I share a love of November. I feel the same about it. And soup is on my mind too. Have a cozy evening, and a Blessed Thanksgiving, my friend.

  5. Hi Faye! I always love seeing what you are doing. I find it inspiring. :-)

  6. Like Terri, I find your posts inspiring and comforting to read.

  7. I love your blog. You take such nice photos. Thank you for taking the time to post your blog. You live in a beautiful area and I enjoy seeing all your pictures.

  8. Faye, thank you for re-doing this post even though it was very frustrating to lose it all. It was worth the trouble you took to do it again. You are a wonderful encourager and I love how you post about the sweet simple things and how you always point people to the Lord.

    We are eating less carbs these days but oh, does that bread look good!

  9. "Please remember in these troubled times to just put Jesus first in your lives..
    Make sure you are ready to meet Him and then focus on your family and all the dear things there are still available to you..
    Read and study His Word...
    Pray more then ever before...
    Just walk by the negative... right?
    He has blessed us abundantly..
    Such a wonderful God!
    He is our peace, joy and salvation... "

    Thank you, Faye.
    A sweet post. Love it. Always nice to visit your blog. And thanks again for pointing to God.

  10. Dear Sweet Faye, I just love you, you know! Such a sweet post. I loved coming here to " visit" with you! I am no longer on f b, so will just look for you here. Thank you for continuing to share. You are a treasure! I like that " walk on by the negative" I do my best as I can of that already but will smile and think of you when it is necessary again. Bless you, hugs! Annie

  11. Thank you for taking the time to post and redo your post when necessary! I am always encouraged and inspired in homemaking skills from what you share. Thank you!
    A mom in Texas

  12. I so enjoy your posts and find myself wishing I could live like you do. I am not much of an old fashioned person...don't know much about canning, gardening, needlework, etc., but I LOVE seeing what you do and wish I had the time and energy to do those things. Perhaps I am at an age (in my 70's) that if I don't know it by now, I probably won't figure it out now...but I can appreciate what others do and give thanks to the Lord for you! Thank you for sharing your "bounty" with us. This was so refreshing. Have a blessed upcoming Christmas/Advent season!! It is upon us already!!

  13. Wonderful post! Your bread looks declious! I have to look up the herbal soup bags. So neat!

  14. Now let's see if Google will let me comment. Everything you've been up to looks wonderful and delicious as usual - especially that parsnip cake - wow! I've never heard of that before but I love parsnips, so I googled the recipe and I think I found it. I am definitely going to have to give this a try. It looks like it would be so delicious with an afternoon tea (not that there is any lack of sweet things around this time of year!).