Sunday, June 16, 2019

A lovely June Evening...

Good Evening my dears.. 
So nice to finally get a chance to sit down and chat with you all.. 
It is certainly another lovely Sunday evening here in New Brunswick.. 
I love these days lately.. 
Not too hot and not too cold.. smile.. 
The landscape is lush and beautiful as you can see.. 
This is my favourite view near our home.. 

Yes, we are still home.. 
There has just been so much going on that we can't seem to get to the farm to stay yet but we are there several days a week if we are not running the roads..

Last week we noticed that the cows have been put out to the pasture.. 
So surely summer is arriving, eh!  

Our flower bed here at home has been full of lovely Lily of the Valley.. 
I had to pick a few to put in a vase for the window sill.. 
And for my Mom as she loves them.. 
She tells me they were her my Grandmother's favourite flower.. 
I love them, too.. 
Do you like them.. 
There are lots of forget me nots but they are starting to leave.. 
And of course, the Rhubarb! 
Made a couple of batches of jam... 
Cherry Rhubarb and Strawberry Rhubarb.. 
Froze some and made tons of Rhubarb Sauce which we eat for dessert with added fruit perhaps and a dash of whip cream... 

There have been some rainy days and on those I usually get a soup on the go when we arrive at the farm..  

This was a Barley and Beef one.
Someone mentioned in a comment that they would like to see a better pic of my dish drainer so here it is, dear.. 

Hope that helps.. 
I really like it and it was worth the wait... smile.. 
I am slowly starting on some projects.. 
I work on the house until I get tuckered then sit down and do some stuff.. 

I will be showing you soon.. I hope.. 
Terry is so busy with the gardens that I cannot get him to do the little touch ups so that I can finish things up... 
He needs to finish painting the doors on the cupboard so I can put stuff in there and some trim needs a second coat.. 
Oh well.. 
All in due time.. 
The weather has been great so that he can work outside and keeps telling me that he will get to it on the next rain day ... 
Generally, we have been away those days!  grin.. 

Here is a meal we had last week... 
A steak of beef (I don't eat much beef) but it was good and a few fried potatoes and corn on the cob.. 

And always a salad or two.. 
Tomatoes with basil, garlic, lemon juice and oil.. 
Now that is my kind of food.. 

Hoping to make a tablecloth and a few other things... 
And of course there is always time for a cup of coffee or tea and a little read.. 
This came from Amazon last week and I do love her writing.. 

Terry bought a big bag of ripe bananas so I froze some for smoothies... 
But when evening comes then it is time to head back home.. 
I really don't mind.. 
I so love my water bed and it is hard to get used to the ones we have at the farm.. 
I will though.. No worries..

Each trip we try to take a plant or two..
More farm news next time...  


I have left this for the last.. 

Our dear faithful Charlie has passed  away.. 
It is still such a shock and hard to fathom.. 
I know he was just a dog but he was our dog and we loved him.. 
He honestly was such a good boy.. 
Never had to get upset with him or anything.. 
Dustin just had him trained so well it was amazing!  
We had gone out to the farm last Saturday night just to pick something up.. 
We took the truck and Charlie as always sat between us!  
He loved the farm and knew when it was coming up and would sit right up and watch.. 
As soon as we stopped he would wait for one of us to say to get out and away he would go.. Checking the barn and running to the spring.. 
I went out on the deck to come home and he and Terry were out by the garden.. 
I yelled to him to go get a drink before we left.. 
It was so sweet.. 
He would run to the spring and splash right in.. 
Then he would bend down and drink but keep looking over his shoulder at us to see if we were still watching him.. 
So dear.. 
Anyway, we came home and I fed him .. 
He ate it all and I always said.. 
Goodnite, Charlie... 
He was in his kennel .
I went to bed to read before Terry would come in. 
Terry said he let him out later and he came in and went to his kennel.. 
Terry said he coughed a couple of times so he got up and looked at him but he just turned over and was fine.. 
Later he closed his kennel door for the night.. 
Sunday morning I got up around 7am as usual and when I went to open the French door I noticed I didn't hear him wagging his tail and making a racket waiting for me to open the door.. 
By the time I got to his kennel door I knew something was wrong.. 
He was just lying on his side like he was sleeping but he was gone.. 
We couldn't believe it and still can't.. 
Only dog lovers understand this... 
We wrapped him up in a clean quilt I had just washed for him and took him to the farm... 
That is where he loved it so much.. 
Our grandson said to me one day when he was visiting and Charlie was so happy running around that that was Charlie's favourite place on earth!  smile.. 

