Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A new years ramble...

Well hello there dear hearts.. 
Happy New Year to you all.. 

It has been awhile since I have put on a regular post but here I am..

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!  
But here we are in another new year and wondering where the last one went to.. 
Time just seems to fly the older we get.. 
The last year had a few trials but really there is not a thing to complain about.. 
An old chorus we sing sometimes says it just the way it is.. 
There is a roof up above me
Got a fine place to sleep.. 
Food on my table..
 Shoes on my feet.. 
You gave me your love, Lord and a fine family... 
Thank you, Lord for your blessings on me.. 

So thankful for all the past year brought our way and looking forward to a new year and all the surprises that await us.. 
Knowing who holds our hand really gives us peace in a world that seems to have lost it's way, eh? 
I have proved it over and over that God is faithful and just trusting Him for the year 2018... 

Now on with what has been happening here the last few weeks.. 
Today I started putting away the Christmas decor.. 
Decided to leave out the snowmen things for another month, though.. 
Made a lovely Lentil Soup for lunch.. 
The recipe is here in one of my old posts.. 
Click HERE
Christmas is such a busy season.. 
Lots of activities and such..  
This year I joined my friends in a gift exchange.. 
This is one of the things I included in the basket I gave.. 
Little snowmen made from salt shakers.. 
Enjoyed the time we had together ... 
Eating lunch and gabbing with friends made for a lovely afternoon.. 

I did find a purchase at the Thrift shop..
Yes, I did decide not to buy anything but books at thrift shops this fall but couldn't turn this one down.. 
All this for only five dollars..
I found out with the help of my friend Bev that these are Peruvian pottery.. 
Called Corn Bowls..
So in the next bit I want to try them out.. 
Do any of you have any suggestions for recipes using the dishes.. 
Maybe you have a Peruvian recipe that you could share with me..
I plan to do a bit of research and see what I can find. 

While I was making the snow girls for my friends I made a few extra for Shonda, Tammy and my Mom.. 

I love using all the little bits of jewellery and such that I had collected in my craft supplies.. 
Terry said I sounded like a hen scratching as I pushed the pieces around on the kitchen table.. 
He was very relieved when I finished them and finally cleaned the table off ..
I don't know why I don't craft somewhere else but just love working at the kitchen table.. smile.. 

Had this for my birthday dinner.. 
My Mom and Step-Father were here for supper and I made something I love.. German Meatballs..

We also had a Scottish dish called Clapshot.. 

They brought the cake.. 
So sweet as it was a cold day for them to get out but Mom just wanted me to have my gift... So dear!!... 
Your kid is always your kid even if they are now a senior.. grin..

I also enjoyed a Christmas House Tour and a tea with some friends and a trip to an old Railway Station house dressed for the season.. Then the Christmas concert and Christmas Eve service was lovely..
Lots of stuff going on.. 

We had to wait a whole week to celebrate with our family here as our daughter and her family were away.. 
Our oldest son had to work and our youngest was away also.. 
We did get to have a Christmas dinner at Shonda's after they returned home.. 

But on New Year's Eve look who showed up and spent the night.. 

Our five lovely grandsons.. 
Made Grandpa's and Gram's Year.. 
Old and New.. smile.. 
Next day their parents came early and we had a Turkey Ham dinner..  
We all opened our gifts and then played the Yankee Swap game.. 
Shonda and Dave had it all prepared and even brought all the wrapped gifts!
A few jokey ones gave us a few laughs.. 
Thank you sweeties.. 

There just is nothing like family.. 
I am so grateful for ours.. 
Each one is different but so precious to this momma.. 

We found this Christmas tugging at our hearts more as our youngest son wasn't with us.. 
It was the very first Christmas he was not here on Christmas day... 
He is happy and doing well and I know he is in God's hands.. 
We received a nice big box of gifts from him and they were so lovely.. He has a talent for picking presents that click if you know what I mean.. 
Parents love their children and miss them when they are away.. 
That is just how it is.. 
You raise them and love them and then you let them fly.. 
But they are always in our heart... Always.... 

Anyway, all is well here in the Henry house.. 
Tomorrow a very large storm is to hit the Maritimes.. 
They are calling it a beast of a storm.. 
We will see... 
Our children will call and want to know if I have done my storm list.. 
Make a big soup and salad.. 
Have a couple thermoses full of coffee and tea.. 
Fill the washer and tubs with water for flushing .. 
Fill a few jugs with water for drinking.. 
So tomorrow morning I have a turkey carcass that will make a good soup before the storm hits.. 
I hope the hydro doesn't go off but they are forecasting big winds.. 

What do you do to prepare for a storm?  

