Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thanks for the visit...
God bless...


  1. Wonderful pictures. I would love to come in and browse through your store.

    Have a great day.


  2. Faye, Hope you have had a great weekend at your shop visiting with customers and friends. Love the angel with the wooden wings and the bottles with old labels and cheese cloth coverings. Would so enjoy shopping in person. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Sorry to hear you are closing your other blog but am thankful we can still visit here. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Oh Faye...Sure wish I could visit your shop..I would be in big trouble..:) Do you play music in your shop? Old hymns perhaps? I can almost here them. I would like to bake a pie and come for a visit.

  4. Such a wonderful looking shop !
    Great photos !
    Have a wonderful day !

  5. I love your photos, esp. the bear and that one print in the frame sitting below it, looks to be a young girl? Sorry to hear you are closing your other blog, but can well understand as busy as you seem to be. I will still be here reading your beautiful posts. I hope & pray your back feels totally well again soon. God bless you and your shop this coming season.

  6. Faye, everything looks so wonderful! I would be in big trouble if I came, too! I love it all.

    Glad your back is better. Have a blessed week!

  7. My favorite time of year ..... time to window shop from afar :-)xxx

  8. Hi Faye, Everything looks great! I can't wait to get down for a visit- maybe I can help you tie rags or something while I visit- you can put me right to work!!

  9. Oh Faye~ everything is just PERFECT! I would love to see it in person.. *sigh*...

  10. What fun I had browsing through your shop! I bought an old chair at a thrift store and now I think I'm hooked :) I think I could use a few more :)

    Have a nice Wednesday,

  11. I wish I could visit your shop, so many interesting looking things. I really love that dark copper colored tea pot and the panda bear!
    Hope you have a lovely summer season.

  12. I am like Prairie Maid, I would love to come by your shop......I would be all over your dishes and the dolls. I used to make dolls all the time and even had patterns to sell. Do you make them yourself? You must have so much fun!
    Love your blog........beautiful pic's!

    Blessings, Linda

  13. Hello Faye! Just wondering where your shop is located. I am just across the border in Robinson. I would love to come visit, if you're not too far away. Thanks, Julie