Saturday, September 10, 2011

Winding down with old fashioned pumpkin preserves...

Good Evening everyone..
How are you all? Here it is Saturday night already.. It has been a lovely few days and just right for wrapping up our open house and the closing of our wee shop for another year....
Can you believe it?  It seems as though we had just arrived here for the Summer and now we are going home...
Tomorrow we go to the Fundy Trail for Art in the Park day where we sit up a booth while they have live music and such.. A lovely way to finish up our time here..
The open house turned out lovely and was as successful as last year if not a bit better.. Thank you, Lord..
We had so many sweet friends come and had some wonderful chats..
I will certainly miss many of them when I am back at home but my it is so good to be going home this year...
Am I just getting older????  Naahh... smile...
Anyway, this was a big hit at my open house ...
We had pickles and jams that folks could try along with some hot cider and our daughter-in-law's famous ginger cookies...
One of the things that went over very well was this old fashioned recipe for Preserved Pumpkin...

So many folks said their Moms used to make this...
I thought you might like the recipe..
It is a lot of work, though.. Just to let you know..
Although, if you like it then it is worth it... It is one of my Mom's favorites and is my Aunt Mary's recipe.... She  was one of the dearest people you could ever meet ... As is her preserve recipe..
Here it is...

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Preserves...
5 pounds of pumpkin... peeled and cut into small pieces..
3/4 pound of root ginger..peeled and cut into small pieces..
3 lemons cut up fine.. I use the whole lemon..
5 pounds of sugar  (I use 4 pounds)

Cut pumpkin into small pieces and add the sugar..
Let stand for 24 hours..

Put in a large pot along with ginger and lemon...Bring to a boil.. Simmer on top of stove until pumpkin is clear...
Take out pumpkin with a slotted spoon and let the juice simmer until quite thick..
Add pumpkin mixture and bring back to a boil..
Bottle and seal... 

I have revised this recipe by adding the ginger and lemon..
My Mom does not add ginger but adds 2 lemons and 2 oranges..
I don't think Aunt Mary added either...
It is lovely which ever way you decide to do it..
Sweet, though...

So nice on your toast on Christmas Morning..

Oh my land.. Did I say that?  Sorry..
Well, girls that is all for tonight..
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and we will be spending our last Sunday night in the St. John church with our daughter's family...Lord willing...
So take care and thanks for visiting...
Next time I write I will hopefully be HOME... smile..

Here is a sweet visitor to the shop today... He made me a cucumber sandwich and a coffee for lunch..

The dear man.. smile..


  1. I'm so thankful all went well, and that your year was so successful. Hope you have a lovely day in the park. Thank you for sharing the recipe, it sounds wonderful. God bless you, dear Faye, and your handsome good husband. I know he is a treasure to you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have never heard of pumpkin preserves but they sound delicious. I hope you have a wonderful day with your daughter. God bless.

  3. HI Faye, Sorry I've been kinda been MIA...I missed your open house and your last post. School is back in full swing and on top of that, this lil Keeper has been extra busy at home because Mr. Steeves broke his collar bone on Wednesday night...Anyhoo- here I am- I'll be glad to see you once you get back home.
    PS- mmm ginger cookies!!

  4. Those pumpkin preserves look wonderful! Hope you have a blessed week. Hugs!

  5. Thank you for this pumpkin preserve . I made this with my great grand father when I was a little girl.
    Thanks from a Grand Mananer.

  6. My Mom is from the South and she used to make this and put some on buttered country biscuits and roast the seeds in the oven sprinkeled with a little sea salt.thanks.

    1. I will be trying this with the two pumpkins left from Holloween outside if they are stii fresh since they are whole.