I know this is one long post my friends and if you don't read it all I understand.. smile.. 

Hope you are enjoying your days.... 
This year I want to keep my family close and keep God first in my life.. 

How about you?  

Looking forward to hearing from you as always and God bless.. 


  1. Happy New Year, Faye. I so enjoyed reading about your Christmas. Love the snowmen - especially the little salt shakers! Your storm list makes so much sense. Since we moved to NC, we haven't had to prepare as much though this year is very cold!

  2. Hello, Faye~ your snowmen (and women!) are all so adorable... and I also know and love that song. It's been nice seeing what you've been up to... I've been away for so long I'd forgotten how to "blog"~ I keep hitting the wrong buttons and logging myself out... LOL ((HUGS))

  3. Hello Faye, always a pleasure to visit here...not much going on here, I'm 7 weeks into recovery from surgery, Christmas was low key. New Years Eve was our 29th wedding anniversary.

    Bitter cold and snowy here in western NY, it is winter after all.Hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.

  4. Dear Faye, what a wonderful holiday you had! Isn't it wonderful when our children and grandchildren come around? I always look forward to your posts, so the length doesn't bother me one little bit!

    It has been brutally cold here in Oklahoma. We've had below freezing temperatures for many days. Thankfully, we got a little break and enjoyed temps in the mid 30's. How we prepare, is pretty much the same as you. We make a milk, bread, toilet paper, does everyone else in Oklahoma! LoL I know to get to the store early or the shelves will be bare! We also make sure we have water for drinking and flushing. Our outside animals get new hay in the beds, heat lamps are placed over water troughs, and extra food is put out. I put another quilt on the bed, for my cold natured husband, and make sure all the drapes are closed to keep out the cold air. I make soups, chili, and casseroles to eat. Stock up on lots of coffee, tea, and cocoa, to drink. By the time it gets warm, come Spring, I am plain sick of the cold!

    Stay warm, dear one! I will be trying the recipes, for sure!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! Stay safe and warm!

  6. Happy New Year Faye. Wishing you a blessed 2018.

  7. I like the snowmen you made out of salt shakers. Cute idea. I had my daughter get the book from France you talked about last month. I enjoyed it so much but she had to return it this week. So loved the pictures and saw a few ideas. A year ago today we had ice and snow. So different though with just cold and rain coming tomorrow. Nothing frozen, yet! We had a good Christmas too. I've not blogged it yet. Hope you have a chance to visit my blog once in awhile as well! Take care and I always enjoy your posts! May your new year be filled with joy, peace and hope!

  8. Happy New Year, Faye. You are freezing over there and here in Australia we are sweating as we are in the middle of summer. I know how much you love storms but I do hope you keep the windows closed :-) Stay safe and I look forward to hearing how the storm went,

  9. Happy New Year Faye. How wonderful that your grandsons came to spend New Year with you - you can see from the photos of Terry with the boys what a great relationship you all have. We don't have grandchildren yet but hope for a close relationship with those blessings when they arrive.

  10. Happy New Year, I read it all...(smile). I always work - craft at the kitchen table too. In fact, as I type there is a pile on it and on the floor next to it. Today, I have a friend coming, she wants to "craft" with me. It will be nice on a cold day. Coccoa, conversation and crafting. I bet you enjoyed having your grandsons there! Your snowladies are adorable.

  11. We used to attend a church that always sung that song. I love it. I also like the soup recipe. I want to make it very soon. The girls and I like soup of almost any kind. So good that all your grandsons could come. I think that is so sweet. We are cold here with high winds as well. God bless and stay warm.

  12. Happy New year Faye. Your little snow people are just adorable. I am hunkering down for the same storm. We here in southern New England are supposed to get hit pretty hard as well. Really nothing that we haven't seen before I don't think. After all it is New England and as they say in a blink of an eye the weather can change. Stay safe and warm.

  13. Happy New Year, hope the storm wasn't as bad as anticipated and that you are safe and well. Beautiful post as always you mange to lift the spirits.

  14. Lovely post, Faye. Happy new year to you as well. I am also preparing for the storm's arrival! Keep warm.


  15. Happy new year Faye!! Beautiful post :) xx

  16. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a really lovely Christmas holiday. You must be getting the same storm we are... we've been below freezing for two weeks and today and tomorrow the wind chill has us between -35 and -45... brrrrr. We have hunkered down to wait it out. We make sure the porch is well stocked with wood for the woodstove, we fill containers and the tub with water and I prepare food that can just be warmed up in case the power goes out (we have a gas stove but the oven doesn't work without power). Then we just sit back and wait for it to pass. Stay warm and safe!