Monday, June 6, 2011

Green Housekeeping Cleaner Recipes...

Good Evening my dears..

I am a bit late tonight doing my post but we spent the day at the cottage...
I am quite happy as we have  everything all hooked up.  It took Terry a bit to get the pump going but thank the Lord it is now fixed and going.
  I also THINK I will have the shop ready to open by the weekend.. I hope so anyway...

 I had mentioned that I would tell you about what we did at our Keepers of the Home meeting on Saturday..

We did have a great time.. The girls are all so sweet and eager to learn anything that I dream up.. Bless their hearts.. smile..

Do you remember this pic?

This is an ORANGE VINEGAR that I steeped all week to have ready for our meeting...

All you have to do is to get a big jar and fill it 3/4 full of white vinegar.. When your family eat any citrus especially oranges  then you just put the peelings in the vinegar and let it steep for a week or so..
Strain it and use it to make some lovely green cleaners...
As you know orange helps to clean... The vinegar smells like orange, too although I also put about  1/2 tsp. of sweet orange essential oil in it, too.
Then just fill your spray container with a mixture of 1/2 orange vinegar and 1/2 water to make a wonderful all purpose cleaner...
Place a couple of orange peels in your spray bottle, too..
You can also add some tea tree oil to it and it makes it a disinfectant.. I personally hate the smell and added a bit of lavender oil instead... Whatever turns your crank,
I found this idea on the web...

Now the girls received an email from me asking them to bring a quart size mason jar...
It was so we could make these...

Lemon Dusting Cloths...
I found the recipe to make these in a book that was on sale at Chapters..

All you do is this..
Tear up some old flannel or whatever you like for dust cloths..
Put 2 parts white vinegar and 2 parts water in a bowl..
Add a few drops of lemon or olive oil..
Put your cloths in and then wring them out..
Spread them out on your counter and place a couple of fresh lemon peels on top of them and fold up again..
Store in the mason jar..
Lindsay (one of the Keepers ) commented about them on the last post.. After she got home she used them and said that they work great.. All you do after they get dirty is wash and replace using the same method... You could do at least 4 or 5 of them at once...

This is the book ....
 It is filled with wonderful ideas to make your own cleaners and such...
Garden ideas, too...

I also gave the girls recipes for vegetable wash..
1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
2 T. baking soda
2 T. lemon juice..
Mix water and baking soda in a bowl.. Very slowly add vinegar and lemon juice...Wait until it is done fizzing and then place in a spray bottle.. (available at the dollar store)
Spray on veggies and sit for 5 minutes.. Scrub and rinse...
As I was telling the girls that this is very important to do since the scare in Europe with fresh veggies...

Remember to make a salad bag as I posted about  HERE ...... if you don't have a salad spinner...

I think that is enough recipes for today... smile..

We also talked for awhile about the priorities in our lives..
We listed our top 10 and discussed them..
God certainly is our number one priority..
Since we know Him then His influence plays a big part on the rest of our list and what it consists of...
Our dear families, homes and friends... 
We are so thankful that we know Him and we pray for his guidance for our lives and how we as individuals treat our lists..
Our priorities are actually blessings from Him...

There is a  good recipe from the meeting that I will try and share with you  this week too..

Here is a sweet pic of our dear wee Emily.. 
She came to her first Keepers Meeting... smile.. 

She says.." that a girl can't start too young...
there surely is a lot to learn".... grin...
She only likes milk for now, though... no coffee... 

So my sweet ladies that is all for tonight...
Have a wonderful evening and let's be thankful for God's goodness to us tonight...
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment..
I enjoy hearing from you so much...
God bless...
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  1. Thank you for sharing the great recipes with us Faye. And thanks for letting us be part of your Keepers Meeting (if only by distance of miles). It's nice to know that you ladies take part in it. I wish we had a group like that here where I live. My best friend and I have been tossing around the you never know. I would love to have a quilting bee and learn how to quilt!

