Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Flowers around an Old Cottage...and a question...

Hello everyone...
Hope you are all well and settling in for summer vacations, etc..
I have already noticed a slight increase in traffic today.. It was a most beautiful day, though... Thank you dear Lord..
Just quickly posting some pics of flowers just around the old cottage here...
I am just now getting to doing my pots and such.. They had a clearance sale and so we were blessed to get all we needed for a third of the price...
Such blessings...

I will post more when they get growing and in their pots..
This is the old barn windows... There are two and Terry made me a couple of sills to put some pots on...
A rhododendron...

Comfrey has grown huge this year..
I use this for my salves...

Lots of roses around here too...
Love them...

Just starting on this spot.. Only one tub of lavender ...
More tomorrow, Lord willing..

I love this bush but forget the name...


Snowball tree...

Yes, Sammi we can go in now... smile..
Well tonight girls I am so tuckered out.. Please forgive the boring post, etc...
Will try to do better next time...
Thank you for visiting and welcome to you all..

I do have a quick question for you who do read this blog....
Some of you have been mentioning my music...
I cannot hear a thing and have not since the play list group said that it is illegal to play some of the music here..
So... you who can hear lives where?
US or elsewhere..
And does anyone in Canada hear it?
I would like to change the songs around so you don't hear the same ones all the time but I can't even log in...
Perhaps I should just remove the thing..
It is at the very bottom of the blog..
Looking forward to hearing who hears it and who doesn't...

Bless you all...


  1. Hi Faye, Here in VA.,USA, I can hear the music.
    A question about the comfrey, wondering what it might be used for, and if it can be dried and used or must be fresh, like how you described the other salve you made? Hope you get some rest.
    God bless you!

  2. Lovely flower pictures friend..I can hear your wonderful music. USA!
    Hugs Trace

  3. Love the flowers ,certainly not a boring post .I am here in the USA and an hear your music .Love it by the way.Have a restful evening,Jen

  4. HI Faye, I'm in Oregon/USA. I hear the music fine. I like the so ngs, so I don't mind hearing them over and over ;) :) I'll pray that you can access your playlist soon :) :)

    Your flowers are beautiful. I always enjoy looking at peoples plants in their gardens :) :)

    Oh, and Sammi...well, that's one cute little dog ;) :)

    Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Hi Faye...How are you this evening? Getting some rest by now...I hope.

    Your flowers are so pretty. I love the white flowered bush. I wish I knew what it is.

    Faye, I have wanted to tell you how wonderful your music is for quite some time! They are beautiful, relaxing songs. I am from Rochester, NY, USA. I love it. I wish you could hear how sweet and lovely they are! That seems funny that the owner of the blog can not hear it. I wish you could. The music is very soothing.

  6. Your flowers are all very pretty! I love the snowball bush ~ reminds me of my grandma ~ she had a HUGE one in her yard & I always loved it!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Pretty Flowers! I'm in the USA and love the music.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. I'm in USA - I hear it and love it. Blessings from Wisconsin!

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  10. Hi Faye, love all those beautiful flowers! I can hear the music just fine; I always enjoy listening to it while reading your blog. Hope you're having a great week! hugs!!!

  11. Good morning Faye! Your flowers are lovely ~ your cottage must be such a special place! I, too, can hear your music here in the state of Washington.

    May your day be blessed with sweetness & joy!

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers, dear Faye... I love the different splashes of color.
    I hear the music, (when I have my speakers on...) and I think it is beautiful. Very peaceful and sweet.
    Sounds like things are getting busy around there for you... don't work too hard!

  13. Hello Faye, Your flowers look beautiful! It is just wonderful playing catch-up on your blog. Wish I could pay a visit to your shop!

  14. HI Faye! No Music here in Penobsquis but now I don't feel so bad- I thought that I was the only one- better concentration while I read, I guess- LOL actually I always liked it. Your Plants are so pretty. I'll have to get myself down for a visit someday before too long!