Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday Bliss...

Hello there dear hearts.. 
A little late at posting on this Monday.. 
Better late then not at all, though, I hope.. 
We are looking for a snow storm tomorrow but the last few days we have not had any snow at all and lots of rain.. 
It has been a great January, I am thinking.. smile..
Hope you enjoy the pics that I gathered from here and there on the web.. They struck my fancy in different ways..
Turned my crank, shall we say.. grin.. 

Love the chickens above and am dreaming of having a few of these lovelies come summer back up at the old farm..  

I found this poem the other day and loved it as I love the wind.. (as you all know) smile.. 

It is from the 
Owl Poet.. 

The January winds are wolves
That scratch against your door.
They howl, and bite, and hunger, too,
And always want for more.
The winds of February pulse
With snaps of brutal cold.
The warmth of passion tempers them,
Even when bones grow old.
The winds of March are bluster-filled
And well-infused with rain.
They roar like lions in the sky
With roiling clouds for manes.
The April winds are playful things –
They coax out all the flowers.
They bring the world to life again
With subtle verdant showers.
The winds of May are soft and sweet,
With summer on the way.
The breezes rich with promises
Of many a warm day.
June’s winds are glory-filled and hot –
Resplendent in their heat.
They burn and crackle, drying out
The grass beneath your feet.
July’s winds spark with thunderstorms,
And lightning lights each cloud.
Most anyone will stand in awe
When these winds cry aloud.
The August winds are southerly –
All sticky-sweet and lazy.
They’re sultry as a lover’s kiss
And make your vision hazy.
September’s winds are teasing things –
They change from day to day.
Within a moment summer’s heat
Fall’s chill will chase away.
October’s winds are eerie beasts,
All haunting, hunting things.
They send a shiver down your spine,
And fly on black-plumed wings.
November’s winds are chill, and gray,
Their breath with dead leaves choked.
And full of all things bittersweet,
Sewn through with candle smoke.
December winds are bitter-black,
And crystallized with snow.
The bare-boned trees like frozen iron
All dance when these winds blow.
Of all the months and all the winds
That come throughout the year,
I love them all so differently,
And hold them all so dear.
~ Nov. 11th, 2016

Take care dear hearts and have a great week.. 
I will try to post again soon.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Hi Faye....I've never read this poem before.
    I really like it. January is almost over...seems to go faster than it used to! I look forward to seeing pictures of your own chickens cone summer. Have a good week.

  2. Such beautiful photos and a lyrical poem to go with them. thank you Take care from Iowa

  3. A feast for the eyes, some beautiful photos.

  4. Some clever photography there, Faye. I wish I could take photos like that but it is not as easy as it looks to get the lighting just right. Never mind, there is always room for improvement in my case. Have a wonderful week.

  5. lovely photos, did you write the poem? it's wonderful

  6. You always make me hungry. Beautiful photos. Thanks.

  7. I love your blog posts so much. I really enjoyed the wind poem this time.

  8. Your picture gathering really stirred my heart this week, dear Faye. The Psalm 91 verse is one of my favorites...the stack of folded sweaters speak warmth to me as we are having a cold snowy wintry day...and I REALLY am smitten with the sink and all of the wooden shelves, drawers, and plate holder to the left. What a wonderful place to "clean up the kitchen" after a meal! xo

  9. Hello Faye,
    It is me again! :) I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the pattern of your beautiful brown transferware dishes?