    That sweet Emily is a darling and lucky to be with such wonderful company!


  2. Great recipes. I will have to start making some of those!! Although that means I will have to start dusting more often!!

  3. Faye, you are such a smart and talented lady. Do you ever just stop and relax? I get tired reading your post, all the canning you do,,, wow. Those girls are so lucky to have you to share all your ideas and recipes with. I would love to sit and have you talk to me with all your wisdom. God has truly blessed you and the group for having you there for them. Love the pic. of Emily. Holly has always took Darbee Rae (who is 3) to all our mission meetings at church. The other night she blessed the food with her little blessing in front of all the ladies. I was so proud of her. One can never start the bibical training on a child too soon. Thanks for sharing. I don't always comment but never fail to read your post. Have a great week.
    Thru Nanas Window

  4. That orange cleaner sounds great! I personally like the lavender best It does the disinfecting just as well as tea tree oil. I will have to use that recipe for the veggie wash!!

  5. Can't wait to give these a try! I bet that orange vinegar smells great; I hate the chemical smells of commercial bought cleaners.

  6. Oh Faye..Wonderful green recipes. I am thankful for you and your dear blog. Always always learn and enjoy.
    You are a blessing.
    Can't wait to try the orange cleaner recipe.
    Granny Trace

  7. It is raining cats and dogs as we speak..dark like nightime and it is only 9am. I do so wish Ihad something like this Homaking meeting in my neighborhood...I am glad I found you Faye (BIG SMILE)...this will be my meeting place then..with all the other girls who don't have a physical meeting to attend...we meet here...looking forward to giving that vinegar w/organges a try....

  8. Thanks for the great "green" tips! I can't wait to try them. Blessing from Wisconsin!

  9. Now the secret is out- LOL... I think that I should make up a few more of those dusters and let the kids try them out! What a fun game for kids (wink, wink)

  10. How blessed the ladies are at the Keepers of the Home meetings!
    These look like wonderful recipes! I do use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning but these recipes are new to me and I look forward to trying them out! I will look to see if our library system has the book too! Thank you for sharing with us.

    Have a lovely day, Faye!

  11. Thank you for all the great recipes! I knew about making the vinegar and orange spray, but I didn't know about the lemon dust cloths. They sound great.

    I think I will looking for a copy of that book.

    Glad you linked up the "Building Our Homes Together". It is so nice to find new friends.


  12. Hi :) :) I'm visiting from Linda's blog over at Prairie Flower Farm :) :) I LOVE making green cleaners :) :) I also make my own homemade laundry powder, too :) :) Mostly out of economics because store-bought stuff is so spendy. However, I noticed an improvement in health when I started doing that, too :) :)

    Thanks for the recipe for the vegetable wash. I was actually thinking about how to do that, after seeing the news about the E. Coli in Europe!!! It's important to wash veggies and fruit ;) :)

    Your blog is lovely :) :) Have a great rest of the week :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  13. She is just so precious..I love that pic of her...I really like that idea with the orange peels..oh my..I'm going to try it..and my crank IS tea tree oil..LOL. I love that smell...ya,,that's my crank. I do adore lavender too though..oh my, the choices!!

  14. What wonderful ideas! I had not seen most of them before. Had seen the veggie wash but had not yet tried it. These all look wonderful and I will definitely be trying them. Thanks so much for sharing!

    God bless,

    1. Faye, can you tell me the history of the Keepers of the you got started, what you do, how often you meet? I would love to hear all about it. I think you need to encourage other women to start up their own Keepers of the Home meeting in their area. Who knows, you may start a movement. I know I would love to start one in my area. I have a group of wonderful Christian women that I do some great things with during the year, such as a camping trip every fall, junk trips, Women of Faith, etc. I would love to do something on a regular basis, though. Thank you for setting such a fine example of the Proverbs 31 woman! Many Blessings, Julie