We put him beneath the Lilac tree... 

The sweetest thing was that I have been looking everywhere for violets and never found any on the farm ever .. 
But there where Terry was digging was 3 little bunches of violets.. 
One for each year he lived with us.. 
He was over 7 years old.. 
He lived with Dustin for four years before he came to us.
Not very old but I googled it and Shar-peis only have a life expectancy of 8 -12 years.. 

He must have had a heart attack because there was no sign in the kennel of distress.. 
I am glad he went easily but sure wish it was later on... 
Dear Dustin was shocked and saddened as well.. 

This was taken one of the first summers we stayed there at the farm.. 

Terry will miss him.. 
As we all will.. 
But that is what happens... 
Life goes on.. 
So happy we had such a great experience owning him for a few years... 

And on that note I guess I will close for tonight.. 
Thank you sweet ladies for all your prayers with my eye.. 
It went great and tomorrow Lord willing I am scheduled to get the other one done.. 
It is so wonderful to be able to see!  
Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.. 
I love hearing from each one.. 
May God bless and keep you and your sweet families... 
Hugs from me to you.. 
Happy Fathers Day, too.. 


  1. So sorry to hear about Charlie. I know how much the loss of a pet can hurt. They are like a family member. I still miss my Kiwi bird soooo much.

  2. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet, they do become one of the family. How lovely that you found violets for him.

  3. A lovely post as usual, Faye. I was saddened to read about your beloved dog as I can remember how much it hurt when we lost each of our dogs. They certainly do become a part of the family. It sounds like it is warming up at last over there. You always seem to enjoy summer.

  4. Beautiful Pearl You have my deepest sympathy in the passing of your Fur Baby. Such love from your Baby Dog will always be treasured and remembered. My Jasmine is a legend in our family because she was there to love us when my children were teenagers. Grief means we were blessed with Love. May God comfort you during this time.

  5. From Katy Lamb in Arkansas: So sad for the loss of Charlie. Always hurts when we lose our fur babies. Always love your blogs. Such beautiful pictures and uplifting. Happy Father's Day to Terry from the states.

  6. Thank you for your lovely post...Charlie was indeed blessed to
    spend his last years with you....

  7. Dearest Faye, I am so sorry for your loss. I am an animal person too, so Charlie was not "just a dog." He was a member of your family. And I know how much you can grieve over the loss of a furbaby. It is nice that you can remember all the cute and endearing things that Charlie did. That will help your sadness a lot. The violets are beautiful, and it is so nice that you could bury Charlie under a lilac tree, on the farm he loved so well. Sending love and prayers to you from Texas. :-)

  8. So sorry for your loss, it is hard when you lose a beloved pet. Hope all goes well with your eye, you are in my prayers.

  9. Oh Faye, so very sorry to hear you have lost your precious Charlie! ((((hugs)))

  10. I am so sorry to read about Charlie...he was usually in your posts (somewhere, grin) and I will miss seeing him.

  11. Oh Faye - I'm so sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. He had such a sweet face and clearly loved life with you. I shall miss his presence in your posts but am so thankful that his passing was peaceful and he didn't have to endure long days of sickness. Bless his heart.

  12. So sad about Charlie. Losing a beloved pet is so hard. You'll see him again over the Rainbow Bridge. May I just say that I look forward so much to your posts? You give a sense of peace that i find so comforting. Going thru some upheaval in my own life right now, but your posts comfort me. Again, so sax about Charlie. Dogs are one of the gifts God has given us.

  13. So sorry for the loss of your Charlie. Our fur babies occupy such a huge part of our hearts.

  14. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Charlie. Our animals are such a part of the family and when they pass away it is so difficult. They bring such joy to our lives. Diane

  15. Oh so sorry to hear about Charlie I know what an animal lover you are. There family for sure love karan

  16. I am so sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. He will be missed.


  17. I so understand and what a lovely tribute to a sweet good old boy! You always touch my heart! so sorry for your loss! Hugs, Roxy And I always love what you are doing in your hearth and life...

  18. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Charlie. Pets are such a wonderful enhancement of our lives and it's so sad when we lose one. (((HUGS)))!!!!

  19. I am so very sorry for your loss. It hurts so much to lose a much loved pet, they are family. We lost our dearly loved little Gabbie recently after 14 1/2 joyful years. The house and our hearts are so empty now without her. Praying God will give you comfort and peace.