Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace tree ornaments...

Good Morning everyone..Hope all is well in your part of the world.  I guess you could say it is beginning to look a lot like We have some snow down but it is calling for rain so I guess it won't last long.  Although, I am sure there is more where that came 
This past weekend I worked on a little experiment to make some Christmas tree ornaments.  I probably should wait and show them later when I actually place them in the tree.  Oh well...
They are made out of Queen Anne's Lace that are dried and still standing on the roadsides.
Perhaps if I show you a pic it will help.  lol..
As you can see they are  kind of dried and brownish...
I thought that they looked like little bird's nests.. So by adding a small amount of moss and and egg or two....

Or here I just added some cheesecloth that I had teadye and pulled apart...
Then spray on a bit of Elmers glue and sprinkle with a few mica flakes or sparkles...
And you end up with some unique tree ornaments.  Keep their stem about a foot long and they will slide into the boughs of your tree.
So, as you can see I only did about a dozen.. You can add one or two eggs or whatever you like.  Dried flowers, old buttons, or broaches.. Just be creative.  
When I put them in the tree I will post a pic to show you.
I am sure there are people who would not waste their time with this but then there are some of you out there just like Oh oh.. that could be scary:)

Next year, Lord willing I think I will try to pick them earlier when they are fuller and hope they will dry in the house.  These ones, of course dried naturally outside.  As it was just an experiment I only tried a few but I would like to  do them again.  They should be nice on the tree but you couldn't tie them to a parcel as they are too fragile.   Do you add cedar, pinecones or any dried to your Christmas wrappings?  If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

I wanted to give you a peek outside of the sewing room window where you can certainly see God's handiwork ...
He sure is the Master of creativity, eh? 

THank you for stopping by and leave a comment if you have time.
Have a wonderful week getting ready for the Season.

This is Peace week so I just wanted to say that it is such a blessing to know the only Real Peace that we will ever will find in this world. 

Peace to you all... 



  1. Now that's really creative of you, Faye! They look perfect for Christmas/seasonal decorating!

  2. What a nice idea! Lovely for even decorating winter themed trees too. How pretty!

  3. Perfect colours for your weather Faye. I'll have to try this, they look so good. :-) x x x

  4. there are some of you out there just like me... (Ahem- LIndsay, would have fit nicely there too- LOL)
    They would look nice at the church (wink, wink)on the window sills...(wink, wink- again)

  5. No snow here yet for us ! ok that song is in my head now ! Nice craft !great idea ! Have a good day !

  6. ThAT is the truth the only real peace is in Jesus. So thankful that I know him. Faye very nice ornaments...

  7. Oh what lovely tree ornaments! I am forever doing such bizarre things, so appreciated the idea. This is me who makes great Christmas flower arrangements for the bathroom with gold sprayed pampas grass! Lovely blog, found you on Farmama!

  8. Hi Faye,
    These are lovely, you have inspired me to go get some...I have always liked these...lacy and lovely. Mine dried up I should say shriveled maybe I should wait until they die on the stem in the field? I hung them upside down as they began to shrivel right away. I will put these in an arrangement with the Silver Dollars I was able to harvest from my garden this year...( SMILE ).....When I see these, they will remind me of you and your lovely blog...